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Tian qi yu bao

Tian qi yu bao is a movie starring Yang Xiao, Juan Du, and Yuan Chang. Ma Le is a psychologist who makes money on suicide prevention. His happiness always stems from others' misfortune. The God of Longevity comes to earth to save...

Other Titles
天气预爆, 天氣預爆, Airpocalypse
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Yang Xiao
Ben Liu, Shaochu Zhang, Yang Xiao, Yuan Huang
Yang Xiao, Juan Du, Yuan Chang, Xiaobao Song
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Ma Le is a psychologist who makes money on suicide prevention. His happiness always stems from others' misfortune. The God of Longevity comes to earth to save the world but his power is absorbed by Ma Le, so he has to ask Ma Le to help him with the huge plan. They find four Gods: Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain living on the earth and start the adventure of saving the world.

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David R. photo
David R.

There are only two very specific aspects of this movie that are worth mentioning. The first is the attempt to emulate Kurosawa's classic "Seven Samurai" with the aim to create a "Tora Tora Tora" movie. The second is the clashing of fantasy and martial arts in such a way that, like in the early 60's, it has the look and feel of a 40's (or early 50's) film. I think I might have just seen this in a documentary from the 60's (in the movies of the early 60's). There are a few elements in "Tiger and Crane" that can be mistaken for the real deal, but it isn't anything that would prevent someone from enjoying the movie. It has a few good scenes and some interesting twists, but isn't particularly memorable. Perhaps the best thing about this movie is the incredible look. I am not even sure if the martial art scenes were real, because that is not really what the movie is about. The whole point of this movie is that it is an homage to what was popular in the 50's. That is the only kind of movie that I think this movie would have been remembered for. It would be better to compare it to "Seven Samurai" or to "The Master and Margera" (the same director and actor). This movie is very close to the original "Tora Tora Tora" in almost every way, but it is definitely not the same.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

This movie has great jokes, lots of action and a story which is super action. It is great for those who love action, and also those who love China. You can never go wrong with an action movie. I love the action, the jokes and the story. Don't miss this movie. It is great to watch for the action lovers. When I first saw the trailer, I really didn't know if it was going to be a comedy or an action movie. After watching it, I was completely blown away. I had to watch it again, and then I realized that it was an action movie. And I loved it. It is well worth the price of admission, it has great humor, good action, and it is a good time at the movies. I would suggest you to give this movie a try. I would definitely give it a shot. I hope you all enjoyed the movie, and I hope you see it in the theaters. I hope you all see this movie.

Denise S. photo
Denise S.

I really enjoyed this movie. It kept my interest and kept me guessing at the end. The storyline was great. The action was great. And the comedy was hilarious. I am a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema and always look forward to watch their movies. This movie is definitely worth seeing. A great movie. I'm looking forward to see the sequel!

Jack Weber photo
Jack Weber

Gao Ying Li (Zhang Zi Qing) and Bai Xiaoping (Xiao Ni).They meet on an internet chat group.The two get into an argument about their respective pasts.They end up traveling to the Mongolian desert and end up meeting a woman named Zhen.Zhen is Bai Xiaoping's grandmother and helps Zhen prepare for a big fight.Zhen's granddaughter is Tang (Ng Ling Sheng) who is also in love with Zhen.Zhen suspects that Tang has been cheating on her with Zhen.The two of them team up to take on an ancient evil god called the Berserker.Who is a bad guy with a sword.When they get to the battle area they meet a lot of super bad guy including Tao Wang (Tian Jun He).His name is so dark that he is only known as The Berserker.They then battle his henchmen including Shi Sha (Ku Yan).Tao Wang gets hurt and Zhen has to leave Tang to be with Zhen.So the two of them join forces to take on the Berserker.The story line is pretty good.The director has a good sense of humor.The battle scenes are great.The scenes are good and the action is good.Zhou Yu is very handsome and he looks great in this.The production design is good.The action is great.There are some really good fight scenes.It's a good action/comedy.The music is good.The sound effects are good.The dubbing is good.I liked this movie.It's not a perfect movie but it's a good one.

