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3100: Run and Become

What if running could lead to enlightenment? 3100: Run and Become follows an unassuming Finnish paperboy in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler - the world's longest race. His story takes the viewer around the world to the Kalahari Desert, the mountain temples of Japan and the Navajo Reservation.

Other Titles
3100: Correr y ser, 3100 Meilen: Laufen für die Seele, 3100, Run and Become, 3100, Why We Run
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1 hours 20 minutes
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Sanjay Rawal
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Michelle Harris photo
Michelle Harris

A documentary on the 1980's movie "Run and become". This movie was based on the novel by James Patterson and stars the late John Lithgow as a man who is trying to get a job in the movie industry. Lithgow does a great job of portraying the man who is just trying to make ends meet. He's a very down to earth man who really wants to make it in the movie business. I found this movie to be very informative and entertaining. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in movies or just wants to know more about the movie industry. It is definitely worth watching.

Evelyn R. photo
Evelyn R.

The movie was very interesting, it is a documentary about a young man's journey to find his way back home. I would have liked to see more about the country in which he grew up, but this was not a problem for me. I would have liked to see more about the people he met along the way, but again, this was not a problem for me. I think that the director did an excellent job of bringing this story to life, and it was a very interesting journey. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the topic of traveling. I would also recommend it to anyone who has ever felt lost, and this movie is a great way to help you get back on track.

Debra Hunter photo
Debra Hunter

I like running and I've read many things about running that I've enjoyed. I don't run, so I can't compare, but I'm in the age bracket where I can relate. We get a pretty good overview of what is so important about running. While there is a ton of running involved, we get the good parts first. We are introduced to some of the runners we have been following for years. We get some fun runners that we know and love. We get a quick look at some of the running culture we have here in Oregon. And we get a good summary of what the running community here does for ourselves. This is a good documentary that is going to touch people. I also liked the way it was filmed. This is more of a story than a documentary. You get to see more about the runners who are involved. It's a great way to get a great overview of what running is, and what it is doing to some of the runners who are doing it. I think it's a good film for those who are interested in running, and those who don't want to be a running expert, or don't care about the running community. It's more of a character study of people and what it means to be a runner. I think that's what's important. If you want to learn more, it's very good.

Alice Diaz photo
Alice Diaz

If you are interested in having a good and profound conversation, try this one. You might be surprised. The documentary is about three run-of-the-mill (some may even call them "standard") local New Yorkers who are living the dream. They have all attained some level of fame. The situation is even worse for the "average" working class folks. To the degree that they find their life stagnating in a fixed mode and trying to look for a new future (which they do not really know if they want or need), they have no choice but to fight for their interests. As the documentary implies, it is all about the desire to be the best and live the most life, the dream. The people interviewed have obviously lived the dream. But how many of them really know how to live it, how to find the balance between self-sufficiency and self-indulgence? The question, I think, is about the way we have become conditioned to "live the life" in all its levels and degrees. What I mean is, we really don't have the luxury of just taking a walk in a green and bright park. There is no such luxury to choose to live more or less what we know is the right thing to do, for our own and our own family's good. It is quite different to live in a room with a million square feet of concrete, glass and steel. That is really the only other option left to us. But living the dream is not the same thing as choosing to live a healthy life, with any level of happiness. How many of us do not even have a basic expectation of living life in a healthy way? The answer is very simple: none. The current economic crisis is one of the worst for many generations of the working class. But even the "average" New Yorkers seem to have experienced the hardships of a system that is working against them. A system that provides you with the illusion of "choice", when all you really have is the illusion of "a choice". But what is truly "choice" anymore? How can it be different when we are so used to having choices? The whole thing is just too abstract to be fully understood. A bit like a conversation about the choice to eat a cake or a slice of cake. In this context, it's really a better analogy to ask about the choice to stop smoking: "Would you prefer to smoke or not to smoke"? "No, it is too expensive and the disease you are dealing with is fatal". So, what we have here is a discussion about the choice of living life with all the responsibilities of the system and of all the promises made by a system that has so many advantages, but at the same time a lot of problems, that it has to provide us with a sort of "

