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Weightless is a movie starring Marc Menchaca, Julianne Nicholson, and Johnny Knoxville. Joel (Alessandro Nivola) lives a solitary existence, rarely straying from his narrow routines of working in a landfill and going through the...

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1 hours 33 minutes
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Jaron Albertin
Enda Walsh, Jaron Albertin, Charlotte Colbert
Julianne Nicholson, Johnny Knoxville, Alessandro Nivola, Marc Menchaca
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Joel (Alessandro Nivola) lives a solitary existence, rarely straying from his narrow routines of working in a landfill and going through the motions of getting through the day. He faces emotional and psychological upheaval with the arrival of Will, his ten-year-old son whom he has never met. The boy, who has been abandoned by his mother, weighs 250 pounds, is diabetic, and needs serious care -- attention Joel may not be capable of giving. Their collective pain, in the face of an indifferent world, could be crushing. Together, they embark on a journey of survival.

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Kathleen F. photo
Kathleen F.

The many Hollywood stars and young actresses, usually from that era, are the best thing about this movie. The story is good, the cast is fantastic, and the editing is spot on. The film has many scenes that are funny, but don't make you laugh out loud. I think they were meant to be serious, but didn't make the audience laugh so much. The actors are a real inspiration to look at. I found myself crying several times during the film. The music is also wonderful. I was surprised that the composer was British, since there are many pop songs in this film, but this one is pretty good. Overall, this movie is really enjoyable, but don't expect it to be great. I give it 8/10.

Marilyn G. photo
Marilyn G.

This film was nothing I expected. In fact, I expected a rather dull and subdued film. It was a brilliant work of art, although I think it would have worked much better with more dialog and an even more dramatic ending. The action scenes were realistic, although not as dramatic as the ones in "Gone With the Wind". The score is beautiful and powerful. I'd have liked to see more scenes of women in distress. It was a very well done movie, though. I don't know if this will become a classic, but I think it deserves to be at least on the Top 250.

Denise Dixon photo
Denise Dixon

I was never really a fan of 'Out of Africa' but after watching 'The Act of Killing' I am now. I think this film is the best film about the Holocaust I have ever seen. The acting is superb, the story is powerful and the film has some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. The idea that the film is about the Holocaust is a brilliant one and one that I think has been misunderstood. There are some really disturbing scenes in the film, the main one being the execution of a girl. The film is not about the Holocaust per se, but is about the cruelty and brutality of the Nazis and the way that they killed people. In the end, you are left with the idea that humanity has no place in the world and that this is the only way we can live our lives. This is a film that you need to see. I can't recommend it enough. 9/10

Andrew photo

I can't believe all the negative reviews on this movie. They are over-the-top negative, and you have to wonder who these people are who wrote the reviews. I thought it was a very good movie, and it reminded me of some of my favorite movies of all time. I can see why people didn't like it. I thought it was a movie about a couple trying to figure out their relationship and living life on their own terms, and it had an interesting plot that did seem to move forward. I am a heterosexual woman and I think the men in the movie were very good and played their parts very well. I was not very happy with the outcome, but at the same time I was disappointed in how some of the endings played out. Overall, a good movie.

William photo

I think this is one of the best movies of the year. It has everything that a great movie should have: great actors, great writing, and a great story. This movie is about a young woman who gets pregnant. She goes to a fertility clinic and is given a glass of wine and some pills to take, and the pregnancy is almost immediately terminated. The film is about her struggle to keep the baby, her struggles to find her way to a new family, and her struggle to be happy. It is a movie about a woman's journey, and a woman's need to have a family. She struggles to keep the baby, she struggles to find a new family, and she struggles to be happy. There is a lot to be said about this movie. It is a wonderful movie. I think everyone should see this movie. It is great.

