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Lost in America

Lost in America is a movie starring Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, and Tiffany Haddish. Following director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, as he travels the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness in...

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Rotimi Rainwater
Rotimi Rainwater
Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Jewel Kilcher, Halle Berry
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Following director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, as he travels the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness in America.

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Maria Morrison photo
Maria Morrison

I was living in L.A. and had been hearing about this movie for a while, but never had the opportunity to see it. So I'm writing this review for all those who might be interested. It's not exactly a Hollywood film, but it's a documentary that does get the point across that what we see in movies are just the tip of the iceberg. The movie takes us on a journey through the entire world of cocaine and drugs and all the shady business that goes along with it. The people who deal drugs and are involved in the business are either a) gangsters or b) government officials. The police and government officials are almost always on the side of the criminals. There are always factions of people who are in on the game, but have no qualms about lying to the public and the law. The movie really dives into this and shows us the dark side of this. It also does a great job of showing how the drug world is far more complex than we are led to believe. There are many people in this world who are trying to make money from this. The film really makes you understand why people are getting involved in this business. There is a strong connection to the movie that you really need to see to understand what the movie is about. I thought the movie was very well done. The cinematography was great, the editing was great and the way the story was told was excellent. I think the movie is extremely well worth seeing. It's a good documentary that does a good job of showing the dark side of this drug world. I also think it's a good movie to see if you haven't already seen it. I'd recommend seeing it and giving it a shot. If you're a fan of the drug world, I'd also recommend checking out the other movies that are related to the drug world, such as "The Sopranos", "The Wire", and "Lost in America".

Gloria R. photo
Gloria R.

I think this movie is a good insight into a place that I've never been to. It's really difficult to find the proper words to describe how much I enjoyed it. I've never been to the United States, but I did watch the movie with the exception of a few days in the summer of 2005, which was the summer of 2005. I had no idea what to expect, but this movie is so very different. I was definitely surprised. I felt that this movie was very realistic. The movie is filled with great shots, and is not at all boring. It has some very interesting ideas about religion, and about the lives of people in general. The movie is definitely worth seeing, and I am so glad that I went to the theater and I was able to see it in the summer of 2005. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in what is happening in the world today. I also think that this movie should be made available to the public, so that it can be watched by anyone, because it is not just for those who have a high intelligence. The movie is very different and I think it will be interesting to those who have not been to the United States.

Dennis photo

This film is a great insight into the real world of celebrity. I found it fascinating to learn that the "dead man walking" theory of celebrity was popular in the early 70's. I also liked the fact that they didn't show any of the victims' faces and instead showed the faces of the "personals" who the public would most likely have known about had the deaths not been public knowledge. The most fascinating part of the film for me was that they went to the point of interviewing the dead man. The director did a great job of holding the audience and asking questions throughout the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject. I think it is a great insight into the reality of celebrity. It is a film that anyone can learn from and get a great look at the problems that celebrities face. I think that the film could have been longer but I feel that it still works well.

Joshua Cole photo
Joshua Cole

I've been listening to the radio for some time now, and I finally decided to listen to this documentary. I am not a huge fan of the music of Michael Jackson, but he did make a great documentary about his life. He did not really talk about his problems, but about his life. I found that the documentary was a little bit boring. I don't know if that was because I am not a Michael Jackson fan, or because I didn't understand the documentary very well. It's probably a bit of both, but it's not that big of a problem. I do not recommend this film for people who are not a fan of Michael Jackson, because you will not understand the reasons why he does what he does. Also, it's a bit of a criticism of him, so it is not really a documentary for him. Overall, I give it 9/10, because I like it, and I liked it. I give it a 9 because I like the documentary, and I liked it. The rating is for the documentary, not the movie.

Samantha Fields photo
Samantha Fields

As a parent of a teenager I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this movie is a great tool for raising your child. I have talked to a lot of parents and it is very common to find that their teen doesn't think much about their parents and the world around them. The movie and the book are great and the information provided is extremely important. I can't say that this movie is perfect but it is very close. It is a great tool for raising your child to be independent and to question authority. I think that this movie should be made more often and more widely to be used by all parents.

Victoria M. photo
Victoria M.

If you are looking for a documentary that will make you think, look no further. The film was so good that I watched it over and over. The film is really about one man, Ted Bundy, who was a serial killer and rapist. He was caught in 1974. It is a really fascinating film. I think it will be interesting for people who are familiar with Bundy to see the film, because it shows how a man who was never brought to justice was able to get away with it. It is really interesting to watch the people who were involved in the case, such as Barbara Wesel, the attorney who defended Bundy, as well as Bundy's lawyer, and also Ted Bundy himself. The film also tells the story of the people who were involved in the case, and the families of the victims. The film is really informative and entertaining. I think it is a really good film. It is a really good documentary.

