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Veere Di Wedding

Veere Di Wedding is a movie starring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and Neena Gupta. Four girls on their way to find true love discover that friendship this strong has its consequences.

Other Titles
Friend's Wedding, Veerey Di Shaadi, 親友の結婚式
Running Time
2 hours 15 minutes
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Shashanka Ghosh
Nidhi Mehra, Mehul Suri
Vishwas Kini, Neena Gupta, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Kalandi,Sakshi,Avni and Meera are childhood friends upon learning of Kalandi's plan of getting married.The friends leave everything and meet each other to make her wedding happening.But things don't go well and Kalandi breaks up with her fiance after engagement and the friends plan holiday where they will rediscover their lives.

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Patrick Matthews photo
Patrick Matthews

I am not really a movie buff at all, but it seems to be quite a popular genre. With that said, I am glad that this is not what I expected. Instead of just parodies or cruel comedy, this movie is more of a mystery-based movie. I don't understand why people are so critical of this movie. It's funny, is well written, and has a good story. It's about a mother and daughter who get married with very bad decisions in mind, and when the girl finds out, she gets divorced and leaves the wife with nothing to live for. However, the girl manages to get herself into a business of making "tribal beauty" masks, with the objective of selling them for money. I must admit, I was shocked to find out that this movie wasn't a parody. It was surprisingly good for a comedy movie that isn't supposed to be comedic. I also didn't expect a story. As the story starts, it starts out in the way that it goes, and you are taken into a very interesting world, so that you feel very connected to the characters and the story. You realize that this is what is happening, and what is happening to this family. At the end of the movie, you find out more about what is going on. It was very clever, and I am glad I watched it. I definitely recommend this movie. I was not expecting much, and I was very surprised. I would suggest this movie to anyone who like movies that have a good plot, good acting, and has something different from the usual movies.

Ann photo

Mishu breaks down the marriage and all the rumours, but then comes a new bride, a beauty,who's soul changes the course of the story. A week later, the two lovebirds start to fall in love again, but things never go as planned and the storm that's coming from beyond the Atlantic is heading for the UK. The adventures of Mishu and a troupe of wedding-bound men and women are hilarious and beautiful. It's a simple story, but a great tale of character and good acting. Mishu is a character that can't be better acted, and you'll be laughing all the way through. Overall, one of the better comedies I have ever seen. An amazingly enjoyable film, one of the most underrated comedies of the last few years, but is highly recommended. Highly recommended.

Louis photo

This movie is brilliant, it doesn't matter what you think about the Rajasthani art-house tradition, this movie is anything but it. I'm a fan of Bollywood movies but this is by far my favourite. My dad is a fan of Rohit Shetty. I was shocked when I found out the title of the movie - I had no idea about the story. But if you are a fan of romance in bollywood, then this is for you. What makes this movie great is the story, the cast, and the music. The cast and the music compliment each other so well. You really feel like you are living in a beautiful movie. And the music is really great, it's just very romantic. I love the dance scene in the beginning, it makes you feel happy and also sad. And the wedding scene was so good, it was so well done. It was such a good movie. Rohit Shetty is such a great director. You don't really get any hint from the movie, it is just completely seamless. It's so easy to follow it. If you enjoy movies like this, you will love it.

Frances Curtis photo
Frances Curtis

After enjoying i should say for a long time and taking great pleasure at that fact, i finally can say the same. The screenplay was brilliant, and I can say it is a film in every way. The unique part of this film is the fact that this comedy duo acted on the same day, and it was like having a great love. One of the best duo in the history of comedy.

Christian Harris photo
Christian Harris

The movie is good, but the movie is just not that good. The movie started out good, and I can say that the acting was good, and there was some good dialogue, and action. The way in which the movie started off was great. I really liked that first hour, but then the movie lost it's way, and went downhill. It seems to me, that the director did not even give the right direction for the movie, it seemed like he was trying to create something and it just didn't work. This movie wasn't that good, and I think I would have given it a 7.5, but I think the director and the script writer should have just not started off the movie with the film about the wedding, and then continue to it in the third act. I was very disappointed in the way the film ended, and I think I would have preferred that the directors and the writers should have just spent less time developing the story, and more time developing the story. Now, if you are a fan of comedy, then I would say you may like this movie, but please try to watch the movie more than once. It's a lot of fun, but it's a waste of time.

