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Little Women

Little Women is a movie starring Sarah Davenport, Lea Thompson, and Allie Jennings. A modern retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel, we follow the lives of four sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March - detailing their...

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Jovens Mulheres, Małe kobietki, 若草物語, Vier Schwestern
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
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Family, Drama
Clare Niederpruem
Kristi Shimek, Louisa May Alcott, Clare Niederpruem
Melanie Stone, Lea Thompson, Allie Jennings, Sarah Davenport
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A modern retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel, we follow the lives of four sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March - detailing their passage from childhood to womanhood. Despite harsh times, they cling to optimism, and as they mature, they face blossoming ambitions and relationships, as well as tragedy, while maintaining their unbreakable bond as sisters.

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Juan S. photo
Juan S.

It was a very touching and moving movie. "Rose" is not the prettiest movie out there, but that's not a reason to not enjoy it. I love this movie, and can watch it over and over again.

Thomas Owens photo
Thomas Owens

If you love a good story, you'll love this film. Anne Bancroft's Oscar-winning performance is simply wonderful, and also Oscar-nominated Anne Bancroft (best actress) and Susan Sarandon (best supporting actress) are terrific as well. The cast is perfect, and although there are some rather lengthy sequences, it's the human dimension that really shines through. In fact, the human dimension that shines through is so rich and emotional and unique that I don't think I've ever seen it in any film before. But it is no less than a work of art. I don't know if it was that I could feel the pain of being sick as a child, or if it was just that I was so in love with the story and Anne Bancroft's performance and the story itself that it just worked out. It's hard to explain the magic of it, but I did, and I'll try again. I just felt it. For this reason alone, I give it a 9. It's that good.

Marie Barrett photo
Marie Barrett

When I saw this film, I was watching a film called "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," and I was excited to see this new film. Well, I was right. This film really has everything, from the story, to the acting, to the cinematography, to the plot. This is a film that everyone can enjoy. Every single person can enjoy this film, and I know that this is what people have been talking about, "so it's the best film ever." I agree. Anybody can enjoy this film, whether you're 15 or 90, and that is what makes this film so special. I just feel that people don't like that it has a few minor, but still, minor, plot holes. But, you'll have to see for yourself. Overall, I thought this film was fantastic. The acting was superb, the story was a little slow, and the film did have a few minor, but still, minor plot holes, but I think that's why people enjoy it. Just because it's "just a little." 9/10

Gary K. photo
Gary K.

Easily one of the most memorable movies of the year and also one of the most powerful. It's the story of four young girls and their struggle to survive the daily dangers of their small town, from the smelly old church basement to the perverted town mayor. Their community is slowly becoming unrecognizable as it evolves to what is now an unrecognizable city. The ultimate performance of the year was provided by Eva Green as Delilah, a beautiful and tormented young girl, who takes a love interest in a real man named Ben who just happens to be the mayor of the small town and every word and gesture he makes is just as important as the love he makes to Delilah. It is just a glimpse of how the girls try to survive, yet live every moment of their lives as if they were living in a normal, mundane world. It's a beautifully told story of their lives and the friendships and passions they share. You'll feel the urgency of these girls as they try to come to terms with their shared experiences and fears. As the city grows to meet the people's expectations, there are new needs of love, dreams and excitement. It's a touching movie that will tug at your heartstrings in ways that no other movie this year has done.

Donna photo

One of the things I liked about this movie was the acting. I thought the acting was great. Some people may think that because I think it was good acting I can't see the plot. However, when I watched this movie, I just couldn't see the plot. They moved too fast and weren't the characters that I liked. It just seemed like they were running away from the movie. I also thought the character of Dorothy had an annoying voice and was a little one dimensional. It would have been nice if she had a little more personality and not just been the head of a group of kids. I think the reason people hated this movie is because of the plot. This is just not the sort of movie that you can just watch and enjoy the story. There are so many twists and turns and it's just too difficult to watch and keep up with. It was just a little too fast for my taste. I just didn't think it was the right movie to watch. I think if you are looking for a movie to relax and watch, then this is a good movie to watch. The story wasn't bad, but I just didn't like the movie. The ending wasn't the best either.

Nicole photo

A beautiful movie with a great performance by Meryl Streep. It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen and it is not only a movie for the ages. The movie is very touching and shows that love is love no matter what the circumstances are. The movie is also very inspiring and is one of the best movies of all time. It is definitely one of my all time favorite movies. It is also one of the best movies I have ever seen. This is a movie that everyone should see. I give it an 8/10.

Gerald Washington photo
Gerald Washington

That last comment was probably not meant to be taken literally but to sum up my thoughts on the movie. What I think is the most interesting aspect of the movie is that it is told in a rather accessible manner. The director, Bruno Dumont, kept the audience at a safe distance from the movie by showing no sexual scenes, no nudity, no explicit sex scenes (except the one showing up the first time, which was rather corny), and no other innuendo. The plot is reasonably simple: two teenage girls, a naive American girl named Polly, and an equally naive French girl named Angell, start dating at a young age. As the years pass, the two of them continue to be inseparable. It was the director's intention to convey the impression of a platonic relationship between two people. His choice in casting was actually quite fortunate. The casting in this movie was absolutely brilliant. I think that the characters were well drawn and the actors did an excellent job with the roles. Even though this is a "horror" movie, I thought the movie was somewhat mysterious, and at the same time, deeply moving. The movie was beautifully done, the cinematography, the acting, and everything else was excellent. If you're into the horror genre, I recommend this movie to you.

