Anschauen Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui

Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui

Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui is a movie starring Ge Hu, Lun-Mei Kwei, and Fan Liao. A gangster on the run sacrifices everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam.

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Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Crime, Drama
Yi'nan Diao
Yi'nan Diao
Ge Hu, Lun-Mei Kwei, Regina Wan, Fan Liao
France, China
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A gangster on the run sacrifices everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam.

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Joseph D. photo
Joseph D.

The greatest mystery of Chinatown is the status of the original film. Were it an independent movie, we would never know, but that is what makes this movie so compelling and so memorable. I've never seen the original, but I'm hoping that they'll get to it soon. The plot concerns four of the most glamorous and feared thieves in Chinatown. The first is a man named Su, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He is a legend in the business and is known as "The Professor". His partner, the "Slick" (a shifty character with a rusted out Suzuki Grinder), is the criminal mastermind behind the many street robberies. And finally, there is the "Tiger", "Ma" (a talented master thief who is the most skilled and dangerous of the group), and "Baby" (the leader of the gang, who has been "sold" into the industry). The quartet is so admired that they are given apartments in the best hotel in Chinatown, and a villa in the mountains of Northern California. The four thieves soon discover that the hotel's residents are all corrupted by greed, lust, and power. They will be the target of the "Tiger's" henchmen, who set out to eliminate them. Not only are they at risk of being arrested, but they are at risk of being killed. The first thing I want to point out about the plot is that it's not particularly original, but it is extremely well done. This is a movie that actually features some "superlatives". The plot is original, the acting is great, and the action scenes are good. The only thing that is unusual is the fact that the characters are all "superlatives". These "superlatives" were chosen to show the audience that they are really good actors. The rest of the cast does an excellent job of adding to the authenticity of the actors. In addition, there is a well-written and well-acted love story between the four thieves. I think that every Asian family should see this movie.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

Chiara, a young woman living in Spain, is looking for a brother she never knew. After her father and brother die, she is left alone to look after herself. A job and a job alone. Soon, her life changes. The film is very calm, yet there are times when you'll wonder what's going on. Chiela is searching for her brother, but also seeks to live as a woman. When she finally finds him, it is a strange mixture of the two. I've never seen any other Chinese film like this. I'm so glad I watched this. It's a great movie, with great performances, that doesn't even need to have Chinese actors. I thought it would be the same as The Matrix, but it's not. This is a great film that takes you on a journey through a troubled family and the difficulties of finding yourself.

Patrick M. photo
Patrick M.

Its a pretty good movie. What made me like it the most is its artistic touches and the outstanding performance from Zhang Ziyi. She was fantastic. I thought the movie could have been better but I guess some viewers might not like it as much as I did. Some say it's not a good film but I think it has some good points. I like the film and I hope you do too.

Samuel photo

This is an extremely powerful story and the acting is brilliant. It's one of those films that makes you feel like you are not alone, there is no screen of safe walls. The story is based on a real case and the director just does a fantastic job of keeping the audience emotionally involved in the story. The film is very well written and directs, even though there is very little character development. The writing and directing is just amazing. This is a film that is very powerful, highly atmospheric, and that definitely needs to be seen by everyone.

Frank G. photo
Frank G.

This is an excellent film with a different story line than most Hong Kong crime thrillers. It is a tale of how a female detective works her way into the crime world, in a manner which would not have been expected of a woman and in the way she works with a male detective. It also shows how a character can become an activist and how a criminal might become a social worker in the face of injustice. It also deals with the internal struggles of an individual. The characters are well acted, in particular the female detective and the male detective, but the performances are not enough to carry the weight of the film. The script is adequate, but it lacks some of the dialogue that could have been included to provide more context to the film. I was particularly disappointed by a few scenes, such as the police captain's scenes where he is rude to the female detective. There was no reason for this and I found it not particularly appropriate. In addition, the film has a problem with the ending. It was not well-executed and left me unsatisfied. However, it was an excellent film and I recommend it.

