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Traffik is a movie starring Priscilla Quintana, Luke Goss, and Paula Patton. A couple off for a romantic weekend in the mountains are accosted by a biker gang. Alone in the mountains, Brea and John must defend themselves against the...

Other Titles
セックス・トラフィック 悪夢の週末, Stranded, Traffik: red de peligro, Traffik: Liberdade Roubada
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Crime, Thriller, Action, Drama
Deon Taylor
Deon Taylor
Luke Goss, Priscilla Quintana, Paula Patton, William Fichtner
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A couple off for a romantic weekend in the mountains are accosted by a biker gang. Alone in the mountains, Brea and John must defend themselves against the gang, who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

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Dylan Ruiz photo
Dylan Ruiz

Strikes me as something about a London lad to attempt to carry the burden of his friend's death when that son doesn't even get the chance. A bit of a dry run for Sir Edward Flannagan's big hitter. It's about a quick relationship, after a few years, with the desire to do things differently. Essentially a personal mano-a-mano with two detectives, also one of the two men has a pre-eminent family but still remains independent, constantly outwitted, and constantly resisting an impulse to help out, or simply turn it all around. And who better to be their friend than the town's own butler? Too much time spent on the use of the local accents and even up to the point that it becomes pretty annoying in places, and he's easily, if not overdramatic, easily defeated by his manhood. I'm not surprised he didn't get the part he wanted, well worth watching but without his pugnaciousness and presence, this could have been a very successful flick.

Daniel Hawkins photo
Daniel Hawkins

The film opens with the title "The Silence of the Lambs", the film that brought the character Hannibal Lecter to the big screen. It is followed by a narration by the titular character, "The Silence of the Lambs". The film is based on the novel by Anthony Shaffer, which is very well written, and shows the viewer the evolution of the character, from a brilliant psychiatrist to a killer who will stop at nothing to keep his job. I do not want to give away too much of the story, as there are many things that you have to see for yourself. I will just say that the film is well made and has an excellent cast. The film is not a masterpiece, but it is definitely worth watching. I do not know if it is a good film for the entire family, but I think it is worth watching.

Sharon photo

This is one of my favorite films from the early eighties. It's a story of the life of the year as we know it. It's a story of hope and pain. So the film has a good plot, a good story, and has lots of action. And of course it has the cool character of Woody Harrelson. I liked this film so much that I bought the soundtrack, which is also my favorite movie soundtrack of all time.

Terry photo

I loved this movie. It was so cool to see a movie about a female cop who doesn't fit into the male dominated world. I loved the acting and the story. It was an awesome movie. I hope there will be more movies like this.

Joe M. photo
Joe M.

For those of you who don't know, this is a very good movie. It's not really a movie, but it's a good movie. I don't like to write reviews, but I just have to say that I thought this movie was very good. The plot is very good, and the acting is very good. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. If you want to see a good movie, see this one.

Evelyn Gonzalez photo
Evelyn Gonzalez

Watch this movie. *SPOILERS* Shabana Azmi gives us her finest performance to date in this gritty and gutsy adaptation of Hamlet. Her character is so strong, so real and, in her own words, "poor and so fragile". I was able to forgive her the few mistakes in the film because she so realistically portrays the emotion, the self loathing and the selfishness of a wealthy amoral woman. You see, this was a very complex role and her performance was the key to the film's success. I think that she, even though she had a small part, deserves more credit than she gets. The supporting cast are all outstanding as well. Imran Khan and Najeeb was outstanding in their roles. The cinematography is terrific. The music is perfect. And the direction is quite superb. Watch this movie.

Rebecca Hunt photo
Rebecca Hunt

That is how I am presenting the movie. During the last 50 years, there were movies like John Wayne movie , the x-men movies. The first movie on a new premise that had some very interesting concepts and a very great performance by Ian McKellen. I hope this movie will succeed. I have already seen the movie and loved it very much. I will definitely buy the DVD and watch it several times. Thanks for watching.

Keith photo

I have seen the movie about 2-3 times and I still like it. The story is great, the acting is great, and the action is great. The only thing that I don't like about it is the way the character are described. It's like a mix between a thriller and a serious drama. I like the way the movie is shot. The soundtrack is amazing, and the way the movie is shot is amazing. It's not a movie for everybody. I love this movie because I like it and I like it because it's a good movie. I think that everyone should watch this movie. It's a great movie. I recommend it to everyone.

