Anschauen Western Stars

Western Stars

Western Stars is a movie starring Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen. Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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1 hours 23 minutes
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Documentary, Music
Thom Zimny, Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa
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Live concert performance of Bruce Springsteen singing songs from his album 'Western Stars'.

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Kathleen B. photo
Kathleen B.

I recently saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival and I was left with a deep feeling of gratitude to those involved with making this film. The characters, the music, the setting, the talent, all were very well done. I loved the movie, the story, the music, and I even had tears in my eyes during the credits. I highly recommend this film, and I will be purchasing the soundtrack. Thank you all for this film!

George photo

I've always been a fan of the band, and this documentary did an excellent job of showing me why they were so great. As a fan of their music, it was very moving to see how much they meant to me. The band had a huge impact on my life and I hope that this documentary will help other people to see the true meaning of music. I think the best part of the documentary was the interview with the band, who really spoke about their lives and how they felt about their band. There were some very touching moments in the film, and I thought that this documentary did an excellent job of showing the band's true feelings. I highly recommend this documentary to everyone who is a fan of the band, or someone who has an interest in music.

Dorothy Martinez photo
Dorothy Martinez

I have never heard of this film, but I'm a fan of the band. This documentary takes a look at their early years, and the ups and downs of their career. It shows you the highs and the lows. This film has a great cast of musicians, and the best music ever recorded. It's a real joy to watch. I'm a fan of this band and I hope you will enjoy this film as much as I did.

Tyler S. photo
Tyler S.

I found this movie to be so refreshing. It's not so much an interview as it is a dialogue that allows the listener to pick up on the voice-overs and get a sense of what's going on. This has always been my favorite aspect of Michael Jackson's movies and this is no exception. I'm not sure what the hell this is supposed to be about, but it's entertaining enough to keep you occupied and I loved the stuff that he did not say. I also loved that he talked about his first encounter with pop group the Turtles and how the Teenagers became the movie's greatest inspiration. This is definitely a film that will stick with you long after you see it. It's not Oscar material, but I don't think it needs to be. It is a film that the kids and the adult will enjoy. I definitely recommend it and can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Dennis H. photo
Dennis H.

From the moment that I walked into the theater I was the most excited. It was a show that had no known stars. Even the background music, at first, was a little on the off note, but I could get over it. The movie started and I felt like I was on a stage and not on the screen. The movie was about the love of a music teacher, Claire Jo and music, a joy to me. She is a woman who is much loved by her students and is a real teacher. She is a woman who has very strong faith and shows it. I could relate to her and I felt the love and the strength of her character. There was nothing about her that would not help me to be happy. I did not know about this woman, the first time I saw her in the theater, and I did not care. I knew this movie was going to be amazing, because I was going to love it. I loved the energy of the show and I loved the music. I loved the performances and I loved the cast. It was everything I could have wanted. The director, Sam Abrams, did an excellent job. He took the energy and excitement that I felt as a young person and put it into the movie. He made the movie for me. When it was over I felt as if I had just gotten an amazing ticket. I felt as though I had been in a theater full of people who loved music and I was going to be able to meet them. I felt as if I had made a connection with everyone and I was going to be able to connect with them. I will never forget the whole show. I am not going to lie, the emotions I felt were strong and moving. I am so glad that this movie had a great show and I have never been in a theater that felt this good. I am so happy that this movie has made me so proud. If you want to experience the love and the passion of a beautiful movie, go see "Music and Lyrics" or "Music, Love and Life." I recommend it highly. This movie is a joy to watch and I will continue to be the most excited person to ever walk through the halls of the local art house. I will never forget this. Thank you to Sam Abrams for doing this for me.

