Anschauen Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow

Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow

Discovery shines a spotlight on the institution taking us to the moon and to the outer edge of our solar system. Above and Beyond celebrates NASA's many accomplishments and catapults viewers to where its headed in the future. Directed, produced, and narrated by Emmy®-winning Rory Kennedy, the film examines the ways NASA has changed our vision of the universe, our planet, and ourselves.

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Zum Mond und noch viel weiter - Die Reise der Nasa
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1 hours 30 minutes
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Rory Kennedy
Mark Bailey, Don Kleszy
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Jesse F. photo
Jesse F.

This is a great movie and one that should be seen by everyone. It is a documentary that should be seen by everyone. It shows the progress that NASA has made and the challenges that have been faced. It also shows the sacrifices that have been made by the astronauts and the people that have supported them. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know what NASA has done to make the world a better place.

Megan photo

I am a woman and I watched this movie with my daughter. It was great. We watched it with our 5 year old daughter and she loved it. I thought it was great. I liked the fact that it was realistic and not a Hollywood movie. I thought the movie was very well done. It was not a movie I would have watched. It was a good movie to watch with your kids. I recommend it to everyone. I give it a 10 out of 10. I have watched this movie about 5 times and I love it every time.

Craig Lucas photo
Craig Lucas

I went to this documentary with no expectations and I was not disappointed. The film was informative, inspiring and at times it was funny. I was left thinking about the films that were being made during the 70's, 80's and 90's. This documentary is not about space exploration. This documentary is about what is happening to our planet and our future and what our children will have to deal with in the future. This is about what we are doing to our planet and the effect that we are having on it. It's about what we are doing to our children and our children's children. I recommend this documentary to everyone. It is a must see.

Julie Warren photo
Julie Warren

I think the first part of the movie was very good. The second part was just mediocre. The subject matter was a bit too complicated for some people to follow and I'm sure it would be difficult for a newbie to understand it. If you don't know anything about space, it would be good to watch it, as the most important thing is understanding that NASA is really serious about space exploration. I think it would be a good idea to make a sequel to this movie. I think it would be better than a one-hour special on the subject.

Peter W. photo
Peter W.

This documentary is a must see for all people who are interested in space exploration. The interviews are done in a very balanced way. I enjoyed hearing from the people who worked on the Apollo missions and from the people who were involved in the Apollo program and the space shuttle program. The film also covers the history of space exploration and the shuttle program. The film is very well made and well edited. The information is very informative and the interviews are well done. I was impressed with the way the interviews were done and the way the information was presented. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in space exploration. I hope that this documentary will be used as a tool to help inspire and motivate people to take on new challenges and explore the world.

Julie Ortega photo
Julie Ortega

A somewhat disappointing documentary that does not delve into the technical aspects of the Apollo Program, instead focusing on the great human spirit of the project. However, that does not mean that it is a bad documentary. It does touch on the hard feelings some of the Apollo Program veterans had, and they do give insight into the lives of the astronauts. Some of the interviews with the astronauts are quite emotional, and it is a good reminder that some of the Apollo astronauts were simply trying to do their job. As I mentioned, the documentary is not a great documentary. But, it is a decent reminder of the Apollo Program.

Ann photo

This is a great documentary, that covers the history of the Apollo program and how it changed the world. I'm a science fiction fan, and this movie did a very good job of showing how much the Apollo program affected the future of the space program. I was surprised to find out that this was a documentary about the space program, not just a movie about the space program. I found it interesting that the documentary was so technical, and I did not know that the scientists and engineers did not always speak in English. I also enjoyed the fact that the documentary was not too "political", as it showed the "whys" of the space program and how the program changed the world. The astronauts that were interviewed were all very interesting, and they did a great job of giving us insight into the astronauts that were selected to go to the moon. This documentary is well worth seeing, and I would recommend that everyone see it.

Jordan photo

When I watched the documentary, I couldn't help but be reminded of the Apollo moon missions. This documentary is a good look at the Kennedy Space Center. I thought it was a good representation of what it was like to be there, and even thought it was pretty accurate. I enjoyed the Apollo 11 mission and the Apollo 13 mission, although I did not like the Apollo 15 mission. I thought that mission was a bit unrealistic. The documentary was very good. It is a great way to learn about the history of the space program. The documentary is good for anyone that is interested in the space program. It does a good job of presenting the history of the program.