Elizabeth Jacobs photo
Elizabeth Jacobs

First off i will say that the movie itself isn't bad, even for a Jackie Chan movie. The movie is actually really good. The storyline is good, the special effects and action is good and the humor in the movie is good. The movie is very funny, but not very much humor. The acting is very good. But the movie is also very over-acted, with the stand-out characters being Bruce Li and Jackie Chan himself. The movie is pretty good, but i don't think it's as good as "Face/Off", which is much better than this movie. (7/10)

Kyle V. photo
Kyle V.

I was lucky enough to see this movie at the very last second before the closing date. It was a long flight back to New York, and my hopes for the movie had been so low, I almost didn't see it, but now I am very glad that I saw it. From the opening scene of two young boys playing one of the Yuen biao books with a teddy bear (I am not a big fan of the teddy bear books myself), I knew that this film would have some very funny moments. I couldn't have been more right. The film was released on DVD last year, but I still have not seen it, so I have no idea how much I have missed out. All I can say is that it was very good. The beginning of the film, the fights in the tavern, the final fight in the courthouse, the assassination attempt on the Emperor, the last scene in the restaurant, all were very fun. The sound track is full of action scenes, music from the CD's of the Wu-Tang Clan and The Godfather. I would love to see a sequel to this film. This film is definitely not for everybody. I found the plot to be very simple, but I still enjoyed this film.

Judy G. photo
Judy G.

I watched this movie on a whim. And I have to say, it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you like movies with action and a lot of slapstick, then you'll love this. The acting is great, the plot is simple and the effects are pretty good. I personally didn't like the ending, but I can see where they were coming from. But I do recommend this movie. If you're a fan of Shaolin Kung Fu movies, or just love movies that have lots of action, then I highly recommend you check this out. I give this movie a solid 7 out of 10.

Harold photo

I saw the trailer and thought this would be another "Speed Racer" type movie. I was wrong. It's actually much better. It's better than any other movies of this genre. This movie is not an action movie. It's a comedy with some action. It's a nice movie to watch with your friends, because it has action, humor, romance and suspense. It has the same effect as "Speed Racer". The music is good. The acting is good. The story is good. It's a good movie. I suggest this movie to anyone who likes action movies, comedy and romantic movies. If you have a sense of humor, you will like it.

Jennifer Patterson photo
Jennifer Patterson

I saw this film at the Fantastic Fest festival in Austin, TX. It was the only film I had seen at the fest, and I had expected to see the same old "comedy" films that all the other people were watching. However, this film is different. The plot is similar to other comedies, but it was much better. The characters were very well-written and interesting, and the dialogue was fantastic. I especially liked the dialogue between the men, and especially the male characters, which was very funny. I was also impressed with the ending of the film. The twist in the plot was unexpected and funny. The actors, especially Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhang, did a very good job. Overall, the film was very entertaining, and it was definitely worth seeing.

Eugene E. photo
Eugene E.

a very entertaining comedy. there's a few plot twists, some amazing slapstick and one or two very good, funny moments, but this movie never really engages me. but hey, at least they didn't sell out and make a movie out of the entire 2 hour running time! The story is a bit confusing at times, but that's not what it's about. there's a strong and colorful cast of characters, so it doesn't matter what's going on. The special effects are great and the movie is full of epic action scenes, some of the best I've ever seen. (if you've seen the trailer and thought "that's it?" you're not alone!) I recommend this movie to all those who want a nice, fast-paced, funny action-comedy. in other words, if you don't mind sitting through a 2 hour running time, you should really give this a try. 7/10

Denise photo

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It had a good plot, decent acting, and a solid story. The movie does have some flaws, but it's a good movie and I recommend it. I didn't see any scenes in which the movie was obvious to tell that it was made in China. There were many great special effects that were used and looked fantastic. The plot was not necessarily the best, but the acting and story were great. I was disappointed with the ending. I liked the way it ended, but I felt like it was not enough. It felt like they could have made it a little bit longer. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone. It was a great movie.

