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Stuffed is a movie starring Allis Markham, Jaap Sinke, and Ferry van Tongeren. An inside look into the world of taxidermy and the passionate artists from all over the world who work on the animals.

Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Erin Derham
Ferry van Tongeren, Jaap Sinke, Allis Markham
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An inside look into the world of taxidermy and the passionate artists from all over the world who work on the animals.

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Adam Taylor photo
Adam Taylor

I have always been a fan of documentaries and have always found them entertaining. In this documentary, there are some really good ones. But for me, the highlight of this documentary was the interview with the creator of the "unofficial" dating website. I was really impressed with the director's ability to make the viewer feel like they were in the conversation. It's a really powerful film. The last thing I'd like to say is that if you have never had a problem with a person, you should definitely watch this. You'll have an idea of how a relationship can be a little more complicated than it seems. I also recommend this documentary to people who are into relationships and those who like documentaries about them.

Zachary photo

I had been wanting to see this movie for a while now. I love documentaries, and I thought it would be an interesting look into the life of a man who has done so much to keep his family and community together. However, when I heard the title of the movie, I thought, "That sounds really cheesy." I was pleasantly surprised, though. The movie is not cheesy at all. It is very entertaining. The movie is about his life, his experiences, and his work. I think the movie was very interesting, and I think it should be shown in schools. I also think it is very important to show the people who are not involved in the documentary, and to show them what their lives are like. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the Holocaust.

Kenneth Vargas photo
Kenneth Vargas

The title of this film suggests that it is about the making of the movie "Citizen Kane" and, in fact, it is about the making of "The Terminator" (the first two films in the franchise). I saw this movie about a year ago and was impressed with the technical quality of the production. The special effects were impressive, and I would like to see a sequel to this film. I think that "Citizen Kane" is the best film ever made. I would also like to see a sequel to "The Terminator" as well.

Jason V. photo
Jason V.

This is the first of a series of five films, and I think the first one is a very good one. I think it's better than the last one because it has more of a story, and more of the guys. I thought the other films were all very good. This one was different because it had a story line, and it was more about the people. I thought it was a good film.

Timothy Chavez photo
Timothy Chavez

This film was one of the first to tell the story of the British Roma community in Britain. The documentary is divided into two parts: one focusing on the refugees and the other on the children. The children are the focus of the film, and we see a variety of stories. Some of the children are played by children themselves, and some are real children, including one boy who is a refugee from Rwanda. I had no idea that the film was made in such a way that the children are not in the same room as the adults, but it's an interesting insight into the lives of children. The film also includes some interviews with British Roma who were interviewed for the film. The documentary is well made and I'd recommend it.

Kathy Moreno photo
Kathy Moreno

I watched this movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I was not prepared for what I got. The director made a documentary about a man who has lost his wife and two kids, and is living in a place that looks like a camp in the middle of nowhere. The family is not getting any help from the local authorities, and so they decide to find the help they need on their own. This movie is not the usual documentary, but one that does show the inner lives of people who have lost their loved ones. They are not talking about the issues that the people in the movie are dealing with, but they are talking about the personal problems that they have with their life. The whole movie is very touching and very relatable, and it's a very touching movie. I highly recommend it. It's worth watching.

Justin D. photo
Justin D.

This is a well put together documentary that looks at the effect of the city of Detroit on its residents. It focuses on how the city's decline affected the residents of Detroit. The film shows many scenes of the city, showing the problems the city had and the hardships the people had to endure. The people of Detroit are shown as victims, and the city as the bad guy, and the film shows the main problem the city had was the lack of jobs. The people of Detroit were having a hard time making ends meet and being able to afford to have any type of a life. This documentary also shows how the city is losing jobs and how the people of Detroit are struggling to keep their jobs. The film ends on a good note and shows how the city is being revitalized and making a comeback. The film was very well put together and was very interesting. It is a great documentary for the people of Detroit and the people of America.

Grace W. photo
Grace W.

The reason I watched this documentary was because I had seen a lot of things I didn't like about the town of Guilford. The town had a history of racial tension and had been a place where a lot of people had come from. The town's name is Guilford, and I remember thinking when I first heard that the town was going to be called that, it sounded like a racial slur. I watched this documentary because I felt that I needed to understand what I had heard. This documentary is really interesting, it's really well made, it's really well shot, it's really well done. The movie was well made and interesting, it had a lot of good things to say about Guilford, but the problem I had with it was the way it was done. I feel like the movie was kind of slow, and it just kind of dragged on a little bit. I also didn't really like the way they made it look. It just looked a little fake, like a documentary that was made in the early 2000s. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good, but it kind of dragged a little bit, and I don't think it was as good as I expected. I recommend it to people who like documentaries, but I don't think it's that great of a documentary.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

If you're looking for a great documentary about the rise of the world's largest pop culture icon, this is your film. Director Martin Scorsese does an excellent job in this visually sumptuous portrait of the story behind the creation of "Titanic". It's amazing how the music, the art direction, and the costumes all worked together to make this film. I'd also like to point out that this documentary is the perfect companion piece to the film itself, which is one of the most influential films of all time. It's also great to see so many of the cast and crew come back for the documentary. It's a great way to get a little background on some of the behind the scenes stories of this film.

Melissa H. photo
Melissa H.

The most interesting thing about this film is the way in which the filmmaker has made the most of the material he had. The documentary consists of three separate segments, each of which is almost entirely (though not entirely) of footage of people interacting with each other. Each segment is relatively short, and it's a shame that the filmmaker is unable to include more than a handful of those conversations. It's also a shame that those segments are edited so carelessly. Each segment contains a short sequence of some sort, and then a new segment begins. I'm not sure how much of the film's length is due to editing, but it does seem like a considerable chunk of it has been cut off. This is certainly not a great film, but it is interesting and compelling. The problem with the documentary is that it's not clear where it's going. There are no strong or clear connections between segments, and the only real narrative arcs in the film are those of the individuals who interact with each other. This is one of those documentaries that is obviously not meant to be taken seriously, but that does make for a fascinating and unique film.

George G. photo
George G.

I'd say this is a good documentary but in my opinion, it does not do enough to prove the deaths of those workers. We need to see more than the government and unions. We need to see the companies themselves and their role in the deaths. But this documentary does not do that. I think the director is trying to make us think that the government is just a bunch of people who work for a bunch of companies. The documentary also shows the greed of the companies and the greed of the workers. The companies want to make a profit and the workers want to get paid. I do not understand how this documentary is not more powerful. This is an important topic that needs to be discussed. It should be more powerful and have a better documentary. There are many other documentaries out there that are better than this one. But this one is the best.