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The Help

The Help is a movie starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer. An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view on the white...

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Running Time
2 hours 26 minutes
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Tate Taylor
Kathryn Stockett, Tate Taylor
Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer
India, USA, United Arab Emirates
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日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In Jackson, Mississippi, in the 60's, the aspirant writer Skeeter Phelan has just graduated and returns home after finding a job writing in a futile newspaper column in the local newspaper. When she arrives home, she finds that her nanny and family's maid Constantine Jefferson is gone. Skeeter sees the chance of writing a book about the relationship of the black maids with the Southern society for an editor from New York. First she convinces Aibileen Clark to open her heart to her; then Minny Jackson is unfairly fired by the arrogant Hilly Holbrook, who is a leader in the racist high society, and Minny decides to tell her stories after finding a job with the outcast Celia Foote. Soon eleven other maids accept to be interviewed by Skeeter that also tells the truth about Constantine. When the book "The Help" is released, Jackson's high society will never be the same.

Comments about drama «The Help» (12)

Albert photo

Being a big fan of the book, I thought that this movie would be a good alternative. I was disappointed. The movie was slow. It didn't have that much happening. The movie was more of a drama than a romance. It was long and boring. I thought that the acting was better in the movie version of the book. It was much better. I think the movie would have been a better adaptation. I was disappointed that there wasn't any romance in the movie. This was because the book was more of a drama than a romance. It was too long and slow. I think that it would have been better if there was a romance in the movie. I recommend this movie only to those who have read the book and would like to see the movie version of the book.

Catherine photo

The central idea of this film is that people have a lot of faults and I really felt for these people. The acting is very good and the whole storyline is very well done. The two main characters are very good as well. The other characters are not as developed but they were very interesting. This is a film that will make you think about the morality of life and the value of family.

Evelyn M. photo
Evelyn M.

I read the book, and I loved it. This movie was very different from the book, and I think that's why people didn't like it. The main character was different, and the movie would've been better if it was about the main character. I didn't like it that she was in the hospital, and then she was in the military, and then she was out of the military. I think she was just a little bit too young for the job she did, and a little too old for the military. I thought her character was too emotional and sad at times. Her acting wasn't the best, and I think she wasn't very good at being a nurse. But I do like the way the movie was done, and I really enjoyed it.

Joe R. photo
Joe R.

I can't imagine anyone who didn't like this film loving it, but it's very much a given that people will hate it and be appalled at it. It's got great performances from some of the best actors in the business, and, although it's not a high-brow movie, it still manages to hold my attention. I was really impressed with all the talented people in this movie, and I hope to see them all in more movies in the future. But it also has its flaws. One of them is that, at times, it gets a bit too sentimental and the story just becomes a little melodramatic. But that's not what the filmmakers are trying to do, and in the end, it's not a bad movie at all. I don't know what the critics were expecting, but I'm guessing they expected something more like "Taxi Driver" or "Vanity Fair." I'd give this a solid 7 out of 10.

Nicole H. photo
Nicole H.

I saw this movie at the cinema, but I never got to see it on the big screen. But now I got a chance to see it on a much smaller screen. I loved this movie! It has all the elements of a great movie. The actors were good, the movie has a great soundtrack, the setting was really good, and the story had a great pace. What I really liked about this movie is that it felt very real. I think that it was very realistic that the characters were people like me. If you are interested in movies with a good story and great acting, this is definitely a movie to see. I am not even sure that it will be remembered as a great movie, but it certainly is a very good movie to see.

Jacqueline Ford photo
Jacqueline Ford

This movie isn't as great as the original. The characters are a little more polished. There is more depth in the relationship between the main characters. This movie is definitely worth watching, but it isn't perfect. It also has more of an "unapologetic" feel to it. Overall, it's a good movie that gets my vote of 7/10.

Anna R. photo
Anna R.

I enjoyed this movie very much. It was very well acted and I thought that the characters were very well developed. I have to say though that it's not that I didn't like it. There were times where I was too happy for them to be successful in a way that wasn't realistic. But I think that the real fault was that the movie had to be based on a book. That's not a good thing because the story of this movie has to be based on real people and real events. I think that this movie has some good things but I still think that it is not the best movie I've ever seen.

