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Rodin is a movie starring Vincent Lindon, Izïa Higelin, and Séverine Caneele. An account of the famous French sculptor's romance with Camille Claudel.

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ロダン カミーユと永遠のアトリエ, Rodin: Az alkotó, Auguste Rodin
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Biography, Romance, Drama
Jacques Doillon
Jacques Doillon
Izïa Higelin, Bernard Verley, Séverine Caneele, Vincent Lindon
France, USA, Belgium
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An account of the famous French sculptor's romance with Camille Claudel.

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Juan Price

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It was like I was watching a comedy version of a documentary of the Holocaust. It was well-written and well-acted. As for me, I have the feeling that it's getting some bad reviews. I am not saying that it's bad, just that it's different from other Holocaust movies. I don't know if it's because it's an American movie or because I like to know the context of a film. I think it was a movie that would make me think about my own life and my own family history. I think it's interesting that it's not being compared to other Holocaust movies, and it's also interesting that I haven't heard a lot about it. Maybe it's because I like to watch a movie with my own thoughts and not someone else's. It's not a perfect movie, but I think it's better than other Holocaust movies that were made a few years ago. I'm glad that it is getting good reviews, but I don't think it's too good.

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I read the reviews and was not expecting much. I was wrong. I have been a fan of the play since I was a kid and was excited to see the film adaptation. I was not disappointed. It was a very good film, but I think it could have been better. The cast was great, but I think they could have been a little more fleshed out. It is a great story and I was very interested in the characters. I think they could have done a little more with the end. I also felt that the ending was a little too rushed. I am glad that I saw the film because I would not have been able to stand it without seeing it. I was very disappointed with the cast, but I think they did a good job. I think they did a great job in the film. I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. I think the actors did a great job. I am very happy that I saw the film. I am glad I did. I think it is a great film and I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It was a good drama. It had a good plot and a good ending. I wasn't really bored because of the two hours. I didn't really want the film to end. I guess I felt like that because I thought the film could have been longer. There were some scenes I liked, but it didn't really have a lot of action. I liked the old school music and the song "In The Name Of Love" was beautiful. It was a good film. I liked it.

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Megan Evans

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Sean B.

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I found this film an incredible piece of work. It was definitely a work of art, but it did not do it for me. For some reason, I didn't connect with the characters and it wasn't the plot that was the problem. It was the portrayal of society and its values. For instance, what was the big deal about the lack of music in this movie? I am not a musician and had never even heard of a piece of music before I saw this film. Yet the film tries to portray the entire band as a group of musicians. Even the songs that the main characters sing were just one or two melodies and none of them were played by any musicians. A few times in the film, it was like they were just playing chords. But that was only during the scenes where they were working. It did not add any depth to the characters or the plot. This was an artistic and significant film for me. I was left thinking, "What was the point of this?"

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Zachary Lee

I didn't think the movie was that good. It was just okay. I didn't think it was great, but I was expecting more. The acting was good, but the movie wasn't great. I think the movie could have been better, but it wasn't great. I think it was okay, but it wasn't great.

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It's a shame that the film has such a low rating, because the movie is actually quite good. I have not read the book, so I cannot compare the two. But I did read the book, and I was very impressed with the story and the execution. The acting was superb, especially the two leads, especially Bill Murray. I think the film could have been a lot better, but it was still good. I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but it was still good. Overall, I give it a 7 out of 10.

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This is one of the few I've seen in which one of the stars actually makes a good choice of roles. What could have been a very dull affair became a lively, moving story of the agony of a young man's life. Not for the squeamish, the film has some graphic scenes, but they are fairly restrained. And the cast is excellent. Keitel is remarkable as the young man, with a quiet dignity and vulnerability which is his in the end. The supporting players are good, as is the director. This film is well worth watching. Keitel should do more of these.

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If you like the first film, you will most likely like this one. It's still better than I thought it would be, but I still think it has some problems. I liked how the film focused more on the male relationship. The little girl was the first of many point in the film that showed the connection between the mother and the son. I liked the idea of making the daughter's father mad because she was a piece of crap. The son was the first of many plot devices that would come later. The father's death was also very important. The last scene of the film where they show the dad and daughter sitting down and talking was very well done. The dialogue was more raw and had more impact than in the previous film. The final scene was also very moving. I also liked the fact that it was a musical number. There was also a few parts that were different from the original film. They did a great job in making the characters more distinct, but I felt that the acting was lacking a bit in this one. The film has a lot of style, but the acting was more or less mediocre. The acting in the first film was very good. However, it was hard to tell if they were acting or not in this one. They were all fine in their roles. I liked the fact that the mother became more of an emotional character and she started to really care for her son. I also liked the idea of the father having his own personal assistant, which I think is very cool. There was also the idea of the mother having to send her son to a boarding school, which was pretty interesting. There was also a scene where she was more of a strong character. I also liked the idea of having a car accident and having her son get a call from his mother. I also liked the fact that the father had a new house, but was still a bad dad. He was also able to make a phone call and that was a bit surprising. I also liked how he did things in his house that his mother couldn't. This film is still great, but it wasn't as good as the first one. I still think it's a good movie though.

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Carolyn C.

I found this movie to be very thought provoking and thought provoking at the same time. I would suggest this movie to anyone who likes movies with a message to help them to better understand their life and the problems they face. The movie was a good movie to watch especially if you are looking for a movie to watch with a friend, or are looking for a movie to watch with your children. I found it to be very interesting and thought provoking.

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Tiffany Hill

As the stories of the series continue to be told, one is always fascinated with the genesis of these characters. It is fascinating to see how the personalities and attitudes of these people change as they age. I thought that I would never be able to handle what I found out about the life of Walt Disney, but this movie made me care about his life. His battles with his father and his sexual orientation are fascinating, and his younger years are so much better than his old age. It is also interesting to see how much of an impact his children's stories had on him. I thought that this movie was very touching, and very inspirational. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a movie that will make them think.

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Lori Barrett

I enjoyed this movie, and I think it's one of the better "hidden gems" of the year. I don't think it's a masterpiece, but it's a good movie. I also thought the acting was very good, and the cinematography was great. I think the story was pretty good, and I think the music was great. I also liked the fact that the movie was based on a true story. I also thought the ending was a little strange, but I think it was necessary. I also thought the movie was a little slow, but I think it was necessary. Overall, I think this movie is very good. I give it a 7/10.