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Ophelia is a movie starring Daisy Ridley, Mia Quiney, and Calum O'Rourke. A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.

Other Titles
Ofelija, オフィーリア, Ofélia
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
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Thriller, War, Drama, History, Romance
Claire McCarthy
Semi Chellas, Lisa Klein, Lisa Klein, Semi Chellas, William Shakespeare
Mia Quiney, Calum O'Rourke, Daisy Ridley, Nathaniel Parker
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.

Comments about thriller «Ophelia» (19)

Doris West photo
Doris West

I liked the story. There were several moments that were pretty cool and made me laugh out loud. I thought the characters were believable, especially the creepy character of Cosette, who reminded me of the late '90s. I was also impressed with the amount of detail that went into the production of the film. The sets, the costumes, the makeup, the art direction, the score, the sound, the lighting, the sound editing, and even the action sequences were all very well done. There were a few flaws in the story, but I'll get to that in a bit. The story centers around the relationship between Cosette and her aunt. Cosette is a powerful young woman, but she is completely unable to let go of the person she has become. In this way, the story takes a bit of a darker turn as Cosette becomes more and more convinced that the people she has become close to are more than they appear to be. I also liked the way the film uses flashbacks to show the story of Cosette's life, showing the gradual changes that she goes through in her life and how she ultimately comes to terms with her identity and her place in the world. I also liked the way that the film shows the reaction of Cosette's aunt to the situation. When she first hears of the assassination of her niece, she is disgusted and horrified. But, as the story progresses, she realizes that her niece was in a very serious situation, and that her own death was not the answer. In fact, she is willing to help Cosette escape from her captors. Overall, I thought this was a great film. I thought the story was very well done and the characters were very believable. I think this is one of the better films I have seen in a while.

Elizabeth Grant photo
Elizabeth Grant

I'm sorry to say that the reviews on IMDb are so harsh that I had to watch this movie. The movie was extremely well done, and the acting was very good. I thought that it was very believable and it was very well done. I thought that the movie was very interesting and I'm glad that I watched it. I thought that it was a very well done movie and I give it a 9/10.

Patrick Silva photo
Patrick Silva

This film has the best cast I've seen for a while. I was intrigued to see the production of this film. It's a very well made film, full of tension and tension is built to its peak. The performance by Elizabeth Banks is very convincing. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's one of the best films I've seen in a while.

Stephen Perez photo
Stephen Perez

I am a fan of War and Peace. I was drawn to this film due to the great work of Danny Boyle, whose work in the past has been outstanding. I am a great admirer of Haneke and the movie is a fine example of his work. I think the story is gripping, the acting is good, the visuals are spectacular. The film is very intense and I think that the director has created an extremely powerful film. The end is tragic but I think it was the right way to end the film. I give this film an 8.0/10. My score is based on my personal opinion.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

I had a great time watching this movie. I saw it at the very first screening and it was well received. It was a very different film than I had expected. The main character is a lesbian, which is very rare in the world today. The film is based on a book by a lesbian who was incarcerated for murdering her husband and three children. She escaped and decided to write a book about her experiences. The film is set in the 1950s and is based on the memoirs of the main character. The movie was made in the English speaking countries and the story is set in Europe. The film is full of historical and political themes and is set in the 1950s. It has the feeling of a Hollywood film. It has a very strong narrative and keeps you interested throughout the movie. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a movie that is different from what they usually see.

Carol photo

I think it's great. But I can't understand why it is called 'The Naked Tourist'. That's not the plot, that's not the cinematography. The cinematography is good, the plot is a bit weak. But it's worth seeing.

Joshua photo

I found this movie to be very enjoyable, I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was interesting and entertaining. The acting was excellent, especially by Michael Shannon and Demi Moore. I thought the story was very interesting, and I found it hard to believe that the people that were writing the book had read the book. I was very impressed with the acting of Demi Moore, she was very believable and believable. The acting of Michael Shannon was great, he did a good job. I thought the movie was a good adaptation of the book, I enjoyed the movie, but I would have liked to have seen a little more of the story of the book. I liked the movie, but it was not as good as I thought it would be, I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Matthew Peters photo
Matthew Peters

It's the first time I ever felt so moved by a movie. I think I am a bit more sensitive than most people and I never felt the need to tell someone how much I love them. The movie was superb. The only thing that annoyed me was the last scene. It was too long and too complicated. I can't understand how the director could have gotten away with it. I wish they would have cut it down.