Pamela Jenkins photo
Pamela Jenkins

I didn't expect a great film, I expected to be let down, but I was totally wrong. I am not going to write a spoiler, since you'll already read about this movie, but I really don't like using this kind of term "Spoilers" because I'm sure that there will be a good number of people that can understand that I'm not going to say anything more about the film that I've already said, but I have to say something about this movie. It is a very good movie, I believe that the actors played very well, the direction was very good, the editing was very good, the script was great. I really enjoyed this movie. I recommend this film to all. Enjoy the film, and tell everyone about it.

Jose J. photo
Jose J.

I thought the movie was very good, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, the story and the performances were great, but the ending was a little disappointing, it felt like the movie was going to end, and it was really sad, I also thought that it was kinda sad that the guy's girlfriend didn't want him to leave, I thought that was really sad, but I think that it was also a good thing that he didn't go to the police, he could have had his girlfriend killed, it's not right.

Scott Castillo photo
Scott Castillo

I've seen this movie several times and it never fails to keep me engaged. It's not particularly original, but it's never boring. The performances are excellent, from Liev Schreiber to a fantastic performance by Peter Greene. It's also very funny, although I find the joke about the human sperm a little gratuitous. At least I hope it is. This is one of the most watchable movies I've ever seen.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

I love this movie. The plot is not exactly original, but is very well done. The only real flaw of the film is that the first 40 minutes of it are very boring. The plot takes a big step forward towards the end of the film, and the ending is really very well done. I would give this film a 10/10.

Anna R. photo
Anna R.

The most famous quote in this movie is "this is the truth. I am the truth." In a way, it is true. It is also true that you cannot really have an objective view of this movie. You can only see it through the eyes of the main character, who is a serial killer. It is also true that you cannot really know the truth about the movie. It is like having a blind man look at the pictures of a murder scene. But, at the same time, you are not able to tell if you like the movie or not. So, you try to see it as objectively as you can. What I am trying to say is that this movie is a really good movie. It is not the best movie you have ever seen, but it is really good. If you want to watch a movie that has great acting, great directing, great cinematography, great editing and great music, this is the movie for you.

Catherine Day photo
Catherine Day

Just finished watching this film. The story is a woman who is self-destructive and self-destructive until she is rescued by a doctor who sees the madness in her. The only question I have is why does this doctor think that he can help her? What about her ex-husband? Was she suicidal? What is the point of this film? Maybe it is to show that humans are capable of acting like this and to see how vulnerable they are to this. But what is the point of this film? The answer is not really clear. At the end of the film, the doctor gives her the "secret" to end her misery. In her madness she can find no answer to this secret and this is where the film ends. The film can be described as: How to end your own misery by finding the strength to face life. The ending of the film is totally unclear. At the end of the film, I don't really feel anything. I do not know whether the ending was intentional or not. But I also don't know whether the ending was planned or not. What I do know is that this film is a pure success and I recommend this film to all.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

I thought this was a very well written movie. I would recommend it to anyone.

John photo

I must admit that I was curious as to how the film would pan out. I wasn't disappointed at all. At the end of the movie, I was actually very happy that I did not read the book! It had a pretty good plot, a very interesting concept, and it was also very funny. My only regret was that I did not get to see any of the actors in the film before I saw the movie. I really would have enjoyed this film much more if I had not had that problem. I just had a different reaction to this movie than I would have if I had seen the original book. Overall, this movie was great, but I would have really enjoyed a lot more if I had read the book first. I'm going to go see the film again, and I am definitely going to read the book too!

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

I love this film. It is the most beautiful film I have ever seen. I have never seen a film that has inspired me like this. It made me think and change the way I view the world. I recommend everyone see this film. The acting in this film was amazing. I just hope the cast and crew get paid for their efforts. This film really changes your view on everything. This film truly makes you think and feels great. I would give this film an 8/10.

