Anschauen Oolong Courtyard

Oolong Courtyard

Oolong Courtyard is a movie starring Man-Tat Ng, Fok Siu-Man, and Xiaobao Song. Kung Fu apprentices at the Oolong Courtyard school are suspicious when two outsiders try to join the prestigious academy despite their strange behavior.

Other Titles
Oolong Courtyard: KungFu School, Oolong Courtyard: Kung Fu School
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Yen-Ping Chu
Man-Tat Ng, Xiaobao Song, Fok Siu-Man
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Kung Fu apprentices at the Oolong Courtyard school are suspicious when two outsiders try to join the prestigious academy despite their strange behavior.

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Ann photo

Another great movie from Su, and this one features the same cast and director. It's still great to see him and Jenna in this movie together. She is pretty hot as usual. The storyline here is also great and I really love it. I think it's about time we get to see a movie where Jenna and Su are not in it together. I think Jenna is a lot better here than she is in the previous movies, and she was pretty amazing in this movie. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good comedy. It's pretty good.

Gary Rice photo
Gary Rice

I have to say that I enjoyed this film. Although the movie is not exactly the same as the book, it is quite different. The movie is good, although I would have liked to see more of the character Oz and less of the shy girl. The main character, Rose, was a great character. She was likeable, and the romance between her and Oz was very sweet. But, I did like the scene with the cat, and I would have liked to have seen more of the scene with the quail. This movie is worth watching.

Carol Pierce photo
Carol Pierce

The Nasty One is a rare gem in the world of cinema. I remember seeing this one on cable and thinking "If only they would put it on DVD!" It is a really fun movie to watch. While it was shot in Mexico, the sets and characters are all so real that it makes you feel like you're right there in the world. The set is so grand, I was transported to the world of a 21st century Mexico. I recommend this movie to any person who is into the world of comedy. It is also a great movie to watch with your significant other. I think the best part of this movie is when the Nasty One is alone in the house. He and the house look like it's from the 1920's, and when they go to bed, you just feel as if you are right there in the room with him. If you want to see a great movie that is different from most, then this is the one. I give this movie a 9/10.

Joseph Romero photo
Joseph Romero

I rented this movie and I was surprised that it was one of the best movies I've seen in quite awhile. I like my humor more realistic, and this movie delivers exactly that. The story is simple and the characters are really well-written. I really like that they included a scene with a very intelligent dog. It's quite funny, and it's not a fight between a human and an animal. I really liked how the characters interacted with each other. There's not a lot of plot, but it was well-written. It's a comedy that keeps you engaged throughout the whole movie. There's a lot of comedy in this movie and it's worth the watch. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of comedy.

Mildred Davis photo
Mildred Davis

I enjoyed this movie. I have watched it at least 3 times in the last year and enjoy it just as much. You can tell that they put a lot of work into this film. The acting was good and it had a lot of comedic elements. The story is about a man named Dewey (Alex Pettyfer) who is still a teenager and is an aspiring actor. His father is the very respected Alfred Dewey (Michael McShane) and his mother is the very very beautiful Vanessa (Shannon Elizabeth). Dewey is a very awkward young man and is actually not very good at his acting. He has a tendency to go into his mom's room and steal things from her without her permission. His mother has the habit of making him do these things because she has this weird fascination with her son. Dewey's father is so obsessed with her that he leaves his wife and his daughter and moves to Australia with Vanessa. He is a pretty cool guy but doesn't like being around his son. Dewey's older brother Pete (Christopher Meloni) is the kid who is really into Vanessa and is obsessed with her. He wants to be like his sister and has a crush on her. Dewey decides to help Pete and Pete gets into a serious accident. Dewey gets angry and wants to be famous and he has to do it. He helps Pete after his accident and he gets a lot of fame. He wants to be famous for his mother's memory. This is a very funny movie and I really like it. I like it because it is so realistic and not really like a lot of the movies you see. There are also some really funny moments. You can tell that they really put a lot of work into this movie. The script is really funny and the acting is really good. The only thing that really bothered me was the ending. I really wanted to see how this movie ended and I am glad that the movie ended with the mother getting married. I also don't like that the movie ends with a little boy saying that it was really cool and that Vanessa is really good looking. Overall, I really like this movie and I recommend it to anyone. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Karen photo

If you don't understand that, you probably won't like this film. This film, from the movie description, is a comedy. It isn't funny. This is a film about black people and black culture. There is a joke about one black person who will change her skin color. The fact that she changes her skin color is just a part of the joke. I could not tell you how the plot will go but the story is told so well that you can't stop laughing at the jokes and at the various situations in the movie. It's very funny. If you don't like funny movies, you probably won't like this movie. But, if you do like funny movies, you'll like this one.

Alan photo

I think this movie is perfect! I am a big fan of Anne Hathaway and I love this movie! I never thought a movie could do that to me. It made me laugh and cry all at once! It has a very good plot, excellent characters, and a great message. Anne is an incredible actress and I love her. The movie is great! I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie!

Anna M. photo
Anna M.

I love when a movie makes me laugh and I have no problem telling someone else to watch it. I laughed out loud at this movie. My boyfriend has not laughed so much in a movie in a long time. It is a true comedy and not a silly drama like many movies today. It is a movie about a real man. It is also a movie about friends and family. I loved this movie and I recommend it to anyone that loves a good comedy.

Zachary Wheeler photo
Zachary Wheeler

Oolong Courtyard is a movie that I would recommend to anybody. It is funny, there is a lot of clever jokes and lines. A lot of things have been left out and the movie could be even better. But if you don't like any of that, don't watch it. It is worth watching. There are some scenes that are a little weak, but not too much. It has some funny scenes in it, and if you are a fan of the actor, you should definitely watch it. If you are a fan of the movie, you should watch it.

Jonathan Burton photo
Jonathan Burton

If you haven't seen this movie, please do. It's a funny, intelligent comedy. If you have, I can't say I disagree. It's a fun film that is unlike the average comedy. It's not a conventional comedy, but it's a light, happy-go-lucky comedy that is a real treat for anyone who loves comedies. I absolutely loved it, and I highly recommend it. Don't believe what the critics say, it's not like any other comedy. I'm not gonna give away the story, but if you like comedies, go see this one.

Melissa photo

A heartwarming film about a man who lives a quiet and lonely life until he finds out that his new neighbour is an asshole. I recommend this film to anyone who has a heart for the arts.

Rebecca photo

I absolutely loved this film. I've never really watched a single episode of South Park, so I really had no idea what to expect, but this film was actually one of the funniest and most watchable I've seen. It was a little bit dated, but not too bad. I've seen it over 20 times and it still cracks me up every time. The thing that's funny about it is that it's basically a family-type film. It doesn't really matter if the whole thing is set in the 1980's or not, it's all the same. But in this case, it is set in the 80's, and it's about a bunch of kids playing South Park and trying to grow up. That's the funny part. It's not really the actual story, but the characters are the story. The characters are the movie. It's the main reason this movie is so funny, because it's not just a typical kids' movie. It has adult characters and they're the main characters, and they're really funny. There's a lot of references to other movies, and it's hilarious. This movie is not for everyone. If you're not into the South Park series, you might not like this movie. I think people are trying to put too much on this movie. But this is a comedy that you just have to see. If you haven't seen this, you should.

Martha Burns photo
Martha Burns

This is a great little comedy, it's hilarious from the beginning to the end. The main character, Sir Arthur, is a young schoolboy who has an anorexia problem, he wants to get a girlfriend but it is not so easy for him. He gets a job at a new restaurant and soon finds out that the people who work there are all very nice. Sir Arthur falls in love with a very nice lady, an older lady who works at the restaurant and who is an actual boss of the place. As he learns the secrets of the restaurant he is able to find out the secrets to the delicious desserts and how the man who runs the restaurant, Sir Kwan, made his fortune. Sir Arthur, who never liked the man who ran the restaurant, and was never a good guy, is now able to help Sir Kwan to have his way and get a girlfriend, as the other customers who worked there like him. The thing that really works well in this film is that it is very much a British film and that makes it great, the way the film is filmed, with the fantastic sets and the great actors, makes the film just as good as any other British film, and that is a good thing.

Billy B. photo
Billy B.

I'd been wanting to see this movie for a long time, but I'd never had the chance to see it until a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a big fan of roast pork, but this movie is my favorite roast pig movie of all time! It's got a lot of heart, and it makes you laugh! The jokes are funny, and there are lots of really funny parts. It's a very cute movie, but I did have to laugh a lot, because it was so funny. The story is very cute and it's definitely worth watching. It's not a movie for everyone, but it's worth a watch.

Steven Sims photo
Steven Sims

This is a movie that I wish I'd seen in the theater. I was looking for something different and had not heard of it. I was surprised by how well the actors acted and it wasn't that hard to figure out who the characters were. I'm going to get a copy of this when it comes out on DVD so I can show it to my friends and they can talk about it.

