Anschauen Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart is a movie starring Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, and Moises Arias. A pair of teenagers with cystic fibrosis meet in a hospital and fall in love, though their disease means they must avoid close physical contact.

Other Titles
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Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Romance
Justin Baldoni
Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis
Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias, Haley Lu Richardson, Kimberly Hebert Gregory
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A pair of teenagers with cystic fibrosis meet in a hospital and fall in love, though their disease means they must avoid close physical contact.

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Theresa Long photo
Theresa Long

This movie was just amazing. I read a lot of bad reviews on here about the film and then i started thinking, why do people hate on this movie so much? it's a well-written movie with great acting and a great plot. I'm glad I went to the theater to see this and even though I didn't think it was that great, I thought it was really good. I can't believe I was only in the theatre for a couple of hours. This movie was definitely worth the $9.00 that it cost me to go see it. If you don't love this movie, you have no soul.

Sara G. photo
Sara G.

One of the best movies of all time. You can really feel for the characters and I feel that the movie really stuck to the story. I watched this movie twice and the second time I watched it again and I really didn't feel the need to skip a part of the movie. The story is so nice and the cast is amazing. I would love to see more movies like this one. The only reason that I rated this movie a ten is because of my girlfriend who really enjoyed this movie and wanted to see the whole movie. I hope that more movies like this come out. My favorite part is when he talks to his brother in the school and the song that he sings with his sister.

Theresa Stone photo
Theresa Stone

My husband and I went to see this movie last night and we both were very impressed with it. This movie really touched me. Although it was an American movie we watched it as it was filmed in Ireland and with the only Irish speaking actors were actually Irish. The only thing that bothered me was the English speaking actors who were not given enough credit. As a movie it was a very good one, however I am not sure if the French speaking actors could have done a better job in their part. I am sure they all did a great job but as an American speaking person I was disappointed with the English speaking actors. So maybe we could have gotten a better American speaking cast, I think they could have made it a little better. They did a good job with the accents. We do not speak English so it was very hard to understand what they were saying. Also, it was a very emotional movie because we all have felt hurt and lost, but it was a very good movie. I would say it is one of the best movies I have seen this year and that is saying a lot because it was rated so highly. I would rate this movie an A+, but you have to know how to read subtitles. For those who are not familiar with subtitles, they are small letters that make the sound of the words easier to hear. I read a lot of subtitles and in this movie, it was a lot easier to understand what they were saying. The story was good and it was not boring at all. If you are looking for a great movie and you are a movie fan, this is a great movie.

Sean Marshall photo
Sean Marshall

I've seen the entire TV series and this movie was just as good as the series. There is so much to say about this film that I am going to try to get into detail. I think the movie was so well made, it had the look and feel of the TV show, but without the jokes. I was amazed at how much humor was actually in the film. I saw it a second time and was so taken by the story, and the way they managed to get all the humor into the film. All of the performances were outstanding. How can you not love Reese Witherspoon and Ben Affleck? They were just perfect. My only complaint about the movie was that they could have had an additional 10 minutes to do something different with the story. I am hoping that they go back and make a sequel to this film. It was so well done. I don't think I could ever be as excited about a movie again after this one. It is one of my all time favorites, and I hope I get to see it again and again.

Tiffany photo

Well, it's no Dream a Little Dream as far as I'm concerned. I know, this movie is rated as "B" and "C" by many people, but I actually liked it much more than those two. I believe that it is a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone. I did not know that it was directed by Rob Reiner. This is a movie that takes place in many different places in New York City. It shows the life of a high school teacher (Fonda) and her high school students (Wilson and Bowden) who deal with the problems in their life, and their relationships with each other. I think that it is really a must see movie for everyone. It is a good movie with a very interesting story line. It is a really great movie for everyone to watch and they will all feel happy about it. It is a really good movie and it deserves the title of a "B+". I hope that everybody will give it a chance, because I know that it will really be a great movie. If you don't like this movie, you just don't like movies. I think that everybody should see this movie. I can't really describe it, but I really think that it is really a good movie and it deserves a higher rating. I think that it is a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Jeffrey photo

I have seen this movie twice. I am an American. I liked it. The main characters were very good and they were not American, but very interesting. Also, I have a lot of respect for James Marsden, because I think he is the most realistic acting, and a great actor. This is a movie you have to see.

Gloria photo

It's a wonderful movie. Great acting and photography. Sometimes I felt like I was a child again. I was not happy when they split up. I couldn't believe it. In a sense it was like a comic book. A child writing a story, getting caught in the plot and then the character he is writing about dies. That was my reaction. I have cried many times during the movie. Some times it was so real that I could feel the tears. I also felt like I was in that room, that everyone was crying. It was just like watching a comic book. A child wrote a story, got caught up in the plot, and then he dies. It was an amazing movie, the best I have ever seen.

Eric photo

For the first time I would like to comment on this movie and other movies of the year. This movie is so well done. It has a unique touch and i didn't get bored. I enjoyed the story, i liked the acting, and the photography was very nice. The fact that this movie is not only a love story but it also shows how much you care about the other person is great. The colors of the film and the cinematography is amazing. All the colors are so different from one another. I love how the camera angles give the feeling of wide angle. I was surprised how the cameraman made a movie look so different from other movies. The fact that the story is different and the characters are different is great and it makes the movie more unique. This movie is about love and not just a love story. This movie has a lot of romance in it. I like how it shows the changing love. I was very surprised how this movie ended and was very happy with how the movie ended. I was very surprised that the movie ended how it did. It had a different ending. I think the story has a lot of depth. I liked how the movie showed the changes in the love between the parents and the parents. I liked how they showed how the family changes after they have children. I think that this is one of the best movies of the year. I don't want to spoil the ending but it is very unique. I loved how they showed how the father died and how he died with a smile on his face. I think that this is one of the best movies of the year and I recommend you to watch it.

