Anschauen Patient Zero

Patient Zero

Patient Zero is a movie starring Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, and Clive Standen. After an unprecedented global pandemic turns the majority of humankind into violent "Infected," a man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's...

Other Titles
Patient zéro, Zéró páciens, Paciente Zero: A Origem do Virus, Patient Z, Paciente Cero, Paziente Zero, Paciente cero, インフェクテッドZ
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Drama, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Stefan Ruzowitzky
Mike Le
Clive Standen, Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the pandemic thriller, Patient Zero, humanity is battling intelligent, adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a viral super-strain. After being bitten, human survivor Morgan (Matt Smith) realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leading the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

Comments about drama «Patient Zero» (22)

Angela Diaz photo
Angela Diaz

This movie is very much in the vein of Cloverfield and Aliens, but it has a fresh new story that is hard to understand and doesn't follow the usual formula. It has a very good plot that has multiple twists and turns, but it's not a puzzle that you have to piece together, because it's not hard to figure out. It's a very dark and disturbing movie, with a lot of gore and blood. It has a very different vibe from the first film, and the acting in this one is very good. However, it's not as good as the first. I liked it, but I don't think I'll watch it again.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

I really like the idea of a bunch of highly trained assassins taking on a group of government assassins and the whole thing was handled well by the actors, it seemed to be a bit more light hearted than the other films i've seen. It was not as well acted or written as other movies and the acting was pretty good, which is not something i expected of a film like this. I also thought the film was pretty predictable, but that is not a bad thing, in fact i like that a lot. So, if you want a film that is more light hearted than it's counterparts then check this one out. This one is not a great film, but it is a decent one and i give it an 8 out of 10.

Carol E. photo
Carol E.

What a refreshing, different type of horror movie. Like "Alien", "Zombieland", "The Shallows" and "The Wolf of Wall Street", this movie follows a very similar plot, and the similarities are very much intentional, since most of the people who saw the first two films would probably be familiar with the plot and movie's structure. The film's tone is very much like "The Shallows" with its very similar movie style, and also similar plot structures. However, unlike "The Shallows", "Patient Zero" is much more focused on suspense and scares, and it feels much more alive and true to the genre, which is one of its strengths. The film's main stars are of course the actors, who put in a very impressive performance. I'm not sure if they deserve the nomination for this film, but they were very good. The film's title comes from a space shuttle that was lost in space, but NASA figured out the crash site by re-using the parts of the shuttle's predecessor. The film also has a lot of great dialogue, which is also a strong point. I also really liked the soundtrack, which was very different from the first two films. It's a very good soundtrack, very atmospheric, and I especially liked the song "Heart of Glass". The film also features some of the best special effects I've seen in a long time. The film is directed by Pete Docter, who also directed the first two films, and he was very good at directing his first two films, and I'm glad he kept on doing this film, because I think he'll continue to do some good films. The film's cast also does a really good job, especially Sam Worthington. He's a great actor, and he did a really good job in this film. And now that I've talked about the film's cast, I can talk about the film's plot, which I think is very similar to "The Shallows". It's also very similar to "The Wolf of Wall Street", and in my opinion, it's a very good and decent film. "Patient Zero" is a very different type of horror movie, which is why I think it deserves the nomination for the Best Picture at this year's Oscars. I also think it's a very good movie, which I would recommend everyone to see. It's very different, and it's one of the best films of the year.

Mary Carter photo
Mary Carter

After watching this film I felt somewhat ashamed of myself, because I have been hearing and reading about the ending and I just can't believe it! I knew that the film was going to end with a big explosion, but I couldn't have imagined it going the way it did! The ending was absolutely terrible, with lots of pointless scenes, nothing really happens in this film, and the ending could've been good, but it was still a huge disappointment. I have not seen any other movies based on this, but I would like to say that this film was worth watching, because it is a really good movie, and I feel sorry for the director, because this film just didn't have the ending he wanted. I also feel bad for the cast, because they all played their roles well, but in the end, the director should have just put the ending where it should have been, and we would have been spared the ridiculous ending.

Joshua Gibson photo
Joshua Gibson

When I went to see this movie, I thought it was going to be a boring, standard, not very good movie. The rating of 8.5 was pretty unfair, because it was not at all like the book. When I saw it, I was stunned by the story. The story was amazing, and it was very interesting. It is just the story, the story itself. The story, the story, the story. This movie made me think about a lot of things that I have never thought about before, and it made me want to read the book. I recommend this movie to everyone. It was the most entertaining movie I've seen in a long time, and it is a must see for anyone who likes science fiction.

