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Painless is a movie starring Joey Klein, Evalena Marie, and Kip Gilman. Henry Long desperately seeks a cure for the condition that leaves him unable to feel physical pain.

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Thriller, Drama
Jordan Horowitz
Jordan Horowitz
Joey Klein, Evalena Marie, Kip Gilman, Pascal Yen-Pfister
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Henry Long desperately seeks a cure for the condition that leaves him unable to feel physical pain.

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Doris Hart photo
Doris Hart

I saw this movie last night and it is one of my all time favorite movies. I thought it was pretty good and scary, not like other horror movies. I also liked the fact that it was pretty fast paced, even though there was no dialogue in the movie. I thought it was a pretty good movie, though I wouldn't say it is one of my favorites, I think it was pretty good. I would recommend it to anyone, it is a good movie.

Donald Stephens photo
Donald Stephens

The film is set in the early 1970's, and it is a story about a guy, Jack, who goes to a psychiatric hospital and his past comes back to haunt him. A lot of the acting is good, and the story is compelling and the ending is unexpected. I liked the movie and I would recommend it to others.

Dylan R. photo
Dylan R.

In "The Other Side of the Wind", Clint Eastwood gives a very strong performance as the driven and vicious cop, a man who lives by the code of the badge. "Shanghai Noon" is the story of Clint's life, in which he is an outsider to the black community, and he has to defend himself against the local gangsters who are determined to put him in jail. "The Other Side of the Wind" is an extremely well-done movie. It is quite difficult to understand Eastwood's performance. It is also hard to understand the decision of a director to make the story of a man living in a prison. There is a good reason for this. The movie is very difficult to understand and you will have to pay attention to every word spoken. This is a movie that is hard to watch and not easy to understand. The good thing is that this movie has great performances. Eastwood and Samuel L. Jackson make a good team. The supporting cast includes Bruce Dern, JoBeth Williams, and Daryl Hannah. I would like to say that this movie is one of Clint's best performances. He does a great job of portraying the character of a man who is driven by a code of the badge, and is almost completely unafraid of the consequences of his actions. This movie is a good movie and one of Eastwood's best. * (out of four)

Benjamin photo

I didn't really know what to expect when I first heard about this movie. I had never heard of it, and the idea of a cop who shoots a gun to make himself look good struck me as a bit strange. But I decided to watch it anyway. And I wasn't disappointed. This movie is a must-see for anyone who likes a good crime thriller. It's a fast-paced and fun story about a cop who tries to save a young boy who's been kidnapped by a gang of thugs. The story is good, the acting is good, and the special effects are very good. It's just a shame that it didn't make it to the big screen. The movie was shot in Hollywood, California. However, the studio didn't want to release it on DVD. So I'm glad that this movie is finally available on DVD. If you want to see a good crime thriller, I recommend you to rent it. You won't be disappointed.

Gloria B. photo
Gloria B.

You don't have to be a very big fan of hardboiled movies to enjoy this. I can think of many films that are based on the same concept, but the two that I've seen that have done this well are "The Big Sleep" and "Casino Royale." "Easy Rider" is another. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the ending. The movie should have ended a little earlier than it did. I know that I should have given this movie a higher rating, but I gave it a 6 instead of an 8. I do think that there are a few flaws in the movie, but if you have not seen the movie, you can just skip those. This movie is not one to see if you have never seen hardboiled films.

Alexander photo

A somewhat different take on the violent reality of the Balkans in the 1990s. The film's main theme is that of the pressure put on refugees by the governments to take in asylum seekers. The protagonist is a boy who is called 'Adam'. He is able to do the same job that other workers in his town do, and is also given the same position in the school as the other boys. However, Adam is a refugee and his family is in trouble. His mother is a runaway, his father is sick and he has no money. He also has a sister who has fled to Serbia and has a job in the train station. Adam is a nice boy but he also has a nasty side to him. He is forced to help a bunch of criminals, and is able to do this in a very quiet, calm way. He even gets to go out and do some crime and gets the money for the help. The film shows the differences between refugees and other people in the town. The main character is played by Robert Carlyle who is an Australian actor. He is very good in the role. It is very rare that a major actor can play such a minor role in a film, and this is one of the rare occasions. I do think that he has some ability to make an ordinary character come to life. He is a good actor, and he really does fit the role of the quiet, calm, well-mannered boy. The supporting cast is also good, and it is hard not to like them. I particularly liked Kevin Kline as the leader of the gang who tries to help Adam and the rest of the people. He is also good. In conclusion, I recommend this film to anyone who likes a film that has a strong plot and a good performance. This is one of those films that you can watch and enjoy again and again.

Cheryl E. photo
Cheryl E.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the TIFF film festival in Toronto and I was really surprised to find that it was a rather impressive film. It is well written, acted and directed. The storyline is very interesting, the tension is felt and the movie is really well done. I was extremely impressed by the way the story was presented and how it was set up. The movie moves very slowly but the story is worth it. I really enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller or psychological drama.

Eugene Reid photo
Eugene Reid

This movie was a disappointment. The film starts out with a couple of intriguing ideas and then goes down the same old path. The performances are okay but it's hard to believe they are actually in a movie. The characters are all stereotypes and so are the plot elements. The writing is as bad as the acting and the story is an odd mix of a murder mystery and a prison drama. The movie is a little too long and boring. There is no real point to the story and the ending is so predictable I couldn't wait for it to end. It's an interesting idea but it just falls flat. If you're looking for a good murder mystery with a little bit of drama and a little bit of action, this is the movie for you.

