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Ava is a movie starring Vahid Aghapoor, Parnian Akhtari, and Sarah Alimardani. The life of a high school girl in Iran becomes more complicated after her mother catches her in an act of rebellion.

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1 hours 42 minutes
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Sadaf Foroughi
Sadaf Foroughi
Vahid Aghapoor, Parnian Akhtari, Sarah Alimardani, Mona Ghiasi
Qatar, Iran, Canada
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Ava's life is dictated by rules. Coming of age in Iran, she faces pressure to conform to the expectations of her parents, her school, and her friends. When Ava learns that her parents were once flagrant rule breakers themselves, she begins to rebel against the very foundations of her society. AVA masterfully demonstrates how a culture of authority can force denial and detachment, particularly among young women during their formative yet vulnerable high school years.

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Nathan photo

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Willie Boyd photo
Willie Boyd

This is an excellent character study of a young woman, Ava, who finds herself a target for all sorts of human miseries as she struggles with her own demons. Director Noah Baumbach is at his best, showing that he has the potential to be one of the best film directors of our time. He has a very specific skill that he has perfected in his films: he has the ability to make us really care about these characters. And in this film he is at his best. Ava is a woman of contradictions. She is so smart and strong that she manages to be both a good person and a bad person. Ava is someone that we really care about because she is so strong and capable. And yet, this same trait is also what makes her so flawed. She has the power to be strong and strong, but at the same time be so fragile and vulnerable that she could be fooled by anyone. We can see that this is part of what makes her so good. But this also makes her bad. She is too good at what she does and therefore not good at what she is good at. Her love for Jake (Josh Gad) is what causes her to take his life, but we see this love and this desire to protect him from the bad people that surround him that also puts her in a difficult position. We also see that Ava has problems with her own demons. She is constantly jealous of everyone, and when she is jealous, she is more hurt than hurt. She is constantly scared of not being loved. And even when she is safe, she still is jealous of the people that surround her. She also has a fear of commitment, which is what makes her so vulnerable and at times just plain angry. I loved this character study of Ava. Baumbach shows us that we can actually care about a character so much more than we care about our own selves. He shows us that there are other people out there who are like us. And he shows us that we can have the same problems as others, and that we can find ourselves in this one person. This is a great film. I highly recommend it.

Brian Bell photo
Brian Bell

This film has two main themes which are clearly shown. First, the nature of the American system, a way of life which can be seemingly extremely easy to create, and yet the desire to be in control is hard to resist. Second, the message of the film "How to talk to children without being mean". I do not want to spoil this film, so I will simply say this film is well made, but I did feel that it went out on a tangent of sorts. In fact, it seemed to me that it could have been much better if it had not been forced to go back and forth between two distinct themes. To me, the film's success lies on its second theme, that of making the audience care about the character's inner conflict. If it were not for the second theme, this movie would not have been at all successful. It is not a bad film, but it is not a great film. It is a well made film, but not a masterpiece.

Jane Castillo photo
Jane Castillo

A few days ago I watched the movie a bit late. I was under the impression it would be a boring movie, but somehow it really took me by surprise. I think the movie was very good. There are many scenes in this movie which made me feel like I was there. The movie tells the story of a teenager who gets in a relationship with a girl. He meets her family and she's at a different school. At the end of the movie she tells him that she didn't like her family and she's only friends with him. He still keeps it all in his mind. He's really disappointed and he's frustrated. The movie is long but the whole thing is shown in a very artistic way. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I don't like it when the person who loves you dies. I think they could have done a lot more with it. Overall, I liked the movie. I think you should watch it.

Gary photo

This movie is about a young girl who is "drugged" out of her mind. She is forced to have an abortion by her mother's abusive and vindictive boyfriend. Her mother plans to get the baby and keeps threatening her daughter to keep the baby. But when the mom finds out about the abortion, she forces the abortion and kills the mother. Then she asks her daughter to do the same thing. But the girl is not willing to do it. So the mother goes and kills her and then gets rid of the daughter. The movie has an interesting plot and the acting is good. This is a good movie to watch with your daughter and she will like it too.

Eugene photo

This film was bad! I won't go into the plot since I am not exactly sure what it was. What I will say is that it was just too slow and slow with it. The end wasn't the best. The movie was much better than average but if I wanted to watch it again I would have to watch it to the end. So if you want to see the end then it might be worth it but I didn't want to watch it anymore. If I watch it to the end I will probably watch the rest of it again and the ending will be better but maybe. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Kathryn G. photo
Kathryn G.

