Anschauen 40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie

40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie

TV writer/producer Lee Aronsohn tracks down the scattered members of a beloved early 1970s band with the hope that, 40 years after they broke up, he can get them to play ONE LAST SHOW.

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The Magic Music Movie
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Lee Aronsohn
Lee Aronsohn
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Nicole Matthews photo
Nicole Matthews

I was very surprised to see the comments that some people had left about this documentary. It really is a great documentary and it is very educational. I think it is important for people to realize that movies are not made by just anyone and are not for everyone. I would recommend this movie to people who are interested in film or music or just people who are interested in life and what it has to offer.

Gloria B. photo
Gloria B.

This is a documentary that was produced for the British Film Institute (BFI) and it is a fascinating look at the history of the Beatles. It covers their early days in Liverpool, their early trips to America, their "Beatlemania" and their problems with the record companies. It also looks at the times when they got together and the record companies were making money off them. It is a good documentary but I would have liked a little more of the history of the record companies. It was interesting to see that they were getting ready to release the Beatles' first album but they were not able to get the money for the album. Also I would have liked to have seen more of the relationship between the record companies and the Beatles. Overall, I thought it was a good documentary but it could have been better.

Scott Fuller photo
Scott Fuller

I enjoyed this documentary and found it interesting. I found the director's voice somewhat annoying. The story of the film was intriguing and I enjoyed the voice of the director. The documentary is worth seeing but not worth buying or renting.

Jean Fowler photo
Jean Fowler

This is a very good documentary about the music industry. The best thing about it is that it was shot in my hometown of Philadelphia, which I have never been to. It was shot by someone I know and who has been involved in the music industry for many years. This was a great documentary because it gave me a feel for what it's like to be in the music industry. It was shot in a very casual, "behind the scenes" way, but it really showed me how the music industry works. The interviews with artists were great because they were very candid, honest, and very interesting. The biggest thing I enjoyed about the documentary was that they were able to show a lot of the backstage stuff that goes on in the music industry. I really enjoyed the interviews with the people who work in the music industry and I really enjoyed the way that the music industry is presented. This is a great documentary that I recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the music industry.

Matthew Reynolds photo
Matthew Reynolds

It's been a while since I've seen a documentary that I enjoyed as much as this one. The subject is fascinating, and the documentary is excellent. The style of the film is a bit uneven and the editing and the pace of the film are a bit choppy. It could have been better but it's still worth seeing. The cast is excellent, and the director is a revelation. He was able to capture the essence of the music in a way that's rarely been done before. I'm interested in how this documentary is received, and I'm going to see it again.

Keith photo

As someone who has had a life-long fascination with film and music, I can honestly say that I was thoroughly impressed by this documentary. The subjects of the film were a diverse range of artists, from rock stars to musicians, from directors to musicians, and from artists to directors. I'm sure that for some, this will be a lot of information, but for others, this will be a source of inspiration. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in film or music, or just curious about the subject of film. This is a must-see.

Victoria photo

This is a great documentary about the making of the music movie "I Want You." It is a well-made documentary that shows the real story of how the movie came to be. The producers, writers, actors and the people involved in the making of this film, are all very likable and you can feel their passion for the project. I really enjoyed this documentary and would recommend it to any music lover. I was a big fan of "I Want You" when I first saw it when it came out in 1977 and I still am today. The movie is great and has never lost its magic. I recommend this documentary to anyone who loves music. It is a must see.

Amber D. photo
Amber D.

This film is basically an analysis of the life of Gilbert and Sullivan, from their humble beginnings in Philadelphia, to their professional success. There are some interesting insights into the personalities and the many controversies that surrounded them, and some excellent anecdotes from the great performers who were in their company. It also includes many behind the scenes footage, and interviews with some of the most important people in their lives. I really liked the film. It was very informative and entertaining. It was also very well shot. The music was great, and the camera work was excellent. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the history of the stage and opera.

Grace D. photo
Grace D.

I have a real soft spot for the music videos. There is something about the whole idea of capturing music and then making a movie out of it. This movie is a wonderful example of that. In the beginning, you see the entire project in its entirety and then the movie. This is how it all starts. The movie has a lot of music videos from all over the world. It is interesting to see all of the different styles of music. The clips are not the best, but there is enough to get the point across. The movie is not a typical music video. There are no shots of people dancing. They are shot in a different way. You see them sitting on a couch and you see them standing on a bench. They are not dancing, but they are standing and they are sitting. It is a different way of showing the video. I love the idea of making a movie that is different than the normal music videos. There are many other great movies out there that are similar, but this one is different. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes music videos.

Jack photo

If you have not seen this documentary yet, I highly recommend it. I had the chance to view it at the Sundance Film Festival and I was blown away. This is a great collection of interviews with many of the musical artists that inspired and inspired the songs that we all know and love. The topic is fascinating as the different artists are told the stories behind the songs and then in the end, the music comes alive and the audience has a chance to sing along. It is a very unique movie that is unique and not many people have seen it and that's a good thing because this is a must see. If you have not seen it, go rent it now and watch it.

Janet Mendoza photo
Janet Mendoza

Very well made documentary. It does have a lot of flaws, but it is worth seeing. I would definitely recommend seeing this documentary.

Lisa photo

I've always thought that the music was very important to a movie. But to me it was the most important aspect of the film. This documentary provides us with a deeper look into the creation of the music. The documentary does not go into detail about the actual writing of the score. Instead it focuses on the recording and mixing of the score, and the development of the music. The people who worked on this film were able to talk about their experience with the score and how it worked. I really enjoyed the way that they kept the film focused on the recording and mixing process, and not just on the score itself. It was interesting to hear how the people involved with the score were able to share their experiences. I also enjoyed hearing some of the people who were the actual artists of the music, and hearing their stories. It was a great way to get to know the people involved in the making of this movie.