Justin Holland photo
Justin Holland

Well, I just got back from seeing this movie. It was a good film, but it was just too slow for my taste. It would have been better to have more action scenes and less dialog. And it would have been better to have some sex scenes. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great either. I just didn't think it was as good as I was expecting it to be. If you want a good action/drama, rent The Bourne Ultimatum or Mission Impossible 2. I can't say that I enjoyed this film as much as those two movies, but it was a good movie nonetheless.

Victoria photo

I remember watching this movie when it first came out in the theaters, and it had a certain feel about it. The movie had a certain atmosphere, and it was pretty intense. The characters were all very interesting, the setting was great, and it was a great thriller. I just saw it again, and I enjoyed it even more than the first time. It's just a very good movie, and it is very much worth watching. The acting was very good, and the characters were all very well written. I would definitely recommend this movie, it's definitely worth it.

Kathryn Vasquez photo
Kathryn Vasquez

I've seen the movie in its original form, and was impressed with the action, the plot, the casting, the writing, and the whole thing. The movie has some flaws, but they're not too bad. It's really well-made. The ending was a little different, but I don't think it was bad, it just didn't go that way. I loved the movie. It was a great movie. I liked it, and I liked it. It's a good movie, but it's not perfect.

Brittany photo

Just watched this movie and it was very interesting and thought provoking. I was impressed by the dark and gritty feel of the movie, as well as the mystery and atmosphere of the story. The direction was very good and the acting was also very good. I'm not a fan of Robert Pattinson and usually don't like him, but he was very convincing as the "bad guy" in the movie. I don't think the movie would have been as good without the performances of his and the other actors. There was one moment that I thought was a little over the top, but I don't think it was intentional. Overall, a great movie.

Patricia Jacobs photo
Patricia Jacobs

I have a great respect for Alfred Hitchcock, who can always tell a story with beautiful cinematography and clever story telling. But this movie is something else. It is one of the best and most suspenseful movies I have ever seen. It is not like a thriller, but more like a thriller with a wonderful story and great acting. I think the performances are so good that I cannot believe I am watching a movie from this man. I believe the story is well told, but the director makes the story unpredictable and makes you think what is going to happen next. It is definitely worth watching.

Lauren Davis photo
Lauren Davis

The reason I did not rate this movie as highly as others seem to was because I expected it to be better than it was. I am still not sure I have a good opinion of it, but I think I will try again with a different movie to see how it goes. The movie was a little slow at the beginning, and the pacing was a little off, but overall I thought it was a good movie. It was slow and had a lot of slow moments, but that was probably because I was so caught up in the characters. I enjoyed the movie, I thought the actors did a good job, and the movie kept my interest. It was a little long, but it was still good. I think a lot of people who rate this movie low are just looking for a fast paced movie to watch, which I do not recommend.

Janet Riley photo
Janet Riley

I just watched this movie and thought it was great. It was interesting to see how the police could react to the situations. The movie did a good job of showing how people react when there is a crisis. It was a little bit slow in the beginning, but it got better as the movie went on. The acting was very good and the actors played their roles well. I like the way they handled the problems and I liked the way they handled the situations. I think this movie was a great watch. It was very interesting and it kept you interested and interested throughout the entire movie. I think the movie was great. I don't think there was any part that was bad or anything. I think everyone could see this movie and enjoy it. I think it was a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Stephanie photo

I was really excited to see this movie because of the trailer and also because of the fact that the movie was being directed by another veteran filmmaker, Wes Craven. What I got instead was a very dark and disturbing film about incest and a dark and disturbing movie about how to get revenge on your brother for killing your mom. This movie is a great lesson on how not to raise a family. I felt it was a shame that the movie didn't go deeper into the subject matter of incest and the psychology behind it. I understand that the director wanted to tell the story of a family and how it was destroyed by their brother but there was no depth to the subject matter of the movie. If the director would have done more research on the subject matter he would have come up with a better movie. The only good thing about this movie is that it's a must see for all incest fans.

Steven photo

This film is a must see for any thriller fan. It is a very interesting and intriguing story and there are a lot of twists and turns in the story. The cast is very good. The story is very good and the film is very suspenseful. The story is not perfect, but it is well done and worth watching. The film is very well directed and the actors do a great job. This is a must see film for any thriller fan.

Albert Santos photo
Albert Santos

I saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival. It was a very good movie with a great story. The main character is very good at playing a young boy. I also liked the movie's ending. I hope this movie gets the chance to be shown in theaters and I hope they don't make a sequel to it.

Sean Arnold photo
Sean Arnold

I have to say I am not a huge fan of Kevin Spacey but this movie was a very interesting and well put together movie. The cast was great. The story line was interesting and I thought the ending was great. The movie was very well put together. I think if you like Kevin Spacey you will enjoy this movie. If you like movies that are not always predictable then you will enjoy this movie. I have to say that this movie was really well put together and I hope that this movie does well at the box office. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope that everyone else will enjoy it as well.

Jacqueline George photo
Jacqueline George

This is an interesting film. I found it a bit slow in the beginning. It's very subtle. But once the plot really gets going it's quite interesting. It's definitely worth a watch.

Megan Reed photo
Megan Reed

This is an intense, compelling, and thought-provoking thriller. Not quite as good as The Silence of the Lambs, but still a good movie.

Betty photo

A tale of a gay murder that goes from a question to a feeling. Based on a true story, this is a great film that makes you think about your own life, and that of others. It is a must see.

Brian Gutierrez photo
Brian Gutierrez

It's hard to describe the feeling when you first see this film. It's like watching a classic, and yet it's completely different. It's a little slow, but I can't help but appreciate the acting. This is a film that has a lot of symbolism, and a lot of questions. I'm not going to go into details about the story, but it's definitely worth seeing.