Anschauen Yun nan chong gu

Yun nan chong gu

Yun nan chong gu is a movie starring Hang Cai, Xuan Gu, and Heng Yu. Following in the footsteps of blockbuster MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND and based on the bestselling novel series, MOJIN: THE WORM VALLEY once again finds legendary tomb...

Other Titles
I cacciatori di tesori - L'isola maledetta, Mojin: The Worm Valley, トレジャー・オブ・ムージン 天空城の秘宝
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Xing Fei
Xuan Gu, Hang Cai, Taishen Cheng, Heng Yu
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Following in the footsteps of blockbuster MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND and based on the bestselling novel series, MOJIN: THE WORM VALLEY once again finds legendary tomb explorer Hu Bayi on a dangerous mission as he seeks out the Tomb of Emperor Xian, located on an island of monstrous creatures in this mystical action-adventure.

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James Foster photo
James Foster

Zombies on the Loose is, in a word, a thrilling action movie. It is a darkly comedic film, and it is quite well made, although there are a couple of scenes that are kind of weird. This is the only Zombie film I have seen with a full-length (1:25) music video interlude at the end. If you're looking for a movie that is as dark as Hell and as ridiculous as an old American soap opera, this is it.

Jerry Salazar photo
Jerry Salazar

It's not a big blockbuster. You won't find the Spider-Man trilogy and you won't find The Matrix trilogy, but the 2-hour-long martial arts movie that was titled THE MARTIAL ART OF A HARDBOY is definitely worth a watch. So, when it was released, I was very excited. I thought this movie would be one of the highlights in the first half of the year and it would be the highlight of my year. I was right. I didn't like it as much as the first part. The beginning is decent and you have the main character, a Chinese martial artist, in this movie. He has to fight a huge villain, which is the guy who stole a dragon, but it is a team up between him and the guy who took the dragon. He is very good at fighting and he's a lot stronger than the guy who took the dragon. He beats him in the end. It's a good movie. It's not a big blockbuster, it's not an Oscar winner, but it's a good movie. You can watch it and have fun, I guess. You don't have to think too much. You don't have to be a hardcore fan of martial arts to enjoy this movie. I have never seen the movie until I saw this one on DVD, but it was good. It was a good martial arts movie. I enjoyed watching it and I thought it was good.

Aaron Myers photo
Aaron Myers

A bird's eye view of China's past, the movie shows the many waves of the Chinese Civil War. It is an insightful analysis of the roots of China's Great Famine and the Japanese invasion. The scene where Mao Zedong, Fang Li and Deng Xiaoping lead a demonstration against the Japanese invasion is highly moving. The movie goes beyond the brutality of the Great Famine. It is an entertaining movie with some graphic violence. It is not for the squeamish, but the message is worth the price of admission.

Nathan C. photo
Nathan C.

An intriguing fantasy adventure, that takes place in the 19th century Hong Kong.The action sequences are pretty good, even if the plot is rather simplistic. It has good, exciting cinematography, good editing and a good soundtrack. The CGI effects are good for the time period.The lead actor is a fairly good action star.The villain is a great villain. The best aspect of the movie is the story. The cinematography is pretty good, and the music is good for the time period.The plot is rather simple. The action scenes are good. There is no need for any deep analysis of the plot. The special effects are good for the time period.Overall this is a good fantasy action adventure.It's not the best movie ever made, but is definitely worth watching.

Charles photo

This film is an homage to the classic Hong Kong movies from the 60's, 70's and 80's. The story is based on the classic movie Chinatown. The action is excellent and some of the scenes are extremely scary. The only real downside is that the movie runs a little long and it's too long but you don't mind as long as it keeps you engrossed and excited. The fights are very impressive and there are some awesome special effects too. The main character is played by young, talented Hong Kong star Jacky Chan and he makes a good job at this role. But the real star here is the set and props. The sets are stunning and the special effects are very creative and awesome. The movie is a real treat to watch. I highly recommend this film to fans of Hong Kong movies, thrillers and action. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Aaron H. photo
Aaron H.

I really liked this film. I am a huge fan of the martial arts genre. This film had a lot of action and really good fight scenes. I also liked the storyline and the story was very original. I was surprised that this film had a good rating, and it is well deserved. I really like the way the story was told, and it was well thought out. I was really impressed with the fight scenes. The action was great and well executed. I thought that this film was really good. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves martial arts films. This film was very well made and well thought out. I think that this film was well worth the money you pay for it. I hope that everyone enjoys this film as much as I did.

Michael M. photo
Michael M.

This is one of the best knockoff movies I have ever seen. I like the plot and the storyline is quite similar to the "Avalon" movie. The cinematography was quite good and the acting was great. The entire cast did their best with the script. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a knockoff movie.

Theresa F. photo
Theresa F.

Chung Cheh is going to become one of my favorite action heroes and I have this movie on DVD. This movie had it all, beautiful actors, beautiful actresses, beautiful landscapes, and a good plot. So it was worth the watch. I loved the fight scenes. They were good and intense. Even though this is my favorite Chung Cheh movie I still will watch it in the future.

