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Angie X

Angie X is a movie starring Francesca Eastwood, Elisa Donovan, and Yetide Badaki. In 1984, the most powerful drug dealer on the west coast was a 19 year old coed. Based on actual events.

Other Titles
Cardinal X, MDMA
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Crime, Drama
Angie Wang
Angie Wang, Angie Wang
Yetide Badaki, Elisa Donovan, Pierson Fode, Francesca Eastwood
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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"Angie" (Annie Q), a damaged girl from a tough urban background, is accepted at a prestigious university in the 80s. When her financial aid is cut, she breaks into the organic chemistry lab and synthesizes the drug Ecstasy. She becomes one of the west coast's largest distributors of "X," cutting deals on campus and in posh nightclubs. Her dual life as "model minority" coed and profit-driven drug dealer is further complicated by her desire to help "Bree," a young girl from the ghetto who reminds Angie of her own dark past. She lives the high life until her recklessness instigates a sudden tragedy from which she may not recover. Will she learns to give and receive the love necessary to transcend her past and step into the light?

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Heather photo

I found this film to be very, very interesting. When I read all of the reviews and so many of the critics said it was, "a waste of time", I just wanted to see the film again so that I could tell the difference between people who would enjoy this film and people who would not. It's a much different story, and the reactions of the viewers are very different. To me, this film was full of questions, that kept me interested and wondering about the meaning of life. The plot was fascinating, I think it would make for a great movie, but I'm not quite sure I would buy it on DVD. I think people will like it, and it would be a good film to watch on a Sunday afternoon, or a late night.

Ryan photo

I know how it is with young people today. I'm also 27, and was a youthful survivor of a rape, forced to live in a tent for six months. I went on to live in a town with multiple abuse. I went through a very rough time in my life, and had my head in a mess of emotions. I think that this film gives me a great perspective of what it was like to go through the full spectrum of grief, and live with the scars of what you were able to survive. And also to have to deal with what you couldn't. This film shows you the different stages of a young life. The first stage is your childhood, when you were still just a young boy. The second stage is when you are a young teen, and your world starts to change. The third stage is when you hit your late teens and your life becomes chaotic. And the last stage is when you hit the mid 20's. All three stages of life are still being experienced by a young person. They go through a phase when they are still the same age as when the film was made. The only difference is the changes of mood, and you are not aware of them. They come on too fast to be seen by the current viewer. But they are still there, and they can be seen. So it is still there for the viewers who are going to experience this for themselves. The film was filmed in the summer of 1999, which I believe is close to my age, but my youth is not nearly as dark as it was. I feel the most "fortunate" part of the film is that the time was taken to show what people go through when they have a traumatic experience. All the characters have their ups and downs, and the film shows the ups and downs in real time. And of course it can be difficult to watch, because it can be very hard to sit through. But the movie is honest and true, and it shows how it is that some people can survive certain events, while others can not. I am glad that I went to see the film, because it was amazing. It showed me what it was like to deal with a trauma, and how hard it can be to deal with it. And it showed how much of a reality trauma can be. I learned so much from this film, and it has helped me to start a strong and loving relationship with my mother. I would recommend this film to anyone who is or will be dealing with a traumatic event in their life, or someone who has

Brandon photo

With any movie you have to understand the sub-genres to a certain extent and appreciate the underlying purpose of the genre and that's what this movie is. It's an intense character study of one addict who experiences what can be compared to a Hollywood double life. The music, the cinematography, the writing and the acting are all impeccable. While not a film for everyone, I think it's perfectly entertaining and can be appreciated by all who enjoy sophisticated movie studies of characters who will leave you questioning your own existence. The screenplay is excellent, but the visuals alone would make this a 10/10 movie.

Zachary Wright photo
Zachary Wright

I have been a fan of the British independent film scene for quite a while and this was one of the first films I watched on the BBC. I remember being really impressed with the way they shot the film, it was a real eye-opener to see how they made the film look. The film was also very well shot, but I didn't really understand the story until the end of the film. I didn't really understand the plot until the end of the film and that was the first time I had ever seen a film that made me think about a film. I was really impressed with the acting and the story was very interesting. I really enjoyed this film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has never seen a British independent film before.

Stephanie photo

I just saw the first screening of this movie, and I was surprised at how powerful and sad this movie really is. While watching this movie, I was left wanting to know more about it. For once, I felt that I had just seen a movie and not a story, and was left with questions and feelings from a questionable viewpoint. What was the point of this movie? Why did they even show it? How did they show it? Where did it take place? Who is the main character? Why is she so hard to love? These questions have been plaguing me for weeks. In this movie, I am introduced to a "big" twist, and the director was completely wrong in not showing the ending of the movie until the very end. I was left feeling cheated and angry at the director for not explaining the ending more clearly. This movie is absolutely amazing, and so much more than what you may expect. To me, this is the best movie of the year, so far. If you want to see a strong movie that is easy to watch, and about a character you can feel with, then this movie is for you. If you are a fan of these characters, then this movie will definitely change your perspective of these people. I can't wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD!

Arthur D. photo
Arthur D.

The movie was so realistic and insightful on the struggles and themes. I really enjoyed this movie. I was crying as the movie was ending, and I'm glad I watched it! I am so thankful for the movie and thought it was very insightful and really took me through my struggles. The message is clear, and it is not as you expect, but the movie itself, I can relate to a lot. It made me think and I really felt for the characters. It was a really good movie and definitely deserves the rating it has received. Overall I give it a 10 out of 10. It was very realistic and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Walter M. photo
Walter M.

