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Jay Myself

Jay Myself is a movie starring Jay Maisel. Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an intimate portrait of his mentor, Jay Maisel, as he leaves the 30,000 square foot building in the Bowery that he's inhabited and filled with his...

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Biography, Documentary
Stephen Wilkes
Josh Alexander
Jay Maisel
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Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an intimate portrait of his mentor, Jay Maisel, as he leaves the 30,000 square foot building in the Bowery that he's inhabited and filled with his eccentric collection of beautiful random objects for the last 40 years - known as 'The Bank.'

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Paul K. photo
Paul K.

I found this documentary to be a very interesting and informative look at the life and times of George W. Bush and his family. I think it's a shame that the rest of the world, especially the US, has not been able to get a look at the Bush family. The documentary is very informative, and has a very good flow. It's a little slow at times, but it's worth watching.

Jeffrey W. photo
Jeffrey W.

I am a big fan of the documentary, "On the Road", and I saw the trailer for this movie and I thought it looked great. The only thing I was worried about was the length of the movie, but the movie was short, and I felt like I got everything I could from it. I liked the characters in this movie, and I like the style of it. I am glad they did not make this movie a docudrama, because this movie was a very personal story. I don't want to give anything away, but it was a very interesting story and I think the people involved with it should be proud of what they did. I am glad that they didn't make it a docudrama because it would have been a boring movie. I am a big fan of the HBO Documentary series "Inside the Actors Studio", and I think this movie is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. The actors were great, and I liked the style of the movie. I also liked the way they portrayed the characters, and I think that was important. This is a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great documentary.

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Grace M.

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Dorothy Stanley photo
Dorothy Stanley

I saw this documentary when it first came out, and was blown away by the raw, honest, and authentic portrayal of a group of kids who were victims of sexual abuse. It is truly amazing how these kids were able to heal after the abuse was over, and how they made a life for themselves. It is also amazing that they were able to grow and become the people they are today. I was lucky enough to be able to see the film at the Tribeca Film Festival, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the subject matter.

Ralph M. photo
Ralph M.

I have been a fan of the Rifkin's work for a very long time, and I can honestly say that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. From the very beginning, this documentary is extremely well made, and it is almost impossible to find a flaw in it. This is the best documentary I have seen about the rise and fall of the label. It was also extremely well researched. There are many interviews with many people involved in the industry, many of them have no idea about what the label really was, and it was a very good insight into the people involved in the label. I would have to say that this is a very well researched documentary and should be seen by anyone who is interested in the label. It is also very well shot, and the music is very well done. The music is a combination of the original music and the songs that were used by the label, and I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the label. The only thing that I would have changed is the fact that it was a little slow at times, but other than that, this documentary was very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the label and the music that was used by the label.

Lauren photo

I watched this movie on an airplane. I thought it was a real interesting movie. I was quite surprised to see that the majority of the people in the audience did not know who Bob Dylan was. There were some brief songs sung by some of the people in the audience that were pretty funny. It was a very entertaining movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Bob Dylan.

Doris photo

OK. so I've always known that what goes on inside a womens womb has an impact on us in the form of an early life of influences and experiences. But this is something that has been covered before in other documentaries. It's a sad and upsetting reality, but the film does give a great insight into the subject. The two main characters, the doctor and the mother, have been at the centre of a lot of controversy and are probably one of the most polarising figures in the world. This film is a lot more in the mould of 'The Baby Industry' and 'The Slenderman Chronicles'. The documentary does cover the subject in great depth and the fact that it has such a controversial subject means that it's a great movie. It's also a really well made film. I don't think I've seen a documentary that has been so well made. I found it very hard to watch, but I don't think it was the point of the film. It was just a case of watching it and then judging for yourself. The film is also very well put together and was well worth watching. I think it's one of those documentaries that you should watch if you are into the subject. The two main actors are very good. Although I wouldn't recommend watching this if you don't like documentaries or you have a problem with abortion. It's also a documentary that I don't think you should watch if you don't like movies. It's about women and what it means to be a mother, so it's not the kind of thing you would watch if you want to see a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into the subject, but if you don't like documentaries or are against abortion. I would say this is definitely not the film for you.

Nancy Richards photo
Nancy Richards

This is a very good documentary on the life of John Lennon. It tells us the story of a man who had such a great impact on many people. The film does not shy away from showing the dark side of his life, but it does not make the dark side of his life seem like it was his fault. It shows us a man who was a brilliant artist, but was a human being who was abused and treated like a piece of meat. The film is very well made and keeps you interested in what is happening. You can see a lot of the raw emotions that were behind his death. It is very emotional, and it shows us his pain, and his life in the most honest and genuine way. I think that if you are going to see this film, you should go in knowing that it is not going to be a film about John Lennon, but a film about a very troubled man who died young, and was so influential on so many people. If you are expecting to see a documentary about John Lennon, this film is not going to be that kind of documentary. The documentary is very well made and you will not be disappointed.

Diane F. photo
Diane F.