Wayne R. photo
Wayne R.

I'm very surprised to see that this movie is rated so low. I've seen this movie with a friend of mine and we both loved it. This movie is not for everyone. It is very violent and the story is very similar to the one in the movie "The Matrix". If you are not into that type of movie, don't watch this movie. I'm surprised that there are so many negative reviews for this movie. I think that people are being a little bit too harsh on this movie. The movie is very enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great action movie. The movie is about a man who is a good guy but is looking for something that he has not seen in his life. I think that the movie is very entertaining and it has some great action scenes. This movie is definitely worth seeing. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie and is not looking for a deep story. I give this movie a 9/10.

William photo

I can't believe that this movie is rated so low. At first I was worried that it will be a horrible movie, but after watching it for a second time, I realized that it is a great movie. It was truly a great movie, but it was not a fantasy. It was a serious movie. I'm a big fan of action movies, so I decided to give it a try. And I really enjoyed it. First, I will say that it was very slow and easy to watch, but after that, it got much better. The movie has a really nice story, so the story of it could be described as interesting, but the movie is much more than that. The main character's motives are definitely good. I've watched this movie twice, and I've never had the urge to watch it again. I would recommend it to people who are just looking for a good action movie, but I don't think that it is suitable for children. The good thing about this movie is the story, which is not only really good, but also very interesting and interesting. It is a very good movie. I would give it 8/10. -{8/10}

Rose Carpenter photo
Rose Carpenter

I'm not sure why everyone is saying that this film is crap and that all that made this film rubbish. This film was based on the idea of a supernatural monster attacking the planet and the heroes had to stop it. Now, I've never seen this before and I don't really care for supernatural movies so maybe it was like this. I thought the plot was pretty decent and the characters were OK. The plot is about a man who owns a small spaceport who's son dies in a freak accident and the widow is trying to come to terms with it. So, they build a spaceship and the spaceship starts to attack the world and the people of the spaceport. The crew are still trying to come to terms with it but in the meantime, they are attacked by a mysterious creature that wants to destroy the entire planet. What they need to do is to send a radio signal to the spaceship, and then they can destroy it and stop it. The film is pretty good and I have to admit that I really liked it. This film is not really a classic, but for what it is, I was entertained.

Patrick Harris photo
Patrick Harris

If you don't know what I mean, don't read this. Just know that I have enjoyed the martial arts films of Bruce Lee's fifties and sixties, most of which were of an oddly uneven quality, and that in most cases, they were entertaining in a way that wasn't supposed to be. Enter Lee's classic Fist of Fury. In the early sixties, Lee's Dragon Box series of films were all that made him famous. The films featured many different characters, some of them obscure Asian actors, and they were all so rousing and exciting. However, by the end of the series, the films were no longer anything special. Fist of Fury had more than enough action and gore to keep me entertained, but it was also not very good. The film was just a run of the mill tale of a hero who saves a princess from an evil Chinese general. It was boring, but I didn't give a hoot about that. The story is straightforward, the plot is almost non-existent, and the story lines are so disconnected that you hardly care what happens to any of the characters. It is also a poor imitation of the Dragon Box films, and also a poor imitation of the Hong Kong films that had come before it. In the original, you had a mixture of tough martial arts fighting and comedy, and it was a truly unique combination. The Hong Kong movies that followed a few years later were much more family oriented, and were even more forgettable. A lot of the Hong Kong films were so poorly made that you didn't know whether you were watching a serious martial arts film, a comedy, or a family film. I don't know how they could have been made in the United States, but they probably could not have been. In the original Fist of Fury, you had the story of an old man who is dying of cancer, and is brought back from the dead by the hero, and his friend, who has been fighting in an opium den and is desperate to get out. We are told that these two friends have been fighting for years, and that this is the reason they have never been in a real fight. They also tell us that their hero, the great Bruce Lee, must be dead. This is nonsense. You can't tell me that a man who has been fighting in the movie business for thirty years is dead. This was also one of the first films to put the villain in a role that is supposed to be sympathetic. I think I can safely say that this film should have never been made, but I'm glad I was introduced to it, and so that I am able to recommend it to anyone I know who is interested in martial arts films.

Richard D. photo
Richard D.

The story is about a young man, named Yuen, who is a skilled fighter. He has the power to break a human being apart in a matter of seconds. He is sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere to help out a village's children. The village is filled with evil, and Yuen's skills are needed to defeat the evil. The movie is a mixture of fantasy and action. The fight scenes are amazing. The movie has a lot of action and the story is very interesting. The ending is very good. The movie is a must see for all action fans.

