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Who Will Write Our History

Who Will Write Our History is a movie starring Jowita Budnik, Piotr Glowacki, and Piotr Jankowski. Who Will Write Our History tells the story of Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oyneg Shabes Archive, the secret archive he created and led...

Other Titles
Das Geheimarchiv im Warschauer Ghetto, Kto napisze naszą historię, Chi scriverà la nostra storia, Quem Escreverá a Nossa História
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
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History, Documentary
Roberta Grossman
Samuel Kassow, Roberta Grossman
Piotr Glowacki, Piotr Jankowski, Wojciech Zielinski, Jowita Budnik
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Who Will Write Our History tells the story of Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oyneg Shabes Archive, the secret archive he created and led in the Warsaw Ghetto. With 30,000 pages of writing, photographs, posters, and more, the Oyneg Shabes Archive is the most important cache of in-the-moment, eyewitness accounts from the Holocaust. It documents not only how the Jews of the ghetto died, but how they lived. The film is based on the book of the same name by historian Samuel Kassow.

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Dylan R. photo
Dylan R.

I have watched this documentary on PBS over the years and was moved by the wonderful message it presented. The documentary includes the unique story of a man who is seeking his revenge on a doctor who made a mistake in his life, but is ultimately driven by a desire for justice. It also includes interviews with individuals who have written about their experiences with the doctor. I highly recommend this documentary for all people interested in American history. This is not just a story about the doctor, but about a man's desire to avenge his mistakes and the men who led his life.

Frances photo

What a disappointment that this film was not a Sundance film, or a Sundance docudrama. That would have been a blast. This film is a stunning look at the history of the media, the media's role in society, and the role that the media plays in the advancement of society. The documentary is well worth seeing, and the footage is stunning, the cinematography is superb, and the story is compelling. There are many interviews with scholars, and writers, who offer insightful insights into the media's role in society, and how the media plays a role in how society advances. It is a moving and informative film.

Elizabeth photo

You might not think that a movie about an American Civil War that doesn't even mention the Confederacy, but it was actually a very important movie. This movie details the war and the circumstances surrounding the war, as well as the men involved. This is a must see movie, especially for history buffs. I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who has ever wanted to know more about the Civil War.

Denise Young photo
Denise Young

A depressing, though still interesting documentary about the last thirty years in American history. It's all the best things about this country: music, war, a wonderful and bizarre history. The documentary tries to explain why this is the case, and then goes into the way the country is now. It was during the "New Deal" that America's highest powers were formed. They were built on the backs of the people, who built the United States on the backs of the people. But this documentary fails to explain why. What is it about the last thirty years? Is it the nature of the country? Is it the government? No. It's all about money, government, and how the government can be in the way of people, and thus the only thing that matters. It's about how people can be manipulated by their government, and how it can get so powerful, and what people do to try and make it stop. There is an aspect of this documentary that isn't explained well. How does this documentary explain the difference between the roles of the president and his cabinet? There is no explanation of that, and therefore no explanation for the difference between presidents and cabinet members. But I'm glad they didn't make the President a Cabinet member. It would have made the film too long and boring. But, hey, the film still has some good things about it, and I recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries, or even just a good look at America's past.

Doris photo

If you have read the book, you will not be disappointed. There are many stories told in this movie, but all of them are true. The movie portrays the events that happened during the making of the movie, and how they affected the director and the cast. If you have not read the book, then you will definitely want to read it. You will love the movie for the acting, the history, the actors, and the story. All in all, it is a great movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Maria photo

A new documentary about the suppression of the United States' first large-scale slave revolt. It was a crisis that occurred nearly a century ago, and I think this film does a good job of describing the events of the "Trail of Tears." The movie covers the reasons that the slaves were led to revolt, their main leaders, and the various acts of violence that occurred. Some of the acts were very violent, and it is interesting to see how much of the film was done in the slave quarters. There were some things that made it seem like the slaves were fighting for a cause. The movie did a good job of showing how the abolitionist movement had more to do with slavery than the abolitionists had to do with slavery. The abolitionists were using slavery as a way to get rid of a problem and their only real concern was that slavery was abolished. They didn't want it to be abolished. The film also shows the violence that took place in the slave quarters. It is well documented that there were at least two murders of slaves, one of which was a lynching. The movie also shows the extensive violence that occurred in the slave quarters and the people in the slave quarters. It is a good movie that I highly recommend. It is well worth watching.