Patricia photo

I have to admit that the documentary did get me a little bored but I did like it a lot. It is a very interesting story of a man who has a history of drug use and drug abuse and his life as a musician. I was very impressed with the way the director captured the passion and passion of this man and his music. I found the way the director told the story of his life very interesting and I was also impressed with the way he captured the music of his music and the way he mixed it with the emotions of the story. I would recommend this documentary to people who like to learn about the life of a musician. I would say that if you are a musician or have been a musician then this documentary would be a good one to watch.

Jacob Guerrero photo
Jacob Guerrero

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The cast was superb and the timing of the pieces was perfect. I saw this film at a preview screening and loved it so much that I went to see it again today. This is a fantastic documentary. As someone who has been fortunate enough to work on a number of large musical projects, this documentary was great. It was very informative and had plenty of behind the scenes footage and interviews. I loved the candid nature of the film and the interviews were very well done. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who loves to hear about the work that goes into making the music in the film.

Margaret Rodriguez photo
Margaret Rodriguez

It was a truly amazing film and very much worth my time. The way it went into some of the characters who were affected by this movie was fascinating. My wife and I went to see it last night and we all were blown away by how it was so true and how it affected so many people. It is a truly remarkable film. It was a great tribute to those who lost their lives during the war, and how they came back to life and how the characters we knew were actually real. It was a wonderful experience and a very well done one. I am very glad that we went and saw it.

Diana Webb photo
Diana Webb

This is a great documentary on the music industry and the making of The Beatles. I was lucky enough to attend a screening of this documentary and was very impressed. I am a huge fan of the Beatles and have always wanted to learn more about their music. The film is filled with interviews with Beatles' manager Brian Epstein, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney. It also includes interviews with The Beatles' manager George Martin, and John Lennon. The film is very well done and really gives you a good understanding of how the Beatles were made. I was very impressed by this documentary. I highly recommend it.

Lori O. photo
Lori O.

From the opening sequence to the very last scene, this is a film that will blow you away. It's a true story of a man who in the course of his life, gave nearly $100 million to the arts. This documentary, which was made with a budget of $9 million, is a one man show, director Douglas Trumbull, and the actor who plays his son, Robert De Niro. In the course of their journey, they're met with a host of musical legends, and musicals, and music historians, and even a rock band. The result is a musical biography of a man who gave almost $100 million to the arts, and for that, he will never be forgotten. It's truly one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's a must see for any fan of the arts, or any fan of music. The film will leave you wanting to watch it over and over again. I highly recommend it to anyone.

James L. photo
James L.

I was lucky enough to attend a sneak preview of this documentary. I didn't know what to expect but I was able to see it at the screening I was in. It's a very interesting film that is well-balanced and gives a great amount of insight into the creative process behind the making of the music videos for "The Edge of Seventeen". For me the best part of the film is the interviews with the musicians, the artists, the producers and the actors. It's always interesting to see the different styles of people involved in the making of a video and hearing about the different approaches that different people used to achieve their goals. The interviews were also very informative as to why people chose to make music videos in the first place. This is a very interesting documentary that I would recommend to everyone, whether you're a fan of music videos or not. I think the movie is well-done and I really enjoyed it. The director is well-versed in the world of music videos and was able to communicate the many different styles and ideas that were used in the making of the music videos. I think it was a very interesting and informative documentary.

Sharon photo

This is a great documentary on the making of Pink Floyd's The Wall, which was a documentary-style music video for the song "Another Brick in the Wall." It's the story of how that music video came together and was filmed. Some of the best things about this documentary are that it is very well-done, it is very well-organized, and it is very well-edited. There are some moments when the editing gets a bit messy, but there are also some really cool moments. I liked the narration, which is something that a lot of documentaries lack. There are moments where it gets repetitive, but it's very engaging. The commentary is very interesting and has some great insight into the director and the music video, as well as the actors and the other people involved in the movie. The comments are also very funny, because the director and the actor who played the main character actually say some very interesting things about their experiences with the movie. It's a very interesting documentary that I recommend to everyone. It's a great story and I recommend it to anyone who likes music or documentaries. I give it a 9/10.

Raymond O. photo
Raymond O.

This documentary is about the making of the movie "Carnage". It covers the story of how a young filmmaker went from getting the idea for the film to making it, the difficulties in filming the film, the budget, the difficulties in getting the film released, the film's success, the films struggles with censorship, the movie's successes, and the film's failure. It covers a lot of the stories that are covered in the film. It also talks about how the film has changed the way movies are made and distributed. The film is not just about the film itself, but the people involved in making it. It is a good documentary, but not the best.

Aaron photo

I had a chance to see this at the Portland International Film Festival and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised that the filmmakers were not "stealing" any scenes from other films, but were actually able to create a cohesive film that was a good mix of interviews and personal stories. There were some great insights into the world of film making, some great footage, and a few interesting facts. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good documentary and is looking for a different perspective.

Carol B. photo
Carol B.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It is so heart-wrenching that the viewer is left with the feeling that the family that they have built up over the years and through the years was meant to be a family. If you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, please give this movie a chance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Angela K. photo
Angela K.

If I were to write a review for this film, it would be to say that it is one of the most brilliant films that I have ever seen. It is truly a love letter to the music of the 60's and the music industry. This film does a great job of showing the people who were working at the time, and how it affected them. It also highlights how great it is that we have a music industry that is very open and open to new ideas. This film is very informative and is great for people of all ages. The actors who played the characters were all great. The music was great. It is a must see for anyone that is into film, music or anything that is related to film. It is also a great movie to see with your friends or family.