Anschauen Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights is a movie starring Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, and Alex Roe. In the summer of 1991, a sheltered teenage boy comes of age during a wild summer he spends in Cape Cod getting rich from selling pot to gangsters,...

Other Titles
Chaudes nuits d'été, Karstos vasaros naktys, Karstās vasaras naktis, Καλοκαιρινές Νύχτες, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS ホット・サマー・ナイツ, 炎夏之夜
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
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Crime, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Elijah Bynum
Elijah Bynum
Maika Monroe, Alex Roe, Emory Cohen, Timothée Chalamet
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In the summer of 1991, a sheltered teenage boy comes of age during a wild summer he spends in Cape Cod getting rich from selling pot to gangsters, falling in love for the first time, partying and eventually realizing that he is in over his head.

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Maria photo

I enjoyed this movie and I found it to be good for a rainy Sunday afternoon. The main character is very interesting, his girlfriend, played by Uma Thurman, is also very good. But the real star is Frank (played by Jake Johnson), played by the wonderful "Sex and the City" star. He is a great actor, in the school of Steve Carell. In the end he is not sure if he likes his girlfriend, he goes on a date with a guy that looks like he belongs in the south. If he did not know better he would think it was her. She is very nice and he is too. But they end up together and he realizes that he really loves her. And he wants to help her with her music. At the end he learns that she is a great singer, and she wants to be a singer herself. She would have been a great star if she hadn't lost her voice, but she is very good and she does not need to sing. But he does, and she is grateful. I found the story to be really good and I hope that this movie gets some attention. I think that this is a very good movie, and I hope that it gets a wide release.

Gerald E. photo
Gerald E.

I don't know why I bothered watching this movie, because I was very bored, but this movie was the best I've ever seen! It's so original and crazy. The whole movie is a mix between a melodrama and a comedy, and it's very good. It's a movie that will get you thinking about how people make fun of other people and the way they behave. I don't know if this movie was going to be popular at the time, but I hope that it will be in the future, because I've seen it once and it was so good, I watched it again the second time, and it's still so good. I think it's one of the best movies of all time. It's so great and I hope that you'll see it. I hope you'll like it!

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

As the film began, I was actually surprised by the contents. Sure, there were a couple of cringe-worthy lines (of course I had no choice but to laugh), but at least the movie was able to keep a consistent pace. The acting was very good. Brad Pitt is a standout as the rather eccentric, yet brilliant scientist. His character is rather unique, but with a clear identity that allows for him to retain his moral compass and unapologetically explore the world around him. He's the only person in the film that feels like he is underdeveloped. The other main character, the husband, is not only likable, but relatable. He is the sole one in the film that truly cares about the wife. I didn't feel like the wife was my main character, but I still cared about her and her family. However, I would have liked to have seen more of their relationship. If the wife was a part of the film, it would have really taken me away from the other characters. Overall, the acting was excellent, the storyline was interesting and enjoyable, and the cast was able to make the characters extremely relatable. This is a must see film for any action or sci-fi fan. The movie can get a little intense, but I really enjoyed the movie.

Frank Day photo
Frank Day

As much as I love this movie, I think it suffers from the inability to really get into it. It starts off like a kids movie, with very little action. But as it goes along, it gets more and more intense. The way the movie ends is completely unexpected. As a fan of Lee, I was not expecting that the movie would end the way it did. The way it ends is a huge let down to me. I thought that Lee had really come out with this movie and that this movie would be a huge hit. It wasn't. I feel that the movie should have been made into a much better movie, with much more intense action. But I guess Lee really came out with a hit, and that he wanted to prove to the world that he can do the kinds of movies that a lot of people just wouldn't believe. Now I'm not saying that this movie is the best movie ever, but it is definitely worth a watch.

Hannah photo

An excellent film with some unexpected twists. The characters are very well developed and the chemistry between them is so real. I was impressed with the use of music throughout the film. My only disappointment was that the film did not have the high body count of other crime films. However, I do recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a fresh and funny crime film. I would recommend this film to all.

Lisa Richardson photo
Lisa Richardson

This movie is well worth watching. I actually really enjoyed it. It had good laughs, great characters, and I found myself really rooting for the lead characters. It is a nice change of pace from all the flicks of the summer. I would suggest anyone who loves movies to watch this one. It is well worth it.