Ann W. photo
Ann W.

I saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival. I was very surprised by the film, which reminded me of the 2001: A Space Odyssey, but with a much more coherent and coherent storyline. The acting was very good, with many of the actors performing with great conviction. This film is not so much about aliens, but about human life. This movie shows the personal stories of the people on board the International Space Station. The actors were able to communicate with each other, and the audience was able to relate to the feelings that they were feeling. I felt that the film was very original, and very well done. I recommend this film to everyone, especially to those who are interested in science fiction, or who like science fiction.

Nancy photo

The first hour of the film is very weak, even in the usual low budget 're-make' fashion. As well as the poor acting and the laughable script, there is also a rather bleak and depressing tone throughout, which is not helped by the fact that the original score is still played throughout. There is some clever humour in the first half of the film, but it seems to be very forced and more likely to make the audience laugh than make them think. The second half is also very weak and does not have the same impact as the first. The production is great, and the CGI effects are very well done. The second half of the film is very tense and very dark, and I really liked the atmosphere that the film creates. The special effects are very well done and there is a sense of realism to the film. Overall, the film is a decent enough sequel, and has some good ideas and a good atmosphere, but it is far from being a great film. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Eugene Baker photo
Eugene Baker

I have watched this movie several times since I first heard of it. I have also read the book by Steve Poulter, and have seen the movie again several times. It is a good movie. The story is not a very original one, but it is very interesting, and the actors give a good performance. As I have said before, it is a good movie.

Bruce photo

POSSIBLE SPOILERS This is a Sci-Fi/Horror movie. It has lots of scary, gore and suspenseful moments. It also has some funny moments. This movie is about a military testing lab that accidentally releases a virus that kills off the remaining people. The lab is located in the middle of the woods. It is surrounded by a wall of rocks and is surrounded by an abandoned military compound. I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to people. I don't know if it was a good idea to make a horror/sci-fi movie that has a lot of action and some horror elements. Maybe if it had some more horror elements, I would have rated it higher. It also has some suspenseful moments. The movie has a good pace. I would rate it a 7 out of 10. It is worth seeing.

Craig W. photo
Craig W.

The story of this movie is like a bad guy who is a vampire who likes to feed on young girls. The vampire does not like the fact that the scientists who are trying to find the source of the vampires blood are trying to kill the vampires. He steals the blood of a girl he has taken and gives it to a scientist who wants to use it to make a cure for a virus that will kill vampires. He then takes the scientist to the place where the vampires hide and tries to convince her that she has become a vampire. The vampire who has the cure for the virus is played by Stephen Dorff. The scientist who is at the same time trying to kill the vampire and trying to find the cure is played by Julia Stiles. Dorff and Stiles are great at their roles. However, the story is very weak and a lot of stuff is left unexplained. I am not a huge fan of the vampire genre, but the movie did a good job in telling the story and at the end, I was satisfied.

Gary H. photo
Gary H.

Being an avid movie buff, I can say that I have seen some really bad movies. This is not one of them. I think that this movie is a great piece of work. It is good that people know the details about the early stages of the virus, so that they can actually watch this movie and make a reasonable judgement. The movie is about a boy who loses his mother when he was a baby. His parents decided to put him in a boarding school and it is clear that the people there are not his parents. So he is left alone in the world. The people that he meets there are interesting. He meets a boy named Adam and a girl named Eve. The movie is about them trying to survive in the world. The most important thing is to make sure that no one gets infected by the virus, otherwise they will die. I liked the cast of characters. They were very interesting. Some of the characters were like well, I didn't know that they were important. I thought the movie was really good. I think that it is a good movie for the fans of the movie genre.

Kevin photo

I have been a big fan of the original film since I was a kid. I remember loving it for its spooky atmosphere, its sense of humor and its disturbing portrayal of nuclear weapons. To be honest, I still think that film is scary and unsettling. But then I saw this one and I was not so sure anymore. The movie takes place in the same city as the original film, but that city is completely different. There are no trains, no trains that run by the side of the road. The city is entirely underground, and no one is supposed to be able to get out of there. But that doesn't stop the film from being pretty scary. The main problem with this film is the plot. It's much more intricate and complex than the original, and the conclusion is pretty much predictable. The acting was very good, and the actors' chemistry and performance were very believable. It was fun to watch their interactions. I think that the director and writers have really done their best to make the film more suspenseful. The ending is also pretty predictable, but the movie is still fun to watch.