Lauren Washington photo
Lauren Washington

I am a fan of James Woods, and I am surprised to see how little I have heard of him. I am a fan of Adam Goldberg and I am shocked to see how little I have heard of him. The documentary is well-made and is well-paced. I recommend it for anyone who is interested in the history of the "Secret Service". I also recommend it to anyone who is interested in the politics of the Cold War.

Andrew Larson photo
Andrew Larson

I have been looking for this documentary for years and finally found it. It was interesting to see how so many people have reacted to this movie and it's impact on their lives. The most interesting thing to me was that no one was upset that this film was made. It was a unique and unique experience to watch people react to the images in the film and what it brought to them. I think the message of the film is that people shouldn't judge people or make assumptions based on the media. It's very interesting to see that the people who react the most to this movie are the ones that are not aware of the problems that exist in the world. I think that this is a great film to help people realize that we all have a right to our opinions and to see things in a different way. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Judith A. photo
Judith A.

This is an excellent film that is highly recommended. It was made by the crew of "Pete's Dragon" and it is another great movie from that crew. The only problem is that this is not a movie that I would usually watch. This is a documentary about a family and what happened to them after a family member committed suicide. I do not believe that this was an isolated incident. It was a family that was losing their daughter and it was a suicide. The documentary is very well made and you are able to see the family from a different perspective. The actors are really good. I think that the way that the director showed the story was very effective. This movie was very emotional and it made you think about the world around you. I think that this is an excellent documentary that should be viewed by anyone.

Helen photo

This is a wonderful documentary that I think everyone should see. The film is about the destruction of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism in the United States. It begins in the early 1920's and ends in the mid 1930's. The film shows us the social upheaval that the economy was facing. During the 1930's the economy had suffered from deflation, a lack of interest in work, and low prices. Unemployment was rampant and most people didn't know how to make ends meet. Many were working long hours and had no idea how to save for a rainy day. Many people were forced to sell their homes or they would be evicted from their apartments. The unemployed were being arrested, jailed, or killed by police officers. The housing crisis was the most visible symptom of the economic depression. The film shows us how the unemployed were being killed by the police and how the police were afraid to do anything about it. One of the most shocking scenes in the film is when the police officer gives one of the unemployed a warning and then gives him the option of either paying the fine or putting his head in a bucket of water. The policeman tells him he's not the only one with a criminal record. Another shocking scene is when the police officer shoots a man who was helping his family escape from the fire. When the police officer finds out about the man's criminal record he gets the man to go to jail and then he returns to the scene of the crime and shoots him. This film is very sad and sad. It is a great film that I recommend to everyone who wants to learn more about the events that occurred during the Great Depression. This film is very informative, and you'll learn something about the economy and life in the 1930's.

Ethan N. photo
Ethan N.

Not quite a documentary, but certainly one of the most fascinating documentaries I've seen. I had to look it up and see how many of the comments were based on a non-existent link. But when I saw that it was based on a real link, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm happy to say that I did not have to look it up. This is a story of a woman and her relationship with her son, and the relationship she had with her husband. She was a very determined and strong woman who was constantly on the edge of her seat, but was able to keep her composure as her son's life took a dramatic turn. In her eyes, the son was the main character in the story. I think it's a great story and one that I'm sure will stay with me for a long time.

Christine B. photo
Christine B.

The movie focuses on a small group of Cuban refugees who are trapped in Miami for five years. The filmmakers were able to get interviews with the refugees, the Cuban government, and the families who had to support them. They were able to document the loss of their belongings and their struggle to survive. The movie was a great effort to document the plight of the Cuban people. This movie should be a must see for everyone who is interested in world affairs. I encourage everyone to see this movie.

Roy photo

I was lucky enough to have an extended screening of this film and I was stunned by it. I was really surprised to see the same themes of loneliness and rejection being addressed by different actors from different genres. I'm not saying that the director or the actors are in a different genre, but that they seem to have a common thread to their performances. I'm also surprised that the director has not released this film on DVD. This film is powerful and it should be shown to all people to inspire them to reach out to others. It's a must see for everyone.

Christopher photo

I watched this documentary for two reasons. One, I was just moved by the devastating tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings and the tragedy of the disappearance of 3 girls from my own neighborhood. Second, I was curious to see how a documentary could be made. How a group of strangers could have a profound effect on a community. What they achieved is a poignant story of the importance of listening and caring and the power of belief. What the boys do in the name of God is a testimony to the power of the human spirit. It is a powerful, inspiring film. For those who are not believers, the story is a warning to avoid being radicalized and the power of one man's act is a reminder of how powerful a few can be. The good news is that the process of radicalization is a long one. It will take years for the process to be fully understood. As the documentary says, the time for action is now. The message is not that the boys are bad, but that the boys are good.

Bruce photo

In this documentary, Bill Moyers interviews a wide range of individuals about their experiences of the Bush administration. The overall message of the film is that the Bush administration was the most extreme and destructive administration in American history. The film also contains some excellent interviews with former presidents, former vice presidents, former senators, and others. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject of the Bush administration. It is a very well made film that is very informative. I rate this film 9/10.