This movie would be perfect for a low budget indie flick that you can throw together with friends. The setting of the story is absolutely perfect for an indie movie. The actors are amazing! You can tell that it was carefully thought out for each character, but it just works. The characters are believable and real. The story flows well, you really can tell that it is a story about a kid that is struggling to survive in the tough city of London. The effects are great, and you can really see the realism of the film. The music is wonderful, I loved the song "Bad Trip" by The Upbeats. And I loved the score for the score to this movie. All in all, this movie is a wonderful achievement for indie filmmakers.

Timothy P. photo
Timothy P.

I don't understand the negative reviews of this film, it is an entertaining and an emotional one. It's about a widow, whose husband has committed suicide, and her life has become chaotic. She is staying in a hotel, which is facing foreclosure. She takes the side of the debtors, and they try to pay their debt. It is not only her freedom that is violated, but the hotel itself, which is dangerous because it has a history of fire, drug and prostitution. The main character, played by Michelle Rodriguez, is living in this hotel. She doesn't like the people there, but she cannot do anything about it, so she gives in to them, because she knows that there will be nothing to do at the end of the film. She is quite the bitch, and she even gets angry when she sees her husband's body. There is no need for the actors to show the hardships they went through, it is enough that they are shown, that they gave everything in their lives to their family. Also, they had to stay together in the middle of the night, there was nothing in the apartment, and they had to cook and clean. You know how it is in real life, when someone is living in a hotel and can't pay their bills, but they are used to it and don't know how to do anything about it. I can't believe that they didn't know anything about the hotel or about how they were living, so they just expected a movie. The director did a great job, and he did a great job with the story, the directing, the actors, the actors and the script. All in all, this is an excellent film, and I strongly recommend you to see it.

Kimberly B. photo
Kimberly B.

This is a great film that shows how violence can be used for good, but also for bad. The acting is superb, and the story is intriguing. This is a movie that should be seen by all, regardless of their political leanings.

Melissa photo

I am a huge fan of the original and I had the honour to be invited to a private screening of this film. I did not go expecting a movie, but rather an extended and heartfelt tribute to a great artist, and to the idea of legacy and passing on. I never expected to be emotionally moved by a film, I expected to see how the characters dealt with a situation and the larger drama of not only a real life tragedy but also a film industry so cynical, so detached from the lives of others. I was filled with emotion from the start. The strength of the cast was amazing and the whole film had such an honest feel. The audience loved it and the moment the credits rolled, they all were clapping and clapping. The audience was more than pleased and there were some tears, just from the moment that the credits rolled. We have a talent of a movie maker here in Australia, who understands the importance of story telling and shows us the heart of the film industry. Thank you Michael Findlay and the entire team of RK and MQ for making a masterpiece and giving us a film that had my complete support.

Thomas photo

I am a fan of the music of Queen and they have done a great job with the music of this movie. I was surprised to see how good the movie was. It was different than I expected and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Susan H. photo
Susan H.

Before reading the novel by David Mitchell, I was hoping to see something original. I was pleasantly surprised. There were so many great elements to this film, I don't know how to describe them all. The location shooting was wonderful, the camera work amazing, and the acting, if any, was wonderful. It was truly one of the most amazing film I've seen in recent years. The music was epic and the editing was stunning. One thing I really liked was the pacing of the film. The whole film felt very slow, yet it felt very exciting. I also really liked the voice over. I think it was really clever and I liked how it was written and how it connected the dots. I think David Mitchell has created a masterpiece and if I could give this film a perfect score I would. I'm really excited to see what the next book is like.

Stephen J. photo
Stephen J.

Saw this movie a few weeks ago. For me it was an amazing movie. We watch movies from time to time and this was one of those films. Love it! Everything is perfect, from the acting, to the script, and the entire production is perfect. To watch this movie is a pleasure. The story is very entertaining and it flows very well. It's even better than the previous two movies that I've seen. These are true a real story. It was amazing. For me, the writing, the script, the performances and everything else in this movie is perfect. I want to thank the actors, the directors, the producers, everyone involved in this film, for making a very good story and a great movie. I highly recommend you to watch this movie.

Helen photo

I've been a fan of Rosemary's Baby for a long time and I was expecting this to be a generic chick-flick. I was wrong. This is a movie that was written and directed by the same person who directed the first two Rosemary's Baby movies. I'm not going to say that the first two movies are the best, but I will say that they are a very good way to introduce a movie to the world. This is not a movie that you have to watch in one sitting, it's a movie that you have to watch several times to get the full effect. The movie has some good action scenes, but the real magic is in the acting. The actors do an excellent job of conveying the characters emotions. The movie also has a great plot, and the director knows how to make a movie interesting and interesting. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the first two Rosemary's Baby movies.

James S. photo
James S.

I saw this film in a theatre in the mid-80s, and I was blown away by it. I was also blown away by the music, which I have never heard before. It's one of those films that I will never forget. I have since watched it many times and I still get emotional when I hear the music. It's one of those films that has to be seen to be believed. I am very impressed with the acting, especially by the two leads. This film is a masterpiece. If you haven't seen it, do so, it's very difficult to find. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.