Steven Morales photo
Steven Morales

This is a powerful, challenging, and poignant film. It tells the story of a young man's search for a woman in a very hostile world. It tells the story of two estranged men who come together at the end of their lives to try to solve their issues. It is a coming of age film with a strong message about the struggle of adolescence, dealing with death, love, and dealing with the future. This film is not for everyone, and while there are a lot of moving parts in it, it isn't a movie that will be easy to watch. I have to give it a 7, because it was very powerful and it is one of the most personal films I have ever seen. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story that challenges the viewer and challenges them to think. This film is very important to me because it shows the importance of art in our lives, and how it can bring about positive change.

Jonathan M. photo
Jonathan M.

This is a very intimate film about a very complicated man. It shows that you don't need a great director to tell a great story. This is not a drama, or a thriller, but a story that demands that you think about. I would give it a 7/10, but the ending seemed a bit rushed, and the music was a little bit out of place. If you are into cinema you should definitely see this movie. Highly recommended.

Brandon photo

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I had not seen the movie before I saw it. I am not a huge fan of the horror genre, but this movie made me want to give it a chance. I was not disappointed. The plot was very well thought out, and I would not have expected that it would end up like it did. I was surprised at how dark it was, and how the movie really had a very dark and disturbing ending. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre. I give it an 8/10.

Adam C. photo
Adam C.

I'm writing this review after reading some reviews of this movie. But if you have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. So I'd like to point out that a lot of people are looking for something different from the average blockbuster. That is not true. I believe that this movie is a superb movie that is highly recommended for everyone. It's not one of the best, but it is a very good movie. It does not have a plot, but it has many other qualities that make it a masterpiece. It's not about action, but about emotion. It's about loneliness and loneliness in your heart. The movie has many emotions and if you are able to let them, you'll be able to enjoy the movie. There is no single hero or a single villain. It is a movie about hope and loss and strength and death. The plot is interesting and unique and so is the way the story is told. It has all the things that are essential for a movie and it does not try to be anything else. It's a good movie, not a masterpiece. It's just a good movie, because it is a good movie. This movie is recommended to everyone, and I think it's a great movie.

Michael Martin photo
Michael Martin

This movie was so bad, I kept on thinking that it was a spoof. I mean, how can you make a movie where the main character says "Oh, I'm a completely different person than I was when I was married!" like that? That was a little bit of a joke. There were so many plot holes, I didn't even know what the point of the movie was. All the characters were so stupid. I kept on thinking, "What the heck is going on?" It was just a waste of time.

Heather Bell photo
Heather Bell

All the while, a psychiatrist in the medical department of a local hospital is researching the natural side effects of LSD. While he was studying, he was also prescribing it to patients and he found a patient, 'Dr. High', who does not take any of the prescribed doses of LSD. When he asks Dr. High about his LSD experiences, he describes the doctor taking in three times the dose that the patient is prescribed. In addition to Dr. High, a few other patients have been prescribed LSD and all have gone to the hospital. The psychiatrist also finds out that Dr. High is being paid to give the injections. When he tries to report Dr. High to the director of the psychiatric department, the director says he has had enough and will get back to him soon. He eventually does get back to him, but not before he tells him to do the injections that he was talking about, but doesn't give him a deadline to do it. With the help of a new intern and a surgeon, the psychiatrist finally gets the injections done. The psychiatrist, not knowing what he has found, decides to go to his old home and talk to his former colleague. He is surprised to find that the psychiatrist is still alive. The psychiatrist tells him about his LSD experiences and how he was treated. With the help of the intern and the surgeon, the psychiatrist finally finds out what he has been looking for all these years.

Joyce Schneider photo
Joyce Schneider

This film is for those who want to see a little bit of a documentary film. I am not a fan of documentaries, but I found this film to be very interesting and very well done. I liked the way that the director was able to show the negative aspects of this beautiful country and people. I am not familiar with the real history of this country, but I was able to find out a lot of information about the country and people that I had not known before. I have read a few reviews and they were very negative, but I was able to find a lot of positive reviews. I thought that this film was very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see a good film about a country that has a very unique history.