Raymond Lewis photo
Raymond Lewis

This documentary is about the persecution of homosexuals in Russia, as well as their lack of support from the government and public. I found it fascinating and informative, as it has a documentary feel to it, as well as a lot of interesting and important information. I think the focus of the documentary is the persecution of homosexuals, but it also talks about their lack of support from the government, as well as the problems of getting married. The information presented in this documentary is very enlightening, and it also provides an insight into the problems with Russia's political system, as well as the religious people's support for the government. The film is really well done, and it will make you think about the situation in Russia, as well as the problems of the LGBT community in general. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in Russia or the LGBT community. It is also interesting to see how the government responds to the problem of the LGBT community, as well as to see how society as a whole reacts to them.

Ashley Ryan photo
Ashley Ryan

The word "documentary" comes to mind when I think of this film. For a first time film maker, I think that this was an excellent film. The film is about a young boy in China, who was born in India and brought to America when he was 4. This film focuses on the little boy's life in America, which he describes as "dramatic" and "shocking". As an Indian, I found this film to be very interesting and thought-provoking. As an American, I thought that this film was very well-done. I thought that the director did an excellent job of using the camera, and the editing was also very well done. The acting was excellent, and the kids in the film were very well-casted. Overall, I thought that this film was very well-done, and I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this subject matter.

Alan R. photo
Alan R.

I saw this film last night and thought it was great. The cinematography and editing was wonderful. I was shocked at how much I liked it. I'm glad I saw it. It's an eye-opener for the people who don't know much about the civil rights movement. I think the people who were involved in this movement and weren't aware of it and the people who were involved in it weren't aware of it either. This is a film that makes you feel like you know something about the movement, and it shows you how it was done. You can't just walk into a history museum and see pictures of the marches and protests and get a feel for what it was like. It was not just about marches and protests. This film makes you feel like you know the people involved and feel like you can relate to them. It's like you're in the same boat as them. This film is a must see. It's a must see for everyone.

Jack photo

I recently had the privilege of attending a special screening of "In America" at the Odeon in London. The film has a surprisingly good story and the music was fantastic. The film is a film about how the experience of poverty and hunger is portrayed and how it can affect a person's life. The film is highly recommended and I am planning on buying the DVD to watch it again and again.

Dennis F. photo
Dennis F.

This is a great movie, it is a great documentary, I think it is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. I just watched it on HBO and it was great. It is very easy to understand and has a lot of really good information about the history of our country. I think it is a very interesting movie and I recommend it to anyone that wants to know more about this great country.

Jennifer White photo
Jennifer White

I have been waiting for a documentary about the indie film scene and this film was worth the wait. It was very informative, you get to see some of the people behind the scenes of the movies. This is a great documentary to watch. I would recommend watching this documentary before watching the movies. It gives you an idea of what the people behind the scenes of the movies are like.

Pamela W. photo
Pamela W.

The Unauthorized History of Super-Hero Movies, a documentary, which covers the entire history of comic book movies. The film follows the story of how the comic book movie industry began. As the film begins, the film focuses on the first movies in the genre and the work that was done to get them produced. They were mostly comic book movies but it is made clear that the stories are not just comic books, there is more to it than that. It then continues to tell the stories of the most popular superhero movies, in chronological order. There are brief information and interviews with actors, directors, and production staff. It is very informative and well worth watching. It is a good introduction to the history of comic book movies and gives you some background information on the genre. It is not just an overview of the genre, but it gives you a very in depth look into the origin story of the genre and how it came about. It is not a documentary that just tells the story, but it gives you an in depth look at how the genre was created and how it came to be what it is today.

Judy R. photo
Judy R.

I don't think that this film is a criticism of the youth culture. It is a commentary on the way that people, regardless of their sexual orientation, see the world. It was interesting to watch this film because it clearly was shot in New York City and it is very real, but the life in this film was more than just the surface of New York. It is a reflection of the world that most people live in and a bit of the real world. The story is very powerful and it gives a clear example of the prejudices and confusion that the youth of the US have. It is a story of two people who are gay and they find each other, but it is also about the hidden dangers that the youth have, and the hidden hatred and prejudice that the youth have. The film is very good and it shows the life of a youth who is not happy, who has no friends and who is constantly trying to find a reason to live. This film is very powerful and it is very good.

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

This documentary tells the story of a young woman named Amy Schumer, who was born in the United States and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently starring in the latest "SNL" sketch and she is a major star in her own right. It is a very interesting story about a person who has a unique way of dealing with the situations she is faced with in her life. The film is very informative and it is very interesting to see what the people she has been working with and with and her family have to say about her. It is a very good documentary and I recommend that everyone who has ever been to a country where it was difficult to come up to a higher level of education should watch it. This documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.