Lawrence photo

I'm just watching the entire thing, and I feel like I'm being shown the truth. This is a complete life-changing movie that the world has needed to hear. It is so inspiring that it almost makes me feel that I'm part of the movie, the crowd. I've seen it for about a year now and I'm still blown away. I really don't know how to describe it except to say that it's like a roller-coaster ride. I don't know what to say. I feel like it is like a combination of "I Love You, Honeybear" and "One Tree Hill". You're just following along, absorbing every bit of information. I've never felt this way in a movie before. I love this movie so much, I even bought the soundtrack. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Don't let the negative comments keep you from watching this movie. Thank you, I really appreciate this. It has changed my life.

Harry photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie in Los Angeles at a screening organized by the History Channel. I was a bit apprehensive, as I was not familiar with the subject. But, despite some awkward moments, I found this film very informative and thought-provoking. The subject is very personal, and it doesn't sugar-coat the horror of a former colleague of mine's death. However, in order to truly understand this film you have to have some understanding of the life of Robert Maxwell. As a former high school principal, I am able to talk about the hardships of being an outcast, to talk about the unspoken rules of high school, and to talk about the perils of becoming a teacher. By not showing the moments of fear, panic and paranoia that Maxwell endured, I felt as if I had not fully understood the subject. The movie did a good job of showing the mistakes that were made in the decision making process that led to his death. The final, and perhaps the most painful part of the film was the interview with his widow, which she was quite frank and did not shy away from bringing up Maxwell's personal demons, the many friendships he had with young boys and his relationship with his wife. Many people in the audience applauded the inclusion of these aspects of his life, and I thought it was an interesting inclusion. I personally felt the director took great care to show Maxwell's personal demons without making them seem like a mere excuse for the terrible act he committed. As the director noted, this was not about making a horror movie, but rather a story about a man's struggle for the well-being of his family. As a former high school principal, I know the importance of proper preparation for what comes next in life. Maxwell had to be prepared for the worst, and he was prepared. I felt the movie demonstrated that a good high school preparation course is not the same thing as a high school education. People should not be put into situations that they are unprepared for, and, by the same token, they should not be given the choice between having a good high school education or a great life. Maxwell should not have had to walk away from his job and family to attend college. I was glad that the movie took an honest look at the life of a teacher who lived on the edge of a bullet, a man who was only there to serve his students. As a parent of two, I know how difficult it is to let a child go without asking for help and without having the luxury of other support. And, as a teacher, I can sympathize with many of the decisions that were made. Robert Maxwell is no hero. He was a man who made many choices for the good of his students. If this film does not make you want to see it, please check it out and

Marie H. photo
Marie H.

One of the best documentaries I've seen in recent times. It tells the story of a series of professional wrestlers who died in a car accident. They did not end up in the hospital. Their bodies were found months later. What a tragedy for these families. They are as close to the struggle as any human being can be. The documentary was fascinating and emotional. The entire story is told from the point of view of one person who is working in the police department of a small town. This film had some of the most powerful and touching moments I have ever seen. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Philip Estrada photo
Philip Estrada

This is a wonderful documentary that explains exactly why we are all so confused by the mystery of life and death. It is full of great quotes from famous people and even other documentaries. The voice-over narration is fantastic and the last half hour is very intriguing and emotional. I highly recommend it. It is very good and the content is very interesting.

Jack photo

I was a spectator at the 2003 Boston Marathon when the bombing happened. The film is very disturbing and I believe that people will be more open minded when they see it. The running shows that people can be affected and that they can be pushed or distracted by what is happening. The power of the Internet and cell phones should not be underestimated. I encourage people to see this film. I will also be at the next Boston Marathon to watch it again.

Sandra B. photo
Sandra B.

