Anschauen Capharnaüm


Capharnaüm is a movie starring Zain Al Rafeea, Yordanos Shiferaw, and Boluwatife Treasure Bankole. While serving a five-year sentence for a violent crime, a 12-year-old boy sues his parents for neglect.

Other Titles
Kafarnaumas, 存在のない子供たち, Kapernaum - kaaoksen lapset, Sonzai no nai kodomo-tachi, Kapernaum, Capharnaum, Capernaum - Stadt der Hoffung, Cafarnao - Caos e miracoli, Kefernahum, Kafarnaum: A remény útja, Капернаум, Capernaum - Stadt der Hoffnung, Καπερναούμ, Cafarnaum, Cafarnaúm: la ciudad olvidada, Cafarnaúm-La ciudad olvidada, 我想有個家, Capernaum, Capernaum - Haos şi speranţă, Kafarnaum, Chaos, Cafarnaúm: La ciudad olvidada, Cafarnaúm
Running Time
2 hours 6 minutes
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Nadine Labaki
Nadine Labaki, Georges Khabbaz, Khaled Mouzanar, Michelle Keserwany, Jihad Hojeily
Yordanos Shiferaw, Boluwatife Treasure Bankole, Zain Al Rafeea, Kawsar Al Haddad
Qatar, Lebanon, UK, USA, France, Cyprus
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Capernaüm ("Chaos") tells the story of Zain (Zain al-Rafeea), a Lebanese boy who sues his parents for the "crime" of giving him life. The film follows Zain as he journeys from gutsy, streetwise child to hardened 12-year-old "adult" fleeing his negligent parents, surviving through his wits on the streets, where he meets Ethiopian migrant worker Rahil, who provides him with shelter and food, as Zain takes care of her baby son Yonas in return. Zain later gets jailed for committing a violent crime, and finally seeks justice in a courtroom.

Comments about drama «Capharnaüm» (19)

Russell photo

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a women's film, so I guess I shouldn't have expected it to be a serious film about women's issues. However, I didn't expect the whole movie to be about women, and that's why I was actually really shocked to see a lot of strong women in this film. It is also a beautiful film, and one that I recommend to all who are interested in a good film. The film also shows how women can relate to each other, but how far they are willing to go for justice. It is a simple film, but that doesn't matter because it is a very beautiful film. If you want to see a film about women and injustice in Egypt, then watch this film. It is definitely worth watching.

Tyler photo

I must confess I had low expectations for this film. I was hoping that the movie would be a long drawn out set up for an epic climax. That's where the flaws of the movie come in. The movie is beautifully filmed, and the visual side of it is not too shabby, but it isn't enough to make up for the weak plot. There are some interesting things going on in the movie, and the idea that M. Paul could be in charge of the entire project was intriguing, but the execution was nothing to write home about. The characters are believable, the story seems well thought out, and the script is good, but the main issue with this film is that the viewer can tell what is going to happen from the get go. This movie is more about the characters than it is about the plot. If you are willing to suspend your disbelief for a while, I would recommend this film.

Bryan photo

A veteran actor tells the story of a man who wants to remain a social pariah. This film is an interesting, well made and very enjoyable film. It has been a long time since I have seen a film this visually interesting and gripping. The story is well done and it tells the story of a man, who needs to be told and in a realistic manner. The viewer can feel the pain of the person being told the truth. The acting in this film is good and there is not a moment where the audience could believe that the acting was fake or fake acting. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a well told story. Also I would recommend this film to anyone who has seen any of director Yiannos Zein's other films. He has become one of my favorite directors and he is in the top 10. It is a shame that the English language version of the film is very limited.

Megan Lee photo
Megan Lee

I don't like to call things a waste of time like I did with Serenity. Like any good sci-fi action movie, Serenity had me hooked from the beginning. Serenity is a unique film. In that it is different from any other sci-fi movie. The story is interesting. The special effects are good. The cast is excellent. The action scenes are cool. Serenity is one of those movies that are worth watching. No matter what you like, you have to watch it.

Amy H. photo
Amy H.

The foreign films are always bad. The most famous one, The Ballad of Bogart, has to be seen to be believed. The Son of the Mask and The Exterminator are two other movies that everyone has heard of. Now we have this. An excellent, even great film that's still under-appreciated. It's not an amazing film, not really, but it is a really good movie. It is not an action-packed film like The Ballad of Bogart, but it is a great action-packed film, even though it has a story to tell. It's also not a great drama. But it is still great. I really recommend seeing this film, and I think everyone should see this film. If you haven't seen it, see it.

Phillip H. photo
Phillip H.

It's hard to know how to describe this movie, because it has so much to say about modern society. And yet I can't quite put my finger on the key message. It's like a puzzle with a million pieces. I like this movie a lot, because it's so honest. The director wants us to feel sorry for the characters, but it's not always easy to do that. There are some really powerful scenes in this movie, and the cinematography is beautiful. The whole movie is shot like a documentary, with a slow pace and a lot of pauses. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is who, and it's hard to tell if the characters are real or not. The acting is also very good. I've never seen such a great performance from a child actress. I feel sorry for the kid actors, because they all have to play kids in such an emotionally heavy movie. But the best performance is from the little girl. I think she's the best child actress ever. The kid actors, I've never seen before. This is a must-see movie for anyone who wants to know how the young world has changed. It's a movie with a lot of meaning. It's also a movie for the people who don't want to see movies like this one anymore.

Michael K. photo
Michael K.

