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The Booksellers

The Booksellers is a movie starring Parker Posey, Fran Lebowitz, and Gay Talese. A behind-the-scenes look at the New York rare book world.

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1 hours 39 minutes
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D.W. Young
Susan Benne, Fran Lebowitz, Gay Talese, Parker Posey
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THE BOOKSELLERS is a lively, behind-the-scenes look at the New York rare book world and the fascinating people who inhabit it. Executive produced by Parker Posey and featuring interviews with some of the most important dealers in the business, as well as prominent collectors, auctioneers, and writers, THE BOOKSELLERS is both a loving celebration of book culture and a serious exploration of the future of the book.

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Samantha photo

On the one hand, it's a bit over the top. On the other hand, it's a great film. I watched it in a packed room, which usually turns me off. It was so entertaining that I actually fell asleep at one point. There are lots of historical facts about the bookstores and the book that was burned at WBC. It's a good story of the rise of capitalism in a time of depression. I don't think the story is sensationalist at all. I think it was very well done. If you're into books, this is a good film to watch. It's definitely worth a watch.

Roger photo

I watched this movie in the middle of the night on a plane and it was the most moving thing I have ever seen. The messages of the movie were amazing. It is so sad to think that the real feelings that many people are still suffering from are not being communicated to people. It is definitely worth watching.

Katherine photo

This is a terrific documentary about the struggle to be recognized as authors. The protagonist is Alison Bechdel, who is a film-maker whose film, "Fun Home," was nominated for an Academy Award. I first saw the film at a screening in Boston. After the screening, I was invited to the United States by Alison to see the film in New York City. I was fortunate to attend the screening in Los Angeles, and I was able to see Alison's film again at the New York Film Festival. The documentary is full of interesting anecdotes about the filmmaking process and Alison's thoughts about being recognized as a writer. In the final part of the documentary, Alison and her husband, Joseph, discuss what it means to be a writer, and about the difficult time of learning how to be recognized as a writer. I recommend this documentary to all who are interested in the creative process.

Lauren D. photo
Lauren D.

I enjoyed the movie because it was a good representation of the youth culture in Japan, it has great performances from the cast, it was just a good movie to see.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

This movie is about the struggle of two men who are desperate for money to open a bookshop. The booksellers are struggling to make ends meet, the parents have nothing to do with their children and the marriage seems doomed. I found the movie very interesting, very real, very close to life. You feel the frustration, the heartbreak, the struggles. You feel the love, the love of the booksellers. It is a very inspiring movie. The camera work, the editing, the performances. everything is so good. It is a movie that will definitely touch your heart.

Rebecca Mitchell photo
Rebecca Mitchell

The booksellers of New York City were an important part of the early 20th century's cultural fabric, an industry that was on the verge of collapse. Today, the city is a vibrant commercial and cultural hub, but this film focuses on just a handful of them: Jacob Riis, George Braque, the family business of Alice Klein and the influential Mr. Braque, and their struggle to survive. The documentary doesn't shy away from the complexities of the city's economic and political history, or the personal tragedies of their lives. Rather, it uses the work of these three to show that no single person can make a difference. The interviews range from former owners of the store to people who have worked there for decades. They range from New York University to the city's black community to the Czech National Library. And, the most fascinating part of the film is its portrayal of the Braques' children, who are now grown and go on to do different things. One of the oldest is Zulay, now an environmental engineer, who takes up a similar cause to his father. Another is Masha, who is now a lawyer and works for the women's center. All of the Braques' children have made a significant impact on the world, from different walks of life. The oldest son, David, now works for the Clinton campaign. The oldest daughter, Mariah, is a model and co-star of "Dancing with the Stars." All of the Braques' children have gone on to great things. Some have gone on to start their own businesses, others have stayed at the store. All have contributed to New York's cultural life, whether or not they're related to them. The booksellers were an important part of that, and their story is one that's more often told in the small doses that film makers are willing to do. The Braques are not the only family that made a significant impact on New York City, but they are the only family that I've ever seen talk about it so openly. As a film maker, I would have liked to have seen more of the Braques' children, particularly Mariah, who, like her father, is a lawyer. There's a lot of other interesting stuff in the film, but I won't spoil the story here.

