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Milford Graves Full Mantis

Milford Graves Full Mantis is a movie starring Milford Graves. A philosophical investigation into the nature of humanity, art, creativity, being, and purpose. As much a visual poem as a documentary, the film oscillates from present...

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Jake Meginsky, Neil Young
Jake Meginsky, Milford Graves
Milford Graves
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A philosophical investigation into the nature of humanity, art, creativity, being, and purpose. As much a visual poem as a documentary, the film oscillates from present to past and weaving intimate glimpses of the world renowned jazz percussionist's fascinating cosmology with blistering performances from around the globe.

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Joseph M. photo
Joseph M.

I would have given this movie a 10 but the movie is very slow and you have to pay attention to what is going on. If you are like me and have a fast heart rate and can't help but to smile in the end, you will like this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to get their facts straight.

Marie Dixon photo
Marie Dixon

There is something about the way the film shows the life of an immigrant that is quite moving. It really shows the great love and effort put in by the family to make it work. It is a really great story of the struggle of family and their daily life, the family loves their son and daughter, and they are living in a very difficult time in their lives. The film is also really touching, it is so moving and the actors are excellent. I really feel that this film is a great way to show the struggles of immigrants, and I really recommend that everyone see it.

Victoria photo

I was lucky enough to see this documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival. I loved it, and the music is incredible. I hope this film gets a theatrical release. It's a must see!

Karen F. photo
Karen F.

This is a great documentary about a famous Black artist who is fighting for his life after an assassination attempt. This is the first time I've seen this movie and it made me really appreciate this artist who is fighting for his life. The movie was really interesting and gave a lot of facts about this artist that I didn't know about. This is a great documentary about this artist that deserves to be on the Oscars. I would really recommend this documentary to anyone who is into Black music or just looking for a good documentary. It's also a great documentary to watch with your friends because you can discuss it afterwards. I think the most important thing that I can say about this documentary is that it's worth watching. I think this documentary is really worth watching and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If you are a Black artist or just interested in Black music this is a great documentary. It's really worth watching. If you haven't seen this documentary yet I would definitely recommend it to you.

Kyle photo

I found the documentary "Mantis" to be quite entertaining. This documentary is about an effort to grow a mantis from a seed. The mantis was used in food for Native Americans, and it has been known to protect itself from other animals. The filmmakers, who were raising the mantis, saw the mantis, and did not know what to do with it. They thought it might be a pet, and wondered what could they do with it. One thing they did do, was grow a giant one. The mantis grew to over 300 pounds, and is now in a cage at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The mantis has now been treated, and is showing healthy growth. The filmmakers said they are now trying to find a buyer for the mantis, and have been told that they are not a good candidate for the animal. They are not sure if the mantis is a pet or a food item, because they do not know what to do with it.

Cheryl C. photo
Cheryl C.

A year ago, a documentary on a woman named Meryl Streep was released. In it, she said that she was tired of the "she's-a-bitch-not-really" criticism that a lot of people have thrown at her. When the documentary came out, I watched it. In the documentary, she has a lot of talk about "she's-a-bitch-not-really" and "she's-a-bitch-not-really". She talks about how she had a lot of problems with the people that she was with, but she always put them out of her mind and didn't really have a problem with them. The reason that she felt that way was that they were all people that she knew and she thought that she was good enough to handle them. That's why she was able to cope with her problems. In the documentary, she goes on to say that the things that she did were because of her own problems, and that she didn't feel like she had to be blamed for her problems. But then she goes on to say that when people like her were with her, she was able to deal with them because she knew how to deal with them. The documentary also includes interviews with some people that she had relationships with and she discusses them. The interviews are very interesting and interesting to listen to. The documentary also talks about what she's doing today. She's working on a new play that she's working on. There's no other way to say it. I think that I'm going to go see it. It's just a really good documentary. You shouldn't judge Meryl Streep by this documentary, but you should judge her by what she does. Meryl Streep is a very talented actress and she does a great job in this documentary.

Austin G. photo
Austin G.

