Anschauen Gabriel e a Montanha

Gabriel e a Montanha

Gabriel e a Montanha is a movie starring João Pedro Zappa, Caroline Abras, and Alex Alembe. Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decided to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams....

Other Titles
Gabriel i góra, Gabriel Et La Montagne, Gabriel et la montagne, Gabriel and the Mountain
Running Time
2 hours 11 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fellipe Barbosa
Lucas Paraizo, Fellipe Barbosa, Kirill Mikhanovsky
Alex Alembe, Caroline Abras, João Pedro Zappa, Rashidi Athuman
France, Brazil
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decided to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams. After ten months on the road, he arrived in Kenya determined to discover the African continent. Until he reached the top of Mount Mulanje, Malawi, his last destination.

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Amber Davis photo
Amber Davis

I had some big expectations after the hype that had surrounded this film. But unfortunately I was disappointed. The script is really well written, the main character Gabriel is great and it's the acting of the supporting cast that really makes this film interesting. It's also very well directed, the style is very different to other Brazilian films and of course the cinematography is really good. But the script is the real weak point. The characters are very one dimensional, there are not really any real emotional connection between them and their situation is very simple and uninteresting. It's basically like every other Brazilian film that deals with a missing or abandoned child. I don't think this is a good thing. The main character is the protagonist and he is the main character. This does not necessarily make him the one you relate to and care about. In my opinion the character is also not interesting and he doesn't really do anything that makes you care about him. This is an extremely disapointing film, but it is still a good film and is worth watching.

Lauren photo

From the very first moment of the film the viewer will feel a presence of realisation and connection. The characters are one in a million, real, but still human and understandable. The story unfolds with an exquisite and almost expert skill and the fact that the film is both very entertaining and very thought provoking makes it perfect. A must see for anyone with an interest in cinema. I give this film a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone, at least to anyone who is willing to be affected by such an experience.

Howard Diaz photo
Howard Diaz

Two teenaged girls, one from a wealthy family, the other from a poor family, get involved in a drug deal at a club. A few hours later, they go to a dance party and all hell breaks loose. I really liked this movie, I was a little disappointed to see it was a remake of the earlier film but I would say it is better than the first. I like the music, I like the pacing, and I like the way it stays true to the original. It was a nice story and all I have to say is I am glad that we had a remake.

Amber photo

This is a great film. It is very thought provoking and that is exactly what makes it so powerful. The way in which the film is told is extraordinary and I think the way in which the character are constructed is perfect. The ending is very profound and very powerful. The violence is not excessive and only occurs in the last act. The only thing I thought was a little weak about this film was that it was filmed in the UK. It is true that it was filmed in Portugal and for the majority of the film the British accents are hard to understand, but it is not a problem for the film. If you can get the film on DVD I highly recommend it, it is well worth the money. A must see!

Frank Romero photo
Frank Romero

I saw the movie on a Friday night and have watched it twice since. On the second time I really did like the movie. I love watching them on the first viewing and then having the most amazing experience the second time around. The first time around I saw the movie and when I left the theater I was filled with a lot of mixed feelings. I felt like I had spent almost too much time with this movie and I didn't understand everything that was going on and I did feel like it was a bit too long. But on the second viewing I have a feeling that I understood what was going on, and I enjoyed the movie. The acting is incredible, the characters are very real, and the story is great. In my opinion, I think this movie is a must watch for anyone who has ever been through something like this. I definitely recommend it.

Debra photo

This movie has many good qualities that make it a good experience. The camera work is wonderful and the music really touches you. The screenplay by Bertrand Bonello and Nicolas Maura is as good as it gets. The story is that of a young man who is drawn to prostitution because it is a way to make ends meet and in a world where prostitution is illegal. The film is very different from other films on prostitution, but it is still a good film. The ending was one of the best I've seen in a film. The performances were good and the movie was very entertaining and definitely worth the price of admission.

Brenda R. photo
Brenda R.