Jessica photo

This movie is excellent, it tells the story of the booksellers and their struggle to stop the unjust law. The characters are great and the acting is superb. If you have never heard of them, this movie will inspire you to start reading and reading good books. This is a great movie to watch, for its art and for its message. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Julia S. photo
Julia S.

I went to see this movie in January and was very pleasantly surprised. This movie was very informative and enlightening. I saw this movie with my wife and we both enjoyed it. We were a little apprehensive about seeing a documentary about the Booksellers because we are not into books. However, we enjoyed the movie and thought it was very informative. I would recommend this movie to any one. It is a great movie to see because it shows you a lot about the people who are making a living from selling books. It also shows you a lot about the culture and the attitudes and lifestyles of the Booksellers. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

I don't know if I should say anything, I've never had the pleasure of meeting the two authors of the book that I read, but I'm glad to have been able to watch this movie. Both, Harry B. and Maryanne and Oliver Cromwell are deeply rooted in the English social fabric and are a reminder of what it was like to live during that time in the late 1700s. And now, almost 100 years later, their words are still being felt, even though they are in private, and they live in a world of typewriters, and probably none of the modern conveniences that people take for granted. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in social history and has a love for historical fiction. And if you have a love for one of the authors, then this is a movie you need to watch. It's as if you were watching "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as a child, and as an adult you will be more than glad you did.

Christine Richards photo
Christine Richards

The Booksellers, which was made for PBS in 1996, was one of the first documentaries that did not pay for itself. The film explores the (mythical) world of booksellers and their influence on our lives and the way they are perceived. The film was praised for its honesty and its depiction of the work of a profession that most Americans either don't understand or don't know about. The film made a huge impact on me, especially after seeing it. The filming was excellent and the acting was superb. As with all documentaries, this film deals with a topic that is so difficult to talk about and the film does a great job at putting that issue on screen. This is a film that will stay with me for a long time.

Mary Howard photo
Mary Howard

You can never help but admire this man for his courage. This documentary is not an anti-Christian film. It is, however, a story about a man who refuses to be silenced and who ultimately is willing to be known. This is not a film for those who are ready to accept everything Christianity says as fact. Nor is it a film for those who are ready to agree with everything Christianity says. This film is about what it means to be a Christian. It is not about the Bible or the Christian religion. It is about the Christian life and about the Christian faith. It is not about the church. It is about what Jesus meant to people and how he lived his life. This film will be a work of art. If you are not prepared to see it, you are not ready to see it. If you are not prepared to see it, then you are not ready to see it.

Bruce P. photo
Bruce P.

This documentary about the booksellers who were involved in the riots of 1968 is the best I have seen on the subject. It really puts the viewer right in the middle of the riots. The interviews with many of the people who were there is really powerful. I highly recommend it.

Howard photo

I came across this documentary at a local library and decided to go ahead and watch it. I can't say that I've ever had a lot of interest in reading, but this documentary and the "reading with mom" tapes it included really got me interested. I'm sure that many of the people in the audience, which was about 150 people, did not read or even looked at the book until the end of the film. This documentary, if it had been cut, was very good for me. The actual reading was very engaging, and it helped me to understand why I read. I think the real strength of this documentary was that it gave me the opportunity to learn about the people involved in the creation of the book and the way they felt about it, without any judgment or commentary. I think that was the best part of the film. If it had been a non-fiction book, I probably would have left the theatre because I didn't really care about the people who wrote it, and I didn't like the title that much. The editing, production, and sound quality were all very good. It was a very interesting documentary and I was very impressed.

Roger White photo
Roger White

What a great documentary. If you're into documentary, definitely check this out. The narration is well done, with some very compelling material about the subject matter. If you're not into documentary, you should definitely check this out, as it is one of the most compelling documentaries I've ever seen. The only problem is that it's not available on DVD, and I had to order it from the library.

Emma photo

This film is, quite simply, a beautiful gem of an film. It's certainly not a movie that will change the world, but if you give it a chance, it will make you think. It's a beautiful, sad, insightful look into the plight of the homeless. It is, to me, one of the most inspiring films of the year. So I recommend this movie highly. See it in the theater and spread the word.