Craig photo

It's been a while since I've watched a documentary on the space program. For the most part I've liked documentaries like "Blue Planet," "The Future of Flight," and "Moon: A Mission to the Moon." I have found them to be quite entertaining. "Beyond Our Horizons" is different. It's not just a documentary. It's a document of NASA's human exploration of the moon and the surface of Mars. It's an interesting look at the development of a manned mission to Mars and the scientific aspects of such a mission. It's fascinating to see the interaction between NASA and the military. In addition, it's informative. It shows how the lunar landings were conducted, how they were supported by the U.S. military, and how the Soviets, the Russians, and the Chinese competed for the space program. It also shows how NASA, the military, and the private sector competed for the same space program. It's a very well-done documentary. I would recommend it.

Joshua photo

I'm just writing to let everyone know that I saw this film on April 11th. I was really impressed. This is a must-see. It shows the raw enthusiasm of the mission controllers and their families. The whole film is just about getting the team to their next mission and how they deal with the drama. It also has a lot of interviews with the people involved in the flight. The interviews are worth the time and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in space. There are some parts that are a bit depressing but overall it's a very inspiring documentary. I think you'll enjoy this film. It's not for everyone but I think everyone should see it. I hope everyone can take a minute and watch this film.

Joyce M. photo
Joyce M.

I saw this documentary for the first time a few months ago. I was surprised to find out how much I loved this movie. It really touched me and made me think about my own future. I really recommend this movie. I don't think I've ever seen a documentary that touched me as much as this one. It really touched me. I think this movie is really amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie.

Nancy Arnold photo
Nancy Arnold

I saw this documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival and was intrigued to learn that it was based on the actual experiment of NASA's Apollo 11, as it had been in real life, as part of the space race. The astronauts on the flight were real and I was particularly impressed with the interviews with the surviving crew members, who had to come to terms with their post-flight memories. The film doesn't delve into the details of the Apollo mission and the only time I felt the documentary was not telling me everything I wanted to know, was when the director was talking about the scientific mission objectives. I found the commentary on the science part a bit confusing and the explanations of the science I didn't understand were rather illogical. There were some other little things that I didn't understand that were quite baffling. For example, why were the astronauts' shoes so shiny, but so hard to see in the photographs? Why didn't the lunar surface look like the moon? And what about the engine explosions? It was pretty amazing to see how these engines actually worked, but I felt like I needed more background on the Apollo missions. Overall, I really enjoyed the documentary. The footage and interviews really helped to explain the science, as well as the limitations of the space shuttle. I think the film would be a great addition to any film course, as it is interesting to see the real Apollo astronauts and how they came to terms with their post-flight memories. Also, it would be great to see some of the actual Apollo photographs, as there are many of them available. There were some pretty amazing images in this film and I enjoyed seeing the real Apollo astronauts and their post-flight memories.

Terry Watkins photo
Terry Watkins

What was the original reason for sending the crew of Apollo 17 to the moon? Was it to return a man from the moon and make a story? Was it to study the moon and the natural environment? Was it to make an image for the public? Was it to send a message? Was it to put a stamp on the history of mankind? Or was it simply to get to the moon and be the first man on the moon? Apollo 17 was a man's mission. And for many people, it was the only man's mission. As a former Apollo astronaut, I think I can say that, yes, I have a lot of fond memories of this mission. But it was not the only man's mission. Apollo 17, and all the others, were to show the world how man is capable of doing many things that even the most advanced civilizations in the universe can't. They were to demonstrate to the world that the human spirit can transcend the limits of space. The film "Apollo 17" is a very accurate portrayal of the history of the mission. I think it is very important that this film is made. If you look at the history of the missions to the moon, the same picture of man's destiny is painted. It is to show that man can achieve the impossible. The film should be viewed by everyone. And for those who don't have a lot of time to see the film, it is a very good choice to watch it. It is a very good film. I recommend it to everyone. I think that if you watch the film, you will see the impact of Apollo 17 and the mission to the moon. And the movie also teaches you about the human spirit. The movie is a good way to learn about man's destiny.