Anschauen Book Club

Book Club

Book Club is a movie starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen. Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

Other Titles
Book Club - Das Beste kommt noch, Kitap Kulübü, Book Club - Väreileviä lukunautintoja, Do Jeito que Elas Querem, Le Book Club, Klub zadovoljnih zensk, Pozycja obowiązkowa, Könyvklub, Cuando ellas quieren, Knygu klubas, Club de Lecture, Dámský klub, Mo'adon ha'seffer ha'tov, Klub zadovoljnih žena, Clubul femeilor dezlantuite, Raamatuklubi, Do Jeito Que Elas Querem, Book Club - Tutto può succedere, Grāmatu klubiņš
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Romance, Comedy
Bill Holderman
Bill Holderman, Erin Simms
Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

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Donna L. photo
Donna L.

Myths and legends, religions, and political and social forces are at play in this film about a man who takes a young girl on a journey to search for his missing sister. On their journey they encounter a vampire named Wolf and a politician who may have held his sister's soul in his hands. The beauty of this film lies in its authenticity. The scenery is beautiful, the costumes are realistic, and the acting is so natural that it almost seems as if the actors were standing around doing nothing. I don't want to give away too much of the plot of the film, but I'll just say that it is one of the better fantasy movies I've seen recently. It is also very interesting, and I would recommend that anyone who has ever thought about the idea of being human be warned that this film may cause some very disturbing thoughts. But it is worth the watch, especially if you like fantasy or mythology.

Dylan A. photo
Dylan A.

I didn't find this movie very funny. I laughed at some of the scenes, but I just couldn't find it funny. It seemed a little too long and the pace was a bit off. Also, the whole "found footage" thing was pretty hard to swallow. It didn't seem realistic to me. But, I think the cast did a good job. It was interesting to see the people who were cast in the movies and seeing what they had to go through to play the characters. Overall, I'd give it a 7 or maybe a 6.5.

Donald T. photo
Donald T.

When it comes to the original "Hotel Rwanda" the movie "Hotel Rwanda" is a disaster. Not because it's bad, but because it's bad. The movie itself has two major problems, one being the direction of the director. When I first saw the movie I thought it was great. The movie was able to make me laugh and cry, and really make me think about the fact that life isn't fair, and one must always fight for what you want. But as the movie went on I began to question why were we even watching this movie, and the director really did ruin the movie, I don't think there's anything I can say about this movie that hasn't already been said. The other problem with this movie is that the movie goes on a little too long. When you think about this movie in the first half hour you really don't care about the characters, and you just want them to make it out of the hotel. And this goes on until the last 15 minutes, and that's when I actually began to care about the characters. I found this movie to be an improvement over the original, but it still has a lot of flaws. The worst part about this movie is that it is a disaster. This is what it was supposed to be, a movie about a genocide that happened and it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. The movie was able to make me cry, laugh, and be moved, but in the end it had so many flaws that it couldn't make the characters what they were supposed to be. One of the things that I have to mention in this movie is that it's not a movie I would really recommend. It's just not a good movie. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's the most inferior movie I have ever seen. Even though the movie had a lot of flaws, and I would still not recommend it, it was still a good movie. It was an improvement over the original, but not a very good movie. If you really want to see this movie, go and see it, but I would not recommend it.

Christine P. photo
Christine P.

