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Total Dhamaal

Total Dhamaal is a movie starring Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit. A group of people learn about a hidden treasure and then they race to find it and claim it.

Running Time
2 hours 10 minutes
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Action, Adventure, Comedy
Indra Kumar
Bunty Rathore, Paritosh Painter, Nischay Kuttanda, Ved Prakash
Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Total Dhamaal is the third installment in the Dhamaal franchise. A hidden booty of 50 crore leads to a mad chase amongst a bunch of greedy and eccentric characters. The odd mix includes a bickering couple on the verge of a divorce, greedy siblings, local goons, a police commissioner and the mastermind of the loot. Trains ramming into cars, falling bridges, roaring wild cats and crash landing helicopters all add to the action.

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Dylan photo

this is the story of a rich uncle who runs a travel agency which invites people to meet him at his mansion. The story is set in the country of India. The plot is pretty simple but it is done very well. I think that they did it right, even though the premise is very simple. The best thing about the movie is the acting, which is absolutely superb. Rishi Kapoor and Javed Jaffery are great, and the two characters played by Mahira Khan and Sanjay Dutt are excellent. There are also some nice one liners in the movie, so overall this is one of the best films of the year so far. It's very easy to like this film, and one can easily fall in love with it. So don't miss it.

Cynthia photo

When it comes to Dhamaal, there's no doubt that this is a classic, even amongst the "Bollywood" style of cinema. So why does this film keep getting away with such a rubbish title? I don't know. It's certainly very entertaining, so it's not a problem. But you might also be wondering, "why the hell does this film have a sequel?" And here's the answer. It has a sequel, and it's called Dhamaal 2. The only reason for that is that the first one did really well and now the makers want to do a sequel, or so they thought. It's based on the very successful original story, so the original is good enough, as is the sequel, which is better than the original, though the original was more than good enough for this film. The story revolves around a group of adventurers who are trying to track down a treasure which is at the heart of a war between an ancient race and a civilisation of plant-life, where one of the adventurers ends up killing a goddess in her shrine. A group of heroes who have been helping out at the shrine come to investigate the murder, and they soon discover that the artefact at the centre of the war has powers that allow it to manipulate the entire city. Now, all that's in the film is some action, some of it great, and some of it terrible. The acting is, as always, top notch. Nothing much else to say about it. It's a great film, but in my humble opinion it's only worth a watch for the action sequences. But if you want to see a real Dhamaal, you can find out more about it here. "I'm Dhamaal!"

Douglas Munoz photo
Douglas Munoz

I've been seeing many of Bollywood's latest hits, like Tere Naam, and just came across my second Bollywood film 'Masoom' (directed by M.S. Dhamaal) today. Masoom is the story of a guy who has been sent to another country after being forced to join the armed forces for his brother's death. He has been living in the small town of Mumbai since his arrival, but now he is back to his home town of Kolkata. The story starts off in Kolkata, but the story then shifts to Mumbai. After being held prisoner in Mumbai for a year, he finds out that the people who forced him to join the armed forces are back, and now it's time for him to go back to the place where he was born. If you're looking for a heart-pounding, action-packed, and action-packed Bollywood movie, then this movie is for you. There are many scenes in the movie where you'll want to be happy and relieved for the characters because there are so many little things that happen to them throughout the movie. The music score is by Dhanush Shankar, and I must say that the music in the movie is really good. The action in the movie is also good. Masoom is a Bollywood film, and it has all the usual Bollywood elements in the movie. There are comedy, drama, romance, action, and it is a movie that's entertaining to watch. Masoom is one of the best Bollywood films I've seen in the last few years.

Deborah photo

I just loved the movie,it is very nice to watch this style of movie.Many children's story.Athiteka Prakash has done very well.The movie has its humor.I really love to watch this movie every time.I would recommend it to everyone.Its a great movie and I am very happy to watch it.Athiteka has done a very good job.