Frances Armstrong photo
Frances Armstrong

Stories of revenge are a dime a dozen in films. Haneke's 'Refugee' as a piece of cinematic art. Haneke may have a small list of films he likes, but 'Refugee' tops the list of his best. The film is a satirical commentary on French politics and its political leaders. After watching the film, I think it would be better to reflect on my life and other politicians, politicians that corrupt the public with lies. Everyone in the film is a self-serving liar, a hypocrite, or some kind of politician, and their lies are so blatant that it is impossible to not laugh at them. Many of them can seem so transparent and empty. 'Refugee' brings a certain realism to its characters and it is the reason that the film is very relatable to the audience. On the other hand, the film suffers from some inconsistencies. For example, the film states that the movement of refugees is being caused by the French government. However, the French government has a very limited and negative role to play in the war-torn region, and they do not directly take any sides. The narrative style and the way the films are presented also reflect a certain style, and it is often hard to tell which is a fictional movie and which is based on real events. 'Refugee' also tries to make its points in a comedic way, and there are some moments that cannot be placed in a realistic context. In the beginning of the film, as a new refugee arrives, Haneke's character sees the carnage that has taken place in the area and is unable to identify any kind of fault with any of the refugees. However, during the film, we see how the refugees have become victims of their own propaganda and the war-torn region. One of the refugees in the beginning of the film sees the only man who is still fighting for the cause of the refugees. A refugee named Yahama or Yekaterina (who had to survive the war as well). Later, we see how the political leaders see the refugees as a threat. Some of the refugees, in a scene that is very unexpected, are themselves victims of the war and become victims of their own propaganda. The characters in the film are mostly flawed, in a way that suggests that it is human nature to always find faults in others. 'Refugee' makes the viewer to be aware of some of these flaws, but does not force a solution to them, because it also makes you ask questions about these people. The film is also full of metaphor, in the sense that it has been written from the point of view of the refugees. Haneke points to the distinction between the French politicians and the refugees in the film, who were once responsible for the French government, but are now completely bankrupt, and the former French politicians, who have lost their grip on the political scene and are now free to commit treason to the country. 'Refugee' is an impressive film that is not for everyone. It has a lot of criticism in the way it is presented, and many more symbolic or theoretical points that are not presented directly. However, 'Refugee' is a very interesting and realistic film. It is also very relatable to the public and especially to the readers of the newspaper Le Monde. It makes you think about the state of politics in France and how the country is run by a political establishment that is very simple and effective, but also strong and corrupt. In the end, 'Refugee' is a very interesting film that may leave you thinking about politics and human nature for a long time. 9/10<|

Gary K. photo
Gary K.

When I first saw 'P.O.T.' I had no idea who Orestes Vranicola was. However, my mother had brought this film along with her and my father as an exchange student, and this is the film that cemented my love of "thrillers". This film is very realistic and still has today a very great effect on me. Having also seen Mr. Vranicola's 'The Return Of The American Werewolf In London', I do appreciate the somewhat different atmosphere from those two films. This film is no exception, with a very modern pace. The cast is excellent, with the young actors having a very good performance. I particularly like the young actor who plays Pete, the character that Orestes transforms from being a major Hollywood star to an everyday gangster. The production design is great, with the setting being perfect, and the simple and obvious but effective use of black and white as the main color helps to build the atmosphere. The photography is also excellent, showing a good understanding of the technical aspects. This is an excellent film and I recommend it to all, especially those who have a strong interest in gangs and drug dealers. 9/10

Ralph photo

This is another mainstream Hollywood film that did not get the acclaim it deserved. I am not going to say that this was the best in its genre, but it is an entertaining gangster film. Yes, there is a slight rape and violence in this movie, but there is no gratuitous sex, as you would expect in a film of this type. This movie does have a slight fantasy element, but it is not a cartoonish rape scene. What it does have is a fantasy element and it works, which is what you need in a good gangster film. As far as the critics are concerned, they seem to have been deluded. The film is not a fast action thriller or a character driven piece of drama. Rather, it is a movie about what happens when an organized crime syndicate has money to spend on a politician and what happens when this politician decides to go after the money and doesn't really like the outcome of his enemies. The film doesn't focus on any one gangster, as you might expect from a film like this. Instead it is about a group of men, who eventually take on the power of the syndicate. This is a very well done gangster film, with good acting and good directing. This is not a "party movie". For that kind of film, you can get some kind of superficial effect. This is not a movie for the kids. I think most of the reviews are from the folks who are in the middle of their adolescence and they are more apt to believe the hype of a film and not the actual film. I enjoyed it a lot and I think it is worth watching.

Heather N. photo
Heather N.

I just saw this movie the other day. As I usually do, I immediately decided to buy it on dvd. The original graphic novel is always my favorite. I was a big fan of the rest of the Spiderman series up to this point. What really got me this time was Sin City. I read the graphic novel a long time ago and loved it, so I was a little worried that it wouldn't have the same impact on me, but I think it did. The story was simple and straight-forward. We didn't really go into many details about what was going on, but when we did we were happy to find out. It was a nice change of pace from other movies that try to do more with the action and twists. The big twist at the end was unexpected, and was really well done. It may not be the most original twist you've ever seen, but it is unique, and the characters did a great job at developing that twist. All in all, I highly recommend this movie. I think you'll find it enjoyable regardless of what kind of comic-book fan you are.

John photo

This is one of my favorite movie. (9/10) This movie was really violent but it wasn't boring. The acting of the main actress was really good. It was good to see Aaliyah in a movie. She had done a good job in her acting. The scenes between the two main characters were really good. This was the first movie I ever saw since I was a child and I was really surprised how good it was. I recommend it to everyone, I think it was worth it. It was very violent but it wasn't boring. (9/10)

Alan Rogers photo
Alan Rogers

This movie is a great in itself and the actors and actresses in this movie are superb. The cast is amazing in its description. The story line is just as you see it. This movie makes you sit back and lets you feel the pain, happiness, and excitement of this sad but high energy character. I gave it a 9 because it does take you into another place and makes you feel the emotion of the characters. I hope this movie is picked up as soon as possible to be watched by the best audience.

Megan B. photo
Megan B.

I am a huge fan of the genre. I've seen it all, and I'm still watching. I've never seen a film that has had such a profound impact on me as this film. The acting was superb, the plot was original, and the movie had a very distinct feel to it. It is a very gritty, realistic film, that is hard to find. The only reason I can find for why this film is not more successful is because of the overwhelming amount of people that have seen it. I recommend this film to anyone that wants to see a great film, that doesn't have to be a war film. It's a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.