Anschauen Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Cold Case Hammarskjöld is a movie starring Mads Brügger, Clarinah Mfengu, and Saphir Wenzi Mabanza. Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl are trying to solve the mysterious death of Dag...

Other Titles
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Running Time
2 hours 8 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
History, Documentary, Animation
Mads Brügger
Mads Brügger
U Thant, Saphir Wenzi Mabanza, Clarinah Mfengu, Mads Brügger
Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl are trying to solve the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjöld. As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime far worse than killing the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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Jesse photo

I was pleasantly surprised to see a documentary that was not sensationalistic or heavy-handed. This documentary did not treat the subject matter as a sensationalized "fact" that the viewer is supposed to believe. Rather, it presented the facts in a way that is fair and balanced. The documentary was well-made, with a great deal of information, and it did not try to sway the viewer's opinion. This is a good documentary, and I would recommend it.

Kenneth photo

I've just watched the film "Hammarskjold" on the cinema. It is a documentary that shows the life of the legendary Swedish writer and states that his life was a tragic one. The film is a mixture of interviews with people and the film itself. The film has a lot of people in it but most of the time they are talking about the film. They talk about the plot of the film and the characters. This film is a really good documentary and it is very interesting. The documentary is a good thing that we have to see. The film shows the life of the writer and it is interesting. I don't know if it is the best documentary but it is good. The film is about the life of a famous Swedish writer. I recommend this film to everyone and I think it is a really good documentary.

Laura B. photo
Laura B.

When I first saw this movie, I was quite impressed. This is one of those movies that I could watch over and over again. This movie shows how the world would look if the Nazis won the war. In this case, it's a small town in Germany. There is a lot of footage of the town, and the people living there. The movie also has a lot of interesting facts about the town. The movie is a bit slow at times, but it is worth watching. I recommend it.

Ethan Fisher photo
Ethan Fisher

This is a great documentary on the life of Swedish author and journalist Olafur Eliasson. Eliasson was a popular writer and journalist in the 1940s and early 1950s. He was a famous Swedish author and journalist who wrote books and magazines, and was a major figure in Swedish politics. Eliasson was a social democrat, and was also a vegetarian. He was famous for his documentaries, and his documentaries were very popular in Sweden. The documentary covers a lot of his life, and the interviewees were his friends and family, and they told him stories about his life. This documentary is very good, and it is worth watching.

Diana Perez photo
Diana Perez

I saw this documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival and it is very good. I thought the director did a good job in presenting the film and the subject matter. It is also a good story to tell. I do not think it is the best documentary I have ever seen but it is very good and a good film to watch. The documentary is divided into 4 parts. In the first part the director talks about how the murders were committed and the investigation was done. The second part is about the investigation and the police investigation into the murders. In the third part is the interviews with the victims and their families. The fourth part is about the police investigation and the case is still unsolved. This is a good documentary and I think it is worth watching.

Maria photo

I have never been a fan of the "True Crime" genre. I think it is just a bunch of sensationalism. I am glad I saw this documentary and thought it was interesting. I found the documentary to be informative, and I think it was well done. I am glad I watched it and I think it was worth the watch. I think it is the best documentary I have seen on this subject. It was very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes documentaries on the true crime genre.

Laura Thompson photo
Laura Thompson

The movie is quite an eye opener, but it's hard to put into words. It's a fantastic documentary that is a must see for anyone interested in the history of the twentieth century. The film starts with a long overview of the history of the twentieth century, and it goes through the years of the cold war, then to the Cold War II era, then to the collapse of the Soviet Union and then to the present day. It's a great look at the events of the twentieth century and the way the world has changed since then. The documentary is very well done and very well edited, and it shows a lot of information that would be hard to find. It's a great documentary that should be seen by everyone, but it's not a movie that will make you think too much.

Jonathan M. photo
Jonathan M.

This documentary about the murder of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski is really interesting and thought-provoking. The film is narrated by the author himself and it shows him as he sees the events. The film is a little bit slow at times, but the author himself is a really good narrator and gives a lot of insight into the events. It's not the kind of documentary you can watch every time you want to know something about the history of a person or a culture. You have to watch it once to really understand it. The author himself is interviewed in the film, and it's quite interesting to hear him talk about the events. The film is very well made and it gives you a lot of information. It is definitely worth watching.

Alexander Rivera photo
Alexander Rivera

I really enjoyed this film, and I was glad to see it in the movie section of the local library. It is a very interesting documentary, and I think that it was well put together. The way that the interviews are put together is very interesting, and it is not hard to get involved in the story. The interviewees all have different stories to tell, and it is fascinating to see how they are all connected. I think that it is a very interesting documentary, and I highly recommend it.

Alice Webb photo
Alice Webb

The movie is a great story about the murders in the '50s and the families that survived. The movie is about how the families fought for justice and how the government tried to cover up the crimes. I was surprised to see that the movie is not a documentary. It is about the families who fought to get justice. The movie is very well made. The documentary style is very well done. It is very good to see how they did the interviews and how they put the interviews together. The movie is well done and it is a good movie to watch.

Randy S. photo
Randy S.

This is a documentary on the investigation of the disappearance of a young boy from the remote area of West Greenland in 1972. The film is well shot and the interviews are quite interesting. The film is also well narrated by the film's director, and has a very strong narrative voice. The film does not explore the search for the boy, and the filmmakers do not attempt to do so either. The film is about the investigation, and the interviews. The film does not focus on the physical evidence, but rather on the investigation. It is also interesting to see the interviews with the other people involved in the investigation. This is not a very deep film, but it is interesting. It is not a documentary, but it is very well made. The film is well narrated, and the documentary voice is strong. This is a good documentary, and it is well worth watching. It is very well made, and is well worth watching.

Jennifer photo

This is a really good documentary, but it's a bit of a "love it or hate it" kind of thing. I found it fascinating. I found it to be well done, and I thought it was well put together. I think it's a bit of a letdown to see it with the "love it or hate it" feeling, because it's so well put together, and so well put together. The story of how the film came to be is told in a very interesting way. I think it's a very good documentary, and I think it's well put together, and I think it's well put together.

Tammy K. photo
Tammy K.

This documentary is a mix of interviews with the actors, directors, and producers of the movie, plus a few of the people involved in making the movie. The actors and the director are interviewed, and some of the people involved in making the movie are interviewed as well. It is a very interesting look at how the movie was made, and how the movie came to be. Some of the people interviewed are mostly behind the scenes, and it is interesting to see how the movie came together. It is a very interesting look at how a movie can be made from start to finish, and how the movie was made.

Doris Parker photo
Doris Parker

This is a great documentary about the case of the Icelandic judge Baltasar Garzgeirsson. The film is about the ruling of the court in the case of the death of a young man. Garzgeirsson ruled that the death was accidental and that the man was killed by a falling tree branch. This is a very controversial ruling because it is a legal opinion and is not based on scientific evidence. However, the film is very informative and you can see the evidence that the court had to deal with. The film was made in English and it is very informative and it is well worth watching. I recommend this documentary.

Nancy Collins photo
Nancy Collins

When the filmmakers of "Hammarskjold" got the opportunity to make a documentary on the subject of the former president, they had to choose a topic that would be interesting to the public. They chose the subject of the assassination of Hitler, and it was a great choice. The film is very interesting, and it does a good job of conveying the importance of this event. It is also very interesting to see how the filmmakers managed to get the rights to the story. It is very rare that you can get a documentary about a historic event, and I am glad that the filmmakers did not let the rights slip away. This is a must see for anyone interested in the assassination of Hitler.