A very interesting and well-made documentary about the controversial musician Prince. It is both entertaining and educational, and provides some very interesting insights into his life. There is some disturbing content, but it is balanced out by some very insightful interviews with his friends and family. The interviews with his mother are particularly revealing and enlightening. I found the documentary to be very interesting, and the interviews with his friends and family were fascinating as well. Prince was a very unique person, and the documentary makes it very clear that he was a very unique person. It is very interesting to see the impact of his music on people, and the documentary does a good job of explaining this. It is a very good documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Prince. 9/10

Dylan Garcia photo
Dylan Garcia

I'm a big fan of the documentary format, and I found this movie to be very well done. I was impressed by the way the documentary was edited. I'm also a big fan of the director, and I was also impressed by the way he edited this movie. The director, David Gordon Green, has done a great job with the way he tells this story. The documentary features interviews with people who knew and worked with the boy. The people interviewed were mostly from the legal system, but some also had personal experience with him. Many people, including parents and other professionals, say that they were not aware of the boy's developmental problems. But when they were in court, the parents admitted they knew of his problems, but did not know why. The documentary also includes the testimony of other people who were involved in the boy's life. The documentary also includes the testimony of some of the parents, including the parents who are now deceased. This is an excellent documentary, and I think it is very important for anyone to watch this movie. There is a lot of information in this movie, and the movie does a good job of telling the story without giving any information that is not important. For example, the documentary only mentions that the boy was taken away from his family and placed in foster care, but does not give any details of how that happened. If you are interested in this story, I highly recommend this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Barbara S. photo
Barbara S.

I was fortunate to catch this film at a special screening in London. I was very surprised to find out that it was actually shot on location in Brighton. I have lived in Brighton for the last 15 years and am very familiar with the area. I was very impressed by the location and the setting. The film is very well made, with great attention to detail. I also found it very moving. It was very well acted and the performances were very good. The young actors did a great job. I was very impressed by the way the film was shot and the amount of attention to detail. The only problem I had with the film was that it was too long. I felt that the film could have been cut down to 90 minutes. I think that the director could have done a better job in this area. I also felt that the film could have been edited to make it more suitable for the younger audience. The film was very moving and I think that anyone who has lived in Brighton for the last 15 years would find it very interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a heart.

Virginia B. photo
Virginia B.

I first heard about this film on the radio the other day and wanted to see it. I'm not a big fan of documentaries, but this one was really good. I'm not sure if it was the way it was shot or what, but it was very well done. It was very interesting to see how the story of this particular story unfolded. I don't think it would have been the same if it was a movie, but I'm sure that it would have been different. I think it's worth watching.

Marie S. photo
Marie S.

This is a very insightful and moving documentary about the life and work of George Michael. It's an inspiring story about a man who showed how to handle success and failure with the same passion and dignity that he always had. This is the kind of documentary that should be shown in every high school science class to inspire the next generation of scientists. It's well made and I was very impressed with the editing. The music and narration is also great. This is a must see for every young scientist, art teacher, or anyone who cares about making a difference in the world. It's a must see for all.

Sarah Guerrero photo
Sarah Guerrero

I really like the idea of this documentary. I'm a big fan of the band and the music they have done. I've listened to their music and songs for years. I've watched their music videos and seen all their concerts. I've read all the reviews on this website and I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. But I think it was pretty good. I just watched the documentary again and I'm still very impressed with the way it was made. I have to say, the music videos and the interviews were excellent. I'm glad I watched it. I think it was a great documentary and I recommend it to anyone who likes music or music videos.

Roy R. photo
Roy R.

I love this documentary. It is beautifully done. It is very interesting to see the people involved in the filming. I thought that the documentaries about the late great entertainer of the world, Elvis Presley, were good, but I don't think they were as good as this documentary. The interviews are all very informative, and I think that they give you a lot of information about Elvis Presley. The most interesting part of the documentary is when he is talking about his wife, "I was a very spoiled child, very spoiled. I could never get a real job, and I had to be in a band to make a living. I had to have sex with any woman that I met in order to survive. And the other thing I learned was that you can never have a real job if you don't have sex with the people you work with." I thought that the film was very informative and very interesting. I highly recommend this documentary.

Catherine H. photo
Catherine H.

One of the more insightful documentaries I've ever seen about the end of the world. Watch this movie and you will learn a lot about the people and places that will not be coming back. This movie shows you just how bad the global warming has become. And if you are a political junkie like I am, you will not want to miss any scene, because there is so much to know. The film does a great job of showing you just how destructive and how hard it is to combat global warming. It is also a great tool to show the world how bad the environmental situation is, and how much we are hurting our environment and our environment's other inhabitants. All in all, this movie is a must see.

Larry photo

This film, directed by Neil Ross, is an intimate look at the life of a young mother, Janet Hardy, in the 1980's. It shows a lot of the life of Janet and her son, Christopher, who were raised by her grandmother, Margaret. In the early 1970's, Janet was a troubled woman who was homeless, sleeping in parks, and barely able to keep her daughter's body together. She had a lot of problems with alcohol, and didn't want to see her daughter living like that. She was also dealing with her husband who was very unstable. Janet was really in the middle of a lot of problems, and there were many people that she had to look after, and not to mention dealing with her husband's death. The film is narrated by Janet. It was a very touching film, and shows that Janet's story is very real. She is just as crazy as everyone else that we see, and that's what makes the film so much more effective. She is very open and honest about her life, and really shows that life is too short. I liked the film, and it was a good one.