Victoria photo

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) made a TV documentary about two American musicians, Linda Ronstadt and Rod Stewart, and their friendship in the 1970's. They met when the drummer of a folk band with a lot of American influences died in an accident. Since they were still in school, they started going to the small town of Castlegard, Canada, to study and make music together. After a while, Rod became very close to Linda and, while Rod was more interested in his music, he was still very much in love with Linda. In the documentary, Linda explains that he and Rod did not like to use the word "fag" or "sissy" in the group. But at the same time, Rod's first wife died and Linda had to give up on marriage and started a long relationship with a college student. They eventually got married, but the marriage ended after Rod was diagnosed with cancer. When Rod died, he was planning on going to Europe to perform and Linda ended up having to travel to New York to give her last concert with the group. This documentary is very touching. It shows you the dedication and passion of the Rod Stewart's, and their friendship. You see how they meet, what they learn from each other, and you also see their hardships. You also see how they reach their goals and how they make music together. It shows you how this friendship has changed them, and that it can be a good thing for a lot of people, including the world. It shows you the ups and downs and the struggles they had to overcome, and how it can be an excellent thing. This documentary is really a great lesson, and it shows you that friendship can help you achieve your goals, even when you don't like each other. I think this documentary is great. I think it is very heartwarming, and it shows the struggles of the two musicians and their friendship. This is a good film and I recommend that you watch this. 9/10

Dennis Alexander photo
Dennis Alexander

The film is a superb look at the life of the blues, the legendary, "Southern Rock and Roll." The performances are outstanding, especially from Lyle Lovett, Glen Campbell, and the always hilarious Steve Guttenberg. The music is amazing, and is a great part of the story. I give this film a 10 out of 10.

Beverly M. photo
Beverly M.

I had been very concerned about my boys age, my son (9) was not excited to see the film. But after he saw it I saw the film and he went crazy. He is now 19 and a regular theatre goer. He likes American movies, Japanese movies, and musicals. He knows all the songs of the "Great War" (WWI) musicals. He likes the songs of the "War is the Way" Broadway musical, and sings them all. The next day, after a nap, he told me, "All I ever wanted to see is a movie, and this is it!" And my heart was filled with tears. I am not a great fan of war movies but I can say that "Gone with the Wind" is one of the best movies I have seen. It was not made for kids, it is a drama/love story. But it is very true and very true to life. It shows that war is not a big disaster, and the people who die were not lost or died from illness or anything. It shows that we don't need a war to make a difference, we have the right to make a difference and even more. The special effects are good, especially the sound effects for the bullets. I love the music and all the music from the "Great War". I have not seen "Gone with the Wind" for 15 years and still I am very interested in hearing it. I am still waiting for the DVD of the movie to come out. I hope that this movie will be as good as it was. I do not understand all the negative comments. I loved this movie and I am very pleased that it will be getting more attention. This is what I have always wanted, a movie that will make people feel what I felt in the theater, the emotion of a big war. Thank you everyone who voted, especially the reviewers who voted below 10. I hope that you enjoyed this movie as much as I did. The "Great War" is the best war movie I have ever seen.

George R. photo
George R.

I was quite saddened to see that the director, the cinematographer, the producer, the PR person and so many others involved in the making of this film were not even nominated for an Oscar, let alone win. It was not a typical Oscar, but it was no slouch either, either. What they did do was edit out a bunch of stuff that made no sense in the context of the film. And I think that was part of the reason that it was so successful, and I'm glad to see it. However, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that a mainstream film has been made with certain editing, and it's not the first time that film makers have been somewhat criticized for it. So please don't take this too seriously, but don't miss this one. It's worth seeing.

Harry Brewer photo
Harry Brewer

I love Paul Walker. I've been a fan of his for a long time. He was in a lot of the best movies ever made. It was kind of cool to see him in a documentary. I thought it was a very interesting movie, with interesting interviews. I wish it had been longer. The featurette of Paul Walker talking about his life and career in music was really interesting. Paul is a very great guy, who is at peace with himself and loves music. He has some very good stories about the people that he worked with and the music he made. It is very interesting to hear his voice, and to see him have an incredible career. He was one of the greatest stars of the early 90s. It was also really cool to see some of the famous people that worked with him. He was really smart. He had great stories about getting his clothes for the movies. The way he said he made his clothes was really funny. He also talked about some of the people he worked with, like Eminem and Bobby Ray, and how they helped him with the music he made. He is a really great person, and I'm glad he's finally starting to get a lot of recognition. This documentary was really interesting and well done.