Douglas P. photo
Douglas P.

What a clever movie. Everybody who is making movies are doing something creative and the other. The way these words just go together is a wonderful mix of comedy, romance and espionage. I'd love to see the movie again! And the acting is so very good. And it's not over the top, It's a bit stiff at times but overall, excellent. I loved the girls and the way they acted. And I hope they continue with this project!

William H. photo
William H.

Wow. The movie was good. It is a movie which will have you laughing your head off. This movie is not a blockbuster movie but if you are in for a movie which will make you laugh you will not be disappointed. This is the kind of movies which will make you laugh.

Victoria photo

This is a comedy which is different from the popular Hindi movies and is an entertainer that has a lot of vulgar humor. A child who was expelled from the college is on the road with a friend to meet a girl friend of his. When they get to the place, a bad flood occurred, the boy gets married but at the wedding reception, he has an argument with his groom. From there, the boy and his friend and his sister know each other and the girl friend finally finds a new boyfriend. The movie has a lot of coarse jokes and songs that are in a very funny way. They are well organized. They are very easy to laugh. The main character Rishi Kapoor is a very different type of guy from other Hindi movies like Ram Gopal Varma's version of a Romeo and Juliet. It is good that he is not part of other's favorite stars or their homes but that he is very close to his fans and yet, he is not a star. He is the same Rishi Kapoor and his style is very similar to any other Rishi Kapoor. I think the movie is more like comedy than a serious movie. Some of the humor in the movie is not really funny but they are funny. There is a lot of violence in the movie, that is in a very nice way and is also funny. This is a very good movie to laugh a lot and be entertained with a lot of crude jokes and the strong comedy is worth it.

Gary T. photo
Gary T.

The story is very simple but effective. An old man and his wife's relations. I didn't know the true story behind this movie but from the first I could tell this is a Gujarati story and I have only heard Gujarati people say the name of village and we know the name of the main character 'Ram'. That's why I decided to watch it but I have seen worse movies and this one beats many. Starting from the main actor's acting he is very good, he has made a perfect role for his character, it's a treat for the audience. It's like seeing the character from his first frame on to the end scene and from the end scenes he is the main character. But the best performance came from Biju. He is not a very popular actor so I'm surprised to see he played in a film with such a small budget, it was a great role. Biju's best performance, same can be said for Dev. Both of them have done their role very well. They are great actors and I hope they have big roles in other films in the future. We have seen the first part of the film on the screen which is one hour and 30 minutes but it was very good and a pleasant experience. The camera shots are better than what I expected but the second half of the film is a little bit slow. They need to get more pages out of the book. I would like to say that this is a Bollywood film but it's a Gujarati film so it's a good experience. It's not a conventional kind of film, some things may be a little bit cliché but the screenplay is fantastic and you have to know Gujarati to understand the movie. The audience is a good test for the film but I think you will enjoy the movie if you know Gujarati. People may think of them as school or people from the countryside. But if you are from the village you may be able to identify with the film. In this film the actors have changed their accent but it was acceptable. The title of the film should be as the title. After all they have some parts of a Bollywood film and it's a Gujarati movie so we are happy.

