Anschauen William


William is a movie starring Brody Wilkinson, Connor Wilkinson, and Sydney Bell. Julian Reed and Barbara Sullivan create a Neanderthal baby using ancient Neanderthal DNA from a Neanderthal bog body. William must learn to exist in a...

Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sci-Fi, Drama, Family, Adventure
Tim Disney
Tim Disney, J.T. Allen
Connor Wilkinson, Lee Booker, Sydney Bell, Brody Wilkinson
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Star academics, Doctors Julian Reed and Barbara Sullivan, fall in love and conceive the idea of cloning a Neanderthal from ancient DNA. Against the express directive of University administrators, they follow through on this audacious idea. The result is William: the first Neanderthal to walk the earth for some 35,000 years. William tries his best to fit into the world around him. But his distinctive physical features and his unique way of thinking - his 'otherness' - set him apart and provoke fear. William's story is powerful and unique, and his struggle to find love and assert his own identity in a hostile world is universal - and timeless.

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Jonathan H. photo
Jonathan H.

I don't understand the negative comments here. It's a great movie. It's not for everyone. I've read the other reviews and I'm still surprised at the number of people who didn't like it. It's not a perfect movie, and it has some weak points, but I enjoyed it and it's a great movie to watch with your kids. It's a good story, and I really like the fact that the children's stories are treated as real children's stories. This movie has a great message and is a great family movie. It's not for everyone, but if you're in the mood for a movie that you can watch with your kids, it's definitely worth the time. It's a great family movie and I highly recommend it.

Samantha Kim photo
Samantha Kim

This is the first movie I have seen in a while that I have actually enjoyed. I was a little bit skeptical at first. I mean, it was just a movie. But I was pleasantly surprised. I found it to be a very funny, heartwarming, and uplifting movie. I really liked the story. It was very well written and well told. It had some really cute moments. It was not really a tear jerker, but it was definitely not a laugh out loud kind of movie. I really liked the message that the movie was sending. I found the messages to be very positive and uplifting. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is definitely one of my favorites.

Mildred Carpenter photo
Mildred Carpenter

I saw this movie as a little kid, it was one of the best movies I ever watched, and I have watched it several times. I can't understand why some people don't like this movie. I think everyone should see this movie, and I can tell that my grandchildren will be looking for this movie when they grow up. It's a great movie that everyone should watch. My favorite part of the movie is the ending when Steve is talking to the police and is explaining how he and his family have survived for so many years. I can't wait for the sequel to this movie to come out, I have to watch it. I think it will be really good. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely go out and buy it.

Jason Mendez photo
Jason Mendez

The film is about the discovery of a mysterious creature which has been discovered by a group of people. The discovery is not good but the discovery of the creature itself is. The film is directed by John Sayles, who is a director who is known for the Twilight films. The film is a bit like Twilight but not as good. The film is about a boy named Jack who is not a very good boy but his mom, Lillian, tries to make him a better boy. The film has a good plot, some good action, and some good special effects. The film has a good story and the plot is really good. The acting is good, the film has some good performances. The film is a bit different but it is a good film. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Willie Green photo
Willie Green

I really enjoyed this movie. I was expecting a lot of action and it was just what I was hoping for. It was a great movie, and it didn't need any action. It was just a really good movie. I really enjoyed it. It was definitely worth my money. I really recommend it.

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

To me, the best thing about this movie was the cast. Great performances, from "Tom Hardy" to "John Hurt". I loved how the movie was put together, and the visual style. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes an action/adventure/science fiction movie, and to anyone who loves the classics. 10/10

Lawrence Ford photo
Lawrence Ford

I was very excited when i heard about this movie and the trailers looked so amazing! But i'm very disappointed. The movie was way too long, it felt like it dragged on. And the only character that i cared about was not very well developed. The way they made the characters looked very fake, and it seemed like the actors were reading their lines. Some of the acting was very poor. I've seen more movies in the theater and i can tell that the actors and actresses are not as good as in the movie. I really can't understand how people can give this movie such a high rating. The story line was a little weak and there were some parts that were just too slow. It was a little boring for me. I guess it would be more interesting if they would have shown the kids as well. The animation was very good and the movie looked so beautiful and beautiful. I recommend you watch it if you like this type of movies. It's not a great movie but i think it's still better than a lot of movies out there. It's not like a movie you can go see for the story but you can still enjoy it for the visuals and the amazing animation. It's a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

