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The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything is a movie starring Jeff Koons, Paul Schimmel, and Larry Poons. With unprecedented access to pivotal artists and the white-hot market surrounding them, this film dives deep into the contemporary art world,...

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アートのお値段, O preço de tudo, The Price Of Everything, Senki többet, For the Love of Art, Cena wszystkiego, Hvem sætter pris på kunst?, Todo tiene un precio, Taiteen hinta ja arvo, Pengar och priset på konst
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Nathaniel Kahn
Larry Poons, Paul Schimmel, Jeff Koons, Stefan Edlis
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

With unprecedented access to pivotal artists and the white-hot market surrounding them, this film dives deep into the contemporary art world, holding a fun-house mirror up to our values and times.

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Willie Rios photo
Willie Rios

An important documentary about the price of everything. It's the case of a young woman, who suffers from anorexia, and the effect it has on her life and her friends. The way she's treated, and the pressure that comes with it, and her friends' reactions, are shown in a very moving way. The most striking part is the way the director and the actors play with the camera. There's not a single shot that's free of his presence, or that doesn't leave you feeling sad, or scared, or angry. The actors are superb, and this documentary is just the best thing that can be said about them. It's amazing how a documentary can be so powerful, and how the director can bring it to life in such a way. It's an absolutely brilliant film, and I'm not surprised that this documentary is nominated for an Oscar. It's a must-see for anyone interested in social issues.

Ralph G. photo
Ralph G.

I watched this documentary about the collapse of the British economy in the 1980s, and I think it is very insightful. I've always been fascinated by economics, and I think this documentary gives a very good overview of what went on in the 1980s. The documentary is divided into two parts: one part deals with the political aspects of the economy collapse, the other with the economic aspects of the collapse. The political aspects are well presented, and the economic aspects are well presented. The political aspect of the collapse was very well explained, as were the economic aspects of the collapse. I think the documentary is very interesting, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the British economy in the 1980s.

Willie M. photo
Willie M.

I was compelled to see this documentary due to my interest in the life of the late, great, writer and film maker William Burroughs. As the documentary opens, we learn about Burroughs's life and work, which was influenced by the work of Philip K. Dick. We are then taken through his life, including his childhood, his early years, and his early influences. Burroughs is interviewed about his early influences, and his relationship with Dick. After that, we move into his adult years, his work, his work as a writer, his work as a screenwriter, and his work as a director. The film covers a lot of ground, and it does a good job of showing a lot of things, including the events in his life that led him to write the stories and the films he created. I was surprised to learn that Burroughs was a very religious person, and that he was a very, very "religious" man. He spent a lot of time in church, and was very religious himself. I was surprised that he was able to write a movie based on his own ideas, rather than taking a lot of money and turning it into a movie. He spent a lot of money on making his ideas real, and his ideas were very real. The movie is very well done, and I really liked it. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Burroughs, or to anyone who is interested in Philip K. Dick.

Jack R. photo
Jack R.

This film is a tour de force of how to make a documentary about the subject matter of a very interesting story. It is a very well-crafted documentary that is both fun and enlightening. I enjoyed the fact that this was a documentary about the movie's stars, not the actual people in the movie. It gave the viewer an insight into their lives, and also gave the viewer a glimpse into how they felt about the movie. It was a very realistic documentary. I found it to be very interesting. It was entertaining, and it gave a very positive view on the film industry. The directors did a great job in creating this documentary, and it is definitely worth watching.

Jeremy photo

A great documentary about the lives of the people who make up the Wall Street community in New York City. As a non-financial person, I appreciated the insight into the lives of people who were just doing their jobs, but who have to deal with the repercussions of a loss of confidence. The documentary covers a lot of ground, from the personal stories of people like Jerry Gould, to the more recent, much more prominent stories of people like the trader Carl Icahn. The interviews with both Gould and Icahn are well done, and the analysis is pretty balanced. The one thing that I didn't like was the portrayal of the "rich kids" who went to NYU, and went to Harvard. The people who were "poor" were in the "naturally wealthy" camp, and their stories were well told. But it is a documentary, and I wouldn't say it is a bad film. The point is that we can learn a lot about the people we see in the media and in the media. This is an excellent documentary.

Steven photo

A very good documentary, touching on the issues of gender and sexuality, the need for change, the experience of transgender people in society. In the end I found it to be more about the rights and wrongs of the transgender community, rather than the historical issues, as the documentary did not cover that. However, the documentary was well made and very well-edited, and a must see for anyone with a strong interest in transgender issues.

James photo

When I saw the trailer for this documentary, I immediately thought it would be about the rise of the internet. However, as the documentary progressed, I realized that this was more about the rise of modern technology. However, the documentary was just as much about the internet as it was about the rise of internet. The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and store information, but it is also the root of a lot of problems, like terrorism, piracy, and violence. In the documentary, the filmmaker is able to show the devastating effects of the internet on people's lives. I have to admit, the documentary did make me laugh a couple of times. However, there were a few scenes that made me cry, and I was shocked at how much I could relate to what was happening to the people in the documentary. I will say that the documentary was not a masterpiece. The documentary did focus on the internet, but it was not the main focus of the documentary. In addition, I did not think the documentary would be as good as it was. However, I was wrong. The documentary is definitely worth seeing. The documentary does a great job of showing how the internet has impacted the lives of many people, and how the internet is destroying their lives. However, the documentary was not perfect. I think the documentary could have done a better job showing the effects of the internet on the people. However, the documentary did show some very important and life-changing moments. Overall, I really liked the documentary. It was very well-done. Overall, the documentary was very good, and I highly recommend it.