Jordan Rios photo
Jordan Rios

The film is about the horrendous events that occurred in the early 1950s in Poland. As I say in my summary, this film is about the horrendous events of the so-called 'Holocaust' and the scale of the atrocity, the destruction of the human spirit and the systematic extermination of the Jews. The story is told in a way that allows you to visualize the 'story' as it unfolded and then feels like you are living it. The film is not just a narrative of the events of the Holocaust. It is a story about the characters involved. There are many characters in the story and they are well fleshed out. There is no one singular person in the story who stands out as the 'hero' of the story. The real heroes are the people who made up the story. The story is told through the different characters, their conversations, their feelings, their feelings. The story is told in a way that allows you to imagine what the events must have been like in real life. There is no single voice telling the story. Rather, there is an account of the various stories being told, and the voices of these different people. The film is a good, solid documentary that you can watch and reflect on. The film tells the story, not in a linear way, but in a way that lets you experience it. The film is an important document of a period in history that is still being debated to this day. It should be a great movie for people who are interested in the Holocaust. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Holocaust.

Keith photo

This movie is not intended to be an attack on the Israeli government. I am a Christian, but I am not sure I agree with the Christian views expressed in this film. There is an implicit reference to some of the atrocities committed by the Nazis. However, this is not my main concern. The most important theme of this movie is the conflict between the two main characters, Aronofsky and his parents. I think this is the movie's most powerful aspect. I think it is very difficult to imagine that you have a family that is so unlike any other family you have known. The ending of the movie is very powerful. I was not completely surprised at this end, but it was very moving. I think that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is very powerful and very moving.

Alan photo

I went into this film knowing very little about it. I have seen documentaries about the Holocaust and have read a number of books about the topic, but this one was totally new to me. I have heard a lot about the Holocaust, but I had never heard about the Nazi efforts to exterminate the Jews. It was interesting to see the effort that was put into these camps, but I was also intrigued by the many questions raised by the film. The film began with a brief history of the camps, followed by the stories of the people who were there. I was particularly interested in the stories of the Jews who were sent to the camps and their resistance to their new, horrible lives. The film also showed the resistance that was put into the camps. In addition to the resistance that was put into the camps, I was interested in how the Germans treated the Jews in the camps. As a Jew, I was interested in how the Germans treated me, as well as other Jews. After the first few minutes of the film, I was completely shocked by the amount of suffering the Germans inflicted on the Jews. It is clear that the Germans were taking pleasure in the suffering of the Jews. In fact, the film was extremely graphic, but I thought it was very powerful. The film was also very well done. I enjoyed the fact that the film was not "America's war film." The film showed the atrocities of the Nazis, but it did not glorify them. It was not a pro-Nazi film. Instead, it showed the atrocities of the Nazis and their attempt to exterminate the Jews. It was not a film that glorified the Nazi regime, but instead showed how the Nazis were the same as any other war criminals. The film was also very well-made. I thought the story of the Jews in the camps was well-told, especially in the early parts of the film. I liked the way the film was set, and the way it was shot. It was also very well-edited. Overall, I liked the film. I thought it was very well-made. I thought it was informative. I thought it was a very powerful and powerful film. I think that if you are interested in the Holocaust and are willing to think about the atrocities that were done, I think that you will like the film.

Angela photo

I am a French citizen living in North America. I've been interested in French culture since I was a child. I am an avowed follower of the literary and cultural traditions of France. My curiosity was aroused after reading the reviews here for this film. The people who have written negative reviews are clearly not interested in a documentary on French culture. The film makers have not provided any insight into the French culture they are reviewing. They have merely told us that they are a French person and they do not understand the language of the people they are reviewing. These people are not French and their negative reviews are inaccurate. As far as I am concerned, the reviews are about as unbiased as the English media are. As far as the French are concerned, the film makers have provided us with a "bible" that may help us to better understand French culture. I would encourage anyone who is interested in French culture to watch this film. It is very informative and educational.

