Anschauen Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no mirai

Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no mirai

Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Bokura no mirai is a movie starring John Eric Bentley, Cristina Valenzuela, and Cherami Leigh. The DigiDestined must stand together to prevent the digital world from swallowing the real world.

Other Titles
Digimon Adventure tri. 6: Our Future, Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future, Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6: Future, Dejimon Adobenchâ Torai 6: Bokura no Mirai, デジモンアドベンチャー tri. 第6章「ぼくらの未来」, Digimon Adventure Tri. 6: Unsere Zukunft, Digimon avantura tri 6: Naša budućnost
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Animation, Action, Adventure
Akiyoshi Hongo
John Eric Bentley, Cristina Valenzuela, Johnny Yong Bosch, Cherami Leigh
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The DigiDestined must stand together to prevent the digital world from swallowing the real world.

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Vincent photo

I have seen this movie twice and it is one of my favorites. It is a very funny movie. It is full of action and humor. It has a lot of action in it and also a lot of humor. The characters are very good. The story is also very good. This movie is very much fun to watch. The plot is very good. It has many things in it. It has action, comedy, romance, and a lot of other stuff. This movie is one of the best movies in the world. If you love anime movies, this is one of the best Anime movies. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Christina W. photo
Christina W.

When I first saw this movie, I didn't know what to think. I've always been a fan of the original anime, and I'd always been a huge fan of the first movie. But I didn't know if the movie would be as good as the anime. It was. The movie is a lot better than I thought it would be. It has a lot more humor and it's funnier. There is a lot more emotion and it's more dramatic. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because the acting is a little weak. I feel like the actors were trying to be too dramatic and the acting was a little too weak. But it wasn't too bad. It's still a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes the anime. It's worth watching.

Jane R. photo
Jane R.

This is a movie that I never would have expected to love, even after I saw the previews. I had been told that the film would be horrible, but I was wrong. I felt like I was watching the best movie I had ever seen, and I would see it again and again. The characters are the best I've seen in any movie, I love all of them and they all have their own individual personality. I really don't understand why people would say that this movie is bad, it's a masterpiece that deserves to be viewed by as many people as possible.

Madison Ramirez photo
Madison Ramirez

After seeing the first installment of the anime film and not seeing the second installment (which I heard was much better) I have to say this is my favorite of the anime films. The first part of the film is great, the second part is excellent. It is so hard to compare the two parts of the film. The first part of the film is not as good as the second part, but still is very good. This is why I'm giving this film a 9 out of 10. If you like the anime you will enjoy this film.

Donna W. photo
Donna W.

I have never seen an animated film that made me really love them more than a movie like this one. The fight scenes are really amazing. I'm a sucker for live action. They are so much better than computer animated movies. You know, like in the "Pon, Shiro and the Sword of Justice" movies or "Final Fantasy VII". They are just so much more awesome. This is what animation should be about, instead of what they use in movies nowadays, like when the movie is CGI and the movie is not. This is the same. I have watched it twice. The second time I watched it, I was impressed, but the first time I watched it, I was really disappointed. I thought that they could have done better with the acting, but they did, and that's all I need to say. There are so many memorable characters that will live with you for a long time. You will love every character, especially Kokona. You will cry, laugh, and feel sad. I thought that the voices of the characters were the best I have heard in a movie. The music is also really great. I don't want to spoil anything, but I do like the song at the end when the Ghost portal is opened. It makes you feel happy, sad, and happy. It's so good. I think that the soundtrack of this movie is very special. It's very emotional. You can feel the music, because it's in your heart. I like that. It really gets you excited. This is my favorite movie of all time. It's a must see.

Martha Hayes photo
Martha Hayes

It's nice to see some of the old crew back together in a good movie. I really enjoyed the story, the animation was great. I also like the cool music. I especially liked the melody in the ending credits. My only problem with this movie is the characters. They were nice but I don't like them all. They don't really have any personality, especially the leader, and they all don't do anything special. I do like that the movie starts off kind of slowly and the fighting is nice. I do like how the director really put a lot of time into the animation and it is not just CGI. I do like how they didn't have big effects in this movie and the soundtrack is good. The ending credits music is good too. The ending credits song is great. The voice actors did a good job. I don't really have a problem with that they all worked hard on this movie. I hope that this movie gets the good reviews that it deserves. I give it a 9/10.

Roy Tucker photo
Roy Tucker

I've seen this movie 5 times now, and I still like it. It's not just a good anime. I think the animation is better than the average movie, and I think the story is good too. I think the song is one of the best in the entire movie. I just watched the Japanese version and I think the subtitles are a little bit off, but it didn't bother me. If you like the movie, then you'll like the song, because it's one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's so epic and beautiful. If you don't like the movie, I'm not going to say anything about it. I think it's not for everyone. There are a few scenes where you can't really follow the story. There are a couple of parts that are a little confusing. The dubbing is a little bit of a problem in this movie. They have some of the actors from the movie, but not the others. This movie is very different than most anime and I think the change makes it better. My favorite scenes are the climax scene with the ghost, and the scene with the ghost's dog.

