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The Cat Rescuers

The Cat Rescuers is a movie starring Claire Corey, Tara Green, and Stuart Siet. Feral and abandoned cats prowl the streets of New York City in the tens of thousands. Because the City can't handle this problem, hundreds of dedicated,...

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1 hours 27 minutes
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Steve Lawrence, Rob Fruchtman
Tara Green, Stuart Siet, Latonya 'Sassee' Walker, Claire Corey
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Feral and abandoned cats prowl the streets of New York City in the tens of thousands. Because the City can't handle this problem, hundreds of dedicated, volunteer rescuers have come to their aid. Our film focuses on four of them in the borough of Brooklyn.

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Phillip photo

The documentary cat rescuers is a fun and easy to watch documentary about a cat rescue group. The cat rescue group is the group of an animal shelter where a group of cats are adopted by the people who get the animals in a humane way. The group is run by a charismatic and handsome man who rescues animals and is also a man who loves cats. I thought the documentary cat rescuers was a fun film that is filled with great footage and fun quotes. The documentary cat rescuers was a great documentary and a must watch for cat lovers. I highly recommend this documentary cat rescuers. 7/10

Catherine photo

I don't think the director was trying to make a political statement, but more like a movie about the effects of being a cat. The film has a great look and a great soundtrack. The director is a real artist, and his passion for his art is evident in every frame of this film. This is a great movie, and I hope the director continues to make movies like this one.

Christine Peters photo
Christine Peters

This is a very good documentary about cats. It is an example of how you can do a documentary about a species and make it an entertaining one. It is a very good balance between the documentaries of animals and the documentaries of people. You will be surprised at how the animals are treated and how they are treated. You will find out how some of the most famous animal documentaries are made. In the end, you will know why we need documentaries about animals.

Diane photo

This is a documentary about the Cat Rescuers who were very successful in bringing cats into the city of Paris and then into a shelter. They had a cat named Octavius who they gave to a friend. Unfortunately, they did not have the money to pay the friend for the cat, so they had to put it to good use. They found Octavius to be a very sweet cat who was quite intelligent. The film is a little slow at times but it has an excellent story and it is a good documentary about the cat rescue and the city of Paris. A good film for people who like cats.

Jacob photo

The Cat Rescuers is a documentary about the lives of a cat and a rescue organization. It's an interesting look at the lives of the cat and the rescue organization, but the film is also about the people who adopt cats and the cat rescue organization. The film is very well made, and the production values are very high. The film does a great job of showing the people behind the scenes of the cat rescue organization, and they are very interesting and engaging. I think the film could have been better, but the film is still very good. I think the film is a great documentary and a good look at the lives of the cat and the rescue organization. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the lives of cats and the cat rescue organization.

Amy photo

I didn't really expect this documentary to be as good as it turned out to be, but it was an absolute delight. I'm so glad I went to see it, and I look forward to seeing it again. If you're a fan of documentaries, you'll be happy to know that there's tons of them out there. It's just one of those documentaries you want to see again and again and again. If you're not a fan of documentaries, you might be disappointed. But if you're a fan, you should see this movie, it's a must see! I highly recommend it!