Adam Austin photo
Adam Austin

This movie is really a masterpiece in its genre. However,it suffers from many errors. There are many things which do not match the storyline. One such thing is the behavior of the lead character. He does not really display any personality or expression which would indicate a non-wannabe Muslim from America. Apart from that,there are many other flaws in this movie. Overall,it is a great movie which deserves an applause. The heroine and her family are very beautiful and they have been very well portrayed. I would recommend it to everyone, however, its not for everyone who has a poor sense of humor. However,it is a must watch for any Mahatma Agnus Dei or any other religious group.

Ryan M. photo
Ryan M.

Bollywood needs to get some ideas right before it can continue producing films of this caliber. It's a pity that people who are so used to watching comedy, drama and romance are unable to appreciate a film with something a little bit different. Rane and his director, Shyam Benegal, have created an excellent film. This film is one that I would definitely watch again. The fact that it is a Bollywood film has had nothing to do with it. I am sure it would be a hit with Hindi audiences. I can't wait for the next film. I would like to go watch this film with friends and share it with them. I also want to warn others against watching this film. This film has a lot of action and is full of humour. This film is more a film to watch with friends than watch alone. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good film.

Alice E. photo
Alice E.

Mukesh Rawal plays the role of a corrupt politician who's desperate to get his daughter married. After his daughter's wedding, he receives a phone call from an ambitious politician's daughter who wants to get married to him. Rawal's character of a corrupt politician is meant to be funny but it's more like a cross between Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma's characters in Ram Gopal Varma's Dil Chahta Hai. Though the movie has a good plot, the comedy is way overdone and the laughs are few and far between. Akshay Kumar's character of the corrupt politician is still too cartoonish to be taken seriously. And for me, Anushka Sharma's character of the ambitious politician is still too cartoonish to be taken seriously. The movie is not as good as it could have been but it's not as bad as it could have been. I did like the movie though, but I don't think it was the best movie of its kind.

Gloria photo

Surprisingly an entertaining movie for the Mughal period. Special mention must go to Harshvardhan for his amazingly accurate acting. It was a tough role for him, but he did it well and very convincing. Aamir Khan is not an actor who usually gets much screen time. He has been a superstar in 'Tashan' and 'Mera Chhoti', but has done little for the rest of his career. 'The Brand' is an exception to the rule. All credit goes to all those people who have made it happen, especially Harshvardhan, for giving us a true copy of Bibi Rahim Khan in real life. The film has been nicely shot and acted in a very authentic style. Aamir Khan is the true star of the film and his performance is his best ever. Watch it for Harshvardhan and everyone who has helped make it happen.

Dylan photo

I was in hell when I got this movie for my DVD collection. I was so scared that I went for a shower and just thought about how lucky I am to have it. The movie has the "sense of its time" (Aamir Khan) but in a very funny and insightful manner. Salman Khan did a great job and directed this movie like a true master. The story is complex and very funny. The humor is very real and different from other comedies, which are all the same. Its like no other movie of this kind. I can't say it better than this. If you are not a Salman Khan fan then I suggest you to watch it before you die. Don't listen to the critics, and do not let any of them ruin the movie for you. Do not miss this one!

Judy Harrison photo
Judy Harrison

Castecastes are seen as a bad thing in Indian Cinema. We are quite happy to see a movie with them. DDLJ is no different. It is a good movie, and it does not need any castecastes to enjoy it. All the actors are brilliant. I have seen DDLJ over 20 times, and I am sure I will see it again. The music is wonderful. The way it is used to describe the film is great. I am a big fan of the songs, and I am sure I will listen to the songs at least once more. The cast, the story and the direction is really good. It is an action movie. It is not for everyone. I would suggest to watch it with an open mind. It will be worth your time. But, if you don't like this kind of movies, then don't watch it. This is not a movie for everyone.

John G. photo
John G.

Don't look for the ending. Watch the movie as it is. Salman Khan is definitely a 'real' entertainer and we need more of these types of movies. The title track is catchy and definitely the best thing in the movie. The acting is superb. Sunny Deol is one of the best actors in Bollywood and Raveena Tandon has proven it yet again. She is definitely the second strongest actress in Bollywood and we need more of her work in the future. Amitabh Bachchan plays his part very well. The storyline is different and good but you need to have a lot of faith in it. The climax of the movie is really great. You definitely need to watch the whole movie to see the end.