This movie is rather depressing and depressing, there are moments when I am thinking to myself to do something so, "good" i.e. Get a gun, there is nothing else, I want to kill them, but it is hard to believe that it is possible to do something, after all, I still have to live here, i am unable to kill them, I am alive and this is not a death sentence. It is depressing, but in a good way. The last scenes are sad and I'm sure you will be really sad watching this movie, but don't let it affect you, it is definitely worth to watch. The last scene will make you want to cry. I give it a 7/10

Louis Fowler photo
Louis Fowler

I love film noir. It's really an art form that can handle its own image of life and death. It's what made Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese, and who knows why. There's a lot of action, good people trying to stop it, good shots of the stars, a guy in a mask, even a magician, and a happy ending. Am I the only one that enjoyed this film? Not to me. But I'm sure that a lot of people are out there that feel the same way I do. There's a lot of action. One of the best is when a villain lets the good guys know about his plan. Yeah, that's good. But the movie is pretty slow. It's almost a documentary, watching the people who made the film. It's the story of them and it's good, but it never really happens. I would've liked to see more of the real people in this movie. They're all interesting and have interesting things to say, but nothing happens. I think it would've made for a better movie if it did. They don't show the way they were after the movie and I like that.

Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

I have been looking for a good movie with some great acting and acting that can go with the story. I like the movie but don't think it is as good as the other movie by David O. Russell. The movie is about a young girl who has to choose between her parents and her job. It is a very good story and a very good movie. The movie was very realistic and true to life. I think this movie is a perfect family movie. I think the movie was very well done. I think it is a very good movie and the acting was very good.

Catherine photo

It's very much a black comedy. How many comedies are there with a black story? This one is not like others, and it shows how women can be in control of their own destinies. It's an Italian movie with a strong female lead. A woman who has made a bad choice in life, and is now in need of redemption. The director has made a very good movie. No surprise, no hype. That's the difference between it and other comedies. It's very well done, and there are moments that will have you laughing out loud.

Juan Gibson photo
Juan Gibson

I know this is a long review, but I don't really know how to start it. I thought it was one of the most important and original movies I have seen in a long time. This is a movie that will really make you think about what is really happening in the world. I am not going to talk about any plot of the movie, because I don't want to spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen it. I think it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, I just want to say that it's a masterpiece. I can't believe it has such a low rating. I'm not the only one who was really excited about this movie, I'm sure all of you were also. This movie was very realistic and also sad. I didn't really know what to expect from this movie. I have heard many people say that this movie is depressing. I personally have never been to a funeral, so I can't say if this movie is really sad, but I can say that it is definitely depressing. I don't think that's what I was expecting, but I think it was just the opposite. I have heard people say that this movie is about love. It is about a woman and her feelings. It is also about her survival. I was surprised that this movie wasn't about a mother and her daughter, because I don't think that would have been that great of a movie. I don't know what else to say about this movie. I really think that this movie deserves more attention. I am still really confused by how I found this movie. I know that it is a movie, but I don't know how to say that I found it. This movie is definitely worth seeing, even if it's only because you want to see a great movie. I am not sure how I feel about it, but I'm sure that I will be watching this movie again. It definitely deserves more attention, and I think it will be a movie that will have a lasting effect on me.

Samuel Warren photo
Samuel Warren

The film is well made and entertaining. While it won't win any awards for making an important issue, the screenplay and the story is fine. No one is going to stop the viewer from enjoying this film, but there are other films I would prefer to see more of, not because they're better, but simply because I'd enjoy them more. If it wasn't for the story, I think this film would have been a real bust. But there's the story, and while it's not a masterpiece, it was done well, and this is the kind of film that makes you watch it and want to know more.

Nathan P. photo
Nathan P.

Anyone who has read a book will relate to this story. It's about a mother who knows she has a child who is dead before she can tell her. A woman who doesn't want to lose the baby, and is left to discover her own destiny. The direction is just incredible. The way they shoot the film, the music, the pacing, the dialogue, all of it is perfect. The story is too, so so moving. I loved it. I also loved the performance of Meryl Streep. She is outstanding, and it is great that they cast her. The story of this movie was so powerful, and I think you should see this. It is the best movie ever.

Michelle M. photo
Michelle M.