Bobby photo

This is a film about the Nobel Prize for Literature and it's author, Kazuo Ishiguro, who is not an American but an international journalist based in New York. Ishiguro, who is Jewish, is known for his novels about Japan and is known as an anthropologist who delves into the ideas and ideals of an increasingly isolated and culturally oppressed nation. I've read many of his works and I like them very much, so I was very excited to see this film. But it's not a great film, and the "histories" and "genuine" interviews of Ishiguro are quite lame and uninteresting. There's some nice footage of Ishiguro and his wife, but there's not much of the book. The only way to get to know Ishiguro is to read his books and watch his interviews. But for this reason alone, the film is disappointing.

Tyler photo

It's a bit of a strange, but interesting documentary about the history of the French Resistance and about the early days of the Resistance movement. It was made by one of the Resistance's leaders, Maximilien Robespierre, who was a friend and colleague of the Nazis and the French Communists. It also includes the work of journalist Claude Leroy, who was a journalist for the French newspaper Le Figaro, and the French writer Jean Marie Aumont, who was an exile in London. And it includes footage of the resistance movement, from the early days in France, through to the Resistance's demise. As the film goes on, it's clear that the French Resistance was a lot more than a bunch of kids and a couple of short-sighted people. And it's clear that the Resistance was a political movement, as well as a political organization. And it's clear that the Resistance was strongly influenced by the Nazi party, and even the Communist party, as well as the Communist International, and it was influenced by many other parties, including the French Nationalist party. The documentary is very well-made, and I would definitely recommend it.

Raymond Ferguson photo
Raymond Ferguson

We had this conversation several times after seeing this film. The movie starts out with a wonderful scene of Mr. Mackenzie talking to a friend about the greatest military figures he's ever known. The way he talks, the way he moves, and how he carries himself in this film is just marvelous. This is the same way that I feel about him. I feel like I am on a journey with him. The more I see of him, the more I realize that he is the kind of person who could be a great leader if given the chance. He has the charisma, the drive, the intelligence, and the bravery that could make him a leader. But he is not a politician. He's a person who wants to do good, but not a politician. He just wants to do good, and has the courage to do it. He is also a military leader who can teach people how to be leaders, and how to lead others. He is someone I would like to know more about, and I would like to meet him someday. But I don't think that he has the time to do that now. This film is a must see for everyone. Everyone should see it, and everyone should see this movie. Because it is one of those films that, as one of my friends said, "You have to see it to believe it."

Ashley Washington photo
Ashley Washington

Truly a thought-provoking documentary, "One World: The Age of Dinosaurs" examines how the changing climate and abundance of food led to the downfall of the dinosaurs. It traces the story of how the dinosaurs died off, and how the humans in the modern world started competing with the dinosaurs for the resources and land that the dinosaurs were best at using. Although the dinosaurs were a menace to humanity, in the end, they weren't the dominant species. Instead, they were simply the dominant species on their time, with humans, like the ones that are depicted here, just being the pawns that played the game. In a sense, this documentary is really a history lesson, but it also has a moral to it, and it's that "we must look to the past to make sure we don't repeat what we've done, and we must learn from what we have done, so that we can do better in the future." The film makes a very good case for the future of humanity, and the future of the dinosaurs, and it makes a case for the importance of taking action in order to protect the future of the dinosaurs. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone who wants to learn more about the story of the dinosaurs and the history of the world.

Alexander S. photo
Alexander S.

This is the most important documentary I have ever seen. If you are not open minded, you will not like it. In this documentary, you will see an example of what the world was like, from the founding of the United States to the end of the Cold War. This is a great documentary, that has been criticized and ridiculed for being biased, but I say that it is not biased, its more a commentary of the current situation. It shows what the world is like now, and the bias that exists in our country and society. This is a documentary that needs to be watched.