Anschauen A Bread Factory, Part One

A Bread Factory, Part One

A Bread Factory, Part One is a movie starring Tyne Daly, Elisabeth Henry, and James Marsters. After 40 years of running their community arts space, The Bread Factory, Dorothea and Greta are suddenly fighting for survival when a...

Other Titles
麵包工廠首部曲, A Bread Factory Part 1: Ce qui nous unit, A Bread Factory, Part One: For the Sake of Gold
Running Time
2 hours 2 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Patrick Wang
Patrick Wang
James Marsters, Shershah Mizan, Elisabeth Henry, Tyne Daly
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After 40 years of running their community arts space, The Bread Factory, Dorothea and Greta are suddenly fighting for survival when a celebrity couple--performance artists from China--come to Checkford and build an enormous complex down the street catapulting big changes in their small town.

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Virginia V. photo
Virginia V.

I bought this film on DVD from my public library. I couldn't have been more pleased. It's funny, romantic, and beautiful in equal measure. I like that the film stays out of the context of traditional genres. Instead, it's a film about the peculiar beauty of all things. As a movie critic, I can't say I've ever seen such a beautiful film. It's simply mesmerizing. The story is simple, but the way it's told is enthralling. The music is also very musical, and it works well. At times, you just want to hear the music again and again, because it just gets more beautiful as it goes on. The film also has a timeless quality. It is a nice change from the mindless action-thrillers we get now days. Yes, there are some action scenes, but most of the action is taken up by the beautiful cinematography. So if you are not in the mood for mindless action, this film is not for you. In other words, you don't have to like action movies to like this film. I like action movies, but I like this film more because it's beautiful. And I like beautiful things, in equal measure.

Frances Vasquez photo
Frances Vasquez

A very good film, the making of an autobiographical story from the 20th century to the present time. I liked it very much, since it is not an action movie, but a story of family and love. I think the director did a very good job. The camera is fantastic, the camera is very much so important. The subject is very interesting, the camera gives us the visual experience of our time. It is like a documentary, but a very good documentary. It gives us different situations from different areas. The film is very long, but it is also very interesting, and the filming is beautiful, it has a lot of slow scenes, and the camera is very much so important. I recommend to everyone to watch it.

Harry L. photo
Harry L.

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Jacqueline Barnes photo
Jacqueline Barnes

Caught this film on TV the other day, and it's not quite as good as I remembered, but that's not a bad thing. It's very difficult to get right an adaptation of a book, but this movie does a good job of balancing it's novel and the source material. I still can't understand what the fuss is about - the movie is essentially a story of two brothers. They grow up in different worlds, and meet in adolescence. The siblings' early lives are presented in an entertaining, but slow way. The focus is on one brother, the leader of the group. But their lives are not cut by chronological order. When they are about 15 years old, they suddenly have a serious problem. Both brothers want to go to a big college, but the younger brother is rejected, so he returns to his home town and his homestead. They are not able to meet each other for several years. The older brother is in search of the ideal woman, so he joins a farming operation. However, he finds the kind of woman that he is in love with, but also the one that he cannot have. Eventually, they get back together and marry, but they are not able to make the same choice again. The movie is all about that part. What really makes this film interesting is the actors. I was not a huge fan of the actor who played Leon. He doesn't have the characteristics that were part of the book, but that's okay, because the movie is an adaptation of the book and not of a movie. It has a very consistent style, and it doesn't really try to be anything more. The two brothers are very different people, but that makes the story more believable. All in all, it's a good movie to see if you are interested in the whole "slave period" story, but it is not exactly a must-see.

Kathleen P. photo
Kathleen P.