It is difficult to review this movie without going into details, but it is a great film. It is a movie about a father and his family and their struggle to make a go of life in the middle of the desert. It is an emotional story that will take you through a lot of emotions. The acting is first rate, the direction is perfect and the music by Cora De Rienzo is great. This is a movie that you should see, but not for the first time.

Jack Banks photo
Jack Banks

I think it is wrong that people are saying "This movie is boring." What you are missing is that it is NOT boring. It is a piece of art that will stay with you for a long time. It will stay with you for a long time because it is a great film. You cannot say that a movie is boring because it has no point. It is not about how you get laid or about how you get the women. It is about people who are trying to do the right thing and living in a society that does not believe in love. You will have a great time. Just go and see it!

Kathleen B. photo
Kathleen B.

This is a slow, yet stirring drama about a woman in search of her father's missing car. The story revolves around a young woman named Ava. Her mother, who is more interested in getting married than anything else, lives with her son and daughter in a rundown apartment. Ava comes to live with her grandfather who is the owner of the car. Ava's mother is shocked when she learns Ava is a runaway. She treats Ava like a child and doesn't seem to understand her situation. Her grandmother helps her mother try to understand her daughter and the problems she is going through. Ava tells her mother that her father left her father a very long time ago. She had never told her mother. The mother thinks Ava is lying and isn't going to tell her about her father. Ava's mother believes her daughter is lying and wants to help her daughter. Ava doesn't want to leave her grandmother's house. Her grandmother wants to help Ava and helps her in the house. Ava goes on the run with her uncle and her grandfather. Ava's uncle and his daughter are also following her and they want her to leave. Ava tells her grandfather about her father and her mother and they decide to get her out of the house. Ava and her grandfather end up living in a trailer with her grandfather and his daughter. Ava tells her grandfather about her father and her mother. The grandfather gets involved and helps Ava get out of the trailer. Ava's grandfather goes on the run and she needs to find her father. Ava's grandfather has a son and Ava's mother wants to get rid of him. Ava's mother also tries to get rid of Ava. The main character in this movie is Ava. Her performance is very good. I have never seen this actress before and I think she has come a long way since she played a woman who was trying to break free from a world that didn't want her. She was convincing and played her part very well. She was able to get across what the movie was trying to say. I thought the film was excellent. I liked the atmosphere, the scenery, and the story. It was very well acted. The film kept me interested throughout. I was also impressed with the director, who was not really known. It was a good film. I think the movie had a great story, that really needed to be told. It would have been better if the story was told a bit more. It needed more background. The movie was about a woman who was trying to break free from a world that didn't want her. This is a good film and I would recommend it.

Gary photo

This is a beautifully filmed, incredibly poignant story about a young woman in her late twenties (Vivica A. Fox) who has a child who will turn out to be a very powerful girl in her life. This is a very subtle film, and is really about not letting her child go, or what happens to her in the future. This is not a love story or a drama or a thriller. This is a story of this woman's life. Not necessarily about how she became pregnant or even why she wanted to. The story is more about how she became pregnant and became pregnant, and what the child was. The film also highlights the part that the child and her father are not mature enough to handle the situation, or deal with it in a way that is really necessary. I found the film very emotionally engaging, and very easy to connect with. It is not a film that should be watched by children under the age of ten, or anybody with little emotional maturity. It is a very mature film. I do think that if you are looking for a well-crafted, well-acted, and very well made film, then this is the one for you. It has some great acting. But I also feel that it has some flaws. The ending of the film just seemed a little bit rushed. A little too rushed. The film might have been a little more complex, and moved more slowly, and would have made for a better film. But, I give it a 7.9/10, and it is a beautifully made film that deserves a better rating.

Harry W. photo
Harry W.

This is a delightful comedy about a family in the South who is torn apart by the discovery of a common love between two young men. This is a lovely film with genuine affection, touching and believable performances and a wonderful story of family, loss, redemption and compassion.