This film is a must-see for all audiences, whether a fan of the band or not. The band members talk candidly about their experiences in the band, and the crew interviews them about their thoughts on the film. I think it's a great film that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the band. The movie is about as honest as it gets. The interviewees are not "cutesy" or "high-minded" with their answers. It's just plain honest. I'm a big fan of the band, and I would say this is one of the best documentaries I've seen. I can't wait to see it again.

Elizabeth M. photo
Elizabeth M.

This is the story of a family of five. Their life is a constant struggle for survival. The main character, Jody, is a single mother who works at a local store. Her husband is a hardworking, hard-working construction worker who is not happy about the way his wife is treating him. Her son, Charlie, is an average student who likes to play video games. His sister, Lauren, is a recent college graduate who is looking for a better job. The father, Bill, is a retired construction worker who is very proud of his wife who is the only thing keeping the family together. The oldest son, Tyler, is a high school senior who is not doing well in school. His friend, Sean, is an aspiring actor who is a social outcast. The youngest son, Jonathan, is a young man who is a little shy. It is the story of the family. I have never seen a documentary that has this much heart. The footage is very moving and it is so rare to see something like this. It is a documentary that you will never forget.

Gerald Green photo
Gerald Green

This movie is a tribute to a man that was extremely creative, intelligent, and extremely caring for his animals. I found it to be a very good documentary on the man that created a wonderful zoo in NY. This man has passed away and we are all sad that he did not live long enough to see his zoo succeed. His zoo is an example of what is possible when people want to do something different. His zoo was very unique, it had a lot of animals, but also included a few animals that had never been seen outside of the zoo before. It was a zoo that was so unique that it made you feel like you were in the zoo. The movie gives you the idea of what it is like to be in the zoo and what it is like to be the keeper of the zoo. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in zoology. It is definitely a must-see!

Tyler photo

When I first saw this film, I was shocked at the awfulness of the animals being killed and the plight of the poor animals. This film gave me hope that this could be stopped. I think that the film is excellent, but I think it is the story that the film is about that is the greatest. The film is about the plight of animals, and how much we are willing to sacrifice for our own happiness. Animals have a right to live in a healthy environment, but that right is not always respected. The film is very moving and powerful, and it is definitely worth watching. It is a must-see!

Eric Gonzalez photo
Eric Gonzalez

I saw this movie a few weeks ago, and I thought it was a great documentary about the Mantis, an insect that can fly at altitudes of 20,000 feet. The documentary is about a young man who was working on the Mantis in the 1960s, and the scientist who discovered it. This is the story of the Mantis and what it's been up to since it was discovered. The film is narrated by the scientist who discovered the Mantis, and it is narrated by the man who is now a father. It is a really good documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in insects. I would say that it is a really good documentary about the Mantis, and I would say that it is one of the best documentaries about insects that I have seen.

Jerry photo

The film had a good set up with some really interesting facts about mantis hunting. I think the narration was really good, showing the history of the mantis and the stories behind them. The movie was narrated by a biologist who was interviewed and we were shown the historical material as well as some modern photos. The story itself was interesting and it gave a good insight into the life of these creatures. I think that this movie was a good way to introduce people to mantis hunting and the people who live there. I think that the documentary was a little slow at times, but it kept me interested and that's what I think is most important. I think that it will be a good way to introduce people to the mantis hunting. I would recommend this documentary to anyone that wants to learn more about mantis hunting and want to learn more about the animals.

Crystal P. photo
Crystal P.

The people who are close to the victims of 9/11 are interviewed about their lives after 9/11. Many of the people are very happy and even seem to be having fun discussing their feelings about 9/11. However, one person's thoughts are not so cheerful. In fact, he is almost like a crybaby. His life has become so dull. After this, the film goes back to the scenes of the scenes in the news. After that, there are interviews with many of the people who survived the attacks and are still alive. However, all the interviews are the same. The story is the same. The people have the same feelings. They have the same questions. They have the same feelings about 9/11. I think this is a good documentary. It makes you think, it makes you happy, it makes you sad, it makes you angry. You should see this documentary. It is worth it.