So my husband and I have been watching this movie from the beginning for quite a while and have been searching for it and finally found it on DVD. I am a born-again Christian, and this movie just hit me in a way. It really made me think, even though it is very true, and it does have a message. I will not reveal the message, but I thought that the movie really showed how people can be caught up in false beliefs, and be lost in a world of their own. If your family member or friend is someone you know who has been in an unfortunate accident or has a loved one who has died in an accident, I think you would agree with what I said. In many cases, they have just started a new job or a new family or they have a new way of living, but it can be done wrong and be a disaster. If someone has been through the whole thing and just thinks that they know what happened, they can't help but start blaming themselves and the whole time, no one believes them. When you think about it, how much more would you believe if your friend had just said that? They can't help it, they are just trying to help themselves. But, I think that there is a message in this movie and that it has a lot to say. My husband and I were very impressed. Thank you for your hard work and trust.

Rachel Hanson photo
Rachel Hanson

While I have never seen the original, I watched the first DVD of this film and thoroughly enjoyed it. "Hackers" is a good film, and I found it entertaining. The plot is simple, there is not much plot, and it is not as serious as it could have been. However, the acting is very good, particularly by the two leads, who carry the film well. The story is easy to follow, and not so complicated that you will be lost if you don't have a clue. I did like the film, but I was kind of disappointed with the lack of a sequel. Still, I think this is a good film for people who enjoy a good romantic comedy. It is not great, but it is a good film that you can enjoy. I give this film an 8/10.

Donald N. photo
Donald N.

This is the kind of movie that gets better with repeated viewings. It is a slow burner, and that is fine. The cast is great and the director keeps the pace rolling. The emotional roller coaster is an inevitable one, and that is why it works. This is one that stays with you and works better each time. I highly recommend it. I have already seen it more than once.

Juan Alvarez photo
Juan Alvarez

The opening of this movie is a small place with not much to do. Now I have never seen a movie where people can have lots of different things. Everyone needs love and happiness. There is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend or girlfriend but having two children and finding that there are only two people in the world that love you and want to spend the time with you. At the end of this movie you can't help but feel that there is so much more that is going to happen. There are lots of things to be said about this movie and I will write more about it in my next review. It is a great movie for people who want to relax and have a fun time.

Dylan S. photo
Dylan S.

I'm not sure who thought the film would be great but it was far from it. I must admit that I found the direction and the story hard to follow at times. After all, it's about a female masturbation factory. There is nothing here that the writer could have possibly taken from his novel. I think this is why the film is under rated. There is nothing to be said about this film, except that it is so boring that it ruins the entire film. There are some extremely basic dialogue in here and I really didn't like the fact that they couldn't make a good storyline out of it. The best character is the one that gets married and ends up with a beautiful wife. The writers go on and on with how he made a mistake and became a bad man but there is no real insight on how he got there. That's why I found it hard to follow at times. I know it's a B grade film but it doesn't deserve an 8. The film didn't deserve a 7. It deserves an 8.

Brandon L. photo
Brandon L.

What could be better than a movie about a man who, after winning the lottery of his life, decides to start a bakery as his life. One that is not only in his own kitchen, but also in his family's kitchen, and he starts producing the bread that he grew up with and was a joy to his family. The first thing you notice about this movie is the wonderful acting, which is among the best I've seen in a long time. Robert Downey Jr. plays an unassuming, but funny, and likable man who, despite what he thinks, is actually an excellent cook. The supporting cast is great, including Ron Livingston, Christopher Walken, and Bill Cobbs. All three of these actors add something special to the movie, and I believe that is what makes this movie so enjoyable. All of them play their parts so well, that you can't help but like them and care about their happiness, especially with their relationship with their families. Of course, there are other supporting actors, like Martin Donovan, who plays their Father. He plays the very good father role, while at the same time being very funny. The performances in this movie are great. The performances are better than I've ever seen in a movie before. I also enjoyed the music in this movie, which is what really makes this movie so great. The music is great, as well as the character songs. In fact, I also found that this movie has a great musical quality to it. I think this movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen, even if I did not love the first movie. This is a film that everyone should see, especially if they are fans of food. Even if you are not, I think that you will enjoy it as much as I did. Robert Downey Jr. and the other cast members do a very good job in this movie, and I believe that this movie should be seen by all, especially foodies, because I think that it is a must see movie for anyone who has ever eaten a good sandwich, or for people who have ever eaten a good meal. I give this movie 8/10 stars, and I highly recommend it to everyone. This movie is worth watching.