The film is a collection of interviews of people involved in the Corleone organization, and it's very fascinating to see what the actors and actresses said about their experiences. I must say I'm not a Corleone fan, but I enjoyed the film. I think it's a film that should be shown to anyone who has ever wondered what it was like to be in that organization. One thing I will say is that I didn't like the way that the interviews were done. Sometimes they were done in a rather hokey way, and other times they were done in a way that was very off-putting. The film is narrated by a member of the Corleone organization, who is given one-line answers. Overall, it's a fascinating film. I highly recommend it.

Frank Barrett photo
Frank Barrett

The movie is the story of a young man (Anson Mount) who loves to draw and paints and who, at a time of crisis in his life, leaves his family and goes to live with his aunt (Maria Delle Santos). There, he meets the handsome and self-centered Jacinto (Miguel Ferrer) and the two begin an affair that is to last a lifetime. The story unfolds like a sketch, which was also done in the film "Ex Machina", where two women meet each other on a daily basis. I will not tell you the rest of the story but I will say that the story is original and the character development is top-notch. The acting is all superb. Anson Mount is absolutely superb, but the best performance of the film is by the gorgeous Maria Delle Santos, who was a victim of the jilted husband and now has been restored to love and happiness. I love the way she reflects on life, how her beauty is a way of overcoming the old scars. I love how her love and longing for someone, who was a distant memory, is so hard to resist, and is treated as a piece of meat. This is definitely one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. The movie is totally not just about sex and love, but it also explores the meaning of friendship, self-love, and friendship with others. And that's what I liked most about this movie: it leaves room for us to understand the meaning of the title of the movie and the whole meaning of the film.

Lisa photo

This film is the best biographical film I've seen since Cidade de Deus. The story is really good, and the characters are real. I think that all the performances were very good. This film is really worth seeing.

Laura photo

I watched this movie a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. It is a great movie. It is one of those movies that makes you think about what is really important in life. This movie is a really good movie and you really need to watch it. It is a real shame that this movie did not have a sequel. I think that it is a good movie. 8/10

Harry C. photo
Harry C.

The movie opens in the period of the Second World War, and features a young American girl who is living in a house in an island. She meets a doctor, who takes her in, and makes her familiar with all the other people in the town. There are, in fact, many American citizens in this town, and they are very attached to their country, and in this world they are really very connected to each other. This movie is a beautiful representation of the effect that the war had on the people. The characters in the movie are very real, and the plot is very well developed. The movie is also very well acted, and the script is very powerful. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): 'O Quinto do Deserto' ('The River of Death')

Mark photo

I like this movie a lot. I thought it was very good and very interesting. There is no doubt that it is a long movie, but it really makes you think a lot and keeps you engaged. It is full of very nice little stories and the scenes where it is not a long movie are very interesting and leave you with a little bit of a wonder. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story and a good movie.

Janice photo

A friend of mine recently asked me if I liked this movie. I did, but my immediate answer was no. I'm sure that this movie is not really the work of some obscure, obscure Italian filmmaker. I'm sure that this is not really an Italian movie, either. I don't know. But what I do know is that the movie is beautifully shot, it is beautifully scored, and it is beautifully directed. No movie has ever touched me quite like this one. I really, really liked it. And I really, really hope that you do too. A 7 out of 10. Bravo.

Denise photo

It is interesting to see the movie of this kind after having seen movies like "The Spanish Prisoner" and "The Levee." For example, in "The Spanish Prisoner," the protagonist was a petty criminal who had done a lot of time in prison, and then he could not come up with the money for his parole. In this movie, it is a woman, and the main character is a major French politician, and she is released from prison. I think that the movie is a lot of fun to watch and have a lot of fun watching the heroine of the movie. The way the heroine is portrayed is also interesting. The man on the other hand has a lot of trouble with the police and is forced to run away from the prison. I think the movie was great and I would recommend it to any movie lover. But I am not too sure if it is one of the best movies ever.

Samantha Brooks photo
Samantha Brooks

Watching the movie was a great experience. It is a treat to see a film that is so much more than an "action" movie. The movie is based on a novel by Nick Hornby, but is not about the book. It is about a family of three who are all very different and do not fit in the society. And the three main characters are very different. It is easy to see that they are all very different, but how far is different enough? And the movie is very well made. It is not a typical Hollywood movie, it is very different from what I have seen. It is a very moving movie, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie that is very different and has a lot of depth. I also recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of fantasy or drama movies, or anyone who wants to see a movie that will move you.

