Anschauen Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist is a movie starring Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks, and Kate Moss. The first film to encompass the remarkable story of one of the true icons of our time, as she fights to maintain her brand's...

Other Titles
Westwood: Punkkari, ikoni, aktivisti, Westwood, De rebellie van Vivienne Westwood, Westwood: Punkrockare, ikon, aktivist, Westwood - Punk. Icona. Attivista, Westwood: punkówa, ikona, aktywistka, Vivienne Westwood. Reina punk, Vivienne Westwood: Get a Life, ヴィヴィアン・ウエストウッド 最強のエレガンス, Westwood - Punk, Ícone, Ativista
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1 hours 23 minutes
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Lorna Tucker
André Leon Talley, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks
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The first film to encompass the remarkable story of one of the true icons of our time, as she fights to maintain her brand's integrity, her principles - and her legacy.

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Dorothy M. photo
Dorothy M.

This film covers the lives of several punk rockers and their struggles to live life as a normal, functioning human being. It is a deeply emotional film. The subjects are their own worst enemies: the depression, the alcoholism, the gambling, the drugs, the self-mutilation, and the failed relationships. But even the biggest opponents have to start somewhere. So this film does a very good job of showing the triumphs of the punk lifestyle over the worst odds. It's a film that can be enjoyed by anyone. It's a film that brings hope to the lives of those who feel so hopeless that they can't even try to make a living. This film shows that the punk lifestyle is possible.

Barbara B. photo
Barbara B.

I just watched this film and found it refreshing and extremely inspiring. The documentary takes an in-depth look into the lives of the band, the people that were associated with the band, the people that were involved in the band and how it all came together. There is a lot of humor, which is great, but the documentary does take a dark turn towards the end of the documentary, and it is kind of sad. Overall, the documentary is great and I recommend it to anyone.

Martha photo

The film is filled with interviews with key individuals, most of whom are people who are going to be hard to forget. However, the film is a bit uneven in that it is all mixed in with a handful of interviews with key individuals. It is not until the final interview of one of the key individuals that the film begins to flow, and it is a bit jarring. Overall, the film is worth watching for the key interviews, and for the people interviewed. This film is certainly not perfect, but it is certainly worth seeing. It is a good attempt to tell the story of the punk movement, and how it affected the music world in the 60s.

Dylan Woods photo
Dylan Woods

Burt Reynolds is in his mid-70s and he's now a hipster punk icon. His style is what people associate with punk, and he's the lead singer of the punk band, The Ramones. He has a long and unrequited love affair with an Italian woman named Gilda Radner. The story is about his growing up, and how his relationship with Gilda is the main topic of the movie. The film is entertaining, but it's not anything you haven't seen before. It's an entertaining documentary about one of the most important punk bands of all time.

Kenneth Carpenter photo
Kenneth Carpenter

This is a very interesting documentary that brings out the extreme and the normal in a very real way. In some cases, the people who would like to make a living as a musician, actor, or singer are turned into bitter and dishonest people, with an agenda that's not only trying to get their "art" recognized, but also trying to control others. It's a documentary that will help you understand a lot more about your own family and friends, and their attitudes and motivations.

James Johnson photo
James Johnson

I was very interested in this documentary as it really got me thinking about punk rock. As a young punk rock fan I had no idea how much I enjoyed this music. I saw a documentary about the Village People a couple years ago and it really opened my eyes to the world of punk rock. It also helped me understand the subculture and the history of punk rock. The music is amazing and the interviews are very insightful and fascinating. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever had a look into punk rock. This documentary is extremely well done and it's very interesting.

Nancy H. photo
Nancy H.

I was only in college for a year when this movie came out. It was the first movie I saw on VHS, and I was amazed by how real the characters were. They were all so real. I was amazed by the anger that these men felt towards the local punk band. It was very clear that they were in a struggle, not just a band. There was a real sense of desperation and anger that was lacking in most bands at the time. They were acting like real men. I was never interested in punk until I saw this film. It made me realize that it was no longer just about the music. It was about the community. The community's struggles. This movie was so realistic and powerful. I still listen to it over and over. I was so moved by the sadness that these men felt and the anger that they felt at their government and the government's attempts to suppress the music. I recommend this film to anyone.

Donald photo

This documentary is about a woman who started a punk band in the early 70's. She got a lot of help from her friends and family who didn't believe she could make it big. She had to learn how to take care of her equipment, find a recording studio, and to get her sound mastered. This documentary shows her growth and her success as a musician. This documentary is very interesting and informative. It is also very entertaining.

Kyle S. photo
Kyle S.

I've been interested in the world of punk music since I was a teenager, but never really got into the idea of becoming a punk myself until I heard about "This Is Punk" at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film was very funny and relatable, and I just felt the same way about punk as I did about all my other music. I have been searching for more of this sort of film for a long time, and I was excited to see it again. I loved the soundtrack, the idea of the documentary, and the performances of the musicians. It was a great experience.

Peter photo

I would have to say that this is an excellent documentary, that is well worth seeing. It is informative and insightful and if you have any interest in punk, rock music or in the feminist movement in general, this is the documentary to see. I've been into punk since the late 80's and I loved the interviews. It was great to see these people talk about their experiences, the music and the culture they came from. The interviews were all interesting and very interesting. It was fascinating to hear about the music, the culture, the experiences, the music and the history of the movement. The documentary also showed the struggle that many punk bands had to deal with in the early 90's. The documentary was really informative and it was a very well done documentary.

