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Social Animals

Social Animals is a movie starring Josh Radnor, Carly Chaikin, and Samira Wiley. A childless, single, broke, stoner attempts to salvage her failing business and love life while falling in love for the first time with a married man.

Other Titles
Káoszbrigád, Sosyal Hayvanlar, F*cking People, Bez względu na wszystko
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Theresa Bennett
Theresa Bennett
Josh Radnor, Carly Chaikin, Samira Wiley, Aya Cash
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Zoe (Noel Wells) is stalled, stoned, broke and stuck in a series of one night stands. While salvaging her failing business, she falls in love for the first time with Paul (Josh Radnor). There's one problem, Paul is married to Jane. Through inspirations only Austin could provide, Zoe learns what "adulting" really means.

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Rose T. photo
Rose T.

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of this movie at a film festival in New York. This is a great film that showcases the talent of many top film students and professors. It is the story of an ambitious and ambitious girl who makes her dream come true. Her father is a professor in the theater who is always in search of the next big thing. This movie is very cleverly written and is filled with clever one liners and extremely witty one liners. The actors in the movie did a fantastic job and it was a treat to watch them. The plot of the movie was amazing. I loved the fact that it was filled with one liners. The characters were a great combination of colorful characters. The film was also filled with great animation. The characters in this movie were very unique and varied. This movie is a great comedy that is filled with great humor. This is a great movie for anyone who loves a good comedy. This is a great movie for people who enjoy watching a film with great animation, great actors, great comedy, and great humor. If you are looking for a great comedy to watch this is it. If you are looking for a movie that you can just sit back and enjoy and laugh with friends over, then this is the movie for you.

Juan photo

This movie was one of the first to be released on DVD. I am now a big fan of this movie. It is a great story and it has all the elements to be a hit. It is full of great characters, and the cast of this movie includes many of the greatest actors of our time. The characters of this movie are all great and some of the actors have gone on to do great things in their own movies. The movie has a great plot, and it has a great ending. You will have fun and you will want to see more movies like this one. This movie is great, and you should get it. If you want to see a great movie, check this out.

Stephen photo

This movie is perfect for a rainy afternoon. It's an honest portrayal of modern life, in a non-traditional way. There are lots of laughs and lots of heart. I think that even the hardest critic will be surprised at the entertainment value. It's more than just a good story.

Juan photo

Greetings again from the darkness. As the weather gets colder, my family and I head to the local theater to see the latest in the vampire genre, The Mummy Returns. I have to say I was very surprised. The story of the film is relatively simple, but the execution is superb. I would have loved to see more of the Ancient Egyptians, but I suppose that is the whole point of the film. This film is about a group of teenagers who are traveling through Europe to get some "fun" in. Their first stop is a farmhouse. And after a few minutes of reading the few pages of the owner's diary, you know the rest of the story. And when you see the vampires attack the house, you know the rest of the story. The vampire queen, who has taken over the land and has become a powerful vampire, is back again and is attacking the youths. To stop her, they must go through an ancient ritual. I have to say that this film is better than I expected. There are many humorous scenes, and the acting is superb. The acting is good all around. Michael, Derek, and the other actors do a great job with the material they are given. There is a few scenes where I thought they were acting too serious, but I figured that out after a few minutes. I liked how they put in the scenes with the vampire queen in the first place, but they added more and more scenes to it as the film went on. The "fun" in the movie was great, and I really enjoyed it. I think that the film is worth seeing. The movie is rated R, so don't go in expecting some "T&A" type of movie. The movie is not for the easily offended. I give the movie a 10/10 rating.

Theresa Black photo
Theresa Black

I remember reading some of the reviews of this movie before I saw it. The reviewers who have commented that the movie was dumb, that the acting was bad, and that it was dumb for not having a plot or a story. I think that most people who watched this movie had these same thoughts. However, I did not think the acting was bad, or the plot was bad. It's not that I think it was dumb or that the acting was bad, but that I thought the story was good. The movie was actually funny in parts. It was so sad to see a movie like this in theaters, and I think that most people will enjoy it. I'm not a huge fan of the musical genre, but I thought that this movie was really good.

Anna Mills photo
Anna Mills

After seeing this movie at a friend's place, I must say it is a great watch. In fact, I found the whole movie so entertaining I have watched it several times. I find myself laughing and chuckling at the same time, like I did when I first saw the movie. The movie is set in a small town in Oregon and features a group of friends that are all friends with each other and their "best friend". It's a typical high school drama where a bunch of friends meet and form a group and try to get through a finals together. When one of the group is ill, they ask if there is any way they can get out of this and find a way to help. One of the friends in the group goes to a local bar and meets up with a girl, who is a doctor, who they both fall for. But, they are so excited that they want to keep seeing each other. When their friend gets better, they try to make it work. It's really great how the movie plays out and how it develops. It's a great movie for the whole family, because it's not just a kids movie, but also for the adults as well. There is a lot of humor in the movie, but not for the "gross-out" kind of humor. It's a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Randy photo

Saw this movie at the film festival in Holland. There was a "special" screening in New York City. It was very interesting and entertaining. The movie is basically about the lives of three American teens from Chicago who have gone to live in Paris. They meet in Paris and are constantly bickering with each other. The plot is basically about how they react to the life in Paris. The movie is not that bad. It has a good atmosphere. The actors are great, and the music is also very good. The movie is very interesting and is definitely worth a look. It is not a perfect movie but it is not too bad either.