Timothy Johnson photo
Timothy Johnson

Every so often, a film comes out about a young woman that enters an orphanage to get an education. It's interesting to think that in the late 1960's, there was a movement in the U.S. to have women of all races have an education. Unfortunately, as the film shows, many in the system never took it seriously. In a flashback, an African American woman's aunt claims to have seen a young woman enter the orphanage, and when she left, she left without an education. The aunt's view of education is completely different than the wife's. The film does a good job of explaining how the institution fails the mother and motherhood. The film also gives a good portrayal of the system. The film isn't about the system, but about a young woman who has to get an education, and how her mother has a life of her own outside of the institution. I don't think the film is racist, or misogynistic, or whatever. It is just showing a realistic example of what happens in a place like the orphanage. But, it is also trying to teach us a lesson about the system, and it's a good lesson.

Hannah photo

This movie was so refreshing and it took me by surprise because I was expecting an 'Oscar' worthy drama. But I was surprised at how well it had all the components of a good drama and it was incredibly enjoyable to watch. There are some good performances and the story was well thought out. I was pleasantly surprised at how strong it was and I don't think there is a movie out there that could've been made better than this.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

I first saw "The Help" in high school. It was one of the only movies I remember seeing during the 90's, and it was on VHS. As a boy, I thought it was a great movie, but as an adult I think I can't get the experience out of my head. The movie is set in a rural town in Pennsylvania. It is the last place that its owner, Doug, (Paul Newman) wants to be. He works as a small town store owner, but his family, a sister, and mother, don't really accept his new life. He gets involved with the local drug dealers and takes them out one by one. This sets the stage for an unforgettable, romantic, and emotional film. The supporting cast, especially Newman and Jamie Foxx, are great in their roles. Newman gives one of the best performances of his career. His character, Doug, is so real and pure in his emotions that I couldn't help but fall in love with him. The actors are perfect for their roles, and Newman's Oscar performance was just as good as the others. The music is also great, and I like the way that the film cuts between scenes in order to emphasize the characters' thoughts. There is also a lot of great cinematography. The background scenes are gorgeous and shot beautifully. The cinematography helps give a feeling of mystery to the viewer. I recommend this film to anyone, especially people who have no interest in art, but like romance or tragedy. 7/10

Madison Spencer photo
Madison Spencer

If you want a real Greek tragedy, this is not it. There are no heavy handed speeches, no big budget scenes of "ok this is what you have to do". But if you are a real Greek, and are longing for a bit of Greek life, this is it. Don't worry, there will be no scenes of longing for the love of your life. The two main characters here are not even in the same room together, but what do you know. If you are expecting a movie about how life in Greece was in the early 80s, this will be a long shot. But if you are longing for a story about family, and the impact that these families have on the rest of the community, this is for you. If you are a bit of an old fashioned, Greek person, or a Greek girl, this is the film for you.

Lauren Grant photo
Lauren Grant

This is a pretty accurate portrayal of the era. Like all of the other films, it has been updated, and changed a bit in its timing, but the general themes and values are very much intact. The historical settings are clearly present, with the general location being the current New York City. The filming locations are good, but it does not make the movie look realistic. The acting is superb. Allison Janney is great as a young girl named Bella, who is simply a part of her family. Michael Caine is very convincing as the man who helps her get accepted to college. Billy Bob Thorton is amazing as the father who teaches her to read and write. All of these actors are simply superb. Even though there are other actors in the cast, they all deliver strong performances. The story is touching, and not in a dark way. It is very realistic. The ending is completely unexpected and unexpected. The whole movie is believable, and does not just rely on a happy ending. Overall, this movie is worth seeing. The story is original and the characters are great. It is definitely not an "epic" movie, but it is good and worth seeing. I recommend this movie to all movie fans, and definitely not to just those who like comedies, historical dramas or romantic comedies. This movie is for everyone.