Ruth photo

In an attempt to explore the world of punk rock and the culture that made it so popular in the 1970's, this documentary is not afraid to speak its mind, including some controversial statements that come out of the mouths of the band members, as well as some that are more subtle. It is also very entertaining. There is a lot of interviews with band members and their friends, and the music is played in the film in a very intimate and stylistic way. The director is able to show us footage of a couple of the band members in action and we get to hear them talk about their music and their lives, including the band's manager. There is also a scene where the band performs in a live concert and we get to hear the music and see the band's live show from the perspective of the audience. There is also a scene where the band perform a song on a taping of a late night talk show. The film has a strong and strong rhythm that holds it together. The music, as well as the interviews with the band members, are very interesting and can be really entertaining. The footage of the band performing in the 1970's is also really interesting. The documentary is a must see for any fan of punk rock.

Kathy photo

It's been a long time since I've seen a documentary on punk rock, and it's refreshing to see one. From the start to the end, I was amazed at how "real" and "unscripted" this film was. I didn't think that punk rock was a very "real" thing, and yet I found myself becoming a part of it. I was at a punk concert at a theater in Los Angeles. It was just me and a couple of friends, and we were having a great time. A few people got a little nervous, but I don't think any of them were afraid to say anything about what they thought about punk rock. We all enjoyed the music and the energy, and were laughing out loud at the jokes. It was so much more real than any documentary I've ever seen. The music was just fantastic, and it was just the right amount of "art" to fit the subject. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about punk rock.

Donald W. photo
Donald W.

This documentary is about punk rock and the people who were involved in it. The film is divided into five segments, each focusing on a different punk band. Each segment consists of interviews, film clips, music, and music videos. The interviews are mostly from the 70's and 80's, but a few from the 90's. I found it interesting that each segment included a different band and artist. The music clips were a bit slow at times, but the music is great. The music was also great in some of the segments, but was really slow in others. The music was really great, and the interviews are great. There was no boring or slow parts in the interviews, and they are very informative. The music is great, and the interviews are good. This film is worth seeing.

Elizabeth photo

I remember watching this movie as a teenager, and I've seen it many times since then. It's a very powerful and disturbing documentary about the punk scene in New York City in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It features interviews with some of the major players, as well as a lot of the punk rock kids who were involved in the scene. It also shows the impact of the punk scene on the young people who were part of it. The documentary also features interviews with some of the more famous punk musicians who were involved in the scene. The documentary is also very interesting for what it shows about the music scene, the politics of the time, and the people involved in it. The documentary also shows a lot of interviews with punk rockers who were also involved in the punk scene. There are also interviews with people who were part of the punk scene in the 70's and 80's. I really enjoyed this documentary, and I think it's a very important film. If you like punk music or have a deep interest in punk music, you should watch this documentary. If you're looking for a good documentary about the punk scene, I recommend the documentary Punk, Icon, Activist. This is definitely a documentary that I would recommend.

Phillip Washington photo
Phillip Washington

For those of you who do not know this story, it's about a young punk in the late 80s who's mom died and he became a counter culture leader. This documentary does an excellent job of detailing his rise, the people who came to support him, and the people who were actually really hurt by him. It was pretty clear that this documentary was made by a punk himself, so this film really sticks out. For anyone who is interested in punk music or music in general, this is a must see.

Adam C. photo
Adam C.

The movie is a depiction of the lives of punk rockers and activists in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a documentary-like documentary, but with an artistic bent. The movie is a great look at the people in the punk scene and their lives and their beliefs. I found the movie to be very interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the punk scene and the activists who lived in it. I would also recommend this film to anyone who likes to learn about the lives of people from different walks of life. The movie also has a lot of interesting interviews with some of the people in the punk scene, such as Eric Burdon, MC5, The Cure, the Sex Pistols, and the Ramones.

Melissa Turner photo
Melissa Turner

I did not see this film when it was first released in the late 80s, and I was not aware of the events it portrayed. I recently found a copy on DVD, and I was struck by how accurate the film was. I was interested to learn that it was based on a true story, and that the film was made by a woman who had her own life in the late 70s and early 80s. I also learned that the filmmakers interviewed several people involved in the punk movement of the time, and how they saw the punk scene and what happened to it. The film does a good job of showing how the punk movement changed from the late 70s into the 80s. The film also shows how the punk movement changed from a way of life to a lifestyle, and how the people associated with it were forced out of the scene by the media and society. The film also shows how the punk scene ended up being more about sex, drugs, and rock and roll than it was about a movement. I think that the film would be very interesting to anyone interested in the punk movement of the early 80s. I found the film very interesting, and I recommend it to anyone interested in punk, or those interested in the punk movement.

Harold Chavez photo
Harold Chavez

I like this documentary because it shows that there are many ways to have a successful punk lifestyle. One of the most important is to have a strong independent spirit. The lifestyle was extremely successful and the bands were known for their strong independent spirit. The documentary shows the bands as real people who are living the punk lifestyle and not as characters. They are not portrayed as celebrities or as artists. The documentary was a very well made documentary. It is well edited and has a very strong documentary feel. It also gives you an idea of what the bands and their fans were going through. The documentaries doesn't go into detail on the bands, but it does give you an idea of the bands as real people. I enjoyed the documentary and would recommend it to people who are into punk. I would have given this documentary a 10 if it wasn't for the fact that there was a very weak plot. It was a little boring in the beginning and the beginning of the documentary was really slow. But the documentary was still a good documentary and I would recommend it.