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Diane is a movie starring Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy, and Estelle Parsons. Diane fills her days helping others and desperately attempting to bond with her drug-addicted son. As these pieces of her existence begin to fade, she finds...

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A Vida de Diane
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1 hours 35 minutes
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Kent Jones
Kent Jones
Jake Lacy, Estelle Parsons, Mary Kay Place, Andrea Martin
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Diane fills her days helping others and desperately attempting to bond with her drug-addicted son. As these pieces of her existence begin to fade, she finds herself confronting memories she'd sooner forget than face.

Comments about drama «Diane» (13)

Charles photo

This movie had a lot of potential but it ended up being a disappointment. The plot was okay, but the ending was more of a letdown than a thrilling twist. The movie doesn't do anything different than other movies that have a twist ending. It's just more of the same. The movie has some funny parts, but I think it would have been more interesting if they had done something more original. I really like the performance by everyone, but there are parts where I would have liked to see more. Some of the scenes are so unrealistic that it takes away from the film. Overall, I would definitely recommend the movie to people who are into SciFi/Fantasy.

Sarah A. photo
Sarah A.

this film deals with a family's struggle to manage the high cost of a large estate. the main character has a cousin who is not happy with the situation the family is in and the wife tries to protect the family from the outside world. the wife is of course not happy with her husband but she does not want to leave him. the whole family is trying to deal with the situation. they are divided, there are few mothers, fathers and wives with the help of the younger kids. this film is quite slow and seems to be trying to cover a lot of topics. you can see that it takes more than a year before the main character feels he can settle down and enjoy a normal life. i do not know if the writer wanted to show that the family did not succeed in managing their money or if he wanted to show that the family did not succeed in coping with the stresses of a larger estate. i do not know, i was just not interested. i don't think this film is great, but it is a good story.i just could not see what was so interesting about this film.

Matthew photo

We'll start with the positives. There are some great action scenes that put the viewer right in the middle of the action. There are also some fine performances by the cast, the main one being Jack Nicholson. He is absolutely charming as the aging old man who just wants to know how his life is going. There are some very talented and impressive actors as well. Tom Cruise is also very good. As the hero, he is very effective as a man who is haunted by his past and by the actions of his father. And his son is very convincing. But the most impressive actor in this film is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is terrific as the aging tough guy who is fighting to stay alive. And he is not afraid to show that, in one scene, he removes his sunglasses and the audience sees his true face. There are many other scenes in the film where he is almost as scary as the old man in the beginning. But the true impact of this film is that it shows that old men do sometimes need to get younger to fight in the olden days. For that reason, it is very important to watch this movie. But I am very disappointed that this film does not make a big impact on the public because it doesn't really deal with the subject that it is trying to deal with. It is true that many people are afraid of aging and of the effects it can have on their life. But this movie is just too short and focuses on the old man in the beginning. I just don't see how it is supposed to be a great film. I am very disappointed in this film. I have seen other old men portray the role of the hero very well and I think that Arnold was the best. But I think that the movie could have been done better, especially with the scenes in the library. And also, there are many fine actors in this film. But for me, Jack Nicholson is the one who gives the best performance in this film.

Diane Guerrero photo
Diane Guerrero

I watched this movie today, after reading the story in the book and watching the movie. The movie is very simple, but the story is fascinating. I was very impressed with the acting of the main actors. I never thought that Angelina Jolie, Jude Law and Emma Thompson could have such amazing talent. I liked the story very much, and I think that the director did a good job. The movie is very interesting and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The acting of the lead actors are very good, and the story is very touching. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes a good romantic movie. I think that it is a must-see!

Raymond photo

People who have not seen this film before, or those who have seen this film, will probably find it boring, if not boring, rather than interesting. However, if you have seen it, and you enjoy watching a film, then you might be able to get through it. As I said before, it is slow. A lot of the time, I was hoping that it would pick up a bit and then there would be a turn in the story. That did not happen, though I did find myself enjoying the movie. One of the things that is good about this movie is that it is not just the story, but also the acting, which is great. There are some real big names in this film. There are also a few scenes where you could tell that the actors were having fun. This is not one of those movies, where you would see the actors off in a desert somewhere. This is a very good movie. If you like dramas, you will like this one. I rate this film 7 out of 10 stars.

Amber M. photo
Amber M.

If you want to watch this movie then you have to make sure that you watch it in the right theater. If you don't then you may think you are watching a real life drama. This is a drama about a woman who lives alone. She has a garden full of roses and she is looking for a husband. Her garden contains all sorts of plants. One day she finds a strange boy in the garden. They become friends. They do not talk much but he thinks that she is very nice. The boy turns out to be a flamboyant young man. This is a movie that is better suited for the older generations. It is a drama about a woman and her garden. I think this is one of those movies that is worth seeing because it is different from most other movies that are made about this subject.

Danielle C. photo
Danielle C.

