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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing is a movie starring Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee. On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it...

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Running Time
2 hours
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Comedy, Drama
Spike Lee
Spike Lee
Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Richard Edson, Ruby Dee
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On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence.

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Ann S. photo
Ann S.

This is a very well done film, and definitely worth seeing. The film is a very realistic portrayal of life in a small town, and the main character, Larry, is very believable. The film is very funny and a lot of it is very surprising. The characters and their interactions are very believable, and the story is very interesting. The only drawback to the film is the ending. It is a bit of a cliche and is a bit predictable. But it's still worth seeing. If you like movies about small towns, and people in small towns, you should definitely see this film.

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

Cameron Diaz is a stunning actress. The film she has been nominated for, The Wedding Planner, is a great movie. She plays a lawyer named Maggie who is having a relationship with a guy named Leo. Maggie is an intelligent woman who has decided that she is going to have a baby with Leo. The movie is about the relationship between Leo and Maggie. Leo is an alcoholic and his drinking has gotten so bad that he is unable to see the future. The movie is a great drama that tells the story of a couple who have had a relationship and who are trying to get over their problems. This is a great film to watch on a rainy day. It is a very emotional movie that you will enjoy.

Albert M. photo
Albert M.

It is not easy to be a drug addict. The only thing that can really help is to realize the mistake you made and not to repeat it. This is exactly what the character of Billy Batson did. He was caught and spent the rest of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. This film is a must-see for any student of film. The scenes of life in prison are truly moving. The acting of Anthony Hopkins is very good. When the film ends, you are left with a feeling of peace. If you are not sure whether you are a drug addict or not, you should go to your doctor and find out. It will change your life for the better.

Alexander M. photo
Alexander M.

I am not sure what people are expecting from this movie, but it is definitely not an action movie. I was shocked that the cast and crew did not get the awards they deserved, and it is because the movie is not about the action, it is about the inner feelings of the main character, and the acting was great. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is not about a Hollywood star or a big budget movie. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Eric Banks photo
Eric Banks

The film is very funny, but you need to have a very open mind. The film is about a man who can't sleep. He is a good hearted guy but he has insomnia. His wife dies in an accident. He starts sleeping through the night, and wakes up in the morning, only to realize he has no idea how he got to that point. He decides to leave his wife and life behind and travel to a place called Hollywood. This is a country where he is not welcome. He is completely alone there, and his wife has left him. He decides to go back to his wife and try to get his life together. He meets a lady who seems to like him, and he begins to like her. He tells her about his insomnia, and she shows him a way to help him sleep through his night. He decides to follow her advice and go to the place, and he is not sure if he wants to go back. I highly recommend this film. It is a very funny movie. 8/10

Angela photo

Gerry is a young man who was raised in a foster home and is now an outcast from his neighbourhood. When he finds out that his old high school friends are now in jail for a crime he didn't commit he decides to join them to give them a second chance. He learns that not everything is about the money. The characters in this film are all interesting and the performances from the cast are really good. The story is very good and I recommend this film. I'm sure that people will like it.

Jerry Simpson photo
Jerry Simpson

The movie is about an old man who has a terrible habit of talking about the past. He is a sadist and always talk about his past. He always want to go back to the past and remember how it was. But his daughter has a different idea. She wants to have a normal life. But she has to keep the memories of her past from her father. The movie is about a love story. It is very romantic. It is about a father who loves his daughter. The movie is full of beautiful scenes. I liked it.

Tiffany Wilson photo
Tiffany Wilson

This movie was very much in my mind after reading the book. The story is very much in line with the book. It's not an Oscar-worthy film. But it was very enjoyable and I recommend it. A lot of people have pointed out the flaws, but I think they are more in the movie than the book. I think the book had a much better ending. It was really sad that it ended with the family being on their own and not knowing where to go. It was so sad that we were able to leave and not know where to go. The family in the book had a lot more to do with the movie. It was more realistic. The acting was good. It was a little too long for some of the scenes. I think the acting was a little too long, but I thought it was well done. Overall, I think this was a good movie.

Joyce S. photo
Joyce S.

I saw this film with two friends. One of my friends was into "Fences" and loved it. The other was into "Chicago" and was very disappointed. I am a huge fan of both films. I went to see "Fences" and the first few minutes of this film made me want to leave. I was ready to walk out. I was not ready to see "Chicago" with all the hype it had. I was expecting to have a good time. "Fences" is a film that makes you feel and think, it's a story that you will relate to. "Chicago" is a story that makes you laugh, it's a story that makes you cry. I thought the acting was great. I loved Denzel Washington, I loved Viola Davis, I loved Michael Shannon. Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all time, but I have to say, I thought that Michael Shannon was very good. I thought the dialogue was great, but the character development was a little bit of a let down. I thought that the ending was good, but I thought it was a little bit too sudden. All in all, "Fences" is a very good film. It is one of my favorite films of all time.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

The film has two things in it that are different from any other movie that I have seen. One is the director's ability to make the movie funny at times. The other is the plot. The movie tells the story of two guys in love who both have a hidden secret. I loved the scene where they were sitting in the back of the car talking about their past. It was great. The movie is a comedy and you have to laugh at the moments that the director uses. I think that this is a film that is not for everyone. If you are a fan of mel Brooks or Russell Crowe you will like this movie. If you are a fan of comedy then this is the movie for you. I am a huge fan of comedy and I think that this is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time.

Jerry photo

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I don't know how they did it. I just went to see this movie. I love Martin Scorsese and I like his movies but this one blew me away. This is the story of an African American man who is raised in a rich family and then becomes a man who is a street hustler in New York City. He is a great actor and it was good to see him in a movie like this. The movie also has a great message. I also think the way this movie was shot was awesome. The shots were so clear and you can really see what the actors are going through. This movie is a masterpiece.

Janice Gordon photo
Janice Gordon

This is a great movie that has a lot of depth. It is a good story with a lot of emotional depth and a great message. It also has a lot of humor, which is great. It is a great movie, and I recommend it.

Marilyn Hayes photo
Marilyn Hayes

I had no idea that this movie was going to be so funny, it had a lot of good scenes and I laughed a lot. I really like this movie because it is like a dark comedy but also a good drama. I liked the way it was filmed. I love this movie because it is like a masterpiece in my opinion.

Carolyn Hill photo
Carolyn Hill

When I was in my teens, I used to get into a lot of mischief, as much as I did. I would steal, break things and smoke dope. So when I saw this film, I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know if I would like it. I watched it and I loved it. It was the most genuine film I've ever seen. The acting was great, the script was amazing, the direction was great, the production design was great. I think this film was a great example of how a great film can be made and the film was well directed. It was great and I recommend it to anyone who likes films. It is definitely a film that I will never forget and I would definitely watch it again. I give this film a 10/10.