Moustapha Akkad is a great filmmaker who has made some really memorable movies like "Zameen Parveen" and "The Fall", but not many people will be familiar with the works of Mohsen Fakhr, who is known for his historical movies. "Moustapha Akkad's" movie is like one of his earlier works that deals with an important event in Ottoman Turkey and how it affected the lives of the people in the Ottoman Empire, or as the movie states, "The Battle of Cumhuriyet". If you're a big fan of Akkad, you should watch this movie, and I hope you find it interesting and interesting enough. I'm sure you'll love it.

Jerry P. photo
Jerry P.

I enjoyed this movie very much. I liked the acting and the story line. I liked the story about a young woman and the father and his wife. I also liked the story about a mother and her two children. It is also interesting to see how the director and actors developed the story line. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie about a young woman who finds out she has a son and mother and her life changes. It is also interesting to see how the father and the mother relate to each other. I also enjoyed the mother and the father's relationship.

Virginia photo

The movie itself is really, really good. The story is very well told and the characters are very well portrayed. The cinematography is great and the music is also very good. The movie is very close to reality and the actors and actresses are really good. If you like movies like "The Window" or "Titanic" then you will like this one. If you want to see a really good movie then this is the one for you. You will not be disappointed with this one.

Anna Weber photo
Anna Weber

This is one of those movies that you don't watch alone. You watch it with a group of people that can relate to the story and the message. The movie will bring a tear to your eye. The characters are the most important part of this film. The movie is very emotional and you will not forget it. The story line is really touching. This movie is not for the faint of heart. You will be talking about it for a long time after watching it.

Donna Fields photo
Donna Fields

Although I was looking forward to this movie, it was extremely slow. I gave it a 7 because I still had a good time. The movie is about three persons, whose relationship with one another and with the circumstances surrounding their lives. At the end of the movie, the viewer feels empathy for the main characters, as the audience is completely thrown in the middle of their struggle and they are faced with difficult choices. There is no easy or clear solution to the situation and therefore the movie is more like a conversation between the three characters.

Janice Kim photo
Janice Kim

I found this movie very moving. The story is about a man who gets lost in a bad area, and has to work hard to get back to his wife and kids. I don't think I would have believed that a man would be so humble. I think it is a very realistic story. I think the movie is very good, I just wanted to tell everyone about it. This is a must-see for everyone who is interested in the history of the Middle East.

Deborah photo

I am a "Fairytale" fan, and this movie is a classic. For me, it is the perfect combination of a fairy tale, an historical and epic story, with a political thriller. This movie is one of the best I've ever seen. Everything is just right: the acting, the story, the costumes, the settings, the music. The movie is one of the best I have seen, and I hope it will be one of the best movies of the year.

Matthew photo

The story of a woman called "Pregendunia" who was convicted to be a witch, and later executed. The death sentence was denied to her by her father who was a local government official. To defend his daughter, he has made a last attempt to avoid the execution. After much trouble, he finally manages to free her from the prison. There is a great drama in the story, which might disturb some people, especially those who are not familiar with Greek and related cultures.

Jonathan W. photo
Jonathan W.

I just watched this movie, and i really liked it, the story is very good. I really enjoyed the acting, especially of the lead actress. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a movie to watch, and it will make you think about life, and how it affects people and the things they are doing. I also liked the story, and the acting, so it is definitely worth watching.

Karen Medina photo
Karen Medina

There are few films I would place in the "Most Watched" list. This film is one of them. In many ways, the film takes place in an environment where the truth is extremely close to the surface, that is how accurate the portrayal of the audience as viewers is. It is a reflection of our modern society, and how much we accept that we are looking at someone else's reality rather than their own. This is how we should be seeing it, but unfortunately, we see and we see only what we want to see. The film is about two men, one who is playing a mafia kingpin, and the other a drug addict, who is also trying to make it in the game. The film focuses on their meeting and how it affects them. The first one tries to redeem himself, the second one tries to make a change, and in the end, the kingpin learns his lesson. I really enjoyed the film and it's depiction of how we can change our behavior in a blink of an eye. I think the audience is well aware of the situation that the characters are in. As the film goes on, you start to realize that it is an illusion. This was a very good film and it really shows that corruption, and how the game of life is not what it is supposed to be. The film also depicts the life of a poor person, and shows that the lives of the rich are better than the lives of the poor, and vice versa. However, I do not think that the film is perfect, the characters do not act in a logical way. Some of the characters are very funny and some do not act at all, but it is a film and there are no excuses for this. There are also some flaws with the film, but I would like to point out that some of the flaws are very subtle. The film is very realistic in terms of what it shows. I think that the film could have been a little longer. The film does not have a bad point and it does not have a good point, and there is no moral lesson. The film is a little bit longer than it should be and the story is not as strong as it could have been, but overall, I liked the film. This is a really good film and I would highly recommend it.

Terry P. photo
Terry P.

The fact that this movie was not nominated for best foreign film at the Oscars is very sad. It is a great movie and definitely one of the best of the year. The story is about a man and woman, who were married for 20 years, who have to face the fact that they are in their sixties, and are at the end of their rope. I think this movie has a great message and it's very touching. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Sandra Howard photo
Sandra Howard

This movie is not really good at all, for one. But its like one of those very early projects, which one time became very good and for another became boring, but now it is still good. But its good. This movie is a sort of a trilogy of sorts, one of the women is a virgin and there is a little girl who is kidnapped, who then becomes the chief antagonist. It has some scary moments and some good action. Its all in all a very good movie, which its still good. I am just saying that it has some very good moments and some bad moments. 7 out of 10.

Craig Mason photo
Craig Mason

This movie is so good. I've seen it twice, and the second time I found it even better. If you like movies like "Todos los ojos" or "Havana" then you will like this movie. This movie is also very realistic. There are many scenes where you can see a person in the street looking at the camera and thinking that it is the camera. It is very hard to believe that this is real. I hope you will see it again. And I'm sure you will like it.