Pamela Franklin photo
Pamela Franklin

I have a big fan of the "Mamma Mia" movies, so this one was very interesting. This movie is very good because it can't be rated for its music (which I'm not really a fan of). I think the best music in the movie is done by this woman. The score was done by Mr. Rick Smith (who also did the score for the first one). The story is very interesting, the actors are great, the direction is perfect and the writing is great. I think the best thing about this movie is that it doesn't have a "plot". It has many small and long-winded stories that are very interesting. The main story is the protagonist's journey to find her husband and a family, but in the middle is a long and dark journey with many surprises. My favorite part was when they're all on the boat, the passengers are all talking about the past and their families and the actress playing the mother is telling her story to her daughter (she is an actress and a child). I would say this is the most interesting story in the movie. There are also many small jokes in the movie that are very funny. The biggest reason why this movie is a masterpiece is that it tells a lot of interesting stories, but you can't tell it. It is not an ordinary story. A very strong story and it's easy to understand it. But there is a lot of fun in it. You will laugh, you will cry, you will laugh and cry again. The only thing that is bad is that it's too long and some of the scenes are too long. But this is not the only problem. I think the story is not always interesting because the first story was more interesting. The second one is more interesting and it's very easy to understand, but the third one is more interesting and it's very hard to understand. This movie is not a masterpiece but I think it's a very good movie. I give it 8/10. I hope the next one is even better and more interesting.

David Weaver photo
David Weaver

Haiti in the 1990's was a unique place. It was the center of a country, it was the center of a civil war. In this era of socialism, Haiti was ruled by an oligarchy, where the president was a member of the military. It was a country where people were afraid of the media. But this country was destroyed in a revolution in which the people took to the streets. The country was rebuilt by its people. It was changed and people were re-educated. The country is now a country of love and justice. It is a country where the people are always in the streets and the media do not control the people. It is a country where the people fight for the future and the future is always good.

Diana Cunningham photo
Diana Cunningham

I saw this film at the Panorama Film Festival in Los Angeles and I'm not sure I completely understand what it's about. It may be about a woman named Ava, a prostitute, who becomes a ghostly apparition in a motel room. However, I think it is about her relationship with her long-suffering, deadbeat father, who apparently abandoned her when she was a child and now lives in a lake house in California. The film is based on a short story by Dan O'Bannon and the latter is credited with the screenplay. O'Bannon appears as an alcoholic who needs a drink to stay awake and he is accompanied by a therapist played by the always fantastic Stephen Boyd. The other supporting players are mostly actors. The best was Toni Collette as Ava's mother. There is one scene where Ava's father says "Baby, you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me." There are also brief glimpses of Danny Glover as Ava's older brother, John Ritter as the camp counselor, Janine Turner as Ava's younger sister, and James Cromwell as her father. O'Bannon wrote the film and produced it, which, I thought, was a mistake. He should have done the screenplay himself, I think. He also directed the film. The film is a horror movie, but it is not a horror movie. It is a character study with a political message. The viewer can sense that Ava is sad, but she has no real cause for her sadness. Her mother is a stuttering alcoholic who cannot communicate with her children. Ava's father lives in the cabin with her, but they never get along. Ava's sister, who was adopted, is in a troubled marriage and shows no interest in Ava. She shows her anger toward her sister's husband, a symbol of her own broken family life. The great actor Toni Collette, who I never really cared for, is remarkable in her role as Ava. She has a strong presence and her character evokes great sympathy. It's a shame she did not get an Oscar nomination for this role. My wife and I thought it was a good film, and I'm glad to see that it is being re-released in theaters in the U.S. It seems to be a little forgotten, but it's a good film.

Sarah photo

The story follows a 14-year-old boy who is diagnosed with autism. He lives in a highly unstable family with his mother, a strict and protective father, and his younger sister. He has to go through various measures to be accepted into the school. It is a character study and the performance of the children are excellent. The lead actor and actress were also very good. It is very difficult to decide whether to see it because it is very different from what is on TV. But I enjoyed it a lot and I recommend it to all who want to watch a good film.

Albert photo

Ava's journey was a harsh one. She is a female convict, and one of the most vicious ones. She was eventually set free from prison, and she is still haunted by her past, especially the one that caused her to be in prison in the first place. When she's back on the island, she meets young couple and their unborn child, and finds that they are in the same situation. Both of them are still haunted by their past, and they begin to live together as a couple. The film then shows their journey towards happiness. The film is very well written, but some parts could have been better. In some parts, the film seems a little too slow, and the script could have been more polished. The film is quite sad, and I also believe that a lot of this movie could have been better, but still, I liked it a lot. If you like some of the more violent movies, this movie is for you. You should also check out 'Criminal' and 'The Vengeance Factor', which are two other movies that I recommend to watch. I rate this movie 8/10.