Billy Holmes photo
Billy Holmes

I was surprised at how bad this movie is. There's a lot of material that's used in this movie, which I'm not sure that the film makers were thinking about. The movie's story is not that interesting, it's basically a mixture of many things, like: The character actor who plays the role of the doctor, the young man who plays the role of the lead, the random guy who played the role of the doctor and the old man who played the role of the lead's father. All of them have their own set of flaws and flaws that they can't hide. I'm not sure that they can be funny, but they're funny sometimes. The only good thing about the movie is that there's a lot of nudity. If the movie makers had taken a more serious approach to this movie, then this movie would be a very mediocre and horrible movie. I don't recommend this movie, if you have time to kill, then watch it, but if you're not in the mood for a boring movie, then don't watch it.

Joseph W. photo
Joseph W.

Dhamaal has got to be the most amazing movie to come out of bollywood. As a new comer to bollywood, this movie has really made me realize about bollywood. I am a foreigner and i can say that this movie is an amazing drama and comedy. The script of this movie is really top-notch, the way the characters act, the scenes and the acting in general is really good. Dhamaal is a movie about 2 brothers who are middle-class and they have a brother who is a big thief and a brother who is in the business of wannabe famous thief. The brother and his friends are in love with the lady of the house. The brother plans to commit a crime and make a living from it. But the police don't believe the story and the story is true. The brother has planned to steal a car and take the money and all and that is really the beginning of the story. The way the movie is made is really good, the songs are amazing and the scenes are amazing. This movie is a must watch. Its worth every penny of it and definitely the best movie of the year.

Judy Stanley photo
Judy Stanley

Ranbir Kapoor has done a great job in his second consecutive entry in the Dhamaal series, which has become one of the most successful movies of all times. The storyline is not that bad and is actually quite interesting, as the movie tells the story of how the super-villain Gangster RamaLal, a villain who lives in the mansion in the city, wants to settle down in the countryside. Gangster RamaLal is only interested in money, but not in the peace and harmony of the countryside, and tries to infiltrate the country to stay in the country, and change the people of the countryside into something different. The villain Gangster RamaLal, also known as Rama Lal, has two methods of attack. One is by poisoning food, and the other is by gun-shooting. Gangster RamaLal has both methods of attack, and it is up to the village people to stop him. RamaLal uses his own methods to cause trouble, like how he puts dead people in the middle of the village, or how he tries to lure people into the river to drown. RamaLal is a very good villain, and the story is very well written, which makes the movie even more interesting. The screenplay is very good, and is the most impressive part of the movie. The dialogues are very good, and the story is also very good. The music is good, and the songs are very good. The special effects are also very good, and the action scenes are very good. Overall, Dhamaal is a very good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to all Dhamaal fans. Rating : 7/10

Nathan Stephens photo
Nathan Stephens

Dhamaal was a brilliant movie and the one I liked the most. The plot was wonderful and the characters were well thought out. The music and dance was great. The music was great and the dance is so beautiful. Akshay kumar as a producer should get more credit for his good work. Ajay and Sonu did a very good job. Ajay played a good villain and was very charming. His acting was amazing. The script was good and the songs were good. The music was good and the dance was good. The film was very funny. The actors did a great job. Ajay had a good script and the screenplay was good. He did a very good job. The songs were good. The film was a must see. The film is a must watch.

Frank photo

The only actor in the movie who seems to be watching it all the way is Tarun. He is the one who is mentally beaten up by the goons and he also wants to kill the villain. But, he is not the only one. The goons are just following orders, no one is really doing anything. There is a genuine amount of anger and frustration in the movie. Most of the jokes are as above. Only a few things that you might not be able to follow are the speeches given by the goons. After all, you might not really understand what they are saying. The story is a bit of a stretch and not entirely satisfying. You might feel that some parts are unnecessary. But it is still a good movie and is a nice watch. Some dialogues are a little far-fetched. But, the actors are good, Tarun is superb and the action is good. I don't think there are a lot of people who would complain about the lack of substance. You could argue about the history of the movie, but overall, it is a movie that would appeal to a variety of people.