I would like to start by saying that I am not a person that lives in the real world. I live in a world of fictional characters and I like to view them as a fantasy. My take on movies is that if they are based on real life then they are trying to give it more realism. I do not like the sort of realism that the movie in this film was trying to portray. It seemed very fake. The acting was very wooden and realistic. However, there was the one actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins, who seemed to be real and lovable. I really thought that Sir Anthony Hopkins would show some real acting ability as he was a great actor. Unfortunately he seemed to be acting out the lines for a fictitious character. I do not know what was going through the writer's mind as to how to portray the character. It seemed to me that the writer and director did not know how to convey the fictionalness of this film. I do not know if this was a fault of the writer or director. The film itself is good and entertaining. I do recommend it to anyone that likes romance and fantasy films. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Linda photo

In the early 90's, I went to see "Wonder Wheel" as part of a 21-year-old's movie class at my college. As a student at that time, I was looking for an audience. After all, I was already a very reserved person, so it seemed natural to watch an over-the-top romantic comedy. And boy, was it ever over-the-top! The film had all the right ingredients to make a good film: great acting, great characters, great cinematography, great editing, a funny script, and a cool soundtrack. However, the director was "Mr. Fantastic" himself, writer/producer Simon Pegg (I can't recall his name, but he was one of the writers on the "Spiderman" movies, for example). This made the film feel somewhat of a parody of itself. And I would have liked to have seen more of his trademark style of humor, if not for the fact that the movie was so different from the rest of the class. "Wonder Wheel" did a good job of balancing its laughs and emotions, but it lacked the balance to hold the audience's interest as it progressed. But, "Mr. Fantastic" kept his style of humor. It was a lot of fun to watch, though. I found it very entertaining, and I was very impressed with the acting and writing. I loved the fact that, although there were a lot of "boys' night out" moments, there were also many adult moments as well. You can tell that they tried to stay as close to the original story as possible. I also liked the fact that there were elements of comedy that didn't seem like a slapstick, slap-stick comedy. I liked that the movie had a plot, and I liked the fact that the story was not a typical romantic comedy, where everyone is trying to get back at someone else. I also liked that it was a "young-ish" movie, but not an "old-ish" movie. I liked that the movie was not quite "straight" romance. I also liked the fact that it was a comedy that didn't try to be serious. So, I give "Wonder Wheel" a 7.5/10. If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good romantic comedy. * (out of four)

Katherine photo

I don't know how many times I've seen this movie, but it's always the same. Three friends with a chance to win a trip to Europe. They are trying to convince the guy that they are the biggest reason why they should take the trip. Although I have watched it several times, I can never really get into it. It's just too contrived and all over the place. I have to admit that I love the music by Mary Chapin Carpenter and the actor, Sean Young. It's just too corny, and too stupid to really enjoy it. The first time I saw this movie, it made me laugh a lot. And I watched it many times before, but I just couldn't really get into it. Now that I've seen it a couple of times, I still haven't quite figured it out. But I'm not going to give it a second thought, because I know it's not really a movie. The humor is too broad, the plot too shallow, and the characters too predictable. It's really just a bunch of dumb characters who try to do the most stupid things, and as a result they get the most stupid of laughs. A great thing about this movie is that it is not politically correct. It's simply a stupid story about stupid people trying to do stupid things. I think it's a good movie to watch if you want to see a movie that is not really a movie. It has its moments, but it really doesn't have much of a plot. I will give it a 7 out of 10. For the record, I like comedy.

Deborah W. photo
Deborah W.

It seems the writer of "Drishyam" and "Aaj kapoor" made this movie for fun. He's a better story teller than director, but there's a certain tone of story telling that he does well. Although it has the feel of a Bollywood movie, I find it very entertaining. It has the feel of "Three Idiots" (even though the hero has a far more expressive face) and "The Brother". It feels like a cross between "Aashiqui" and "Aaravanna". It is also a bit similar to "Jaan Rui" but its much better than that one. The villain is a cross between "Rani Mukherjee" and "Terence Hill". If you like Bollywood movies, you'll love this one. There's a scene at the wedding that was very stylishly shot and it was probably the only scene in the entire movie that I actually cried. The rest of the movie was average, but I would say it had a very memorable ending. I would definitely recommend it to people who like Bollywood movies.