Grace Lawrence photo
Grace Lawrence

When a young man, on the brink of a suicide attempt, is wrongly accused of murdering his wife, his lawyer starts a campaign of intimidation that results in the prosecution of all of his friends and family. What starts out as a one-man crusade is, in fact, a nightmare for all of his friends. An interesting movie, which I would have expected to be much more gripping had I not been introduced to it by one of my all-time favourite Mexican films, "Misiones de Amor" (The Young Women).

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

If you love fine art and contemporary films, you will enjoy this film. The movie has a nice visual quality, good music, and a good story. The only problem is that there are only two characters in the movie: the painter and his girlfriend. The viewer is not privy to the other people in the story, which is the major flaw of the movie. As a result, the movie lacks an important ingredient for good art movies. Other reviewers have called it art film noir, or thriller noir, or comedy noir, but I would have to say that is a movie based on the type of noir style that is usually used in the late 20th century. Yes, the movie is about art, but it is based on a more mature art. I recommend the movie to any fan of fine art movies, and I would like to see it again.

Brenda H. photo
Brenda H.

This is one of the few movies that I have seen where I found the same set of characters played out to multiple movies. It's a bit tough to keep track of the cast and actors, but the movie is definitely worth seeing. Many people will know from the first movie the exact end of this one, but for some, I was not sure. The movie is loosely based on the book that this movie was based on, and many details from the book were changed. The movie is also slightly darker than the first, with more violence and a somewhat darker story. Also, the characters are a bit more believable than the first, and also the plot is more believable as well. I also felt the ending was more original and didn't follow the first movie. I can't really say I hate this movie, but it is not a great movie. The acting is good, and the story is interesting. But, the story is very similar to the first movie, and if you've seen the first movie, you might not understand the plot of this movie. It's a great movie to see with your kids or your friends, but I wouldn't recommend it to children younger than ten years old.

David photo

I liked this film very much and I think the words in the film are good too. The whole story is about a family, the wife with her daughter and the father with his stepson. The mother has a big family and the stepson has to come and spend a summer in her hometown. I think this film is very touching and beautiful. The father is a great man. He does not talk about his problems with his family and he always has a smile on his face. I like the way he speaks to his son, he always says the right words. When the father and the mother meet, I think it is very funny. I think this is a good film and I recommend it to everyone.

Ashley Fisher photo
Ashley Fisher

This is one of the most powerful and effective films I have seen in my life. It is about a family living in a small town that are struggling with the financial and social hardships that plague a typical small town. The acting is superb. It is very well written. The story is very simple but it is not boring. It is a good film to watch. It will not bore you. You will understand what the characters are going through. And you will understand why they are fighting for what they want.

Austin K. photo
Austin K.

Possible Spoiler: As the first part of this movie is quite lengthy and difficult to understand, I was quite disappointed by the end of the film. However, the characters that are played by the actors in this movie are so well-cast, that I cannot fault the film for being so good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a story with two people from different parts of the world.

Christina Kennedy photo
Christina Kennedy

I have seen this film many times and I still find myself finding new meaning in it. The camera work is excellent. The editing is perfect. The actors have been the main character in my life for the last 18 years. They have always made me feel their pain and I feel they have all gone through similar situations. I still feel like they are watching me. I have read other comments on this site that describe the film as being very depressing. I have to disagree. There is a good amount of humor and a good amount of action. The film is not a depressing film. It is a powerful film that will change your life and will touch your heart. I feel that this film has touched my life and will continue to touch mine. I wish all of you who have seen this film to continue to see it and tell your friends and family about it. It is truly a masterpiece.