James photo

Following upon the highly successful comedy series - Veere Di Wedding, one wonders how the film can possibly hold up with the series. The answer to that question will not be given. What remains is the fine acting, a relatively simple story and a happy ending that surpasses expectations. The film revolves around two social workers - Akshay Kumar (also in Veere Di Wedding) and Umesh Verma (also in Veere Di Wedding). They are partners in the social welfare agency where they work - Veere Di Wedding. They get a wedding proposal from the fiancee's father - Kanwaljit. They decide to go ahead with the wedding. In the process of planning, Akshay Kumar meets the wedding planner -- Hari Santhanam - who wants to propose a wedding while driving a 'tumhari' (roughly a car). 'We don't need a taxonomic relationship to propose a wedding,' says Hari Santhanam. He soon gets into a scrap when a truck carrying army ammunition from a different city arrives. 'You have to be there with your uniform on and all,' says Hari Santhanam. He takes Akshay and Umesh along with him. The incident makes them panic and are apprehended by the police. The police ask Hari Santhanam to surrender them, since they are not carrying their uniforms, so they can only carry back the army ammunition. The police decide to let Akshay and Umesh go along. The story is much better than in Veere Di Wedding and it makes for a good watch. The social commentary is similar to that of the Veere Di Wedding series. The plot revolved around how marriage has become a bit of a joke. Hari Santhanam is a bit too positive but his tone is a bit too down-right. As the movie progresses, we see how marriages have become more and more socialised and the problems they can face. This also plays a role in the political angle of the film. Why is it that when an event of national importance occurs in the country, it is greeted with silence? We have seen incidents of bribery and violence from BJP's leaders. The plot about the political angle is not that interesting. Hari Santhanam starts out as a character that gets angry in order to save the country from falling into chaos. When Umesh Verma joins the film, Hari Santhanam's character gets very angry at his sidekick's attempts to expose him. Hari Santhanam is now a very religious man and has quite a positive attitude towards 'nourishing the nation'. Hari Santhanam could be referring to the political situation in the country that he's in now. The special effects in this movie are quite good. Some of the 'face' replacements are actually quite good. 'Siddique' was a good replacement for the character of Hari Santhanam

Jason A. photo
Jason A.

The movie is really good. I liked it a lot. It has a good plot and good actors. It is very well directed and done. This is a good movie to watch in the evening. I recommend it. I watched it yesterday and I am not disappointed at all. This is a movie you should watch it. If you like movies that are really good, I recommend you to watch this movie.

Douglas Stephens photo
Douglas Stephens

Prabhas who has never acted in the past is the main actor in this movie. Kader Khan who is famous as the "Ricky Rascals" or "Rajji Raj" in the past also acted in the movie. The movie which started with a poor revenue in the first week has taken maximum profit. The first half of the movie is very good and moving and interesting but when the climax happened, the movie seems to lose its excitement and rhythm. The movie is also not suitable for mature audiences. As I mentioned earlier this is a movie where Prabhas really brings the entertainment. Kader Khan has played his role well and showed his acting ability. The background score has also contributed a lot to the movie. The cinematography has been good and has added a lot of content to the movie. The background score has also added to the movie as well. The movie is well produced and choreographed. However, the movie does have few hiccups. Prabhas has also introduced his use of Swarna's song "Saamangi" which is very memorable and amusing. The songs in the movie have been also very enjoyable to watch. Overall this movie is a good family entertainer and can be recommended to people who like Kader Khan and Prabhas.

Austin photo

I gave this a 7/10 because it was a little slow in some parts but I enjoyed the experience. It's not a hit or miss. I enjoyed watching it and I'd recommend it.

Jennifer Pierce photo
Jennifer Pierce

I loved this movie! It was so good and the script was really good. The whole movie is based on the Indian culture and it is definitely a must watch! There are some funny parts in the movie which make you laugh a lot. It was full of great performances, especially Neetu Singh's performance was brilliant and her role was really good. The music was really good and the songs were really funny and entertaining. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I am sure that everyone who watch this movie will enjoy it as well. I am sure that you will enjoy this movie a lot!

Kathleen photo

To be honest i have never really seen a comedy movie before, but i was really surprised at this movie. i thought it was really good, so i bought it. the first one was a little boring, but this one is really good. it had a lot of funny stuff. the scene where Anushka sharma was singing was so funny, so i was really surprised when she did it in the second movie. the scene where she was talking about her baby was really funny. she was really funny. the story was really good, the movie was really good, the music was really good, the movie was really good. it was a really good movie, it is really good. this movie is really good, it is really good.

