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Booksmart is a movie starring Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, and Jessica Williams. On the eve of their high school graduation, two academic superstars and best friends realize they should have worked less and played more....

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Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
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Olivia Wilde
Katie Silberman, Sarah Haskins, Emily Halpern, Susanna Fogel
Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Jessica Williams, Jason Sudeikis
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

On the eve of their high school graduation, two academic superstars and best friends realize they should have worked less and played more. Determined not to fall short of their peers, the girls try to cram four years of fun into one night.

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Wayne Hoffman photo
Wayne Hoffman

If you want a quick, easy way to relax, grab a bottle of wine and a cold one, then this is the movie for you! Lots of fun, and a great soundtrack. I can't remember a movie with such a great soundtrack, it was fantastic! If you love music like me, this is a must see!

Henry photo

This is one of my favorite movies, so it was a great treat to see it in the cinema. The screenplay is perfect for the period, and the acting by everyone involved is just as great. Just like a 20-year-old could have written it, so too did the director. You'll be sure to laugh, and get swept away by the wonderful characters they have created. The scenes with the end-credits are the best part of the movie. They are absolutely hilarious, and the way the movie ends is just great. The score is one of the most touching things I have ever heard, and I can't wait to hear it again. I have read some reviews that say it's a good movie, but I've never had that feeling when watching a movie. When I watched this, I got goosebumps and my heart jumped. This is a movie that needs to be seen in theatres, and I'll buy it the day it comes out on DVD.

Paul photo

I loved the concept, the characters, the production design and I loved the movie. I think the originality of this film is what gives it its depth and believability. The acting is just perfect, I mean I could watch this movie any day of the week. When you know what kind of movie it is, you can watch it with friends, you can go see it with your girlfriend, you can just watch it with your girlfriend. This movie is a true drama, and it really is funny and it really makes you laugh. The idea is a good one and the actors are all so good. I also really enjoyed the ending, because I am a little obsessive about endings in movies. All in all I really loved this movie and I hope you will too.I will definitely recommend this movie to my friends. For those of you who haven't seen this movie, go see it now. This is the best movie I have ever seen.

Emily Larson photo
Emily Larson

This is a wonderful film! No doubt it will be forgotten. I remember the first time I saw it in the late 80's. I was 6. I just couldn't wait for it to be over. It was the best film I had seen that year! What a great film! It showed what could happen in life if you just had a little love in your life. It was so funny to see the message of love and how it could change things around you. I remember thinking "this is the best movie I have ever seen!" I was too young and I remember when I watched it. It was a great movie to watch with my mom, but that's another story. I think this is a great movie and I hope it will be remembered. I would like to see it again and again. I don't think I will ever forget this one! This is the kind of movie I have watched more than once. I think it was very special to me, but not everyone will see this film as special. Everyone has different tastes. But I think everyone should see this movie! I can't wait for the sequel to this movie. I just can't wait to see it! I would love to see it again!

Amanda D. photo
Amanda D.

I thought it was a great movie and really well put together. Not just because it was in the popular past times but because the actors and actresses did a good job. This was really touching and funny. Great job to everyone involved in this movie.

Edward B. photo
Edward B.

I did not know what to expect when I went to see this movie. I had been told that it would be trashy. But I ended up liking it, and I'm not just saying that because I was sitting in a chair next to a bunch of brats in a wheelchair. All the way through it, I kept asking myself "what would I say if I were in this situation?" and the answer was always "We're going to have sex." So if you're like me and you're into the whole lesbian thing, then I recommend it. If you're into pretty ladies, then I recommend it. But if you're not into either of those things, I recommend you stay away from it. What a waste of time.

Andrea photo

I am a huge film buff and i loved this film. The movie starts off with a scene that i had been waiting for ever since i heard it was coming out. First i heard it was a comedy and it didnt disappoint. It was also one of the funniest films i have seen in a long time. Even my friends who didn't like the film (i can understand that, sometimes its hard to make friends) were laughing their butts off. I loved it so much i can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The people who liked the film are people who enjoyed the film i loved it so much i want to see it again. Thats what this site is for, to keep track of films. To me it ranks as one of the best films i have seen this year. I can't wait to see it again. So if you haven't seen it yet go out and buy it now!

