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Higher Power

Higher Power is a movie starring Ron Eldard, Jade Tailor, and Jordan Danger. When the Universe decides what it wants, it's pointless to resist. With his family's life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test...

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Yüksek Güç, ファイナル・フェーズ 破壊, Väčší výkon, Viša sila, Um Poder Superior, Větší výkon
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Matthew Charles Santoro
Julia Fair, Matthew Charles Santoro
Jade Tailor, Austin Stowell, Jordan Danger, Ron Eldard
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When the Universe decides what it wants, it's pointless to resist. With his family's life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test subject of a maniacal scientist in a battle that could save the world, or destroy it.

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Amanda Obrien photo
Amanda Obrien

Warning - It's rated PG-13 in the UK. There are a few scenes of blood, gore, a scene of a woman's intestines being removed, a shot of someone being blown away in a steam engine, a shot of a decapitated head (yikes!) and lots of 'innuendo' like a fish-themed scene that seems to be focused on a talking head on a boat. Also, there is some nudity. My god, this movie is so gross, I don't know what to say! The whole package is not very good, but the thing that makes this film stand out is the cast. Everyone seems to be having fun and it's not totally predictable. Everyone, if you are in the mood for a gross out, violent movie, see this. If you want to have fun and relax with family, skip this movie. Even if you don't like it, you should watch this movie to understand the scope of the body horror genre and the crazy family that is going to turn up at the first trailer. It's definitely one of the craziest movies I've seen this year, so if you're like me, it's not too late to go and check it out.

Christopher Powell photo
Christopher Powell

If you have seen the original and want to see a fresh, new take on the original, then this movie is for you. It is a must see for any fan of the original movie. It has a lot of elements from the original movie and adds in new elements to the story. I will not say that it is better than the original. It is just a different take on it. I am not sure what people were expecting, but it was different. I think that if you liked the original, you will like this movie. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time and I am glad that I finally got to see it. It was a good movie and I am glad that it was made. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the original movie.

Kelly S. photo
Kelly S.

For the first 20 minutes of the movie, the script writer (Daniel Barish) would've tried to make me feel uncomfortable by writing stuff like "Oh, the guy from Babylon 5" and then the movie would suddenly go into overdrive. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the Babylon 5 TV series, but the writers would write a really lame sequence. I like everything about this movie, except for the poor action scenes. But I will admit, some of the acting was pretty bad. So, I would say, this is one of those movies you can watch without thinking that it would be just a good time for you. In any event, you'll be in for a good time. If you watch this movie, do not forget to give the movie a 10 star rating, because there is a lot of things in it that you shouldn't have to pay for.

Steven C. photo
Steven C.

There is no way that I can explain the quality of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" without a spoiler, but the movie is a triumph of a film. As I said, the score is excellent and I also like the idea of the idea of a man getting trapped in space so that he can get home. I think this is a great idea for a film because it gives a different perspective on space exploration. While the whole "they have a good reason for going to space" idea could be seen as a bad thing in some parts of the movie, this one is actually a great thing. It's not about the "why" of going to space, it's about how they get there. And the visuals in this film are awesome. The costumes and props are perfect, and the actors were really good. I also like that they added some elements of humor. For example, the guy in the Chinese restaurant with a mullet (played by Ben Kingsley) says "There's a lot of cow bones in the air." and the bartender says "Yeah, there's a lot of cow bones in the air." As for the bad parts, I have to say that the guy in the spaceship had a tough job. The other guy in the spaceship is not likeable. The last person to be returned to earth is not likable. But the most disappointing part is the ending. The only thing I liked about the ending was that it had some cliff hanger in it. But the ending is not what you think it's going to be. I was thinking that the real villain was the Chinese man with the mullet, but when I looked at the credits and saw that the movie cost $75 million to make, I realized that it wasn't that big of a problem.

Cynthia S. photo
Cynthia S.

I always wondered what the late '60s 'The Thing' movie would look like when it came out in the theaters. "It's like 'The Shining' - The Thing - as an alien," Stephen King told me in 1990. In an interview on DVD, Kevin Bacon seems to echo that notion. "I don't think 'The Thing' is being influenced by the 'Frightners' movie. I think it's a tribute to "The Thing"'s original Frankenstein story," he says. While I certainly think that Frankenstein is a good movie, I also think that the original story is a better story. The Thing's origin story is, in a way, simpler, simpler, simpler: a lone male scientist finds a body in a car trunk that suddenly is able to talk, and carries the body across the country. The monster is determined to destroy a town. The Thing isn't a special effects movie, nor is it a monster movie. The Thing's origins are grounded in the human condition, the human desire for respect, and the inhumanity that it takes to kill for even the smallest gain. This monster is more than a robot. The Thing's origin is a metaphor for the corruption of man that is spreading across the world, and it is ultimately an expression of the individual's growing power over the forces that have made him weak. "The Thing" works on several levels, but I'm going to focus on one of the most important: the human condition. The idea of what it means to be human is woven throughout the movie. It's the central plot of the movie and the conflict of the movie's central conflict. For many of the characters, it's their humanity, and their ability to deal with the human condition that makes them human. And it's their humanity that makes them heroes. "The Thing" is certainly a movie that is intended to show a monster, but the monster itself has a humanity that makes it so much more than a monster. If you are going to see a monster movie, you have to ask yourself what it's about. But if you are going to see a movie about the human condition, you also have to ask yourself what it is about.