Billy Jackson photo
Billy Jackson

At a time when the US has recently become a haven for international terrorism, the US Secret Service is being called to assist with their own internal affairs. The Secret Service is in charge of protecting the President, his family, and his closest advisors. But, at one time, a war broke out between the US and Cuba. This became a topic of great interest to the Secret Service, and they decided to handle it in a different way. The US has a separate system of personal security, the Secret Service. It consists of a small number of agents, and a few members of the local police department. The agents are trained and screened for their knowledge of security and law enforcement. But, when the crisis happens, they are called in. But, as they say, if you're not part of the Secret Service, you're not part of the country. One of the agents in charge, J.P. O'Neill, gets caught up in the investigation, and is accused of being involved in espionage. So, what would happen if he was caught? Would he be jailed? Would he be acquitted? Would he be convicted? The Secret Service decides to take the case of the Secret Service agents and try to prove their innocence. We see the result of the trial, and see what happens to the defendant. But, it is not easy to find out the truth about the man who was accused of being part of the US Secret Service. To do so, the Secret Service has to break into the defendant's home, break into his cell, and do other things. One of the agents, Ira Hayes, takes the case, and the Secret Service is forced to start a new case. As the case is opened, a new Secret Service agent, Charles Hall, is brought in. Hall is an expert in law enforcement and an expert on the FBI, but he doesn't have much experience with the Secret Service. But, he decides to go into the Secret Service and try to prove his innocence. He also knows that there is no way he can prove his innocence, because he is a suspect in the case. It is up to Hall to find out the truth about the case. The Secret Service does not talk about it, but it is a very important case that the US Secret Service is handling. This is a very interesting story, and it shows the Secret Service, as they were once before. But, in the present, the Secret Service has a different way of handling the cases of its agents. There are several parts of the movie, and they are very interesting. But, the most interesting part is the case, and the testimony that was given by the Secret Service agents. It is a good movie, but it has some flaws. The Secret Service doesn't talk about the case, but it is a very important case, and it is hard to believe that the Secret Service would not talk about it. The other thing is that the Secret Service did not know about the political situation in the country, but it is known that the US has a lot of problems with the Cuban government, and it is very important that the Secret Service did not know about the political situation. The Secret Service

Debra photo

It is a good idea and I like how they managed to make it look like a documentary. I would recommend it.

Jeffrey photo

This is a very interesting documentary about the welfare of cats. It starts off with a cat telling its story. The film then cuts to a video of the cat and how the vet treats it. This gives you an idea of what the animals are going through, and the ways in which they are treated. You can see the cruelty of some vets and the cruelty of the people who work with them. It also shows the people who volunteer for the cats, which are very kind and kindhearted. The cat in this documentary is named 'Cat'. It is the best thing in the documentary, and it is a wonderful cat. It is the best cat I have ever seen, and I have seen many. The cat is very strong, very strong and it is very fast. It is so fast, that it can't be touched, and it is a very loyal animal. It is not a cat you can really tame. It is so loyal to its owners, that it does not want to leave them. It is a very loyal animal and that makes it very special to watch. The way the vet treats the cat, and the people who volunteer for the cats, make this documentary a very important one. This is a very good documentary, and it is not just a cat documentary. I recommend this to anyone who wants to see a documentary about a cat. It is not just a cat documentary, it is a cat documentary with a message about the cats. It is very interesting, and a very important documentary about the welfare of cats.

Grace L. photo
Grace L.

In 1989, a little girl named Samantha Grace (Simone Faith) was attacked and killed by a rottweiler on a train. The authorities didn't have a clue what happened, and some people in town began a search for the animal's cause. The townspeople started to make up their own theories. But it was only a matter of time before someone had to take the lead in this hunt. They made the cat and rottweiler into a comic book and the idea was passed on to the public. They named the movie Cat Rescuers. The movie tells the story of how the community came together to try and find the killer. The cat is the lead character, but that's only because it was named after the cat that was the lynchpin in the case. The cat is played by Amanda Bynes, who's first major role was in Home Alone 2. She was really good in this movie. She also has a really cute puppy. But the most amazing thing is the fact that the movie is actually a documentary. They actually went to the sheriff's office to ask questions, and it was actually made by the sheriff himself. They also went to a bunch of local restaurants to ask questions, and it was actually made by a real person. The director, John Burroughs, is one of the few people who actually knows how to film a documentary. He is a really good director, but he never actually had to do anything except talk. But this documentary is really good because they actually got it right. They also showed the crime scenes, and they really got it right. I don't know what they used to do, but they actually got it right. The biggest problem with this documentary is that it is actually really boring. The whole movie is really boring, but I also think that the cat is the only thing that made the movie worth watching. They got the whole movie right, but it was only because of the cat. I recommend this movie to people who like documentaries, but don't bother with the cat. It was only worth watching because of the cat.