Marilyn photo

It was a great movie with some interesting characters, but I just felt like there were too many characters. Not only does he have his woman at the beginning, he also has a girl at the end. Not only that, but the movie was too long for me. I really didn't feel like I was watching the movie in a very long time. It felt like the movie was just a few hours long. All in all, it was a fun movie to watch with my husband and two kids. We would watch it all the time. I thought that it was great, but it just didn't hit the spot for me.

Donald W. photo
Donald W.

I was initially disappointed by "Gaycation", however, after watching the movie more closely, I believe it was a well-crafted movie that really tells a story of two individuals who find friendship and companionship in a way they never expected. I think the movie would have been stronger had it been more "gay", but it still worked and it's one of the better movies of the year. I have not seen the first one, but I'm sure this movie will be a great match-up. I found the characters to be believable and the actors were very good. There were no slow moments in this movie. The film was beautifully shot and the scenery was lovely and interesting. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of romantic comedies, or who enjoys a good romantic comedy. It's a great movie.

Olivia A. photo
Olivia A.

Let's be honest, this is not the best movie about women in 20th century India. It is not even as good as 'Gujarati-Women' (2011). But it is a good movie that is meant to entertain the audience. The director has chosen to take a look at women and how they treat them in a more realistic way, without any ego. I felt like I was watching a documentary. The movie goes from one episode to another. There is no big plot to follow. However, the movie is watchable. It is a good feel-good movie.

Kimberly Rivera photo
Kimberly Rivera

My wife and I are having a great time watching this film. The music is great. The cinematography is perfect. The acting is top-notch. This movie is made for the lovers of the sort of movies that are trying to be sophisticated and beautiful and memorable without being cheesy. If you are looking for something with a little humor, this is not for you. If you are looking for something that is real and full of life, look no further. This movie is a good watch!

Joan Gonzales photo
Joan Gonzales

The writers and the director do a good job of making the movie light, funny and romantic, which is very different from the usual Hollywood rubbish. This movie is a story of a girl whose only friends are her parents who take her to watch her play in a Broadway show. It is a wonder how the parents manage to stay at home with their children, while there's something better to do, or so they think. After the show the parents have dinner at the guest's house, and the daughter can't even resist a chance to talk to her mother, to whom she says she loves. It is at that moment that the parents realize that they were wrong and can't go on like this. What makes it so good is the good and the bad things. The bad thing is that it is the main character's parents who try to make the parents look bad. The good thing is that it is not just the parents but the whole family, which helps the protagonist to recover and make the best of her situation. It is a good story, and a really good movie.

Joshua Walters photo
Joshua Walters

This is a movie that just needs to be watched again and again. Not for the ideas and some cheesy dialogue, but for the feeling of time and place. It is about a foursome of young people that make their way from Baltimore to the Pittsburgh area for summer vacation. It does a good job of showing how a young person lives in the society that he lives in, and how he views life as a whole. A wonderful soundtrack and a little comedy sprinkled here and there. A great film to be sure.

Daniel Mason photo
Daniel Mason

Forget that some of these guys just make an awful movie, who are obviously pretentious and too familiar with the Hollywood model, but for the sake of being respectful and not trying to take it all in, I'll give them credit for their efforts. A bunch of guys decide to go on a bachelorette party where they hope to find a suitable girl and you know, they want to make some money too. It's not that hard to think of an uninspired movie where you can have fun. The fact that the guys are able to come up with ideas is what makes the movie. The story is basically a straight-forward "He got rich man saves girl, happy ending" and I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before but this particular version is unique and I found it really interesting. I think the casting is the best part of this movie and I loved the casting of Sophia Myles, she is hot and she gives a great performance. I also really liked the chemistry between Jack Black and Dom DeLuise as well as the chemistry between Malin Akerman and Billy Bob Thornton. And the best part of all is that the jokes don't get boring because they're very well-timed. But, I'm not going to mention what I liked about it because there are tons of movies out there with a much better story and I'm not going to waste my time looking for the funniest parts. So, do yourself a favor and just watch it and enjoy.