Matthew Reynolds photo
Matthew Reynolds

I've watched the DVD version of this film and enjoyed it immensely. But I have to admit that I am a little underwhelmed by the film's ending. I know that the character and the entire film's premise were based on the character's physical and psychological state of mind. The writer's intentions are not always obvious. In this case, I think the writer did a poor job of illustrating the physical and psychological state of the character. He could have showed the mental state of the character and thereby helped us understand what he was going through. The film's premise was excellent and the acting was superb. But the ending was a letdown. I do not think the writer wanted to end the film on a high note. I think he wanted to convey the psychological torment the character was suffering. But I felt that the writer would have been better off showing us the psychological state of the character rather than his physical condition. However, the writer did a good job of showing us the mental state of the character in his physical condition. In my opinion, it was the writer's best work.

Thomas photo

One of the best films I have seen in a while. Based on a novel by Hugh Howey, the film follows the life of a homeless man, Wu (Chen Chien-Chang), in Hong Kong. He has a job, but he is broke. He is with a group of young people, working on their mobile phones, and he is also selling fruits and vegetables to pay for his rent. But one day he meets a girl, Chi (Jia Xia, playing an extremely likable role) who offers him a job to go to a location to be a prostitute. It is a position that he has never been in before. He sees it as a chance to get money, and a way to help himself and his friend, and in the end he agrees to the job. This leads to some really interesting relationships between the people in the group. You will find yourself feeling sorry for the guy, and you will be rooting for the other people to succeed. This is not just a film about the harsh conditions of the slums, but it is about the people, the people who you can not help but be drawn to. The story is quite engaging, and this is one of the things that makes this film so good. It is not just about the relationship between the prostitute and the poor guy, but it is about the relationships that are built between them. They talk about things that they need to do, and the way that they deal with it. In the end, when everything is over, and the film ends, you feel a bit of a hollow feeling in your heart. It is a wonderful film, and the only reason I gave this film an eight is because of the way in which the plot developed. This film had the potential to be really great, but it just fell short. There are many scenes in this film that I find very confusing, and it is as if they were cut, and then re-cut and re-cut and cut again. This film could have been so much more.

Linda photo

The first half of the movie is a pretty good take on a lot of crime dramas. The second half is all about a murder investigation. I don't know if it was supposed to be a different story from the first half, but the two parts seemed to work well together. The story was very interesting, with many twists and turns and a great ending. The second half of the movie is the true focus of the movie. It gets more and more graphic and disturbing. This movie is certainly a must see for anyone who likes a great movie, and it's worth the watch.

Alice G. photo
Alice G.

Based on the novel by Stephen Daldry, director David Fincher's film follows the story of a young man who is forced to sell his kidney, which is obtained from a relative who he has known for some time. At first, the young man is unsure of how he is to come to terms with his decision, but he eventually comes to terms with the situation and takes the decision. However, the young man's decision leads to many social consequences, including the destruction of his father's business, the loss of his girlfriend, and the destruction of his relationship with his brother. At the end of the day, the film is a very well made film. The acting is superb, the direction is excellent, and the cinematography is superb. The film moves at a very good pace, and the film is very well shot. It is a very interesting film, and a very good film.

Rachel photo

Chaotic, well-acted and wonderfully filmed, this film is a must for anyone who has ever worked in a jail. Like all good prison dramas, this one is based on actual events. The film is set in one particular prison in China and has many similarities to that of the notorious Red River prison in the United States. On the positive side, this film is certainly not your standard "business as usual" prison film. It is much more gritty and realistic than most. One can't help but feel for the prisoners and the helplessness they feel at times. In addition, the cast, especially Johnny Depp, delivers a performance that is worthy of an Oscar. Johnny Depp's performance as a cruel, manipulative, and wily doctor is unparalleled. Even if you are not familiar with the real story, you should still enjoy this film for its portrayal of a typical prison life. A worthwhile film.

John Cook photo
John Cook

The movie is about a middle-aged man and his young daughter, who lives in a town of which he is the mayor. He is the only one who has the necessary power in the town to protect the people of the town from the mafia, and he has given up the power. He has a beautiful daughter, who is sick with cancer, and she is in a coma. His daughter, however, is not quite sure if she can live. She was not happy with her father, and he has not been able to provide enough for his daughter. The movie is a slow-paced movie, but it is so well-acted that you cannot expect anything less from the actors. I feel this is the only movie that has the ability to make you cry, even when you know the outcome. The actors make the movie very dramatic, even when the characters do not show any signs of caring about their situation.

Scott M. photo
Scott M.