Kathryn C. photo
Kathryn C.

I saw this documentary on the Discovery Channel. I am a bit confused by the lack of cat lovers in the audience. I think that if you are a cat lover, you would like this documentary. It is a very interesting look at the life of a cat. It is a very unique documentary. I think it is important to show the cat in a positive light. It is a cat that is very friendly, very loyal, and a very loyal friend. I think that it is important to show this because the cat is not only a companion for humans, but it is also a companion for other animals, such as the dog, the cat, the horse, and the sheep. It is a very important part of their lives. I think that this documentary would be very beneficial for people who are interested in cat lovers. It is a very interesting documentary and I think it would be very beneficial for cat lovers.

Theresa photo

I found the movie to be a great film. It is a very nice introduction to the entire animal world. I do not think it is a documentary, but it is a great educational film. It is important that we all learn more about animals, and learn how they have become part of our lives. I think the movie is very educational and that we should all learn more about animals and their world.

Howard photo

I'm not a fan of documentaries, but this one was very interesting. I enjoyed the fact that the story was told through the eyes of the cat rescuers, but that the film was not always in chronological order. Also, I was surprised that the cat rescuers were all young adults, which is something that I have never seen in documentaries. The story was very moving, and I was very impressed with the photography. I think the film could have been more interesting if the film makers had told the story in chronological order. I also thought that the story could have been told in a more dramatic way, as opposed to the documentary style. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in cat rescuers, or is a cat lover. It was a very interesting story, and it was well done.

Ruth photo

I thought this documentary was very interesting. I have seen a lot of documentaries, but none of them were as good as this one. It shows how the main social problem of our time is the lack of caring and compassion between people. I think this is the best documentary I have seen in years. The problems of the people in this documentary are not new, but the way they are presented is. It is very interesting to see how people with different ideas and views view the same problem and how people can get along without fighting about it. It is very rare to see such a documentary, especially in a place like Europe. It is very important that we watch this documentary, because without it, we are not going to get the best solutions to the problem. It is also important that the governments and the media do not give them the blame that they do not understand the problem. It is so important to show the problems that are caused by the lack of compassion and caring. The problem is not because of a lack of money, but because of the lack of caring and compassion. The movie is very well made and the interviews are well done. It is a must see.

Alice P. photo
Alice P.

This documentary on the efforts of a few people to save a cat in a park was really well done. The real hero of this effort was the rescue worker who came out of retirement to work full time on the cat. We learn that this cat was not a stray that was already at a shelter, but the owner's pet who was very ill. This cat was obviously a hardy animal that was not really feline in appearance. This was really a miracle. This was a very touching documentary. The cat had to be at least 5 years old, which makes it more difficult to euthanize the cat. I hope that this cat will be saved.

Nicole photo

This film is a compilation of interviews with people who have had a cat in their life. The idea is to give a snapshot of the life of a cat who is a "normal" cat. The cat is interviewed by a veterinarian and a veterinarian assistant. The interviews are brief and the cats' stories are interesting and humorous. The film is good, but there are some issues with the way the cats are presented. One cat is presented as being a part of the family, but when he is finally euthanized the cat is not seen at all. This is a problem because the cat was a part of the family for a long time. Another problem is that the cats are shown as being in a relationship with their owners. The cats are not shown as being "normal" and in some cases are portrayed as being "broken" or "abnormal". In addition, the cats are shown as being "monsters" and are not given enough space to develop a real relationship with the owner. The film is not about the cats, but about the people who have had cats in their lives. This is a good film, but the cats are not given enough time to develop a relationship with their owners.

Lawrence P. photo
Lawrence P.

The Cat Rescuers is a documentary that follows the lives of a group of cats living in a small cat colony in a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. The colony consists of a single male cat, a female, and two kittens. They live in a small hut with a tin roof, and the island is a paradise for them. They have a large area to roam around and the island is very quiet. The film is well shot and the documentary style is very interesting. I have to say that I really enjoyed this film, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in nature documentaries.