Jordan H. photo
Jordan H.

This movie is good. It is a bit slow at times, but that's okay. I really liked the film. I thought the acting was really good. I really like the story, and the acting. I think it is one of the best films of the year. The music is really good too. I really liked this movie. It's not the best film I have seen, but it's good. I think you should watch it.

Robert O. photo
Robert O.

This film is very well made, but a bit on the slow side. The way it unfolds is quite impressive, and it is a little hard to follow some of the details, but it is still worth seeing. The story is about a woman who is asked to perform a task for the German government. She is asked to arrange for the murder of one of her husband's friends. This is not the first time that this has happened, and so her husband asks her to do it again, and she does it. The first time, she was a simple woman, not a beautiful woman, but she was able to kill her husband's friend. So the film starts with her doing it again, and then she is arrested and she is placed in prison, but she escapes and she does the same job again. So the film continues. At this point, the film is about 70 minutes long. But the film is a little slow, but it is still good. It is a little bit on the long side, but the film is very well made. The acting is very good. The script is good. The direction is good. It is a good film, but it is a little slow. I liked it, but it is not as good as I had hoped it would be.

Edward photo

A beautiful movie with a great ending. The beginning of the movie was very good and the middle of the movie was very good. The end was very good. There are a few things I would have liked to have seen changed. I would have liked to see more of the German soldier, and they did not use the way I thought they should have. The German soldiers were also a bit hard to understand. Overall, a very good movie. I think it is worth watching.

Karen Bowman photo
Karen Bowman

What a magnificent movie, from beginning to end. The photography, the music, the actors, the dialogs. The screenplay is flawless, and the dialogs are well written, and expressive. The movie also shows us how the second world war is remembered. A brilliant film!

Nancy photo

This is a very different movie from the usual Hollywood offerings. It is about the daughter of a Nazi officer, who decides to join the SS to escape her family. She ends up in a concentration camp. She was in an insane asylum, but the movie makes you think about the events that took place there. It is very powerful, and you will be moved. I give this a 9.5 out of 10.

Ethan C. photo
Ethan C.

My family and I were in London when this movie was shown. We were delighted with the portrayal of the Boer War. It was shown on British television. I am a little curious as to how the Germans view this film. It was very accurate. The only thing I did not like about this movie was the depiction of the British. It was well done, but they were not portrayed as the good guys. The German character in the movie was more sympathetic to the Boers. Overall, I liked the movie and would buy it.

Judy photo

I was expecting this film to be a cross between a children's novel and a historical drama, and it is. But there is something about this film that is so much more than that. The beauty of the film is that you can feel the love and affection for the characters and the situation in this film. There is a great sense of history and time. And the cinematography is so beautiful. This film is a masterpiece, and I hope it is a classic.

Jeremy G. photo
Jeremy G.

I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. This film is a masterpiece. I can't say enough about this film. The acting was amazing, the direction was great, and the story was the best I have ever seen. The music was perfect. I have seen this film over 10 times and it never gets old. I know there is some people that are upset about it being a "whitewash" but I don't see how it could be. The characters were real, the story was real, and the acting was real. The whole film had me in tears and I just cant get enough of it. I was very excited to see this film when it came out and I think everyone should see it.

Tiffany P. photo
Tiffany P.

The opening scene of this movie was one of the best I've ever seen. This movie has a great story, great cast, great music and great acting. The acting of both Rachel Weisz and Jude Law was superb. The music in this movie is one of the best I've ever heard. I'm a huge fan of rock music and I think this movie fits the bill perfectly. I loved it!

Olivia Garrett photo
Olivia Garrett

Well, i didn't like the ending, but overall it was good. The only thing i didn't like about the film is the soundtrack, i didn't like the sound, but overall it was good. The actors are all very good, and the film is very interesting, i think it's a really good film, i think it's a masterpiece.

Austin King photo
Austin King

I was really surprised by this movie. I have never seen a movie with such a good story line. It was so interesting to watch and really give me a feeling of what war was really like. I love the way it was shot. It was very well shot and the camera was in good focus and everything looked real. I thought the acting was good too. I thought all the actors did a good job. I thought the main character was a bit of a cliche but I thought it was appropriate. I thought the story was good and I really enjoyed it. I think that this movie will be one of my favorite movies of the year. It was really good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I would give it a 9/10.