Kelly B. photo
Kelly B.

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a great plot and an excellent cast. I like the character of Sam Loomis. He is a good guy who is trying to find the truth about the strange things happening. I think that the movie was a great mix of action, drama, and a little bit of romance. The movie had a great ending and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie.

Jose photo

The classic 1970s science fiction was rebooted to the current scene in 2002 with The Day the Earth Stood Still, a great sci fi film and a great sci-fi film sequel in 2004 with Independence Day. I really loved the film for its originality, uniqueness, and as a science fiction movie, it definitely remains one of the best of it's kind. It had many futuristic and historical factors that were very impressive. The story was definitely original, but there were also parts that I did not find to be very original. For example, the aliens were constantly invading from the backside of Earth and the humans did not know anything about their existence, thus they were not surprised when the aliens invaded and invaded and invaded. However, this is a good thing, and I would definitely love to see more similar science fiction films in the future. The special effects were very impressive. This was my favorite science fiction film because of it's originality, and I would also like to see more science fiction films to this genre. To see another science fiction film on this genre would be great. The actors were very good. Brad Dourif was very good in his role as the father of the eldest of the U.S. soldiers. I also liked Lucy Liu, she played her role well and her accent was good. I also liked the new actor, Dylan Baker, who played a great role as the young pilot in the film. I also liked Bill Paxton who played his role well. The villain was also good in his role as the world leader of the aliens. I also loved the fact that this film has a very well known story as the American president. I also loved the fact that this film made a reference to the 1960s and 70s. I also thought that this film was a sequel to Independence Day, as this film shows that they did not make a lot of sequels after this film. I also thought that this film was worth mentioning for it's originality and originality alone. I loved the character Dr. Ewell Wrege from the book, Man From Earth by Richard Matheson. This film definitely is not as good as the original, but it is not bad. The special effects were very impressive, but I would like to see more science fiction films to this genre. This is a good film to see if you have a general knowledge of science fiction. I think that this film was very good and worthy of a 7 out of 10.

Jennifer Rice photo
Jennifer Rice

Clifton (Johnny "one two three" Lee Johnson) has had a troubled childhood, and it's his mission to find out why. Why? Well, it is not known at this point, but he has a better chance of finding out than you might think. Clifton, as the narrator, is what he is; the voice of an ancient prophecy from the universe's future. Maybe there's a better answer for all this, and in this movie, that answer comes in the form of an invisible man in a big white hood who wants a mysterious machine. No, not from some idea of the future, but from the past. He's the 1950's version of the alien. It's the three dimensional bad guy, and he's invisible. The Big Time Machine, from the future, will allow Clifton to see the future. It's a big secret. And with the help of his friend, Ben, who was kidnapped by Clifton's family (who thinks he's the bad guy), the two try to uncover the story behind the machine. The result is a slow and thoughtful character study about morality and consequences. I don't know if it was meant to be a space opera, but the story is in the big cities and on a space station. It feels like you're there in the story and not really much is going on, and then some things happen that may be important in the future. It's too long, but I really liked it. It's a different story than we've come to expect from the so-called "Paranormal" genre. It's quiet, quiet, quiet, and doesn't give up hope until the very end. There's a little romance in it, too, but that's it. It's the end of a story. It is very predictable, and you will see it coming a mile away, but that's okay, because it's not supposed to be very exciting. It's not supposed to be anything other than a good story about a broken down and difficult father, his daughter, and his daughter's quest for the truth. If that's too much, I guess I'll stick to reading Stephen King's stories. Clifton is one of the finest pieces of writing I've ever seen in my life, and will be a shining example to those who want to pursue literature as a career.