Julia Alvarado photo
Julia Alvarado

I'm not a fan of musicals, so this movie may not appeal to me. But I don't think I missed much by not watching it. In the film, you have several different musicals. The first is the "popular" one, which is simply about an aspiring singer who is in a studio trying to get noticed by the label. The second is the "not so popular" one, which is about a singer who is struggling to get his song into the charts. And finally there's the "mainstream" one, which is about a singer who's been in the music business for so long that he knows all the tricks and knows all the "numbers" by heart. He has no one to turn to, but his parents. The first one is a little more mature, but the second one is more popular. The last one is an idea that is quite original. It was a great movie to watch. The acting was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. The characters were very real and I really felt like they were real people. The songs were great and very catchy. And the movie was very well written. It was definitely a good film.

Christine C. photo
Christine C.

I have always thought that Aamir Khan is an extraordinary actor, and so I was thrilled when I saw this movie. I was hoping to see an intelligent movie, which would make you think about yourself, about the future of India, and about the Indian psyche. I was quite surprised that this movie was not the traditional one. The movie has a very intelligent story, which has many layers. It is a very creative film, and shows a lot of layers of Indian culture. The characters are very well drawn and unique, and the movie is very funny. The movie is very good in that the audience will feel that they are part of the movie and all the characters are very real and very funny. The movie is definitely a must see for all the Indian film lovers.

Harold photo

I went to the movie with the intention of reviewing it. I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. I liked it. It was not perfect but it was a nice change from the usual romantic comedies. The movie has an all-star cast. They were not forced into the movie but they were all great. I am not a huge fan of Akshay Kumar but I really liked him in this movie. He was funny and witty and did a good job. Everyone else in the movie was great. I am glad that they were not forced into the movie. Some of the jokes were not necessary but they still worked well. I think this movie is a movie you should see. It is a comedy. It is not a movie to take your friends to. If you have a good time, go see it.

Jane Williamson photo
Jane Williamson

This is the first movie of RKL's I've seen. In fact, I have watched his movies in the past. Now I found his movies to be a bit overrated and I think they are at least the best movies of his I've seen. This movie has no plot, I mean there is no one to relate to. But it is all funny and I think this is the best film of RKL. I enjoyed watching the movie, and enjoyed it because of the jokes. Though it is funny, it is also quite sad. You'll have a great laugh and some tears along the way. The ending is very predictable, but what can you expect in a comedy movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys any of the RKL movies.

Betty Carroll photo
Betty Carroll

I saw this movie in Lahore with 10 other audience members. I didn't laugh so much as I could have done. The story was indeed predictable but that's the biggest thing that bothered me about this movie. Now, that is the downside of a Hollywood movie - the leads are not really as good as the leads in romantic movies. The reason for this is that their personality is not on the same level as the leads in a movie like that. If you are a guy - you will like this movie but it will not be the same for you as the other guys. This is what made me think that it's a romantic comedy movie. But what did surprise me was the body image of the lead girl. The female lead of the movie is NOT like the lead in a movie like 'The Bodyguard' and then you have a guy who is skinny but you have a handsome guy like who was in 'The Bodyguard' and it makes me wonder why Hollywood thinks that this is a good idea. The body image of the lead girl in this movie is NOT like the leading girl of 'The Bodyguard'. Please, don't take my words seriously. It's a movie like 'The Bodyguard' or 'The Bodyguard' and that is what makes it different from most other movies.

Melissa Hayes photo
Melissa Hayes

This movie has a lot of qualities. The acting is superb, the script is witty, the pace is fast, and the music is very good. The movie is basically about a guy named Veena who is married to a married man named Vinod who has a gambling problem. Vinod goes to see Veena and asks her to marry him. But Vinod is not sure about the marriage. The movie has many humorous and romantic scenes. But it is all done very well and the actors and actresses are doing a very good job. I was really surprised by the plot of this movie. I guess it was a twist ending, but I don't know how to explain it. I really liked the movie very much. I think it is very good for both men and women. The movie is a good comedy and it's one of the best movies of 2003. I really recommend this movie to everyone.

Joyce Williams photo
Joyce Williams

A good movie to watch. It is not the best. The best one is a movie which a film can be made about anything. It is a good movie for everyone to watch. Don't be late for this movie. You will enjoy the movie. You will like the movie. It is worth a watch. My vote is eight.