Howard A. photo
Howard A.

First, let me say that I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise and have been since the first movie. So I am very familiar with the concept of a biological weapon on Earth. In this movie, the "aliens" are the scariest thing in the movie, and that's a good thing. This movie had a great storyline, and it was just so well done. It is very hard to believe that all of this was made on a shoestring budget, and it shows. The special effects were amazing. The alien is very scary, and the effects were a perfect match for the film. The acting was fantastic. Even though this movie is based on a real event, the acting was very good. It was very believable. The acting was done very well. The characters were very well written, and the dialogue was very well done. This movie is very well worth seeing. It was very scary, and it had a great story. I highly recommend it.

Benjamin photo

I love this movie. I am a scientist and I have studied this virus and it has been studied by me for about 15 years. I watched the movie because of my friends who are in the same labs as me and they are doing the same research as me. It is a beautiful movie and I love it. I will be watching it again soon. I hope they make another movie about this virus. I will buy this movie on DVD when it comes out. It is a great movie. I love it.

Lawrence photo

I like the book, but i was not sure what to expect from the movie. I was wrong. The book was a gripping story about a mysterious virus that is sweeping the earth, and a rag tag group of survivors trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. I was riveted from the beginning to the end. I was not disappointed. This movie was fantastic, it was suspenseful and scary. The characters were not what you'd expect, and there was a twist to the story at the end that was unexpected. I highly recommend this movie. I would have given it a 10 if it was not for the fact that it was not rated R, and I am not a fan of R rated movies. If you don't like R rated movies, this movie is not for you. I'm going to see it again today.

Kathleen photo

I watched this movie with my mother and a friend of mine. It was the first time we had watched a movie together. We both were very impressed by the movie. The special effects were great, the acting was great, and the story was great. The movie showed us how the virus spread, and how a team of scientists tried to get it down to a very small space station. The director did a great job of showing us how the virus spread and how they tried to stop it. I also liked the ending of the movie. I thought it was very good. I think that this movie was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great movie.

Olivia Tucker photo
Olivia Tucker

This is one of the most entertaining, scary, and enjoyable movies I have ever seen. I can't wait to see it again!

Richard P. photo
Richard P.

This is a great movie. It is also very violent. The director and the writers did a great job at this. I love this movie and I can't wait to watch it again. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I'm very excited to see this movie in the theater and I think everyone should go and see it. It is definitely a great movie and I hope you go and see it too.

Gerald K. photo
Gerald K.

The best thing about this movie is the fact that it's not like other horror movies. The special effects are amazing. The story is not going to make you jump or scream, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat and this movie will keep you guessing. The action sequences are good and they are executed well. The ending was good, I actually thought the movie would end just like that. This movie does not try to scare you. It's the type of movie where you don't know what to expect and then it all makes sense in the end. The acting in this movie was great. This movie did not force you to believe what they were saying, they just wanted to create an atmosphere that really made you feel uneasy. This movie had an extremely good ending, and the reason it's not perfect is because there are parts that will give you the creeps. It's a good horror movie, but if you want a good horror movie, check out "The Ring 2". 7/10

Jacqueline photo

This movie was great! If you like science fiction, you will love this movie. I have never seen a movie that is as good as this one. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes science fiction. The only thing I can say bad about this movie is that it wasn't as well written as the other two movies. But I think that is more a reason to like it. Also, if you don't like science fiction, don't watch this movie. I have to say, I can't wait for the next movie to come out. This movie was the best movie of 2007. I would say that it is in my top ten of all time.

Jason photo

This movie was excellent. I was waiting for it to come out for months. It was great. The story was awesome and it was so interesting to watch. I loved the music and it was very haunting. I liked the "Gore" scenes, the "Poetic Justice" scenes, and the "Intelligence" scenes. It was very suspenseful and it kept you on the edge of your seat. It had great acting and great directing. It was very interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat. The story was amazing and it was very good. I would highly recommend it. It is very good. 10/10

Patricia R. photo
Patricia R.

I think this is a movie that needs to be seen. I've never seen a movie that has scared me the way this one has. I had my doubts about the movie but after I watched it I was completely convinced it was a great movie. There were some parts that really scared me and some parts that made me jump. The characters were awesome and the acting was great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. This movie will make you think a little bit. It is really a scary movie that you need to see. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a movie that will make them think and make them think about things. I give this movie a 10/10.