Anschauen 14 jours, 12 nuits

14 jours, 12 nuits

14 jours, 12 nuits is a movie starring Anne Dorval, François Papineau, and Leanna Chea. Isabelle Brodeur embarks on a journey to Vietnam, her adopted daughter's birthplace. Her path leads her to the woman who was once her daughter's...

Other Titles
14 días y 12 noches, 14 Days, 12 Nights
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Jean-Philippe Duval
Marie Vien
Leanna Chea, Anne Dorval, Hiep Tran Nghia, François Papineau
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Isabelle Brodeur embarks on a journey to Vietnam, her adopted daughter's birthplace. Her path leads her to the woman who was once her daughter's nanny. Doing so, Isabelle learns the existence and whereabouts of her daughter's biological mother. Throughout this stunningly beautiful journey, Isabelle discovers her daughter's country through the eyes of the woman who brought her into this world. This pilgrimage of sorts, leads the two women to unveil their innermost secrets.

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Brandon photo

This movie is one of my favorites. I first saw it on a trip to Miami in the early 80's and I watched it over and over. It's a wonderful movie, it's a little dark in parts, but that's the beauty of it. It's a wonderful film. If you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend it. It's worth watching. This is an underrated film and I think it deserves more recognition.

Terry Carroll photo
Terry Carroll

The film is about a Frenchman whose wife dies and leaves him a son. They are living in a country house with a couple of other couples. The mother is gone and the father is a middle-aged man who has been divorced for 15 years. They try to live together but he is constantly being interrupted by his wife's lover who is also staying at the house. The films is a bit of a coming-of-age story, the main character is still in his 20s and the woman in his 20s is still in her 20s. It is one of the few films that deals with a group of people who are not mature enough to deal with their relationship problems. This film was made in 1974 and the film has a very beautiful, melancholic feel to it. It is a French film and the direction is also French and the acting is good. It is a very fine film and I would definitely recommend it.

Scott photo

I am a lover of the 90s and that is why I have been searching for this movie for over a year. I finally found the copy I wanted. The title of this movie is "Journeys in Paradise". The director, Georges Dardenne, is a French film director who did "Journeys in Paradise" in 2003. The movie is a bit short but very well directed. The movie is about the relationship between a girl who lives in France and her family in New York. She has two kids and the mother who lives in France is a single mother who doesn't want to work. She is just a single parent. I love this movie, I really do. I think that this movie is a great movie for anyone who loves the 90s. This movie is a movie that is worth to watch, it has a very interesting plot and I liked it very much. If you like this movie, you might also like "Journeys in Paradise". I hope that you will enjoy this movie, because this is a great movie that you should watch. A great movie to watch, that is worth to watch. Thank you for reading my review.

Jason photo

I can't get enough of this movie. I'm a fan of the book, so I can't understand why this movie hasn't been released on DVD. I've seen it three times already and I've only rented it once. I think this movie should be released on DVD so I can get the movie out of my head and on DVD. I was very disappointed when I heard that it wasn't released. I've been waiting for this movie for so long. I don't know why, but I'm so glad it's finally out on DVD!

Ryan C. photo
Ryan C.

This is a film that is very much like a documentary. It's a little slow at times, but it's very well done and has a very strong message. It's about a young man who's girlfriend is a woman who doesn't believe in him and he tries to get her to see the truth about him. It's a very sad film, but it's very well made. It's very touching, very well done, and very well acted. The director, Tarek El-Amin, is a very good filmmaker. He's done some really good films. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in a film that has a strong message, and a very good story. This film is a little slow at times, but it's very well done and has a very strong message.

Evelyn C. photo
Evelyn C.

Having been a fan of the original film for several years, I was looking forward to seeing this new version. I was very disappointed. The story is very similar, but the story is told in a different style. The story is now told from the point of view of the "young woman" (Charlotte Rampling) and she doesn't speak at all. The film is just very boring. It's a very simple story, very boring. The music is also very boring. The film is so long that you could do nothing with it. The acting is also very bad. The only good thing about the film is the cinematography. The movie is very dark and very depressing. I think the film should have been more dramatic and emotional. I didn't like the ending, it was really bad. The film is very good for a low budget film, but it's not worth seeing. The director has tried to show the same old story in a new way, but it's a very bad way. I think the director is trying to show the horror of a world without hope and that's why it's so dark and depressing. The story is very sad and boring.