While not one of the greats of Chinese cinema, I think this movie is a great masterpiece. My girlfriend and I, like many others, were constantly trying to explain the movie to each other, since it was so very different from anything I had ever seen before. It's amazing that I would even think to make such a movie. The stories, the characters, the actors, the scenery, the story, everything, is amazing. I also think the music is amazing, from the guitar music to the orchestra music. To sum it all up, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a love of Chinese cinema.

Carl F. photo
Carl F.

Wang Wei is a master craftsman and a respected filmmaker. His first feature film in 1997 was the highly acclaimed "The Way Home", the story of two destitute Chinese migrant workers who cross the border from Henan province to Fujian, take advantage of some free services, go to a nightclub, but come across some shady characters and get involved in a devastating car accident. The movie is truly impressive, because the two main actors (one of whom is also the director) are so great and the atmosphere is so ominous. It's not just a tale about two destitute workers, but about life on the streets, about corruption and the inescapable sense of helplessness and poverty. The film is also an eye-opener about what it takes to survive in China. It's quite moving and tells a simple and truthful story about the hardships and loss of life in a country where not only are the rights of the poor and homeless completely ignored but where social services are also not adequate for the common man. The lead character (one of the actors) is a youth who was lost, and now has a hard time to get back on track. The story is also about the humanity of many others and the unwavering loyalty of those that care about the welfare of their compatriots. The movie is also about hope. It's about the possibility of a better life for the most vulnerable. It's about finding your purpose and not falling into the abyss of hopelessness. It's also about finding a way to survive and then a way to move forward. "The Way Home" is an inspiring film that is very powerful and important.

Amber Moore photo
Amber Moore

While I liked "Sister Act" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" I did not like "Golden Harvest" as much. This movie is a sweet movie with a plot that is not so easy to understand. You need to have an understanding of Chinese culture to understand this movie. I think this movie is one of the best and most successful movies ever made in China.

Michelle D. photo
Michelle D.

This movie is a little bit of a "feel good" movie, with a lot of heart. The love story is very moving, with great acting and great direction. For the movie to be the best, it must be a great movie. The screenplay of the movie is excellent, but the ending is a little bit underwhelming. I think that there are better endings in this movie. You will like this movie if you have a heart for good stories.

Jean K. photo
Jean K.

A memorable, intelligent and well-made movie that tells a simple story that is not easy to write, although the director has done a lot of research. The plot is very simple, yet the director has managed to keep the audience in the same world he wants to. The director has handled the story very well. It's definitely an intelligent and interesting story. It may not be suitable for everyone, but it definitely is enjoyable for those who enjoy movies with a lot of thinking and complex plot lines. The movie may not be perfect, but it has a lot of learning and profound messages that one must take into consideration.

Alexander G. photo
Alexander G.

A young Chinese woman (Zhang Xiaoming) who is a journalist in London, but has been forced to leave her mother in China to pursue a career in London. After returning to her mother's hometown, she is pulled into the world of the men in her life. Her love interest, a British gangster (Jiang Shao, who would later play the lead role in a successful gangster film called King of Thieves), is also a gangster. The female journalist is the most important figure in the film. Zhang Xiaoming is magnificent in the role, and she does a great job of being vulnerable and insecure. She has very good chemistry with the other characters in the film. Jiang Shao is also very good as the gangster, who is totally evil and full of hatred. The gangster is one of the most interesting characters in the film. The supporting characters are interesting too, but this film is not very deep. The film is also very slow moving, but the story is actually quite good. It is full of contradictions, and it is a bit hard to follow. The film is also full of hypocrisy, and the gangster's rival is so evil that he is actually less evil than the gangster himself. It is very difficult to follow, but it is actually a very good film, and it is worth watching.

Bobby K. photo
Bobby K.