Patrick Ryan photo
Patrick Ryan

I've always enjoyed Hugh Grant's performances and this one was no exception. He plays the shy and introverted, English country boy who meets the lovable and mysterious blonde (Charlotte Rampling) and the pair become inseparable, even though he is constantly afraid of her. Grant plays this part with great relish and really does an outstanding job of this part. I think he had a lot of fun in this movie. I also thought the main characters were well-cast and there was a lot of chemistry between the actors. The best part of the movie is definitely the final credits sequence. I could really see myself cheering for Hugh Grant to win this Oscar. I would say this is one of his best roles. There were some parts where I felt that it wasn't as funny or intense as the first movie, but there was still plenty of laughs and I think it worked well. I thought it was a little too long, but I did not really mind the length. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes Hugh Grant or comedy.

Betty R. photo
Betty R.

The overall execution of the movie was a bit weak and lacking in tension. But that's to be expected in a comedy, and it's still worth watching for it's moments of genuine humor. The main character, Cole, was a very likable character. He's a very realistic character, and you really feel for him when he gets hurt. You can tell he's having a hard time in school and isn't getting the attention he wants. The movie doesn't try to pretend it's a drama, or a mystery, it just tells the story of Cole and his relationship with his friend/girlfriend. Overall, the movie was decent, and I think this is a movie worth watching.

Alan photo

I really loved this movie. It was definitely the best thing I saw this year, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The movie is about a summer where a bunch of friends go to a secluded beach in Canada, where they try to find a local for a summer job. All of them have a strange connection with the local, who lives in a house at the end of the road. I really enjoyed the plot, it was so funny. I can't wait to see the DVD. If you are a fan of the musicals, this is a must see. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Austin J. photo
Austin J.

A well made movie, a great story and fantastic acting. So much emotion and emotion in this film. I would recommend it to anyone. And as with many of the actors in this movie, I'm really glad to see John Cusack back in such a role. Great job by him. Great movie.

Melissa photo

This movie is a favorite for me, it was the first movie I had ever seen on the big screen and it was the first movie I had ever seen in a theater. It is really a little gem of a movie. The movie does not have a great plot, but it is well worth seeing. And if you are a fan of Nick Cage or Gene Hackman, I highly recommend you see this movie. If you don't like either of these actors, then this movie is probably not for you.

Steven photo

I'm a huge fan of comedy, but when I first heard that Woody Allen was directing this film, I wasn't sure if I should watch it or not. After seeing it, I am now 100% convinced that I would not have watched this film otherwise. The plot revolves around two couples: Jake and Jada, a married couple, and Russell and Caroline, a couple that are getting a divorce. After discovering their differences, the two couples decide to split up and split their respective spoils. Then, the two couples go on vacation together. During their vacation, Jake and Jada begin to grow closer and have more fun. Jake, who has a mean, brash, and tough personality, gets to know Jada better. The two of them begin to have more fun together. At one point, Jake begins to fall in love with Jada. While this is happening, Caroline begins to be jealous of her and tries to keep her distance from Jake. The two couples end up having a great time together. One of the reasons this film is so good is that it has a very entertaining story and very funny situations. If you liked Clueless or Pretty In Pink, you will like this film as well. This film has a wonderful script and the actors are very likable. It is a very fun film. The cast is very good and all of the actors give great performances. This film has an excellent ending. This film also has a very good, comedic feel. The actors do a very good job in their roles. Overall, this is a very good film. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Crystal Myers photo
Crystal Myers

I've watched this film about ten times and still love it. It's definitely a must see for any gay man or lesbian girl. It's very well made and entertaining. I love the songs and the acting is great. The gay theme is not just that one gay guy who's having trouble but all the characters have their own specialties. This movie has a great cast and they are all great actors. So I give this movie a 9 out of 10. If you like this movie I suggest you to see "Hot Summer Nights".

Katherine J. photo
Katherine J.

Saw it on T.V. last night and was in awe. So many great moments in this film, a very well written script and great acting. A huge bonus is the "Dead End Drive-In" setup in the back of the movie house. The other great point is that the majority of the action takes place in the back of a car in a drive-in. Great. A lot of these films like Backdraft are shot in high school yards and other facilities. It's a beautiful way to shoot a film. Nice shots, great camera angles. Nice scenery. Nice. It's a wonderful environment. This is the first time I've seen the "Dead End Drive-In" setup, but it makes a lot of sense. No two drive-ins are alike, and they have different sets of rules. This makes for a unique and unique experience. This movie is great for those who like to have fun, laugh, cry, and learn about relationships. Enjoy.