Ethan Mason photo
Ethan Mason

This is not a good movie, but it's certainly worth watching. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Paul photo

I saw this film in a class at University of California, Berkeley. The film was an experimental production where the audience was directed to look for clues throughout the film. The clues were asked to identify the actor, actress, etc., and to comment on their performance. This was not a production that was intended to be interpreted. However, the film was very successful and received positive reviews. The acting was great. The director was an artist who had no previous experience in directing. The acting was also very good. The film was a low budget film and it shows in the acting. There was an initial audience that was not interested in the film, but after the film was over, they left the theater and were happy that they had seen the film. I can't think of any reason why the film was not successful. It was an experimental film and I would recommend it to anyone who likes art films and experimental films.

Dylan G. photo
Dylan G.

This is a film about a man who is trying to keep a secret from his wife. He goes back and forth between the present and the past. The film is full of clues as to what is going on in the film and how the events in the film are related to the events in the past. The film is slow, but it does have an interesting ending.

Paul Barrett photo
Paul Barrett

I have seen this movie 4 times, each time in a different context, and each time I find a new perspective on the film. It's so beautifully done that I can't believe I haven't seen it before. I'm a big fan of cinema, but I have never seen a film that touches my soul so deeply. It's the kind of film that makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. It's a movie about love, hope and loss, and it's about the future of cinema. It's not for the squeamish, and I don't want to give away the ending. If you haven't seen this film, do yourself a favor and go rent it, you won't regret it.

Katherine Dixon photo
Katherine Dixon

This is a fine film. The acting is good, the scenery is wonderful and the direction is outstanding. The story is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The scenery and the acting make this a very memorable film.

Sandra O. photo
Sandra O.

This movie is great, and worth the watch. The acting is great, and the story is very touching and real. There are some times where the story is a little confusing, but it doesn't matter, because the movie is worth watching. There are many beautiful scenes, and the ending is very good. I recommend this movie to everyone. The scene in the office is very touching, and it is very true. A must see for anyone who loves a good movie.

Mildred Perkins photo
Mildred Perkins

To me, this is one of the most personal movies I have ever seen. It deals with the complexities of living in a small town, and how people interact with each other. The movie is the story of the life of a young man, who was raised in a very strict and strict environment. He never got to know his father and mother, and was basically raised by his grandparents. It's a great story, and the script is very well written. You can tell that the director, Janusz Kaminski, really cared about his movie. There are some very realistic and touching moments in this movie, and it's so well written. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I would recommend it to the viewer. It is not your typical American movie, and I think it's well worth seeing.

Julia B. photo
Julia B.

There's not much to say about this movie, except that it's not the typical "gangster film" that you see on TV. The film is more a study of life in a small rural town. The story takes place in the 1930's, and features the lives of four brothers, who all have their own personal problems and struggles. The story is not the typical gangster movie. This film is more about family, love and friendship, and the hardships that come with being a young man in a small town. The film also deals with the rise of a young woman, and how she deals with her situation in life. The film is definitely not for everyone, but it is well worth watching. The acting is very good, and the story is compelling. If you like movies that deal with the complexities of life, and you enjoy a good story, then you should definitely check out "The Young Offenders". It is definitely worth your time. I give it a B+/A- (7.5/10).

Susan Hopkins photo
Susan Hopkins

The woman, played by Natalie Portman, who is dying of cancer, decides to join the rest of the female population, who are getting older, to go on a trip. It is a trip for the women of the world, to get away from their aging. A lot of them want to experience the things they once were able to do. And the film does not hide this fact, from the viewer. The woman is in her mid-50s, but she is not old. She is like a young woman, except she does not look as young as she looks. There is a very good performance by Natalie Portman, in a very important role, in this film. The film is also very well directed by Andrea Arnold. There are many scenes that are interesting, and are filmed in a very good way, to show the women's lives. The music is good, and helps to build up the mood of the film. It is a very interesting film, about the female life, and the human experience in general. It is a good film, for all, ages, but I think it is a good film for those who are interested in the female experience.