John Pena photo
John Pena

I really liked this movie! It was quite entertaining, had a good cast and there was some beautiful photography. This was not a big budget movie, so the actors were well chosen. The music was good too. I am a big fan of Rajini and when he played a role like this, he is very good. And Akshay, he is always a pleasure to watch. If you like Rajini and Akshay, then this is a must watch!

Megan Scott photo
Megan Scott

Shahrukh Khan is back as the action hero and he still delivers. He is definitely back to the acting style of his early days. Khosla ka Ghosla is a fun and entertaining film. Khosla is a top quality movie and Khosla ka Ghosla is one of Khosla's best. Khosla ka Ghosla is a fun movie with excellent acting and a good story line. It is a sequel to Khosla ka Ghosla. This movie has an interesting story line. Khosla is a drug addict who is a hit-man for the mafia. After he kills the boss of the mafia, he gets married to a young girl. The mafia wants Khosla to kill the wife and daughter of the mafia boss, but Khosla has other plans. He kills the mafia boss and gets his wife and daughter back. He also gets the boss's daughter back. This movie has a good storyline. It is also fun to watch. There are a few action scenes in this movie. Khosla's skills are still top-notch. This movie is a must watch.

Rebecca A. photo
Rebecca A.

The critics were harsh on this movie and I'm happy they can't get their say, especially for a Pakistani movie. Anawol rases and Pritam (Yash Chopra) are so authentic and stand-out in this. K.V.Shahid is a delightful antagonist and Shahid's run-in with Shabana Azmi is worth the price of admission. Rana Daggubati is excellent as usual and Saif Ali Khan has always done a good job with a supporting cast of 'fake' Pakistani actors. Let's face it. The title 'Dangal' is an obvious attempt to borrow the title of Shahid and his film. However, Dangal is a lot more than a rehash of Shahid's old movies and is a heart-warming story of friendship. In my opinion, this movie is a 9/10.

Benjamin Kennedy photo
Benjamin Kennedy

I am just watching this movie, the first half hour or so were a bit too slow.but the rest of the movie was really entertaining. Like the wannabe movie that came to Pakistan's capital city in 1982 and the second half of that movie is where the movie really gets going. This is a true example of how a Pakistani film should be made and I am sure the movie industry has learnt its lesson and moved on to the next project. From the very first scene in the movie, you are taken on a crazy adventure, and there is nothing to slow down the pace of the movie. The first half hour is about how a doctor and his doctor friend team up to solve the mystery of the three masked terrorists who are plotting to kill Dr Mehbooba. When Dr Mehbooba wakes up from a coma, she becomes very suspicious of her new companions, but she soon decides to go along with them to do her job. This movie was a real eye-opener to Pakistani people and the director has created a gem out of the conventional story. Now, I will say that the actors are not very good, the dialogues are not very good and some parts are very cliched. But, when it comes to the story, this movie is a must watch. I hope you all go watch it, you will not regret.

Amanda photo

The only thing missing from this movie is the animation. The movie is quite similar to the "Shaadi" series. Most of the scenes have been repeated in "Shaadi" and "Shaadi 2". Some parts have been taken out and the story has been changed. Overall this is a fun movie to watch. All the songs are good and the movie has a good ending. The movie is an adaptation of the title song from "Shaadi". The movie is quite funny. The movie also has good action sequences and great action scenes. This movie is a decent movie for the family to watch.

Johnny photo

A nice movie to watch with your friends.A great one.What a silly humor!(Haha!)The movie is full of one liners and fun jokes.Just relax and enjoy it.You will not regret it.Just watch it.There is nothing much to say.Just enjoy the movie and enjoy it.

Douglas photo

This is a very good film, I enjoyed it very much, it is very funny. There is not a lot of violence in the film, in fact most of the film is just him and his mates, but it is a great film, and worth watching. The acting is excellent, and the jokes are well written. I am a big fan of Sam Rani as well, she is excellent, and her scenes with Manoj Bajpai are fantastic. In all I recommend this film to anyone who likes comedies. I am glad I saw it, and I would love to see it again!