Amanda Hall photo
Amanda Hall

I'm sure it was only a matter of time before we had to deal with the atrocities of the Armenian genocide, but we are not there yet. This film does a very good job of presenting the facts and offering a historical perspective. The acting is excellent, the photography is impressive, and the film's script is written with care. I hope that other people will now take the time to read the Wikipedia article about the events of 1915. I hope this film will help to change peoples' opinions of the events of 1915. If you are interested in the Armenian genocide, then I recommend this film.

Susan Lucas photo
Susan Lucas

I came into this film knowing a lot about it from my previous experience with it. Having seen this film before, I knew what the movie was about, so I didn't even need to read the synopsis. What I saw was a different story. The first few minutes of the movie were a bit confusing because of some of the actors in the movie, but once they explained the plot, I thought it was really interesting and moving. The only part of the movie that I found disappointing was when the movie started to get into the 'Hollywood' type of ending. It was a bit disappointing because of the acting in the beginning of the movie. Some of the actors were just too fake, like the guy who played the journalist. I understand that it is a movie about the bookseller, but when they play that part in the movie, they were just too fake. I didn't think that they should be playing a part like that, especially the journalist. In the end, I thought that the movie was very good and very moving. I would recommend this movie to people who like to see a movie with different perspectives and different stories. The movie is really about the author, but it is also about the people that worked on the book. I think that the movie is a must-see.

Alan photo

The Booksellers, a fascinating and disturbing documentary, follows a small group of amateur booksellers in England who try to make a living selling their books to big-name publishers and agents. The film is an insightful look at this hard-working, yet desperate sector of the community, and it reveals some truths about life in the publishing world that are often ignored or ignored by the industry. It also documents some of the difficulties that booksellers face as well as the attitudes and actions of the industry. The film follows a group of booksellers as they work at their jobs, their families and their lives. The booksellers are portrayed as working people and they are not treated like any other employees. The film does a great job of making the audience feel the weight of the booksellers' lives and the effects they have on each other and on the people around them. The film is shot in a manner that is almost documentary-like. The film does a great job of using some of the most beautiful landscapes in England to bring the audience into the world of booksellers. The cinematography is fantastic, and the film is filmed with great skill and style. The performances are great, as are the editing and sound design. The editing is superb, and the sound design is excellent. The acting by the booksellers is well-done. Some of the performances in this film are difficult to watch. When they speak, you can tell they're having a hard time and it really hurts. Some of the performances are so intense that they hurt. I was especially upset by the performances of Helen Mirren and Paul McGann, because I felt that they were too raw and real. Other performances are brilliant. Peter Cushing was great, and the rest of the actors were excellent. The booksellers have a tremendous amount of power and influence. It is also interesting to see how the booksellers interact with each other and with the booksellers they work with. They are very intimate and the way they interact with each other is extremely interesting. I have to say that I was very surprised by the booksellers' work ethic. I expected that they would have a lot of time on their hands and a lot of time working on their books. What they did with their time was very impressive and interesting. The booksellers are very passionate about their work, and I think that is a good thing. I have to say that I was surprised by the performances of some of the actors. I was not expecting that they would do such a great job. I was very impressed with Helen Mirren's performance. Her acting was very convincing and her performances were very well-done. Paul McGann's performance was also very good, and I thought his acting was very good. I think he was very believable. The rest of the actors were great. The Booksellers is an excellent film. It's very well-made, well-edited and the performances are wonderful. I recommend it highly.

Karen White photo
Karen White

I just saw this movie at a free screening. I was so excited to see it. It was a really good movie. I read the book before the movie and I thought it was great. I love the movie and I love the book. I think they did a good job of not cutting out anything in the book. I thought the actors were fantastic. I especially loved Sam Rockwell. I was surprised that Eric Stoltz was in it. I thought he was really good. I think this is a movie that should be on people's list of movies to see. If you don't know about it yet. Watch it!

Jean B. photo
Jean B.