Dorothy Washington photo
Dorothy Washington

This movie was originally going to be a remake of another movie called "A Mother's Heart" which was based on a true story of a single mother who wanted to raise her children the way they wanted to be raised. This is a true story and not a remake. The two movies are so different that it is hard to compare them. But "A Mother's Heart" has the following things going for it: A good story, a strong acting team, and great scenery. I can see why people will say this is a movie made for their kids. I think that this movie will appeal to all ages. Some parts of the movie will have you laughing, others will make you want to cry. But for the most part, it is a movie that will make you think about what you want your children to be and what kind of a life they should have. You will also find a lot of lessons in this movie. The movie is not the kind of movie that everyone should see. It is a movie for people who want to know what is real and what is not. And there are lessons in this movie that will stick with you. In conclusion, I think that this is a great movie for people who want to know what is real and what is not. It is not for everyone, but it is a movie that will make you think.

Larry photo

If you don't know what "Quentin Tarantino" is, you are at least curious to know what he does. This film tells us that he is a filmmaker and that he likes to create unique visual moments. And we see them in "Kill Bill". The shots are so random that it takes a while to get used to them. But you find yourself getting a pleasure from the cinematography and the chaos. "Quentin Tarantino" is one of the most important directors in cinema history. If you're looking for a movie that makes you laugh, it is definitely worth seeing. If you like the kind of movies that show the extreme of violence, violence, violence, then you will definitely like "Kill Bill".

Christina B. photo
Christina B.

Lizzy and Nick are two New York cops, but not from the city. Lizzy works as a waitress in a fancy restaurant and Nick works as a security guard for a skyscraper. One day, Lizzy gets a call from a guy, whose name she never sees, and the guy tells her that Nick is her boyfriend. Then the guy, the guy who told Lizzy about Nick, tells her that she is a real bad girl. Lizzy and Nick go to the police station, but they are refused service because they are from another department. Later, Lizzy's father, a police officer, tells Nick that he wants to have a daughter of his own. Nick then agrees to be her father. But when Lizzy comes back to New York, she finds that she is actually Lizzy and not Nick. Now Lizzy and Nick have to find a way to get Nick back to New York. Written and directed by Haluk Bilginer, "Lizzy & Nick" is a funny and sometimes exciting movie, but the movie is not perfect. It has some problems in the script and the screenplay is not that good. It is really hard to understand what is going on, but the movie is not bad. There are some funny moments, but not many. It is worth seeing, but don't expect a great movie.

Marie D. photo
Marie D.

I'm very surprised that so many people didn't like this movie. Sure it's cheesy, and a bit unbelievable, but it's really funny. The cast is great, the plot is different, but there's a twist at the end. The plot is not original, but I didn't mind because it worked so well. I didn't even know who Ben Stiller was at first, but he was great. I also really liked the ending, it was a bit surprising, but it worked. I'd give this 8/10, I recommend it.

Maria photo

This is one of those movies where you are completely enthralled by the story, and there is not a single moment of the movie where you are not thinking about the next scene, or thinking about what you are going to do the next day. The plot is very simple, and it is impossible to think of a better movie. The acting is absolutely brilliant, as usual. Julianne Hough plays a beautiful, innocent girl, and her performance is just as good as the rest of the cast. If you love a movie that will keep you laughing and will make you think about something, you will love this movie. It's a movie that you will have a smile on your face for the entire time, and you will want to watch it over and over again. It's a good movie, and if you like one, I strongly recommend this one. It's worth the money, and it's definitely worth the time.

Amber photo

What's wrong with this movie? Well, for starters, the actors are all very good, but that doesn't matter much. What's wrong is that they seem to have no idea what the movie is about. They all seem to be acting on the set of some other movie, which is ridiculous. But the movie is still very good. I must admit, I watched it in my room. It was kind of cool to be able to see movies on the big screen, and have the audience laugh along with me. This movie really does have a message. Even though it's not a great message, it does have a message, and it's a good message. But, in the end, it doesn't have the meaning it really wanted. In fact, I think that it tries to say something, but it just doesn't. That's why it fails, I think. To me, it's not a movie I'd want to see again. But I'll watch it again, because it's really good. But don't expect much from it.

Roger photo

This film is a pretty funny movie. The characters are pretty well fleshed out, and there is enough going on in the plot to keep you entertained. It is definitely not a great movie, but I was really surprised that I did not think of it as a bad movie at all. The director has done a good job of using a small cast to make it a movie that is really easy to follow and follow-up. This is definitely one that I will watch again.