This is a little story that unfolds over the course of about 1/2 hour. The main focus is on the relationship between Diane and her mother as she experiences the emotions of her daughter in a variety of ways. Diane is a beautiful woman who has a great relationship with her mother. She's engaged to a wonderful man. She's a simple, self-sacrificing and devoted mother. Diane is a good mother, but she has a tendency to let go of her daughter's emotions. Diane meets her mother's new boyfriend who is kind and thoughtful, but a bit of a slacker. Her mother brings Diane to a place where Diane has a dream. Diane is introduced to the idea that she is pregnant with her dream's child. She goes with her mother to this place where she gets to see the baby. The dream is that she will be able to meet the baby's father. The dream is then revealed that she's not pregnant. Diane goes to the doctor and finds out that she's not pregnant. She then finds out that her dream's father has been away on business. She finds out that she's going to have to find the father's home town. She ends up finding out that the father has not been there and therefore, has to find a new home town. This movie is worth watching. It is a very subtle movie that might be difficult to follow at times. Diane does a good job in her performance. It is a very subtle role. There are not many memorable scenes in this movie. The acting is good all around. This is an excellent film about a woman and her emotions and her relationship with her mother. It is a very good movie.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

The most famous of the great Hollywood films of all time, "The Graduate" is a heart-breaking film about a poor black kid from the South who has to leave his home because he cannot afford to buy one and goes to college. The idea that there are only a few black people in America is great and wonderful. In a very real sense, this film is a retelling of the true story of the only black man who went to college in the South, John Kenneth Galbraith. But the film is not so great for its accuracy, but it is good, and interesting, and mostly for the great performances of all the actors and actresses in the film. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see an inspirational film about a man who tried to do something for the greater good. Grade: A

Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

This is a brilliant movie. I am surprised that there are no reviews. I am a fan of the author of the book, and it was very difficult to find the film. I have read the book many times and I think that the movie captures the essence of the book very well. I think that the characters are very well developed. I think that it is a great film for anyone who has read the book. I have been disappointed by some of the other reviews that say that this film is boring, but I disagree. It is very interesting and well acted. The movie is very different from the book, and I think that the book is much better than the movie. I highly recommend it. I give it a 9/10.

Sara G. photo
Sara G.

This movie is not for everyone. If you are not open to anything that might be considered "dirty" or "uncomfortable" then I don't think you will enjoy it. I think it is well worth the watch for those who are open to the idea of sexual freedom and the freedom to choose. I am open to many things that I consider taboo and uncomfortable but I think this movie was very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to take a chance on it.

Donna Snyder photo
Donna Snyder

I think this movie is very good, and it's the first one I've seen so far, that I've watched since I was a kid. This film shows how a father can raise a daughter as if she were his own child. He is very strict, he always acts like he's a father, he has a strict mother. When he finds out that his daughter has committed suicide, he takes on her mother and raises her as if she were his own daughter. At the beginning of the film, he tells the woman that he doesn't want to be a parent, but when he discovers that his daughter has committed suicide, he's a good father. He doesn't make the same mistakes that his daughter made, he lets her be the person she was born to be. It's a very good movie, and it's a shame that the producers of this film did not include any music to make the movie more real. I think that this movie should have been nominated for several Oscars. I think that this is a very good movie. It's a shame that people don't like it because it's too real. I think that people should watch this film, because it's a very good movie. It's the first one I've ever watched.

Jason Diaz photo
Jason Diaz

This is a really, really good movie. In some ways it reminds me of "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" (an Australian movie) where the main character, Jane, is a painter who is in a foster home. You do see her family and friends. But, it is very much a female-dominated environment. She's in the home for the longest time and has many close friends. One day, the main girl is allowed to leave and stay with another foster mom. She goes back to her own mother who is dealing with the death of her father. What follows is a very violent, sexual, jealous fight for control of her. Diane is the main character in the movie and she is a very strong and independent woman. She is very intelligent and will take things in her own hands and doesn't give in to the 'help' she receives. She's very strong and good at what she does. The best part of the movie is when Diane, who was abused as a child, finally becomes a strong, independent woman and does not give in to the abuse. The part when she gets pregnant and her foster mother is trying to convince her to abort the baby. This is a very good movie. I highly recommend it.

Dennis P. photo
Dennis P.

The movie is very much a character study of a serial killer. This is all the director needs to convey that he wants the audience to feel what the characters are feeling. The character of Diane is in a state of extreme shock, very much so. She's sexually abused as a child and has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Diane is an alcoholic, so is much to blame for her emotional breakdown. She loses all hope in love and is ready to commit suicide. That is why the movie is so much about how much she is in love with her attacker. She's ready to kill him. It's a very long movie and one could say that it drags on and on for too long. It is not the fault of the film, it's the director's fault. This could have been a great movie. It could have been a movie that people could have really felt for. Instead, it is just a very well made film that drags on for too long.