Carolyn O. photo
Carolyn O.

In 2007, the film Bread Factory, Part One was released by the Wachowski Brothers, a director and writer duo known for the Matrix trilogy, in which they explore the themes of the Matrix. In Bread Factory, Part One, the duo takes a step away from the Matrix films, and the themes and themes that are explored. That is because there is no Matrix, there is only the story of Sam Elliot (Morgan Freeman), who is a writer for a newspaper, The Observer. The city of New York is ruled by the capitalist corporation, Voodoo Inc. Sam Elliot's wife Liz (Julia Roberts) and Sam's friend Fonzie (Sean William Scott) have a son, Lenny (Emma Roberts), but the family is uprooted when Liz loses custody of Lenny. A new child, Jacob, who is the product of the cloning experiment, is brought into the world by his father's old-style technician, a kindly old man named Dr. Leo (Tim Roth). While waiting to have Jacob implanted with an artificial heart, Liz discovers that Leo has been living in a country club, and has an illegitimate daughter, Jennie (Julia Stiles), who is also conceived using the cloning experiment. When Sam is left by Liz, he realizes that he needs to reconnect with his family, and that is where the story takes a very different turn. The films begins with Sam and Fonzie (Bill Murray) and Lenny and Jacob (Emma Roberts) talking, and it is clear that these are not the real people they were talking to. The film begins to unfold as a coming-of-age story about Sam Elliot, who tells Liz and Leo his story. The story is told in a very slow and humorous way, and it is a wonderful story about a family with two sons who are separated, and there is an aspect of love that is shared between the two boys. The characters, Sam and Fonzie and Lenny and Jacob, are all extremely well developed, and there is no one actor in this film that I could see as a bad actor, although some actors are simply overlooked. That is a criticism that I have with many of the films, and there are many films that come to mind that are one-dimensional and in a vacuum that are done very well. It is because of that reason that I would say that Bread Factory, Part One is a great film. It is about a family that is torn apart, and it is also about a father who has a son who is conceived with a clone, and he loves that clone, and that is what makes the story so good. The film is interesting, with many dramatic moments, and it is one of those films that I would recommend to anybody who likes a story that is fun and has great characters. The film is worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of the Wachowski Brothers.

Ann B. photo
Ann B.

The Muppet Babies The final chapter of The Muppet Babies series is the best and possibly the most widely accepted by the fans. With the exception of the first two episodes the entire series has the same characters as the original series. Although this series does seem like a teenybopper teenie-bopper series, the main plot of The Muppet Babies is much more adult and is much more powerful and dramatic. It is also a bit more comedic than the original series, much more real and believable. The idea of the baby transforming into the puppet is very interesting and has a lot of potential and it is also very scary to see the monster coming. The entire idea of The Muppet Babies is very similar to The Twilight Zone episode A Boy and his Dog. The main difference is that the monster in this episode is meant to be more real and terrifying. The Muppet Babies are adults and are afraid of their babies and this fear is a major driving force behind the whole series. It also makes the Babies that much more likable and it makes The Muppet Babies what it is. The Muppet Babies is definitely a very well made, entertaining movie. The first episode is a good one and the second episode is fantastic. The Muppet Babies is an amazing series and is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time.

Janet photo

I have watched this film twice on DVD and i find it to be an interesting character study on the life of Jayne. I find Jayne to be a very charming and likable character. She is a very patient woman, an educated man, and has some mental problems. She is a woman who doesn't take any crap from anyone and is kind to everyone. Her character is very believable, and the actors do a good job playing Jayne. The supporting cast also does a good job. This film is very well done and I will recommend it to others.