Hannah Diaz photo
Hannah Diaz

This is a fantastic movie that I have been waiting for since I saw it first at the cinema. The cast is fantastic and the story is very unique. I have watched this movie several times and it never gets old. The acting is great, the costumes are great and the fight scenes are great. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The only reason I give this a 9 out of 10 is because I have to say that the ending was a little weak, but I am not going to spoil it for you. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes martial arts, action, romance and great acting. This is a movie you should see. I can't wait to see this movie again. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you for reading my review. Cheers

Frances Robertson photo
Frances Robertson

I have to say, I enjoyed this film. It was pretty well done, and it had a good story, although it was repetitive. I mean, there were so many cars on the road, I guess it's only natural to expect there to be cars everywhere. But all in all, I liked it. I think there was enough action in it to keep my interest. I liked how it kept you guessing, but it was pretty unpredictable. I did not find it boring at all, I felt like I was entertained. I thought the action was good, it was entertaining, and it did not slow down the film. I was not disappointed at all. I am not a huge action fan, but I can't say I dislike the movie. I think it was a good movie. I just liked it better than I thought I would.

Mildred B. photo
Mildred B.

I am a big fan of Hong Kong action films, especially the old ones. I saw this film at the cinema with my friend and it was one of the best films I have seen. The plot is simple, the acting is good and the action is superb. It is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of Hong Kong action films, you should see this. The cinematography is great, the action is very good and the story is interesting. It is also very much like the Hong Kong action films of the 80's, and is very much like the films of the 90's. If you like the Hong Kong action films, you should definitely watch this film.

Julia W. photo
Julia W.

I had the privilege of seeing this film at the Toronto Film Festival. It was one of the few Asian films that was screened there. It was an interesting and well-crafted film. The story is about the war between the Qing dynasty and the Ming dynasty. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nie-Chang Wu. The film was shot in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. The film was filmed in a traditional Chinese style, which was the original style for this film. The film is a very beautiful film. The cinematography was very beautiful. The actors were very good, especially the lead actor. The music is very beautiful and I thought it was very appropriate for the film. The film has a very interesting plot. The film was very well-done. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. It is a very good film.

Ann D. photo
Ann D.

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of martial arts films, but I thought that this movie was good. The fight scenes were good, but it wasn't the most exciting thing ever. I thought that it was a bit slow. I mean, you could watch it over and over again, and it wouldn't really matter. I think that it was worth watching, but not the best of the genre.

Emma Walters photo
Emma Walters

I saw this film at a special screening in London last night. The film is a very good one. It has a lot of action, good special effects and a very good plot. The plot is about a group of martial artists who are going to a tournament to get revenge on those who have ruined their lives. The film is very well directed and has some very good special effects. The story is good and the characters are good too. It is a good movie to watch and it has a good ending. The film is very good and worth watching.

Crystal Moore photo
Crystal Moore

This is what the movie was supposed to be. I have watched several movies with this title and each time, the movie itself turned out to be a little more than I expected. In this case, the movie turned out to be much better than I expected and I was even more surprised when I found out that the actors/actresses in the movie were actually experts on martial arts. Yes, this movie was made to show the abilities of some of the characters, but it also made it more interesting and enjoyable. The fighting was very well done and very authentic, although I think that some of the shots might have looked a little over the top to the point of over-acting. The movie also had a lot of great scenes, that really helped to make the movie more realistic. The action scenes also had a lot of emotions and action, but they also helped to make the movie more realistic and real. There were also some jokes that really worked and were funny. In conclusion, the movie was great, and I would say that the movie surpassed my expectations.

Sarah Lawrence photo
Sarah Lawrence

Crazy first half, which is still tough to swallow, then a big dose of happy-ending and then a close-up of heroes standing around a town after the storm and then a great climax, in which is held by a church and by the way they are all great looking heroes. This is definitely a movie worth seeing, and I am sure it will also be enjoyable to those who have already seen the original. And if you haven't seen the original, it is still good to watch the trailer to see what the sequel has to offer.

Debra F. photo
Debra F.

I'm a fan of Hong Kong cinema, so when I saw that this film was being released I jumped at the chance to see it. And I was not disappointed. The story is unique and is told in a very authentic way. It is a great mix of martial arts, action and romance. The characters are well written, and the story is told in a very unique way. This is a film that is hard to forget. The fight sequences are really great, and the action sequences are very well done. The story is very original and has a great mix of romance and action. The acting is good, the story is good, and the directing is excellent. I highly recommend this film. It is a must see!

Nancy photo

A lot of people think that Hong Kong action movies are lame. But that's not true. They are really fun and there are many amazing action scenes. I don't know why this movie gets so much hate, but I don't care. I have seen this movie 3 times and I still enjoy it every time. It is definitely one of my favorite Hong Kong action movies. If you don't like Hong Kong action movies, you probably won't like this movie. But if you love Hong Kong action movies, you'll love this movie. I give this movie 9/10.

Christian photo

I've been a huge fan of Bruce Lee since I was a little kid. I had the chance to see this movie in the theaters, and I loved it. It's really a fantastic movie, and it's a great tribute to Bruce Lee. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes martial arts movies. The story is really good, the action is great, and it's really a great tribute to Bruce Lee. I really enjoyed this movie, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie again. It's really a great movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes martial arts movies.