Albert photo

It's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. I was thrilled to see it, and I think it's a must see for everyone. It's incredibly well-done, and I don't think it's boring at all. The documentary does an amazing job of showing how the world is interconnected, and how the government is heavily involved in the economy. It really shows the kind of freedom that you can't really get in other countries. This documentary is not for everyone, because it does show some graphic pictures, and some really graphic pictures of people dying. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who loves politics, or just wants to learn more about the world we live in. It's definitely a must see for anyone.

Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

In the 1970s, the actress Cleavon Little (as Wanda Johnson) was an extra in a series of children's films starring Tom Hanks. The last was The Price of Everything. It's a fictional account of the life of Wanda Johnson, who was an entertainer in the 1960s and '70s. This is the story of how she became a superstar, and the effect it had on her family, her friends, and the wider community. The film focuses on her first big hit in the '70s, in which she starred alongside Meryl Streep as herself. This film is excellent in every way. The acting is superb. Hanks is excellent, and it's also good to see Streep. They are both excellent. The direction is also good, and the film is shot very well. I love the way the film moves, and the music. It's very good. The music is good too, and I love the way the music is used. I really enjoyed this film. It's not a documentary, and it doesn't claim to be a documentary, but it is very good. I don't think I have seen a better film of this era, and it's a good film. I recommend it to everyone, and I give it an 8/10.

Beverly Weaver photo
Beverly Weaver

I don't normally write reviews, but this is a great documentary about the homeless, drugs and poverty in America. The film was made in 2005, but it has only been out on DVD since 2011. The homeless and drug addicted are depicted in a way that makes them seem like real people. I highly recommend this film. It has been released on DVD, and is definitely worth the watch.

Dennis Davis photo
Dennis Davis

I thought the movie was very good. I was not a fan of all the music that was in it. I thought the movie had an interesting angle to it. It was a very interesting look into the world of real estate. It was well worth the watch. The producers did a great job of making the movie feel like a documentary. I really liked the way they brought the emotions and feelings that the real estate people go through. The acting was very well done and believable. It is very well done. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Madison C. photo
Madison C.

If you like to hear the opinions of the people who are making the decisions about what to make or what to watch, this is the film for you. I liked the way that the film follows these people's lives, and I thought that they were all interesting and interesting to listen to. But there are a few things that I didn't like about the film. One is that it really didn't follow the people's lives that closely, so I would have liked to have seen more of their experiences. Another thing that I didn't like about the film was that it focused so much on the choices that the people made and the reasons that they made them, but it didn't focus enough on the lives that they lead and the reasons that they led them. I also didn't like the way that the film didn't do a good job of explaining the decisions that they made, and I thought that the film did a good job of explaining the reasons that they made them, but the way that it explained them was not very clear. Another thing that I didn't like was that it was very short, and it didn't show the lives that they led or the reasons that they led them. All in all, I thought that the film was good, but it could have been a lot better.

Russell S. photo
Russell S.

The Price of Everything is a documentary about the life of Bob Dylan. The documentary features interviews with Bob Dylan, his wife, Dylan's band, and a range of other people. The documentary covers many of the things that people could learn from Bob Dylan, including how to cope with a difficult life, how to deal with illness, and how to live a life to the fullest. The documentary does a great job of showing Bob Dylan's relationship with his band, his wife, his personal life, and his music. The documentary also gives some great insight into the work that Bob Dylan does, and how it relates to his music. Overall, The Price of Everything is a great documentary that is well worth watching.

Thomas B. photo
Thomas B.

I'm not a fan of documentary films, but this one is really good. It shows how the young people from a small town in rural India are forced to become prostitutes in the city. This film shows the life of these young people and how they are forced to become prostitutes in order to survive. The documentary is also well filmed and well edited. It also has a good message, showing how human rights are not always respected. It is a really good documentary. It is also really funny and it's really moving. I really recommend this one.

Louis photo

I thought this documentary would be about the effects of the "war on drugs", but instead it was about the effects of the "war on drugs". It was a very interesting documentary about the drug culture in the United States, with interviews from people who were involved in the drug culture, and even more people who were just interested in drugs, including drug-addicts, and there were interviews with people who had become drug addicts. It was interesting to see what drug-addicts did during the interview, but it was also interesting to see how the "drug-addicts" were portrayed, from a psychological point of view. I think the only thing that was missing was the voice-over of the interviewees, because it would have been interesting to hear them explain their views on the subject. Overall, I think it was a very interesting documentary, and it is worth seeing.

Sean Santos photo
Sean Santos

A nice documentary about the plight of the Chinese working class in the late 60s and early 70s. It's interesting to see the changes in the lives of the people involved. They are very clear on their opinions on what the system is doing to them. They are not "nice" about it. In fact, they are in total agreement with the system and what it is doing to them. It's interesting to see the footage of a few of the people involved. It's also very interesting to see the footage of the former Chairman Mao in his last days in power. It's very interesting to see what the people in the middle class in the 60s and 70s were doing in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. There are some great interviews with people who are very good at talking about their experiences. This is a good documentary for people who want to know more about the situation of the Chinese working class.

Helen Lewis photo
Helen Lewis

I've seen this movie a few times now, and it is a very good movie. It is not a documentary, as such, but rather a documentary about the effects of drugs. There are no interviews with experts, as such, and the "drugs" are not necessarily the drugs themselves, but rather the way the drugs affect the person. It is a very interesting documentary, with some very interesting and moving scenes. It is definitely worth seeing, and it is definitely worth paying attention to, if you want to learn more about the effects of drugs. This is definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I would highly recommend it.