Patricia W. photo
Patricia W.

I don't understand the negative reviews. The acting is superb. Kirsten Dunst is just as beautiful in this movie as she is in the "Gossip" series. The music was also very good. There are several scenes that I could not help but fall in love with, especially the scene where David meets the woman who has lived in the house for years, and finally comes to the same conclusion that she has had in her head. There are a few other scenes that I love, such as the bar scene with David and Jennifer Lawrence, and the scene with David and Ashley Judd, both in their acting debut. My only disappointment is that I didn't see any more scenes of him with his family. I hope that there is more of him in the future. I think it is an incredible film, and I hope that it gets wide distribution, because it deserves it. It is a great story, and I cannot wait to see the sequel.

Heather R. photo
Heather R.

This movie was so good! It was one of my favorite movies of all time! The story line is very good. It is very difficult to leave your house without noticing someone you know! I saw this movie when it came out and it was so good! When I saw it i was really scared, I couldn't sleep that night. I saw it again on tape, but it wasn't even close to the first time I saw it! I have seen it more than 10 times and it still doesn't get old. My opinion of this movie is that it is one of the greatest movies of all time! 10/10. If you want to watch a great movie about friendship, romance, and getting to know someone, this is the movie for you!

Harold H. photo
Harold H.

The film is about a boy who is a victim of a strange accident. His father left him to be raised by his grandmother and he is now 15 years old. He lives alone and the only thing he has to rely on is the telephone. His father asks him to send a message to a friend and the boy gets on the phone. When he calls, the friend is not at home and the boy tries to explain the situation. After some time he is able to understand that the girl in the call was his mother. The next day he is told by the grandmother that her daughter has gone to the cemetery and her son wants to meet her. The boy leaves the phone at home and goes to the cemetery. The boy finds the girl and they start to live together. However, they are having a lot of problems because of the strange condition of their mother and they fall in love. The boy is a poor student and his father is the best teacher in the school. The school is proud of its history and it is the biggest school in the village. The grandmother's and son's friendship are a little fragile because of the nature of their mother and she wants to keep her daughter's life to herself. The grandmother tries to keep a secret and the boy, of course, wants to know who his mother is. As the story continues the boy is able to understand that his mother has been telling him the truth about her and what happened to her. This film is not just about love but about a love between two people and I think it is very important and very interesting to watch because it shows that love and friendship can overcome any kind of obstacles that you face in life. The film is full of emotions and very touching. The actors were amazing. The performances of Emily Watson and James McAvoy are very good. They really showed the love and understanding that these characters had for each other and how they really had to keep a secret. I loved the way they played the role of the grandmother and the son's love for his mother. Emily Watson is very beautiful and she was able to show us the side of the grandmother that was very difficult to watch. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a very beautiful and sad love story.

Keith Carr photo
Keith Carr

Wow. Why this movie was so poor is beyond me. It's well written, has great actors, and a great story, but the problem is the director. It was never more than a one shot, one shot, one shot shot. A hundred shots of De Niro and Pitt staring at each other, then slowly starting to kiss. I saw this movie in the theater, with a friend who was really excited. It didn't work for him. This is not a romantic movie. The end of the movie is simply bad. The two leads are very beautiful, and it's true that the chemistry between them works. But the movie isn't supposed to be a romantic movie. It's supposed to be a really sad movie about a very sad person. And it's not that. Not a good movie, not a great movie, not even a good movie. It's just a really sad movie. Sorry, but the story is too sad to be a good movie. It's like they just took a big bowl of sugar and dunked it in the blender. They probably could've just made a really good movie, but this is bad.

Rachel Hanson photo
Rachel Hanson

Great film, highly recommended. I am still in shock of how well-made it is, a hard film to watch at times, but this film was great. It is one of the best films of the year. The scene where the whole family goes for a walk in the woods, is fantastic. There are no words to describe how well made this film is. You won't be disappointed. My hat goes off to all involved. I was very impressed by the fact that the entire film was shot in one location, and the director was able to create such a perfect and deep character and story. I am giving it 10/10. It's a shame that it did not win best picture, because I would have been very happy.

Tammy L. photo
Tammy L.

I can't imagine anyone else having such a great time as we did watching this film. The plot, the acting, the performances, the pace. This film had all the ingredients to make a really great film, but it's only a film, not an art. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. I thought the script was really good, the music was great, and the photography was great. It is a really great film. It has everything a film should have. The soundtrack is fantastic, the cinematography is amazing, and the performances are great. Nicole Kidman is a real class act. I thought that she was the best actor in the film. She is so great. I also thought the chemistry between her and Adam Driver was really good. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the story, and the ending. It was really great. I am glad I saw this film, and I really hope it's a good movie. There were so many great things in this film. I hope that they make a sequel. It's just a great movie, and a really good story. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you do. It's a really great film, and I hope you give it a chance.