Steven photo

I just watched it on TV and I must admit that I enjoyed it a lot. A few scenes were a bit to bizarre for me but I think that's what made it enjoyable for me. I mean, you cannot take the film seriously for the first hour or so, and it's only after that that you start to enjoy the movie. There is a few clever ideas and some eye-candy to look at. It's nice to see a film about a duel between two men and the ghost of the samurai and a warrior. It is also nice to see that the ghost, although he is really not very nice, does have a very good heart.

Elizabeth photo

I did not find the first film as good as the first 2 (3 if you want to count Mafioso), but this one was not terrible. The plot was ok, but the story was a bit boring. I was going to say the character were a bit dumb and stupid, but thats the way it is in Hong Kong, which is not a good thing in a movie. The music and action were also good. I liked the girl in this one and she is going to be one of the best actress in the next couple of years. She is funny and a very talented actress. The plot was not the best, but the action was cool. So, if you like action, then go see this movie, but don't expect to be blown away, because it will not be that. 7/10.

Bryan Chen photo
Bryan Chen

I was caught up in this movie and I couldn't take it for long. I loved the characters and all the great special effects. It had action and humor and a great plot. The action sequences are great, and I loved the story. The movie started out slow, and by the end I wanted it to continue. It was a little predictable, but the ending was fantastic. It was a classic film for sure.

Katherine Mendoza photo
Katherine Mendoza

I enjoyed this movie the most when it was on stage, after seeing it once, I still liked it, and even though I still thought that it was a bit pointless and that the cast and the storyline was kind of corny, I still like it. I don't think it's anything special, but I did like it. It is very entertaining and shows that sometimes you just can't go wrong with a wuxia movie, and that's good. I think it's because, though the story is somewhat corny, the wuxia is not the main focus of the movie, and in the end, it's what's on the big screen that counts. I didn't like that there was a lot of wuxia fighting in it, and even though I was a fan of wuxia fighting, I still don't like it. I think it's better than wuxia of the 8 legged phantom, but that's just my opinion. I think the cast was good, and I liked the story. But, the wuxia in the wuxia movies wasn't the main focus of the movie, and that's what's most important to me. I think that the plot wasn't as good as I had expected, and it was too corny and repetitive. I think that even though it was wuxia, I still thought that it wasn't the best wuxia movie that I had seen. But, this is what makes it entertaining, you just don't know if it's the best wuxia movie, or the best wuxia movie ever.

Joyce Hansen photo
Joyce Hansen

This is one of the few Hong Kong movies that doesn't have the Hollywood-style action, but instead focuses on the Chinese culture and the so-called "sacred horse" of Tian qi yu bao, which has a story that includes many intertwined tales. There are numerous layers and secrets involved, but the movie is a bit simplistic and the story of tian qi yu bao is about as important as the plot itself. It's a very simple story, which, on the surface, is about a young boy from a poor family who, after his mother dies, finds a magical and mysterious woman on a mountain side and falls in love with her. He must find a way back to the city and save the girl, so that his mother and the other villagers will be happy. The plot is not too complicated and the whole thing, which lasts maybe an hour and a half, is quite entertaining. The acting is good and the special effects are good, so the movie is quite worth watching, but the plot is a bit simplistic. It does not have as many layers as you might expect, and the movie can be a bit predictable, but it's a pretty good flick, with some good laughs. *1/2 (of 4)

Melissa Garcia photo
Melissa Garcia

I'm sure you've heard this one before, but I'm going to tell you this movie was so awesome I had to re-watch it again. If you're not a Kung-Fu fan, it's a great movie for you. It's a fun movie for the whole family to watch. The fight scenes are so intense, so amazing. It's a must see.

Brian W. photo
Brian W.