Henry H. photo
Henry H.

Very nice movie and script. Just a bit too long and a bit too sentimental. But the actors were so good, and the scene with the bellboy was the best I have ever seen on film. I was very happy to have watched it, because the story was so unique, the music was good, the colors were amazing, and the camera work was very well done. The only thing that was really lacking was the beginning. If I hadn't seen the credits, I would have never known it was a movie, and therefore I would have never been able to follow it. Anyways, I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and I highly recommend to all to watch it.

Eric Brooks photo
Eric Brooks

I'm a big fan of My Best Friend's Wedding and just about every other romantic comedy out there. This film has everything a romantic comedy needs to be great: great characters, great acting, great direction, great writing, and great comedic timing. Every single line in this film was perfect. Kate Bosworth, Woody Harrelson, Bill Hader, Alan Arkin, Seth Rogan, John Leguizamo, Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschanel, Chris Parnell, and even Christina Applegate were perfect in their roles. Every character was unique and likable and the writing and acting were spot on. The comedy was the best part of the film. This movie is a must see for any fan of romance comedies and especially those who are fans of My Best Friend's Wedding. This is one of the most romantic comedies I have ever seen. This film is hilarious and so much more than just a romantic comedy. It is a perfect combination of comedy and romance. The comedy was hilarious, the romance was believable, and the comedy was super funny. I love it so much, I have to see it over and over again. I think that is enough praise for a great comedy!

Sean Carroll photo
Sean Carroll

This film is simply a joy to watch. In many ways the film is a comic opera. It is a low budget film but that is part of its charm. The acting is superb especially Mr Daniel Day-Lewis who delivers a brilliant performance. The film is a comedy with a dark side. It is difficult to understand but what you see is what you get. An excellent film!

Hannah Bates photo
Hannah Bates

This is a fun, modern take on the classic Game Of Life with computers and computers (big bonus) going head to head with their mother's, not as sophisticated as a TV screen, but more compelling. The characters are also as endearing and good-natured as the human ones. Plus, they seem to be enjoying their computer overlords (except for an AI, which gets angry at anything that is not human) and love each other. An absolute must see for any film fan.

Tiffany photo

I was planning to watch this film at the cinema, but sadly when the film ended I was too tired to get up and walk out. The director, Mark Lane, has proved to be a force to be reckoned with with some great films such as Mission Impossible II and The Dark Knight. Now, after the disappointment of WALL-E, he is back with another piece of action-packed popcorn entertainment. I'm glad to say this is the first film I've ever walked out of. But I was not disappointed. The performances in this film are great and the performances of most of the cast are perfect. Most of the actors, like Liv Tyler and Kevin Spacey, really looked like they were having fun. They were so smooth and easy to watch, and they acted like they were having a lot of fun. Everyone on the cast looked like they were having a blast in the film. The special effects are superb, the fight scenes are intense and the music is just right for the film. I must admit I'm not usually a fan of the Tony Scott score, but this time around I was totally enchanted by the music and I would definitely recommend this film to anybody.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

I know this is a comedy and not a movie and I'm very biased because I was in elementary school. I loved the film and the movie is one of the greatest comedy films ever made. My favorite scenes are with Ms. Couric and John Lennon. The film is funny, the script is funny, the music is hilarious and the actors are so good. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh. Everyone should see this film.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

I love this movie and it is hilarious. I think they did a great job with the story and the acting. It is hard to find comedies that make you laugh so much. I think this is one of the best comedies of the year and I think it is funny, like I said. It's hard to find comedies that you can laugh so hard and get so much out of it. It's the best comedy of the year and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn't think movies like The Hangover or American Pie are funny. The Hangover is way better than this movie and American Pie is good but this movie is definitely on the top of the list.