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The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night is a movie starring Sierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz, and Gail Cronauer. In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, young switchboard operator Fay and charismatic radio DJ Everett discover a...

Other Titles
Die Weite der Nacht, A Vastidão da Noite, L'immensità della notte, Gecenin Sonsuzluğu
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Andrew Patterson
Andrew Patterson, Craig W. Sanger
Jake Horowitz, Gail Cronauer, Bruce Davis, Sierra McCormick
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, young switchboard operator Fay and charismatic radio DJ Everett discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town and the future forever.

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Anna photo

I'm not sure what people expect from a sci-fi movie. I thought this was great. There is not one flaw in this film. Every actor, director, writer, and crew member involved is at the top of their game. This movie is so realistic, you can almost feel the fear and terror of the characters. The characters are so real that it's hard to tell who is who. You may not care for some of the characters, but they are so real you can't help but care. I highly recommend this movie. I think this will be one of my all time favorites.

Jessica Dean photo
Jessica Dean

When I was a kid I used to think of Alien as the worst movie ever made, but now I think of The Vast of Night as the worst movie ever made. It has a good story, some interesting ideas, and I'm really glad that Ridley Scott didn't have to make a sequel. If you're a fan of sci-fi, Alien, or horror, you should see this movie. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It's better than the first one, and it is probably the best movie of the last decade.

Brittany P. photo
Brittany P.

A former U.S. Marshal (Christopher Plummer) is sent to investigate a disturbing incident in which a former officer of his (Robert Duvall) is mysteriously killed. In order to try and find out who's behind the incident, he gets a team together consisting of his former police officers, an army intelligence specialist (Jim Caviezel), and a few 'savages' (Joan Allen, Adam Scott and Josh Lucas). He is told by the military to keep the investigation secret, and instead he sends the team out to investigate. This film is very well made and the characters are interesting and well developed. Duvall is terrific as the tortured detective. Caviezel is also good, as is Scott and Allen. However, the film suffers from the fact that it is a bit slow and doesn't move along as quickly as it could. The effects are also not that great, and they often look like they are being done in a cheap TV show rather than on a large film. All in all, the film is worth watching, but the slower pacing and lack of action makes it hard to really get into it. That being said, it is an entertaining film that is well worth watching. 9/10

Betty D. photo
Betty D.

This movie is a must-see for fans of Robert Englund and his characters. He was excellent in this movie, as was the rest of the cast. I have watched this movie several times and it has stuck with me for a long time. The movie has a very unique atmosphere, but this movie has it all. I have seen it three times now and it never gets old. It is very hard to explain what the movie is about, but I think it is a very important movie. It tells the story of a man who has the power to control the weather. A man who seems to have unlimited power. There are some very strange things going on in the movie. But, the movie is worth seeing. I am a big fan of Robert Englund and this movie is an excellent example of his acting. It is a very good movie, and I recommend it to fans of sci-fi movies. I am glad that I have seen this movie and I will be seeing it many more times in the future. I also recommend that anyone who has seen this movie should see the other movie that Robert Englund is in. He is good in both of those movies. See the movie, see the other movie, see Robert Englund. You will enjoy both of them. I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies and I think you should go out and see both of these movies.

Mildred Gonzalez photo
Mildred Gonzalez

I have read a few of the reviews posted here and can only guess that people just can't seem to watch movies. I actually watched this movie after reading some of the negative reviews and have to say that this movie was a lot more better than I expected. This is not a movie that you will want to watch a second time and it's a movie that will keep you watching for days. I really liked the story and the atmosphere. The atmosphere was really creepy and the effects were very well done. The acting was really good. I think that it was really well done by everyone and everyone played their part well. I am not going to say any more about the movie, but I would like to say that I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the idea of a good mystery movie with some suspense. I think that this movie is one of the best of its kind and is definitely worth watching.

Terry S. photo
Terry S.

A rare gem of a film. Like The Sixth Sense, it is an intellectual treat that makes you think about things you didn't expect. This movie is like the opening of a puzzle. It is not your average mystery that keeps you guessing. This movie is a psychological thriller. You have to pay attention to each character and see what they are saying. They are very good at it and you want to see what they are going to say next. There is some humor in this movie and it keeps you interested throughout the movie. It is a film that should be watched by everyone.

Brian photo

There are a lot of comments here that describe it as "that old 'I know what you did last summer' movie" or "the best sci-fi movie of all time". Well, I think it is the best one. "The Vast of Night" is the most original film I have ever seen. It has all the things you would expect from a sci-fi film: mysterious alien-hiding-in-the-dead-on-the-sunken-ship, alien weapons that are powerful enough to obliterate whole cities, a rogue alien who wants to rule the universe, a love triangle, and of course a story about the conflict between two groups of survivors. The film also has a surprising amount of humor. It is the kind of movie that you watch and you don't laugh at all, because it is so original and clever. And if you don't laugh at all, you will still be entertained. And that's a rare thing in a sci-fi movie.

Larry K. photo
Larry K.

This movie is a wonder. I really enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining from the beginning to the end. I would have rated this movie a 10/10, but because of the ending, I have to give it a 9. I think the ending is really well done, but I can't really say anything about the story. This movie is very much like a book. It has some good and some bad things. I really recommend this movie to anybody who likes thrillers, suspense, or movies that make you think. If you have never seen this movie, I really recommend that you see it. I am definitely going to buy this movie.

Diana photo

This movie was superb, with great cinematography, excellent acting and a great plot. The only bad point is the ending. It felt like a big surprise, but it felt more like a "huh" ending. It wasn't really satisfying to me. I like to see movies that surprise me. It was a nice movie.

Kathleen Gibson photo
Kathleen Gibson

A very good Sci-fi movie. A must see for the fans of Sci-fi. The actors are all excellent, especially for a low budget film. It's very well directed. The special effects are very good, the special effects for the alien's are very good. The story is great, the ending is great. Very, very good. See it. Rating 9 out of 10. Definitely worth seeing.

Catherine Shaw photo
Catherine Shaw

For a while, I have been thinking that the ending of the Matrix trilogy (and of the Dark Knight trilogy) was predictable. But when I first watched this movie, I was so surprised by how it ended, I was in awe. I was almost dying with emotion. The film is both deep and logical. You will not be bored. It is a perfect movie for people who enjoy movies about the possible reality of our universe. This movie is so good that I recommend it to everyone, because it is the best movie I have ever seen. It is also one of the best movies I have ever seen in my entire life. It is not only a great movie, but it is a great movie in itself.

Karen W. photo
Karen W.

If you've ever had a bad dream, or seen a friend in a bad dream, then you'll know what I'm talking about. But this film gives you a real feeling of what it's like to be trapped in your own head. It's so realistic. The acting is pretty good, and I think that the director did a great job. The story is very original and not like any other alien invasion film. There are so many great things in this film, I can't even tell them all. It's really good. I give this film a 9/10.

Frances Jimenez photo
Frances Jimenez

This movie is a great and scary sci-fi horror movie, and has some scary scenes, the end is the best part, it will leave you shaking, and in a sick way, it is a great movie.