Anthony Thompson photo
Anthony Thompson

After years of "humanoids" dominating the screen, movie audiences have now got their share of flesh-eating monsters. It's time for the sci-fi genre to give us a real champion. Think The Orphanage meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The film stars Cameron Diaz as a nerdy girl who can see monsters on the run and on a mission to get to the source of the beast. Something goes wrong when she is attacked by the creature. The story is not exactly original, but Diaz delivers her lines with a certain poise and a certain self-assuredness. She deserves a nomination for her work here. The creature looks great and has a lot of effort put into it. It's just the creature that needs to get bigger and stronger. But I'll keep my criticisms to a minimum. The movie is of course nothing more than a monster flick, but it's not really meant to be. There's plenty of camp value here, and it's fun to see Diaz acting like a crazy girl. It's also fun to see her go for a girl-power routine and ride around in a giant truck. The special effects are impressive, and the story is very good. While I'd watch it again, I would be surprised if I'd watch it again any time soon.

Justin P. photo
Justin P.

Stalkers: Rise of the Shadows (1982) is a very unusual and fairly entertaining film. While it is highly unlikely that many people would appreciate the title of this film, they can't deny the quality of this film. The story is essentially a crime thriller, which, is done fairly well. The story is based on the book by Martin Caidin, but it's a different film. It is almost an original story. The story, is a sort of homage to films like The Terminator, Blade Runner, Star Wars, and other science fiction movies. The violence is pretty graphic, but I never found it annoying or offensive. Some of the "stalking" sequences were effective and some were just plain silly. However, the ending was pretty bad, and it just makes the film feel rushed. The problem is that there were two stories going on at once. The film is a mix of the two. I also liked the music, the cinematography, and the acting. This is the type of film that can be enjoyed by a young audience, but it was not enjoyable to me as a parent. The film is entertaining, but it is nothing special, and I would only recommend it to someone with a little imagination and who's enjoyment of the film depends on the emotional reactions of the viewer.

Amber photo

Starring: Robert Stack, Viggo Mortensen, Irvin Kershner, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dwayne Johnson. Directed by: Marc Forster. Rated: PG-13 for violence and strong language. * out of 5 stars! * First of all, I should say, when I watched the trailer I thought, "Oh, this looks a little bit better than my last attempt". What a disappointment, it was terrible. When I started watching it, I was like "Oh, OK, I'll give it a try", and when I came to the end, I was like "Ewww, That was awful, and I didn't like it, I'm sorry". I was watching this movie thinking "What the heck was the point of this movie?". The movie was so dull, I was thinking of walking out of the theater, but I just didn't. The whole movie I was thinking "It's not going to be good. It's not going to be good at all". I know a good movie when I see one, and I was not going to be so forgiving of it. After I finished watching the movie I looked at the reviews and I was amazed by the way people were rating it. The first review I read was by "Dangerous Woman" - and I know that it's a movie that's very controversial, but I was surprised how many people liked it. I wasn't surprised because this is a movie with a good actor, good actors and a really good script. So, I really can't blame the reviewers for giving the movie a "1" rating. I was expecting a mediocre movie. I was expecting a boring movie with some actors that are not as good as others. I wasn't expecting a movie that was so bad it was funny. I wasn't expecting to be totally shocked by it, and I was very disappointed. This is not a movie that you should see when you are in a rush. It is a movie you should see when you are tired and just want to relax and have a nice movie. I really don't know what else to say, this movie was boring. It had a good plot, but it was boring. And I wasn't convinced that it was worth watching. I'm rating it "6/10" - the rating it got from the critics and people who watched it in theaters - 6/10. I'm rating it "7/10" - the rating it got from me in the theater - 6/10. The only reason I'm giving it a 6/10 is because it was entertaining and I gave it a chance, but I think that it was a mistake that I made, and I'm not going to do it again.

Alexander photo

While some of the action scenes in "Chronicles of Riddick" don't seem to make sense, it's all in the context of the film. The story starts out as an odd sort of monster movie with some a-balls, and the action scenes are fun. The story isn't particularly interesting or original, but at least it doesn't make you want to watch it any longer. The characters are silly, but it's all in the context of the film. Riddick looks cool, Vin Diesel makes an impressive appearance, and there are some cool effects in the film. Overall, I was entertained and that's why I liked the film.

Ethan West photo
Ethan West

I'm a fan of the original. I was looking forward to seeing this remake. And I was not disappointed. The acting was great, the story was great, the effects were great, and the special effects were amazing. It is worth seeing this movie. And if you don't like the original, you might like this movie. I really don't know what to say about this movie. It is an excellent movie.

Kimberly G. photo
Kimberly G.

This is a movie that is a great addition to any sci-fi fan's collection. This movie is filled with great action sequences, a great story line, and a great cast. This is a movie that you can watch over and over again. It is a great movie to watch with friends and enjoy some great laughs. This movie is a great addition to any sci-fi fan's collection.