There's a piece of criticism that comes up when you watch this movie. It is that it is not entirely true to the story. It is true, in a way, because the guy has cancer and a small operation (known as a 'phalloplasty') removes the 'cancerous' tissue. But the film is almost entirely fictional. It's also true that there's no actual named character in the film (with the exception of one short segment, but that's really it). It's also true that no character is ever named (a la 'Tales from the Crypt') and that the film actually takes place in the middle of nowhere. But what it is NOT true is that this is NOT the original story. As we find out at the end of the movie, the author(s) of the book version have decided to change some things to fit the screenplays. The main character (played by Jim Caviezel) ends up with a nickname that is only used in the film, and the fact that the author's wife is portrayed as a selfish bitch who's only intent is to take advantage of her husband's health problems, does not make the film any less true to the story. It's also true that this is a Chinese film, and the Chinese characters don't speak English as they are not Americans. And it's also true that the film is set in China. But there's no reason that it couldn't be set in America, and the actors' accents are NOT Boston-American (as they were in the English version). It is a Chinese film, and it's a great one, and it's worth seeing, but don't get too excited about the Americanization of the story. This movie is much better than I was expecting. I liked it very much, and it's a fun movie to watch, but don't expect it to be like any other movie. It's not like that at all.

Ashley Lucas photo
Ashley Lucas

I had watched a trailer of this movie on TV, and I found it quite interesting, so I decided to watch it. Now, I am not the biggest fan of "emancipation" or "whites-in-prison" movies, and I am quite critical about them, but I was quite surprised to find that this movie is not only very interesting and clever, but it is also very well made. The actors are all quite good and it seems to me that there was a lot of effort put into making this movie, and I am quite curious about what they did for the rest of the movie. I liked this movie and I would recommend it to anybody who is into good movies. Also, it was a nice surprise to see how good was Gary Oldman, but I think that he is usually a very bad actor. This movie is a must-see for everybody who is interested in good movies, but don't expect a great story.

Stephen G. photo
Stephen G.

THE MARSHALAS, or THE MONKEY EYE, is a curious Chinese film by Hong Kong director Neil Jordan. In the tradition of the folk-tale genre, it's a story of three young lovers and their dark dealings with the Devil. The film was released in 1989 and was a box-office success. In this case, it was quite the success. It's a film I'd like to see again and revisit. The story is familiar. Three young people, Lin Mei (Michelle Yeoh), Wei (Zhang Ziyi), and Wu (Zhang Xiaojun), are in a car crash. They're severely injured, but are able to make a quick getaway on a bus. They eventually end up in a town called Tai Shan, and the town's criminal Lord Chang (Gary Oldman) is in desperate need of a hooker. It's a town that's known for its prostitution and for being a place of dark secrets. Chang is a man with a cruel past, and there are a number of reasons why he won't give up on his daughter Lin Mei (Michelle Yeoh). The film has a very good plot, a great soundtrack, and a fantastic performance from Gary Oldman. But what makes this film so compelling is the performances. This is the only film where the leads are not named. The performances of all three lead actors are exceptional. The three lead actors are all excellent, especially Michelle Yeoh as Wei. She is a young actress and plays a good role, which is unusual for her. The actors who play the other characters are all excellent, and they each have their own distinct style. Gary Oldman is a favorite of mine and I find his role to be an outstanding one. His performance is often described as being the best of his career. It is true. His performance as Chang is extraordinary and his performance as the Devil is also exceptional. The film has a good plot and a good performance. I'd recommend this film for fans of the genre, but don't expect a great film. I rate this film 7/10.

Gary M. photo
Gary M.

I've always had an interest in Taiwanese cinema. After all, I'm one of those that get excited when I hear of a new Taiwanese film. So I went to see a little film called "The Way of the Dragon" (which you can see in the trailer, but don't see it in the film). But I didn't want to be disappointed, so I decided to go to see a Taiwanese film that was quite big in the west, and that was the Taiwanese film "The Way of the Dragon". Well, it was a bit of a disappointment. First of all, the story was very vague, as it did not go into a lot of detail about what exactly happened. I mean, the story is not very clear. It just was a little bit confusing. And what happened to the girl? She just disappeared, and nobody even knew where she went. I think the director wanted to explain some things in the story, but he did not know how to do that. I thought the story was good, and I thought the acting was pretty good, but I think it could have been a little bit better. I just think that the story could have been a little bit better, because there were some things that the director could have done better. But it was a good film, and I think that it was a good film to see.

Thomas D. photo
Thomas D.

I was so impressed by the intense and amazing performances by the entire cast. They were absolutely fantastic. The cinematography, the editing and the score all deserve mention. I feel that the film was perhaps a bit over-dramatic, and I think it would have been more effective if it had been more realistic and darker. I think it was also a little too dark. I think the film would have been more powerful if it had been darker and had more of an emotional impact. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves a good drama. It is well worth watching.