Alexander Boyd photo
Alexander Boyd

A family has to get together and face the truth about their father's tragic death. This is a great film for a family with kids, it's an excellent story, and the actors are all good, especially the two kids, Will and Noah, they play their parts well, and the little boy, Noah, is very cute. The plot is good, the story is good, and the kids are great. The film is very well done, and I can't wait to see it again, I give it an 8 out of 10.

Randy photo

I was fortunate enough to have seen this movie at the theater when it was released. It was a wonderful movie, but it did not take away from the fact that there were many aspects of this film that could have been done better. Some things that could have been done better were the characters, the animals, and the weather. However, overall this movie was great. The story of the film was very well written, the actors were perfect, and the special effects were spectacular. This movie will be remembered as one of the greatest movies ever made. The actors in this film were great, and they were very believable. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be entertained for two hours. This movie was an excellent movie and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Anna T. photo
Anna T.

It is a movie that is extremely close to my heart, and it is the movie that made me understand the story of the famous brothers of the British Empire. The movie is based on a book called 'The World of Arthur' by Peter Ackroyd, who was a high-ranking official in the British government. It is a classic tale of two brothers, who have been separated at birth, but have grown up to become two different people. The two brothers are very different in their personalities, and their personalities are very different. The brothers are named Arthur and Merlin, and they are very different. Arthur is very independent and has a lot of confidence in his abilities. Merlin is very laid-back and very laid-back. He is very patient and doesn't like to be challenged. Arthur has a huge respect for Merlin, and wants to make Merlin's magic work for him. Merlin doesn't really want to do that, but he does want to make the magic work for him. The story of the movie is very good. The story is very well written, and the characters are very well developed. I really liked the characters of Arthur and Merlin. The two brothers are very interesting characters, and I found them very interesting. I really enjoyed the story of the movie. The movie is a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Joseph P. photo
Joseph P.

This movie is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a movie with an emotional plot and great animation then this is the movie for you. This movie is very funny and very heart warming. It is a movie that is definitely not for kids, but it is for the whole family. It is a movie that has the same message as Braveheart. I highly recommend it!

Sara photo

This is an amazing movie, for a very simple reason. It is a love story that works very well. The characters are very well developed, and the actors are very good at their roles. I think the story is very well done, and the actors are very good at it. The message that the movie is trying to get across is very clear. This movie is a must see for anyone who has ever been in love. You will not be disappointed.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

It's a great movie, but the computer effects were a little over the top, and some of the dialogue was corny. But, this is a movie, not a documentary. If you want to see a good movie, go see Star Wars, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Lord of the Rings, and the Dark Knight trilogy. This movie is not for kids under 10. And it's not a movie that you will see again and again. The movie is an absolute classic, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Raymond photo

This is a very good movie, though it is very confusing. The characters are likable and the effects are very impressive. The story is not very complicated, but the whole thing is quite fascinating. I liked the characters and the animation. The music is very good, too. I recommend this movie to everyone, and to everyone who likes adventure movies. It is a good movie.

Susan W. photo
Susan W.

I think this is a fantastic film. The story is quite simple. A boy and his father (Bill Nighy) are on a journey together. He's got an uncle who lives in the city, and his father's an ex-military man. The boy is a lost child and he seeks the guidance of the boy's Uncle. This film is a perfect example of the beautiful simplicity of story telling. The actors are wonderful and really do their roles justice. There is a love story, a conflict of character, and the feeling of wonder that this film creates is simply amazing. It's a film that can be watched over and over and never get tired of. I can't wait to see it again, and I think it deserves to be seen. It's one of those films that will stay with you for days after it's over.