Lisa photo

This film tells the story of a young woman, Viola, who had to leave her small town in Italy to go to Paris. Although she was born in the town, she was raised by her family, who had only known her as a girl. She is living in Paris with her lover, Guido, and her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The mother has a chronic illness that makes her almost useless, but she is still very devoted to her daughter. This film is an honest and very moving story. There is not a lot of language and a lot of silence, except for some conversations between Guido and Viola. The film is very well made, although it is a little bit long. The music is very good. It is not very easy to see what the film is trying to do, but I think it is a very good film, very emotional, and a good example of the Italian cinema of the 1980s. It is an excellent film, and I recommend it.

Helen T. photo
Helen T.

The film is an interesting portrayal of life in the early 1960's. The theme of the film is the social isolation of the young people. The characters are quite well developed, and they do not feel like caricatures. This is a very difficult film to watch, because it is very true to life. There are many shots of the same family, and it is difficult to believe that a person can live in such isolation. This is a film that is difficult to watch, but it is also a film that is very true to life. If you watch this film, you will understand the isolation of the characters, and you will understand the loneliness of the characters. You will see how many different kinds of people can live in such isolation, and you will understand the isolation of the people. It is a very well made film, with a great cast, and a very interesting plot. The film is very moving, and it is very well made. It is a very interesting film. The characters are very well developed. The acting is very good. I do not know if the film has a "perfect" score. I do not think so. The film is very moving. It is very real to life. The film is very real to life.

Julie W. photo
Julie W.

I've read a lot of comments about this movie. I have to say, I've enjoyed this movie. It's a drama about a teenager named Andre (Mathieu Kassovitz) who has trouble communicating with his father and is forced to go to a private school. There, he meets a girl named Charlotte (Juliette Binoche), who is shy and doesn't really want to tell him what she thinks of him. They fall in love, but Andre's father has a different idea and he has Andre enrolled in an expensive private school in Paris. Andre is appalled by this, but he has to go. I thought that the movie was beautifully filmed. The lighting and camera work were all so good. It's a very simple story, but I think it's very well done. I like how the movie dealt with the topic of gender identity, which is a very controversial topic. I thought the acting was good, especially Mathieu Kassovitz. He really did a good job. Juliette Binoche was good too. I don't think she was the most amazing actress, but I thought she did a good job. I also thought that Mathieu Kassovitz did a good job with the acting. He was very convincing and I was surprised by how good he was in this movie. I also thought that Mathieu Kassovitz was very good in this movie. Overall, I thought the movie was great and I recommend it to anyone who likes dramas. This movie is a must see.

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

This is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. If you like a film with a great story and are not easily bored, you should watch this film. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story, and is not easily bored. I can not find a fault with this film, except for one thing. The final scene. I was not impressed with the final scene. I think it was too dramatic. I know it is supposed to be a movie, but I felt that it was too over the top and unbelievable. I just wish the film had been a little less dramatic. But overall, I loved this film, and would recommend it to anyone. The only reason I am giving it a 10 is because it is a little longer than I would have liked.

Jacqueline B. photo
Jacqueline B.

The film is a wonderful little film that is a great deal more than the sum of its parts. It is a drama that deals with a very serious subject, and does so with subtlety and great care. The performances are great, the cinematography is excellent, and the music is very appropriate. This film is very well done and is a must see for anyone interested in the subject of suicide. It is a must see for anyone interested in film.

Christina L. photo
Christina L.

This movie was an interesting experience. It's a very emotional movie and I think the actors did a very good job of conveying the emotions of the characters. The movie is about the life of a single mother who has just lost her child and is trying to cope with her grief. The mother struggles to find a job and a place to live and is always struggling to find time to see her child. She is trying to find a balance between her grief and her responsibilities. The movie is very realistic and very moving. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie.