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Loving Pablo

Loving Pablo is a movie starring Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, and Peter Sarsgaard. A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Other Titles
Pablo Escobar: La traición, Voleći Pabla, Mylintis Pablo, Αγαπώντας τον Πάμπλο, Pablo ja Escobari vahel, Escobar: A Traição, Ông Trùm Pablo, Mīlot Pablo, Pablo Escobar'ı Sevmek, Pablo, Kochając Pabla, nienawidząc Escobara, Escobar: la traición, Pablo Escobar, Esboar: Loving Pablo, Escobar, Loving Pablo Escobar, Ljubiti Pabla, Escobar - Il fascino del male, Amar Pablo, Odiar Escobar, Rakastin Pabloa, vihasin Escobaria, Escobar, la traición, Iubindu-l pe Pablo, urându-l pe Escobar
Running Time
2 hours 3 minutes
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Drama, Crime, Biography
Fernando León de Aranoa
Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist, Fernando León de Aranoa, Virginia Vallejo
Peter Sarsgaard, Julieth Restrepo, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem
Bulgaria, Spain
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1981, Virginia Vallejo is a famous Colombia's journalist and TV news anchorwoman who is invited to a VIPs party in the ranch of Pablo Escobar, a low-born man who gained money and power with drug trafficking together his friends, turning them in the new generation of rich men of the country. Seduced by his charisma, Virginia starts a passionate love affair with Escobar despite he's a family man married with María Victoria. Along the 80's years, Escobar becomes famous in his try to better the life of the low-born people of Medellín and raising a politician carrier in the Colombia's congress, but Virginia starts to understand Escobar's real power controlling an empire of crime in Colombia and spreading his drug by all USA. It causes that the DEA's agent Shepard interests by his business and by Virginia, contacting her looking for a way to stop him. With the President Belisario Betancur allying with USA to stop Escobar and extradite him to judge outside Colombia, this last one starts a war in the country to eliminate all his enemies, politicians and non-politicians, unleashing his thirst for blood and his ambition to rule everything. Virginia, seeing as her carrier and her reputation are destroyed by Escobar, faces a extreme situation: to die at the hands of Escobar or by his enemies as an act of reprisal, or save herself helping Shepard to stop Escobar before he kills her.

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Marilyn Wagner photo
Marilyn Wagner

After her husband dies in a plane crash, Suzanne (Natalie Portman) lives with her sister and sister-in-law, Dorothy (Diane Lane), and their two teenage children, Emma (Emily Watson) and Tom (Jake Gyllenhaal). Tom is a pretty good-looking boy, but Emma is always around to make him feel better. She is a tomboy, and while Tom is fond of her, he has trouble letting go. In fact, he almost never does. When Suzanne hears that her husband had a previous affair, she decides to start looking into the case. In the meantime, Tom is spending his time at the local high school, where he is one of the girls. Suzanne has a relationship with Tom's brother, Jimmy (Jonah Hill), and she tries to convince Tom to come to see her. Tom is not interested, but when he hears that Suzanne is not as bad as everyone says, he decides to go to see her anyway. There are some good things about this movie, such as the performances of Natalie Portman and Diane Lane, who are both excellent, but the story is not very interesting. There is not a lot of action and the suspense is very low. However, the main problem with this movie is that it does not give us any real insight into the crime. This is probably due to the fact that it is about a love affair, and when you go to see a love affair, you want to know more about the characters and the background of the story. The director does a good job, but the story is not very interesting. Still, the acting of the leads is excellent, and this is a good movie.

Tyler P. photo
Tyler P.

It's not very often that you come across a movie about a person's life and life and death experiences. A few have been made, most recently, with the "Blue Lagoon" story. This one is much better than the others. It's a well-made film and it does a good job at showing what people go through in their life and how they deal with death. It's also funny, sad and sometimes touching. It also is different from any other movie I've seen about the end of a person's life. You never really know what will happen. But it's worth seeing. The only problem is that it is not very realistic. But it's not that bad. I think the actors do a good job and it's interesting to see how they dealt with the death of their mother.

Lori photo

This is a story about a young Mexican boy who is an orphan who is raised by the members of his extended family. We see him grow up and we see his life changes. It is a good movie that is very realistic. It is a story about a boy who has a hard life. He is also the son of a woman who is divorced from her husband. She is divorced because of her affair with a different man. Her husband is also divorced. She wants to have a normal life but she cannot find a way to do that. The story is a good one and the acting is good. The movie is very emotional. The movie also shows the life of a person who is a boy. I also liked the movie because of the acting. The movie is very realistic.

Joyce P. photo
Joyce P.

I watched this film because it had an extremely high rating, but I was not expecting much, because I saw a lot of bad reviews. I watched it anyway, and I must say that I did not feel disappointed at all, despite the fact that it is not a very good movie. It is not a good movie, but I do not think it is a good movie. The story is rather boring, and the ending is almost a disappointment. The cast is excellent, and there are some good acting performances. In my opinion, it is an excellent movie, but not one that I would recommend to watch.

Brian photo

It's really a shame that this movie was not picked up by HBO or Showtime. I would have loved to see this movie on the big screen. The acting is top-notch. The script is good. It has some good, heart-warming moments. It also has some moments of humor. It's also a great story. It has a few heart-breaking moments, but I don't feel like it was necessary. It's a great movie to watch on a rainy day.

Thomas J. photo
Thomas J.

I was curious to see this movie after reading all the negative reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. The acting is excellent and the story is gripping. It is an interesting take on the true story of Pablo Escobar. This movie is a must see.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

This is a good movie about a Cuban in London, who was in a prison for three years for smuggling to Cuba. This is a very good movie, that is very realistic and sad, and the actor, who played this role, did a good job, in my opinion, in a very difficult role. There were a lot of good moments in the movie. I especially like the scenes when the character was in prison, the movie was great, and it's sad, but very realistic. And the scenes when he was trying to find a job, was also good. If you like a good movie, with a good actor, you should watch this one.

Rose photo

I've seen the film twice, and was genuinely surprised by it. It's not really a movie I'd pay to see, but it's not bad either. It's a nice tribute to a well-known artist whose life was full of success, and the people who helped him along the way. It's more of a documentary, but it's still entertaining and, with the exception of the characters, I actually didn't feel like I was watching a movie. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed by the fact that the film wasn't more 'groundbreaking' and the acting was pretty bad, but I was really expecting something much more than that. In this day and age, where even documentaries are few and far between, it's nice to see a movie that has a little something to say and isn't boring. I'd give it an 8/10. It's a decent watch, but I doubt it will be remembered as the best film I've seen. I'm definitely going to see it again.

Emily C. photo
Emily C.

I loved the movie and was surprised that it was so low budget. It is a well made movie with good acting and good direction. The movie had a great message about a relationship that was very close to breaking apart and about the pain that comes with breaking up. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch.

Benjamin photo

I was extremely surprised to find out that this film was going to be made into a movie. I am not a huge fan of the actors in this film and I was not excited to see this. However, I did enjoy this film. The story of Pablo Escobar is amazing. He was a drug lord who used a drug empire to maintain his wealth. He was in many ways the ultimate drug lord. The acting in this film was great. I really liked the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow. I was not impressed with the acting of Samuel L. Jackson and his character was a bit over the top. I also did not like the relationship between Cruise and Oliver Stone's character. He was a bit one dimensional. I think the story was amazing and I am sure that this film would have been a good film if it had been made into a film. However, I am glad that it was not. This film is not for everyone and it is not for people who are into the mafia type of film.

Dylan photo

Well it was the most incredible story of all time and the acting was superb. The setting was wonderful. The music was really good. I thought this movie was amazing. The reason why I gave it a 7 out of 10 is because of the acting. The whole movie was really strong. The thing I liked the most about this movie was how it showed the good side of Pablo. The whole family was great. This movie showed how the family was doing as well as how Pablo was doing. I thought that they were really good and it showed the family and how Pablo was doing. I also liked the movie because it showed how Pablo did all his crime and how he was doing. I thought the movie was really good. I recommend it to anyone that loves a good story.

Shirley photo

It's a sad day when a movie is even nominated for Best Picture, let alone win it. This movie was a sleeper hit in 1999, and deserved more recognition. It's a true story, but it is also an inspiring story. It's about a mother and her two sons, a teenage boy and a boy who was molested by his father, and the mother's fight to protect her children. The movie is very emotional, and it's a shame that it wasn't nominated for Best Picture. The movie is a must see for all parents. The movie has a lot of heart, and it's not afraid to show it. The movie has a message that most parents can relate to, and it's about a child's fight to be the best they can be. The movie is sad, and it's a sad day when a movie is even nominated for Best Picture.

Paul Lopez photo
Paul Lopez

I found the movie to be quite entertaining. I did not find it depressing or depressing in any way, it was just a movie about some of the things that happen to some people in their life. I do not know if the movie was 100% accurate, but it was entertaining enough. I think the movie would be better if they showed the whole truth, so that the audience can feel more connected to the characters and the movie itself.

Christine Jimenez photo
Christine Jimenez

I have seen this movie over the past few years and it is not one I really want to revisit. I have seen this movie and I still don't understand why it was so popular. The acting is good, the cinematography is great, but it does not make up for the lack of substance in the story. I do not think the movie is very accurate, but I do think it is very interesting. I do not think the movie is supposed to be realistic, but I think it is interesting. The movie is not an exact copy of the real story, but it is a very interesting story. The movie is very realistic, and the movie does not pretend to be more than it is. I think the movie was a good movie, but I do not think it is one I would want to watch again. I think the movie is worth watching, but I think it is not one I would want to revisit.

Diana photo

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It was very well acted and portrayed an important subject matter that needed to be addressed. It's not easy to write a screenplay and not include the historical aspects of slavery in America. The film does a good job of portraying the intense passion of the slaves for their master. The actors did a good job of portraying the motivation of each slave. I would recommend this film to any one who is interested in the subject of slavery.

Jose Larson photo
Jose Larson

I loved this film, and I can't really explain why. I found it to be a wonderful and moving tale of the relationship between two young men, and the sacrifices they had to make to achieve their goals. I think the story is told beautifully and with great insight into the lives of the young men. The performances by the two leads are very strong, and the film is full of great music. I am not a huge fan of Woody Allen, but this film was very entertaining and I enjoyed it very much.

Nancy W. photo
Nancy W.

I was very impressed by this film. I am a big fan of Denis Villeneuve's films and his directorial debut is no exception. I loved the acting, the direction, the cinematography, the music, and the script. This is a film that could have easily fallen flat but it didn't. The film is very well shot, the editing is brilliant, and the film is full of life. I found myself really enjoying the story and the characters, and was glad I wasn't bored. I'm not a fan of Villeneuve's style but this film was definitely worth the wait. If you're a fan of his films and want to see what he can do then I would recommend this film. The performances were very good, especially from Josh Brolin, I loved his performance and his performance alone was worth the price of admission. I was very impressed with his performance, I was really impressed with the direction, and the cinematography was excellent. This film is definitely worth the price of admission.

Marilyn Mendez photo
Marilyn Mendez

If you are a fan of the West Side Story, this is a good movie to watch. The movie is a true story, about a man who used to be a cop, who was disgraced and then he was sent to prison. In prison he was made to take a drug and he was sent to prison again. The movie shows how Pablo overcame his past, and how he got his first big break. I think it is a good movie to watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.