Anschauen Ce magnifique gâteau!

Ce magnifique gâteau!

Ce magnifique gâteau! is a short starring Jan Decleir, Bruno Levie, and Paul Huvenne. An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged...

Other Titles
To niezwykle ciasto!, Tas nuostabus pyragas!, ¡Este magnífico pastel!, This Magnificent Cake!, The Magnificent Cake, Welch himmlischer Kuchen!, Upea kakku!
Running Time
44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Family, Comedy, Short, History, Mystery, Drama
Marc James Roels, Emma De Swaef
Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels
Jan Decleir, Paul Huvenne, Bruno Levie, Gaston Motambo
France, Belgium, Netherlands
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a failed businessman on an expedition, a lost porter and a young army deserter.

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Tammy P. photo
Tammy P.

This is a funny and enjoyable animated movie for the whole family. The story is simple and the characters are all very likable. The only thing I would have changed is the music, which is too loud and too energetic at times. I would have liked to hear quieter and more quiet. I think this is a perfect movie for the whole family to enjoy.

Carol photo

I just watched this movie on Netflix, and was really impressed with it. It is about a young girl named "Cecile" who has an experience with the gods. It is one of those movies that I would definitely watch again, if it came on cable. The voice actors did a great job, and the animation was awesome. I was very impressed with this movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes cartoons.

Rose photo

This is a very unique animated movie. I am not sure why the critics hate this movie so much. Maybe it is because it is so different from other animated movies. It is not just a simple cartoon, it has a lot of depth and thought-provoking content. It is a very difficult movie to get into, and it requires a lot of concentration and patience. It is an intellectual, spiritual and emotional movie. The animation is beautiful and works with the whole film. It is very well done and deserves to be seen by anyone who wants to be inspired and have a good time. It is a film that deserves to be seen.

Albert H. photo
Albert H.

Ce magnifique gâteau is a great movie. It is a very funny movie with a great story line. It is a movie that has been done many times and still works. It is a movie that will not disappoint you. It is a very well done animated movie with great animation. It is a very great movie that will entertain you for a long time.

Jacqueline photo

I loved this film, and I think it's one of the best animated films ever made. It's so well done, and I don't think any film can be made to be as good as this one. It's a great story about friendship, family, and loss. It's just a great film. I think the cast did a great job, especially Jeremy Irons as Mr. Bloom. His voice is perfect for the character. I think it's one of the best films of the last decade. It's one of my favorite films of all time. I highly recommend this film, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I can't wait to see this film again.

Roger Dixon photo
Roger Dixon

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was excited to see a movie about a group of cartoon characters who had to face a dangerous threat in the real world. I was also very excited to see the voice talent of the most famous cartoon characters from all over the world (with a little help from some famous voice actors). I was very pleased to find that this movie was well-made, interesting, and had a good story. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Jason Richardson photo
Jason Richardson

I loved the movie and can't wait to see it again. It's a perfect movie for a family to watch. The main characters are very realistic and likable. The animation is also great. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie. I will definitely buy this movie and I will watch it over and over. This is a perfect family movie for any family to watch.

Aaron J. photo
Aaron J.

I love this movie. I have a daughter who is 13 and my son is 13. We have watched this movie over and over. It is the best movie we have seen in a long time. I have watched it many times and it keeps me guessing. Every time I watch it I watch it again and again. I will always be a fan of the film. It is very sad that it is no longer available. It was a wonderful movie. I have a lot of friends that love this film. I hope they can find it for us.

Deborah photo

I'm a big fan of Disney animated movies, but this one was a little bit more of a surprise for me. It was a wonderful story about a girl who was sent to the orphanage, where she meets a dog named Bambi. He finds out that she was adopted and the dog takes a liking to her. I really enjoyed this movie. It was really cute and funny. I didn't expect that this movie would be as good as it was. I really liked the fact that it was not your typical Disney animated movie. It was original, and that's why I liked it so much. I also really liked the fact that the story was different and really good. It was very cute and entertaining. I think it was one of the best Disney animated movies I've seen in a while. I really recommend this movie. It's a good movie that will make you laugh and cry.