Eric Johnston photo
Eric Johnston

The 90s was a long time for animation, that's for sure. The first two were an excellent start and, although they could have been better, I think this was the best one at that time. Even the one to follow wasn't as bad as some critics made it out to be. But I don't think that's saying much. Anyway, this is my favourite. This is a film that I can watch over and over again. The music is fantastic. If you like anime music, you'll love this. The characters are well defined. The story is amazing, and the animation is one of the best I've seen. The ending of the film is my favourite. 9/10

Beverly G. photo
Beverly G.

this is the best movie i have ever is so good that i would do it for the next 100 movies.i think they are gonna make a movie with kazu and the time to be a girl.i would not miss it.this is the best movie of my life.the best.

Dennis Wilson photo
Dennis Wilson

Perhaps this film is more for the fans of the anime, and this is a good thing. A few criticisms I have about the film, and the series overall, are these: 1. The film is not long enough to really get in depth with the characters. I would like to see more about how the characters and their relationships with each other are affected by their new found powers. There are a lot of moments in this film where the pacing of the film is slow, and this causes the audience to become lost and unsure what is happening. While the film is more of a character study of three main characters than a full-on battle of good versus evil, the characters are very interesting and some of the flashbacks and character studies are really well done. However, the two main leads of the film, Motoki and Mikazuki, are very much under developed, as most of their relationship is seen in the first few minutes of the film. 2. The camera work of this film is amazing. It feels like a different medium to us and our film goers, and this is something I appreciate. This film is more of a visual film, but the action scenes are so well done and are just breathtaking to watch. It is a visually stunning film and I'm not sure if I'm in love with it or not, but it is a visually stunning film. If you liked the anime, this is one to check out. If you don't, then I doubt you would enjoy the film. This film is great. If you have any suggestions about the film, let me know!

Pamela H. photo
Pamela H.

I know this movie is not for everyone, but it was absolutely one of the best Anime Movies of all time! It was funny, well written, and had a great cast. I have seen it a number of times since I first saw it in the theater. I have seen it on DVD and it still holds up really well. It is a great story, but it is also the best Anime Movie ever. It was a shame that the animation wasn't perfect. There were a few things that seemed like they were done in the wrong way, but overall it was great.

Barbara M. photo
Barbara M.

The last of the first four was not an awful movie in my eyes but it really wasn't what I was expecting. The 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes' was a decent movie that I did enjoy but I didn't think it would have been as good as I had hoped. So I was pretty disappointed when I read all of the bad reviews and bad comments on IMDb and I really didn't think it was going to live up to what it set out to do and it did. It was a good movie but it just seemed like it was missing the basics of what a good movie should be. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this movie. It had great visuals, well done action sequences, great voice acting and a great story. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the characters, or lack thereof. I thought they were all very weak and they were all played out a little too much. Also, I was not a fan of the dubbing of the characters either. It was the same voice that was used over and over again throughout the movie. They also seem to be using English dubbing for every single movie, so I had no problem with that at all. They didn't have the same sense of tension or emotion that the dubbing did. It was very inconsistent and I don't know how they could have possibly done it better. The only good thing I can say about the dubbing is that it was very good. Overall, it was a good movie, but it really could have been so much more. If you're a fan of the series, go see it but I would not recommend it. I think they made a great movie but it just needed more to it.

Ronald Jimenez photo
Ronald Jimenez

This is a great movie, i can say that it is so original and has a lot of fun. I thought it was a great movie because the story was a lot of fun. The animation is great. I thought the plot was nice and so was the humor. The plot was really fun. I loved the chemistry between the main characters, especially Megumi and Izzy. I really like the villains, especially Rhinoceros and the Warring Triad, because they have really great personalities. Overall, this is a great movie. I love the characters and their personalities, and i like the way the story went. It is a lot of fun. I give this movie an 8/10. You should see it. It is a great movie.

Gregory K. photo
Gregory K.

After viewing the original (pre-movie) of the TV series, I decided to rewatch this movie. I was still entertained, and my thoughts on this film is that it is an excellent movie in it's own right. It doesn't have the visuals of the previous movie, which I feel was very well done. And it is certainly the weakest film of the trilogy. However, the visuals and music is better than it's prequel. The story is better, and you see the development of the characters, and their progression throughout the movie. The battles, which are awesome, are better developed than before. The story does seem to focus more on the battle, which I liked. Overall, I think this is a very good movie, and I would recommend it to any fan of the series.

Patrick photo

It's pretty much the movie that is going to make me realize how great anime movies are. But it's not only about the story and the characters, it's also about the animation and the way the director used the backgrounds and the frames. I have never seen a film like this before, where everything is done with perfect technique, where every detail has been perfect, and every frame looks like it's drawn by a master. That's really a thing that people tend to miss, when they're in the mood for a mindless and eye candy-filled movie. "Funky Fighter" is just the kind of film that makes me look back at movies that were in the past and realize how amazing they really were. What a pleasant surprise. I still can't believe how the story was written. To be honest, I was a little bit confused by the plot, but everything just started to make sense later on, when everything had become clear. The characters were wonderful, the movie was not boring at all, and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The way it was animated, the way the characters spoke, everything was just perfect. I don't know how to explain it better. This movie is for the fans. I would say that you should go and watch it. It is just a great movie, and it deserves to be watched by every anime fan out there. Thank you for reading.