I love the fact that you don't need a huge budget to make an amazing film. It's something that almost everyone knows. It's great to see that this movie is making a great impact and the atmosphere is amazing. It's a shame that there is not more of these kind of films being made. It is a shame that we have not been able to see the work that is being done in the field of photography and it's a shame that we haven't been able to see what's being done on the set of a movie. This is the kind of film that really gets into you and makes you want to get involved in the process. A great subject, a great director and a great crew. This is a movie that is going to get your attention and keep it there.

Austin Wells photo
Austin Wells

If you are reading this and haven't seen the movie, please do yourself a favor and watch it. It is a very good film and you will get to see a lot of what we are now doing. The film is filled with a lot of great music, great stories, and great performances. If you are looking for an artsy film with a lot of music and great actors, this is not it. The Booksellers is about the relationship between two individuals who make a business out of selling books. They do it on their own time and they have no budget. It is a very important story about how people can make a living and make a difference in people's lives. The movie is very well done and has a great message. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in business, politics, or any other area of interest.

Jesse photo

The last few years have seen a surge of documentaries about the way in which the cultural institutions of the United States have been brought to their knees by the rise of neoliberalism and the ever-increasing stranglehold that corporations have on the government. In recent years, we've seen a series of 'Big Corporations Speak Out' documentaries, each of which is an examination of how the multinational corporations have found ways to undermine the government's ability to regulate, or in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, to undermine the government's ability to enforce regulations. One such documentary, that I recommend highly, is called 'The Corporation: The Hidden Story of the World's Most Powerful Company'. That film looks at how the United States government has responded to the financial crisis, and how corporations, as an institution, have been able to exploit their economic and political power to make ever more profits. It's not that these corporations are exactly a good thing. Many are guilty of massive violations of the law and of human rights. However, the way in which they have been able to get away with it is something that should disturb us. As the film's narrator, Michael Moore, explains: "The corporate giants are everywhere. They can be found in every business, in every community, in every family. They are the ruling class. They control the economy, they control the government, they control the media. They have taken over the world. And they are the only ones who can talk about anything without being accused of being a fascist." The documentary highlights a few different examples of corporate abuse, but it's far from the whole story. Rather, it focuses on the financial crisis itself, and how the collapse of the housing market and the subsequent decline of the US economy has had a huge impact on the lives of ordinary people. Moore's point is that, despite the economic downturn, the corporations have been able to get away with their activities, and they have even been able to put profit before people. He compares the situation of corporations to that of the Nazis, who were able to use the mass murder of Jews to garner support for their policies. However, the documentary does not really discuss the problem of the mass murder of Jews in the US during the Holocaust, and how corporations could have been made to pay for the atrocities they committed. That's not to say that the corporations don't need to be accountable for their actions. It's just that the problem isn't as bad as we are led to believe. Moore does go a little bit over the top in his portrayal of the reaction to the financial crisis. He blames the financial institutions for the crisis, and then blames them for the greed and the recklessness that led to it. He blames them for being in bed with the banks, for having the 'Wall Street mentality'. He blames them for being able to survive in a world that has been turned upside down by financial deregulation. However, these are all issues that have been raised in other documentaries. In fact, they are all issues that have been raised before, and they are all issues that we have the right to know about. So I'd say that The Corporation is a good documentary that should be seen. However, it doesn't really address the root causes of the problem, and it doesn't really address the ways in which corporations have been able to exploit the economic crisis to achieve their ends. As such, it is more a documentary about the symptoms than the causes of the problem. It's a good documentary, but it's not a great documentary.

Anthony photo

For all the negative reviews, let me just say that the cinematography was great and the acting was fine. As far as the violence and nudity goes, this movie should not be banned for any reason. I'd like to see what other countries have to say about this. The only reason I could think of why it was banned was that they were going to show a "scary" scene at the end. If they would've just had a normal movie with the same kind of message, I could see why they would have banned it. The only reason I gave it a 9/10 was because it showed some things that were not as prevalent in the States. I'm not saying that it was perfect. But I would say it's a great movie that anyone can enjoy.

Shirley A. photo
Shirley A.

This is one of the best documentaries I've seen in quite a while. It covers a lot of ground but does so in an entertaining manner. It does a good job at getting to the heart of the topic. It is definitely worth watching.