Gloria photo

I have never seen a film that has such a profound effect on me. I can't say how much I admire it, but I can say that I really respect the way it communicates its message to me. I'm not a big fan of animation, but I find this film to be so much more than an animated movie. It's a very true story, and it's a very beautiful one. I think it is a very important movie for the future of animation. It is very well-made, very well-written, very well-directed. I hope that it will be given a great response. I think it deserves it. I think that it deserves more. It deserves a more perfect response.

Peter photo

This is the most charming animated film I've ever seen. The characters are so adorable and I couldn't stop laughing. This movie is perfect for kids and families. I can't wait to see it again!

Terry F. photo
Terry F.

This is a very good movie about the "curse" of a tiger named "Kadosh". It is about a young boy named "A" who has the power to kill tigers and use them to destroy the village of "B" in order to protect his family. This is a very funny movie, with many humorous moments. It has a very good story line. It also has many interesting characters. There are many interesting animals. It also has many jokes and references. The animation is very good. The story is very good and the message is very good. There is a lot of action and many funny moments. It is a very good movie. It is very good. 8/10

Jeffrey photo

This film is absolutely delightful. The story is so interesting, the animation is beautiful, the music is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Evelyn W. photo
Evelyn W.

This movie is definitely worth watching. It's a beautiful, fun movie for all ages. This movie has a lot of funny moments, and it's very sad and romantic at the same time. The characters are wonderful and the story is very cute. The characters are very easy to relate to, because they are all human, and they all have their own quirks and quirks of their own. I loved this movie. I'm going to watch it again. It was great!

Carol W. photo
Carol W.

My daughter was 2 when I first saw this film, but I was 4 when I first saw this. I've been trying to find it for years, but haven't been able to find it. So, I was thrilled to finally find it and have finally seen it. It was so much better than I expected, I loved it. The story was great, and I thought it was better than the movie "The Emperor's New Clothes". The music was also great, and the animation was fantastic. I recommend this to all ages, but especially to kids, because I thought it was great!

Emma photo

My favorite Disney cartoon. It's a classic that I can watch over and over. I watch it with my kids, we are very fond of it. The characters are very well written, and you can relate to all of them. It's very funny. It's got a great message to it, and it's a great family movie. I like it because of the characters and the message it gives. I think it's the best Disney animated movie ever, and I think it should have been nominated for an Oscar.

Mark W. photo
Mark W.

I loved the film. It was very well written and acted. The voice actors were very good. The art direction and music were very beautiful. The story was very simple but the message was very clear. I will always remember this film as one of my favorites. My favorite characters are Hugo and Poirot. I think that if you love films and literature as much as I do, you will love this film. It is a very inspiring film.

Jesse Hernandez photo
Jesse Hernandez

This is a wonderful movie about the first lady of France. I love it! I watched it for the first time at home on DVD with my parents, and I really enjoyed it. The way it was animated was so beautiful, and the characters were so true to life. I like how the story took place in Paris and was about France. I think this is a movie that I will remember for a long time. I think everyone should watch it!

Jose Nichols photo
Jose Nichols

The movie is beautifully directed and the voice cast is really good. The story is beautiful and heartwarming. I liked the characters, the story, the soundtrack, and the way the movie was made. I liked the little details in the story that made the story more exciting. I would recommend this movie to all my friends. This movie has a lot of heart and I am sure it will make you laugh, cry, and feel happy.

Joshua Carlson photo
Joshua Carlson

This is a movie that will have you laughing, crying, and just plain enjoying. It's not for everyone, but if you want a movie that makes you think, laugh, and feel good, this is a movie you'll want to see again and again. There is no better way to learn about the effects of climate change than watching this movie. I've watched it 3 times, and I plan on watching it many more times.