The original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" is the epitome of classic action and adventure. It is one of the most popular and successful films of all time, and it spawned a slew of spin offs and movie tie ins. "Power Rangers Ninja Storm" is the sequel to that film and it is a huge disappointment. It is a waste of time and money, and is not even close to the quality of the original. The first film was a great film, the second is an even greater disappointment. The plot is just silly. The film is badly written and poorly directed. The acting is not even worth mentioning. The action is very poor, and I was very disappointed in the movie. It just doesn't make any sense. The movie is just a waste of time. I don't recommend this movie at all. I do not recommend this film to anyone.

Melissa R. photo
Melissa R.

I've always been a big fan of the Kung-Fu genre. The action scenes are really good, the plot is interesting, the action is fun and the overall feeling of the movie is just awesome. This movie is no different. It's a fun movie with a good plot and a good action, but it's also a serious film about the life of a warrior. It's not so much about Kung-Fu as it is about the life of a warrior and it's a very realistic film. The action is also great and I like the overall feel of the film. I recommend this film to everyone, but if you're looking for an action film, I suggest you watch the first movie.

Sandra E. photo
Sandra E.

This movie is about a man (the best fighter of his era) who is caught in the middle of a war between two nations. One of the nations has a Chinese villain. The other nation has a Japanese villain. The Chinese villain wants to find out which country is stronger and so he decides to fight in a mixed martial arts tournament in order to see who is stronger. This movie is like a combination of "The Godfather" and "The Karate Kid". I have not seen the first movie but I have heard a lot of people saying that this movie is better than the first one. I have not seen the first movie, so I cannot say that this movie is better. But if you want to see the best fighting in the martial arts world, this is the movie for you. It has a lot of fighting and even a fight scene in the movie which is one of the best fighting scenes I have ever seen. I have never seen a fight scene this good in my life. This movie also has a lot of action in it. There are some great fight scenes in the movie. I think the best fight scene is the one where the Chinese villain and the Japanese villain fight. I don't know how to explain the fight scene, but it is so good. I think that it is the best fight scene in any movie ever. So the movie is like a mix of "The Godfather" and "The Karate Kid". If you want to see the best fighting in the martial arts world, then this is the movie for you. I hope that the next movie will be as good as this movie.

Nancy Stone photo
Nancy Stone

I am a fan of martial arts films and this was an excellent film. A martial artist has to protect his daughter from an assassin. The martial artist can only do one thing. He can't do anything else. This film is based on a famous Chinese legend, where a girl was kidnapped and the master of the assassin, so the master named his daughter Tianqi to protect her. The movie is very well made. The fighting scenes are very well done. The only problem I had with the film was the little girl in the movie. I think that her acting was a bit too little. But other than that, I enjoyed the movie very much.

Mark C. photo
Mark C.

I can't help but wonder why this film wasn't released in the US. It's pretty hard to get a release and this was pretty rare, considering that film's cult status. The plot is fairly simple and straight-forward. It's about a guy named Ming being bullied by his schoolmates, so he goes on a quest to kill them all by himself. There are many characters in the film, but Ming is the main one, and his brother is the leader of the gang. The plot is quite simple, but the cast is very good. They're all good, and they have some funny, well-written lines. The action is fun, the dialog is good, and there's not a whole lot to complain about. The acting is good for the most part, and I would say that this film is a decent entry for fans of the genre. I liked it, but I wouldn't recommend it to the more serious action fans. I gave it a 7. -MaggieM1

Joe S. photo
Joe S.

This movie is a hybrid of the Chinese film "Ricky's Death" and the "Rocky" movie. It's supposed to be a spoof of "Rocky" but I didn't really get the references. The main problem is that the main characters aren't very likable, and the humor is way too juvenile for a mature audience. Also, the editing is very choppy, and the plot is incredibly contrived. The movie is also too long and I didn't really feel like watching it. But if you are a fan of Chinese culture, you may enjoy it. I give it a 7 out of 10. Enjoy.

Bruce Morgan photo
Bruce Morgan

The movie is about a blind man who can see ghosts. He is also a good swordsman. He is fighting against ghosts and many other monsters. This movie is very good. It's like a comic book. I like it. It's a good action movie.