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Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire is a movie starring Jack O'Connell, Laura Dern, and Emily Meade. The tragic and controversial story of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas for killing his three children after scientific evidence and...

Other Titles
Chrzest ogniem, Feuerprobe die wichtigsten Beweise, El caso Willingham, Justiça Em Chamas
Running Time
2 hours 7 minutes
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Biography, Drama
Edward Zwick
Geoffrey Fletcher, David Grann
Emily Meade, Jack O'Connell, Laura Dern, Chris Coy
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The film takes place in Texas. Cameron Todd Willingham is accused of triple killing of his children killed in a fire. The man denies his guilt and claims that he loved his daughters more than life. However, the court sentenced him to death. For eight long years, Cameron has been on death row, and soon he will be executed. His business is interested by Elizabeth Gilbert, who all her life leads an implacable struggle with the system.

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Doris photo

The story was interesting, but not really the way I had hoped it would be. But I still have to admit, that I had a good time. This movie had all the elements of a great movie. The acting was great, the direction was good, and the script was very strong. However, this movie had the story told very slowly, and that's a problem for me. The story of this movie is very unique, and I would have liked to have seen it told much more quickly. I also didn't like the way the movie was presented. It was very "artsy" in the way it was done. This movie has a lot of similarities to "A man for all seasons", which I thought was an excellent movie. But this movie had a lot of flaws. It seemed like it was very "fast paced", and not very "slow", and there was not much character development in the movie. I also didn't like how the character of the woman was presented. It was very over the top and very "fairy tale". It was also very "sweet" and "cliche". Overall, this movie is a good movie. I did enjoy it, but it was not the best movie I have ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie, or to anyone who likes a great story.

Charles P. photo
Charles P.

This is a story about a couple that has been on death row for over two decades. But there are also clues that show why the original jury was wrong. It was only after they've been on death row for a couple of years, that a new jury was formed. After all of this time, the defense team found out that there is still a chance for the couple to go to the jury. They went to the jury and have the jury hear the evidence. The jury is finally made up of 12 people who were all on death row and all have lived with this past. They decided to have them listen to the evidence and decide what should be done. They decided to let them decide on what they believe to be the true facts about this case. This movie is about how the jury decided that they were wrong about this case. It also shows the point of view of the defense team. It also shows how one person can have so much influence. I recommend this movie because it is a true story. This is a must see movie. I rate it a 7 out of 10.

Andrew H. photo
Andrew H.

The movie was ok, its a movie, no where near the bad acting as a movie should be. I am so sick of people comparing the acting of wimbledon and bad acting to the acting in big bad wolf. the acting is good, and the story is good, there is a lot of love in the movie, but the acting is not as good as the acting in big bad wolf, the movie just had a good ending.

Emily photo

Trial By Fire is a movie about a man who fought for civil rights and was found guilty of murdering a white police officer. The story of the trial is based on true events and includes real-life interviews with the jury members and their families, along with historical photos. The movie is about how many of the jurors voted for the verdict. I thought it was a good movie, but it was slow and boring. The only good part was the ending.

Angela photo

There is a line in the movie that goes like this "If you don't feel sorry for someone you've never known, you have no heart". This quote goes to the heart of what makes this movie so great. It is the balance between the true story of a guy who had to take care of a sick mother and her son and the need to show the viewers a side of life that we have to be so afraid of. This movie is based on the true story of Chuck Palahniuk's novel 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'. It also stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Ralph Fiennes. I thought the movie was well done. I felt as though I knew the characters from the book. The acting was good but I didn't feel as though I knew any of them. I thought Fiennes did a great job portraying a man who wasn't a monster but a man who didn't want to be like the people he knew. It's a shame that the movie was so slow moving because it could have been so much more. The movie kept my interest throughout the entire time. I can't wait to see the movie again.

Kelly Robertson photo
Kelly Robertson

This is a story about a group of military men who went into the woods of Maine and tried to make it to the North Pole. They were the last men alive. For the most part this was a very good story, with some very good acting. However, this is an over simplified portrayal of what really happened in the woods. I was surprised to see that this movie actually took place in the woods. The movie did show the characters walking down the woods at night, and at night they did actually camp. In the movie it was said that the team's two leads had only four people left and they were not sure of what to do. This also looked very real, as I was able to see the group in the woods at night and I thought they would be all by themselves. Another thing that didn't really make sense was when the girl was talking to the team leader. Why would they trust the team leader? I thought the two leads were very good actors, and I would love to see them in a movie. However, the movie does have its problems. The story was very short, and I would have liked a few more hours of the movie. I did like the music in the movie, and the special effects were good, but the acting was not good, and the acting was pretty good. I would recommend this movie to fans of military history, or people who enjoy movies about the real thing. 7/10

Sandra photo

An honest look at the years of the Beatles in the 40s, showing them at the height of their fame, and how they made it through the 1970s with little or no success. The music, the clothes, the clothes, the clothes. And the music is excellent. Not only does it have the Beatles, but it has the Rolling Stones and the Rolling Stones and all of the other classic rock bands of the time. The story is simple. A man, John Lennon, has a mental breakdown and is sent to an institution. He is there for ten years, but not only is he forced to do things that don't make sense, he is also forced to have lots of "art" done for him. Things like making his clothes and talking to his clothes. In the end, the two of them are reunited. After the death of John Lennon, he is given a great honor: to write the music for the next Beatles movie. The result is an overblown, over the top film. It is full of artistic license. Everything from the set designs to the set pieces is the result of money, and all of the "art" is borrowed from other films. John Lennon is not even allowed to say a single line. But he does his best. The rest of the cast is so full of talent that it is hard to tell who is in it for the money and who is there for the honor. And it is obvious that the people who made this film were also there to make money. In the end, it is just a "film" about a band that made lots of money, and it is not much of a film. It is a very interesting look at a few years in the life of a very famous band, but it is also one of the most overrated films I have ever seen.

Victoria photo

Martin Sheen is one of my favorite actors, and he did a fine job in this film. However, it is not one of his best performances. He doesn't have the raw intensity and magnetic personality that we saw in his other films, including "The Morning After", which was directed by Paul Schrader. Although I have not seen his other films, I can see where Sheen was trying to go with the subject. It is a very dark movie, and Sheen doesn't show emotion in his performance. It was very hard to sympathize with the characters in this film. The story line was quite compelling, and I would have liked to have seen more of Sheen's character. The film shows how people with AIDS suffer, and it was an eye-opening experience. I recommend this film, as it is a very good movie, but it is not a must-see.

Donna Rogers photo
Donna Rogers

A very good film. Not a masterpiece but worth watching. A lot of the action was shot from the camera and I think it's better than most action films these days. There are some scenes where the camera zoomed in on something that was in the background of the shot and I thought it was worth it. And I loved that the movie didn't show the whole story, just the main parts. The whole movie was built on the strength of the story. It's not as well written as I would have liked it to be but that was the movie's strength. The music was good too. It was a bit too short in some parts but it was still pretty good. The camera work was great and it's nice to see a movie made from the POV of a trainee on a rail yard. I also liked the look of the movie. There were some good shots of the snowy mountains. This movie is going to get a lot of hate for being a remake. But it was based on the book and it's not like the book was perfect. I would give this movie 7.5/10