Ethan Vargas photo
Ethan Vargas

I have been a fan of Anne Bancroft for years and a big fan of the Academy Award winning director Bill Condon. With this movie, he does exactly what he does best and that is directing a story that people want to see. In this movie, Anne is portrayed as the leader of the little sisters who must become more independent and achieve her dream of a college education. As a big fan of the book, I was not expecting to be satisfied by this movie. When I first read the book, I was completely bored. However, after I saw the movie, I completely understand how important Anne is to this story. The movie shows how little sisters are treated as well as how they grow up. The movie is very emotional and touching and really shows how important a college education is. The ending of the movie is very surprising and exciting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the book, as well as anyone who has read the book.

Maria T. photo
Maria T.

I absolutely loved this movie. I didn't expect much from it, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I like to compare it to "Finding Neverland". I read that the book is not as good as the movie. Well, this movie was better in every way. It was more dark and sad. I don't like to compare it to the book, because there are differences of course. I believe that this is one of the best books that has ever been written, and I hope that "Finding Neverland" won't ever be made into a movie. I give this movie a 9.9 out of 10

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

I have just seen this film a few weeks ago and had a bit of a nostalgic moment. It was one of the first movies I saw as a little boy and it was the one thing that made the perfect date film to watch. It is a classic story about a young girl and her adventures to find her mother. It has a unique style of acting with a very strong sense of aesthetics that remind me of the very finest 1970s European films. It tells the story in a way that you can actually relate to the characters and see the humanity within them. It is in my opinion the most perfect and best film ever made.

Diana S. photo
Diana S.

Although this film does have its flaws, I found it to be a fantastic, unforgettable story about the power of love and the tragic stories that can ensue when that love is abused. I enjoyed the intricacies of the story and the subtle humor in it. The fact that this story is based on a true story was what made this film unique. When I read the book I was sure that the story would be exactly the same but I was mistaken. I think that the movie is worth seeing for anyone who loves a story that is interesting and memorable.

Steven photo

The Story: I love my family. My Mom died when I was a teen, and we had to learn to live without her. She was a single mother who had her own apartment, but she still made sure that I had everything I needed and the best toys she could afford. My Dad was also a single mother who brought home the best clothes she could afford. They were nice people, and they were truly supportive of my growing up. As I grew, I worked hard, but it wasn't enough. I worked hard, but my Dad was a few years behind on his child support payments. I wasn't happy. So one night when I was 17, my Dad told me that if I didn't get any child support from my Mom, he'd cut me off from my inheritance and send me back to my mother. I didn't like that idea at all. I told him that he could have his child support, but he could have none of my inheritance. But then I saw the film, "Sleeping with the Enemy." My Dad had a stroke, and my mom passed away in a nursing home. I was mad at my Mom, but I was still proud of her. So that's when I started watching "Sleeping with the Enemy" and I just became addicted to the story. This movie was very touching, and I learned a lot about my family. I really learned what it was like to live with someone who had a mental illness and the things you had to go through just to get the support. When you see the movie, you get the same feeling. If you see it with your family, I think you'll get some very good insight. I think you should see the movie, especially if you are a single parent. I hope you will see it and enjoy it.

Gerald R. photo
Gerald R.

I have been a huge fan of Emma Thompson's work since I first saw her in "Atonement." I have always thought that she is a very talented actress and this film was no exception. I was not surprised to see her in this film, but I was very pleased to see her in it. She plays Mary, a young girl who is not allowed to attend her first high school dance. She does not want to miss out on her senior year, so she makes a decision to go to the dance. This is where the movie begins. I found this movie to be very moving and I was very moved by it. I thought the acting was excellent and the direction was very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie.

Jessica W. photo
Jessica W.

This movie was for me a combination of her life story and in that movie one of the kids who has a good heart gives her a lift and says "you're going to be okay, you're going to be okay." She was able to get out of the ordinary. It was so sad and sad that a little girl has to grow up and if they can get the girl out of the ordinary, then they have won the war. There's so much love in the movie that just makes me cry.

Craig photo

I'm a big Meryl Streep fan and the AFI's list of the 100 greatest American films, I knew this movie would be included in the 100. The movie was set in the late 19th Century and it was about a mother and her daughter traveling across country to see the White Witch. While the journey is very realistic, the film was set in 1912. One of the things I noticed was that it was a few years before the Civil War and so one could see the breakdown of society, while the main character was a young girl. I also felt that the White Witch was the worst villain ever. In fact, the character was not so evil as some people made it out to be. The main character's mother had a hard time convincing her that the White Witch was such a bad guy. It was not her fault that she had a child before the end of the film. However, the character was a tough woman who was used to the big city life and she did not like the big city life. The movie did not show how she got rid of her daughter, it just showed her relationship with her daughter. Another thing that made me feel bad was that the White Witch would not be used as much as she was in this film. She was mostly used as a villain in other films and the White Witch was a villain in her own right. The movie was not bad at all, but I still feel that there were better movies in that genre. If you like movies with strong female characters, then I recommend this one.

Amber photo

Don't listen to the people who say it's boring. It's about an unattainable life and the legacy it leaves on its intended victims. A very long story in the short time it takes to tell, and it isn't for the faint of heart. See it.

Louis photo

This movie is just a great movie. I have watched it more than once and it never gets boring. The story is really great and the actors did a great job. I would recommend it to everyone. I can't wait to see the sequel.

Dylan J. photo
Dylan J.

I was not expecting much from this movie. I was a bit disappointed in the film, because I expected something more. The film was about a young woman who grew up in a family that didn't have much money. She had to work at a bank to make money for her family. She was also not very well educated. She didn't know much about the world and things she needed to know. But she was very intelligent and determined to learn more about the world. I didn't like that the film portrayed her as a loser, but she was a strong character. She did everything she had to do to survive and she was determined to learn more. She had to work hard at everything she did and she was a very determined person. The film was a good story. It had a good message. It was about overcoming obstacles and learning to be better than you were. I think it was a good movie, but I was disappointed because I expected more.