Matthew photo

The movie is about a man in his 60's, but it shows a similar situation as the movie that "Secreto de Amor" of the 1970s. Two young lovers from different countries fall in love with the same woman, but one of them is too old to be able to love someone like her. That is the story of "El pasado de Amor" of the early 70's. But this one is different. The actors of this movie are very good and very convincing. They are charming and it is so funny to watch their reactions and feelings when they are together. The camera is not so strong, but it has the right effect on the atmosphere of the movie. The story is about two people who fall in love with the same woman, but one of them is too old to be able to love someone like her. This is a very simple and quite natural story. And there is not much that is hard to understand, but it is not so difficult that it is boring. I have to say that this movie is very much recommended to everyone, because it is one of those movies that everybody can enjoy. It is not that difficult to understand, but it is also not that easy to understand. I think that this is a great movie for everyone to watch. I think that people who have never seen this movie or even if they have never seen it, but they would like to watch it, would be very satisfied with it. I have seen it a couple of times, and I still like it. I have given it 7 out of 10, but I am only giving it that much because it is a good movie and it is worth seeing.

Frank Howard photo
Frank Howard

In this movie, Almodovar presents us with a cast of character actors whose first and only movie was The Stranger in the Glass Case (1968). They have their first roles in a series of films and all their films have been classics. In The Spanish Prisoner (1972) a young man is forced to take an odd job that eventually comes in a kind of mixture of what he has been doing as a chef and how he was a revolutionary. He was in fact in the underground party. The Man with the Golden Gun (1976) he had to smuggle guns to a bank robbery, and he must deal with a serial killer (a bit more on that later). The three films are like a series, and the following years have seen some of the best films of Almodovar, a majority of them were improvised. This was a big treat for him. He started with three films. The Man with the Golden Gun, but he really got into it when he had his first real hit in 1972. The Stranger in the Glass Case, I think, is a masterpiece, and I would have to say that this is a big step in Almodovar's career. When it is a film with an ensemble cast it is a masterpiece, and the first film in a series has a huge element of greatness to it. The Spanish Prisoner is a very good film, and the story is absolutely fascinating. The story has a lot of things to be said and it is almost impossible to remember it all, but it is very interesting and the characters are all fantastic. The cast is all very good. The incredible Cristina Tilda, who is brilliant, is an excellent Joan Fontaine and a great Janina. The film also has a great performance by José Manuel de la Iglesia as Leopoldo, the leader of the revolutionary group, and Eduardo Dominguez as The Stranger, who is not in the film very much. I thought the casting of Eloy Azcue as the big boss of the drug cartels in the film was a brilliant choice, and he plays the role well. Javier Bardem is great as Juan L. Almodovar, and I can't forget about Ricardo Darin as the boss of the crime family, Carlos Montesinos, but I will come to that later. The rest of the cast is great. The film was really well-written, and I think that it is very easy to connect with the characters. There is a scene in the film where Leopoldo tells people he is the hero of a revolution and that he wants to make it into a revolution. People are either astonished, or surprised that Leopoldo is the one who leads the revolution. The film has a lot of great scenes, all of them have a very powerful message. They are almost perfect, and I loved them all. The Spanish Prisoner is very, very good. It is a very interesting film, and it is a treat for any Almodovar fan. If you haven't seen it, go watch

Samantha Robinson photo
Samantha Robinson

I love this movie. I read a lot of comments on it, and I understand that people aren't fond of it. The acting, the story, the acting, the story, the acting, the story. This movie is wonderful, and if you are looking for something new, you should definitely see this. If you want a movie that will help you to understand how the world works, or at least will help you to feel a little more connected to the rest of the world, this movie is for you. I don't know what to tell you to tell people about this movie, except that it's a must see. I give this movie an 8/10.

Lori W. photo
Lori W.

I read some of the comments, that the movie is too long. Well, I think it's just the opposite. The movie is a lot more like a movie than a documentary. I think this is a good thing, because it keeps the movie going and keeps you interested. The acting is great, and the cinematography is awesome. The movie is pretty slow at first, but once you get into it, you realize it's more like a play than a movie. I recommend this movie to people who love documentaries, or people who want to learn more about the history of the Brazilian Amazon. The people who can't stand the movie (and they have a point) might want to watch some documentaries instead, or they can just read some history books about the Amazon. I think the movie is worth the watch.