The problem with most documentaries on America is that they are too high on the narrative. An incomplete picture is a boring and inessential film. But the problem with this film is that it tries to provide too much information. The film is too long and the editing is too chaotic. The information given is often sketchy or does not appear as the facts are seen on the other side of the country. Still, this film did provide some interesting details about the rise of the Black Panther Party in Los Angeles, the first major mass social movement in the United States. The film was a useful primer for understanding the rise of the Black Panthers. However, the film would have been much better if it had been shorter, and had a more balanced presentation. It would also have been much better if the documentary had not been so obsessive about identifying the true faces of the Panthers. One does not need a teacher to identify the faces of the Panthers. One needs a documentary to show us them. 9/10

Eugene G. photo
Eugene G.

I am currently completing my degree in Human Anatomy and Forensic Science in my second year of medical school, and this documentary is my thesis and it has been on my to do list for quite some time. I got the idea to do this documentary when I was driving the last night of my bachelor's and I was pulled over and had my license suspended. I was shocked to hear that the officer found out my name, and my name is Robin Rea, I was just as shocked to hear that I was only getting a warning. So I looked in to this documentary and it was very informative and thought provoking, it really gave me the information I needed to make a better decision. I love learning about this subject and how people view this and I hope people that are in this situation and thinking about the police side of things. This documentary is something I would watch over and over again and I would recommend everyone who is considering to watch it. Thank you for making this documentary and all of the information that you are able to put out there.

Maria Powell photo
Maria Powell

If you have not seen this, please go out and see it. If you do not have a taste for documentaries on psychology, you will not enjoy this film. You will be left with a feeling of real discomfort in your stomach. You will be told that this is a documentary, and you will be told that this is a documentary on a special topic. It does not make a difference. It is an extreme type of documentary. But it is in the same category as "Cannibal Holocaust" (not to be confused with the original Italian film about cannibalism). It is based on a case of a person who murdered his wife, and left her body in a remote location, and left his kids to their fate. The documentary follows his behavior and psychological development as he starts to develop into a violent and depraved individual. This is the first documentary I have seen that made me think this way. It is definitely worth seeing. I'm not a psychotherapist or a criminal psychologist. I am not a scientist. I am not a psychologist. I just love a good documentary. To me, it is a true treasure of humanity. I recommend it to everyone, even if you are a fan of the subject. It is a good film, and it is very informative. This documentary will do wonders for you if you watch it, and make you think.

Kenneth D. photo
Kenneth D.

This documentary is a great example of how to make a documentary. The editing is superb and the interviews with the people who were involved are so detailed and interesting. The subjects are not all great and some are rather unpleasant but they all have their own story. The documentary is very well put together and it's very well paced. The interviews are very well done and it's very interesting to hear the subjects' views on the events of the time. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Keith photo

With a cast of more than 100 professionals and hundreds of experts,this documentary takes us back in time to a time when very few men were legally forced to marry. The documentary follows four men who all are directly related to the passage of the landmark 1857 Defense of Marriage Act. They are an expert, the brother of the person who started the whole thing, the newly-elected U.S. president, and several media personalities. In addition, the documentary shows how America's reputation went down with this issue, as the high-powered community became more and more conservative and turned on the rest of the world.

Arthur photo

I will have to agree with most of the comments that were made about the film, but I found it to be much more than that. It is a depiction of the artists of the Black Panther Party and their struggle to get to where they are today and in this film, the freedom fighters are depicted with a lot of respect. There were a lot of emotions displayed in the film. I was crying when they were talking about the difference between being an artist and being a Black Panther. It was really great to see that. I thought that the most beautiful thing in the film was that the film makers were able to capture the music and the performances. It is an important aspect in the film to showcase the music. It really felt like you were inside the music and it was a lot like listening to the music you listen to every day. I will say that if you do not have an interest in the culture of African American art then you will not enjoy the film. This is not a documentary. It is a portrait of the artists and the movement. You will see how they lived their lives and how they dealt with it. The film makers wanted to show the everyday life of these people so that you can learn about that. The acting was good. I felt that the actors were able to convey their feelings and they did a good job of portraying the emotions that the artists were feeling. It was not like they were singing and dancing or anything. There were a few instances of physical comedy but nothing too over the top. There was a lot of physical comedy but it was just a few instances and not too many. Overall, it was a great film and I highly recommend it.