Samuel photo

I love many things about this film. I like the fact that it is so quirky, with lots of twists and turns, that it really gets you on your toes. I like how it treats both the main characters as human beings rather than as caricatures, and also how it treats the audience, with lots of shades of grey and some real human flaws. The film also has a heart, with some really funny, touching moments. I also liked how it was funny and heartfelt, with great lines, and the great acting. I also like how it was more about the world and the local people than the French and the French customs. I thought the acting was good, and I thought the humor was good, and I also like how it didn't make you feel like you were watching a documentary or a documentary with a moral message. Overall, I thought the film was very fun and very much worth watching.

Kathryn E. photo
Kathryn E.

This is a film that I really liked, and I really think it deserves more respect, as far as I'm concerned. The movie is well made, with an intriguing story and good characters. It is also about a good amount of pot-smoking, which I think is just as important as the other elements of the film. I particularly liked the scenes between the two main characters, as they both have their own relationship with drugs, and it's interesting to see how they deal with the drug use. It's also nice to see that no one gets hurt or killed in this film. That's a major strength for a film like this, as it really leaves a lot of room for positive social commentary. It's also nice to see that there are some really nice cinematography shots in this film. I also really like how the actors actually try to do their own acting in the film, instead of just mimicking other actors. I think that this is a really good thing. All in all, this is a great film, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes a good pot-smoking film.

Bobby Holmes photo
Bobby Holmes

This movie was very good and I think you should watch it if you haven't already. The story was great, I really liked the way it was set up and it was nice to see how the events went over. My favorite part was when one of the thieves stole the cane that was supposed to be handed out by the "bigwig" and the bigwig was the one that handed it out. All the actors were good and it was nice to see the cast of a classic movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you get it and watch it.

Dylan S. photo
Dylan S.

A wonderful movie, when you put it into perspective. An amazing story about the struggle of some people in the mountain of China. My wife and I are not Tibetans and it is really hard to understand how much this movie has influenced us, since we are in our early thirties, and have only known about Tibet since the late 1950s, before this movie came out. But it is an amazing film. It is so well made, and the acting is wonderful. The cinematography is superb, the scenery is so beautiful and it is a great treat to see a movie about the Tibetans. If you are interested in the history of Tibet, this is the movie to see. The soundtrack is awesome, and the story is so interesting. You will love this movie.

Andrew Oliver photo
Andrew Oliver

An absolutely hilarious movie, a must see for anyone who loves a movie. I have been a fan of the actor for quite a while and this is a great movie to watch. The movie starts off very well, then goes crazy as the movie progresses. I think anyone who has been on a long drive will love this movie, it's like a trip. I have been on some of the craziest drives in the world, and this movie takes it to a whole new level. I think anyone who is a fan of Andy Richter will like this movie. I have been a fan of this guy since I was 12 years old, and I think this movie is a great tribute to Andy. It's a great movie to watch with your friends and a great date movie.

Matthew K. photo
Matthew K.

The makers of this film have given us a really fun movie about an old Japanese man who has lived a boring life and who gets a chance to live his dream. He lives in a beautiful Japanese garden, gets all the best food, clothes and really good people to work for him. It's really a great movie. We all like to have our own dreams and this film shows us that. We also like to have our own dreams and this film shows us that too. All in all this is a really nice film and we all enjoy it very much. Don't listen to all the negative critics though. They don't know what they are talking about.

Roy Walker photo
Roy Walker

I was very pleased with this movie. It is very easy to understand and it is fast paced. The movie doesn't just focus on the family, but on the small group of friends that make up the "greatest generation". There is a lot of humor and there is a lot of very real situations that will make you crack up. The music is very good too, and it makes the movie feel like a modern day rock opera. The script is very good, and it is very easy to follow. I was also very impressed with the direction the film took. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. I would give this movie a 8.5/10.

Sharon photo

I've been trying to find a good comedy movie and I didn't get it until I saw this. I'm not a huge fan of comedies, but this was one of the best. It was fun to watch, and I laughed quite a bit. It had some really funny lines. The cast was excellent and very funny. This movie was full of "funny" scenes and scenes that I have not seen before. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. If you want a great comedy, then this is the movie for you. I rate this 9 out of 10.

Janice B. photo
Janice B.

This is a truly hilarious movie that is sure to make you laugh from start to finish. You will enjoy it from beginning to end. If you like the Hostel series and are tired of "no no no no no no" movies then you will love this movie. The Hostel movies aren't as good as the Hostel series but they are very funny and worth watching. This movie is a "must see".