Anschauen Love, Antosha

Love, Antosha

Love, Antosha is a movie starring Anton Yelchin, J.J. Abrams, and Sofia Boutella. A portrait of the extraordinary life and career of actor Anton Yelchin.

Other Titles
Całuję, Antosza, Con Amor, Antosha
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Documentary, Music, Biography
Garret Price
Nicolas Cage, J.J. Abrams, Sofia Boutella, Anton Yelchin
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A portrait of the extraordinary life and career of actor Anton Yelchin.

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Bryan W. photo
Bryan W.

I'm glad I saw this movie. I had heard the story before, but I wanted to see for myself. This movie made me realize the music of the country was so much more than the song that got me in the mood to hear it. I'm glad I decided to see it. I was looking for something like that. I don't think it's for everyone, but it is worth seeing.

Jerry photo

I have seen this documentary three times and it is one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen. It is a story of an artist who lived a life of creative self destruction but by his own strength rose up to lead his life. His struggle was to keep his art alive and complete his project. This documentary is a unique example of a documentary that was made for the purpose of educating the public about some artists. It is not a documentary about The Beatles, Mick Jagger, or the Beatles themselves. It is a documentary about an artist who wanted to make his art out of his life and by his own strength rose up to lead his life. It is an example of a documentary that is very well done and shows the strength and self discovery that the artists needed to keep their art alive. In short, if you are interested in watching a documentary about an artist, this is the one to watch.

Jacob H. photo
Jacob H.

The History of Bob Dylan. Part biography, part entertainment, part look at the man and his music. This film shows what happened when the four-time Grammy winning musician went from indie hero to mainstream rock star and from two dimensional character to multi-layered persona. His rise from the gritty Detroit streets to the big city of L.A. and then the inevitable fall. I haven't heard Dylan speak in the voice of any other singer since the day I saw "Like a Rolling Stone" on his first recording session in 1967. The film opens with a picture of the country folk singer standing at a counter in his old Detroit home, smiling at an orderly queue of customers, and stating his one simple wish: "I wish I could be remembered as one of the greatest songwriters of all time." He tells a tale of getting fired from his record label because he had written too many hits and wanted to take a break. He and his band, the Levon Helmets, were in a rehearsal when a singer tried to sing "He Loves You, Babe." After the drummer cut the line, he began to sing "He Loves You, Babe," which then triggered the firing. The song was re-recorded and was released to the top ten of the pop charts. "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," "Blowin' In the Wind," and "Old Man," were released and went on to make a huge impact on the pop culture. Dylan became a superstar, but his best days were behind him. He started to record the odd ball songs that weren't big hits, but his fans began to recognize him as the one, true songwriter. The film goes back and forth between stories about the singer and his family, including the success of the multi-million dollar contract with Columbia Records, and his struggles with alcohol and drugs. From the first notes of "Strange Fruit," Dylan opened the eyes of the music world to his talent. The film also includes interviews with his wife and his manager, who was a journalist before he turned to a personal artistic mission to help the singer's career. There are wonderful performances from the likes of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan's childhood friend and fellow singer, and a late night performance by singer/songwriter Tom Waits. But the film is also loaded with music from his days as a teen. His debut album, "Like a Rolling Stone," was produced by Roy Orbison, and his first album "Like a New Day" was recorded on a transistor radio that never made it to the mass market. The film's sound is wonderful. The performances are fine. But the film is a strange beast. It's not in the least bit for the casual viewer, and the film is a little too long. It's a nice little film, but it isn't for everyone. It's a little too heavy for some people.

Kathleen Bates photo
Kathleen Bates

A documentary from the point of view of a young woman. This is the kind of film that can be both entertaining and inspiring. I was surprised how little impact it made on me. I'm sure I've seen similar films before, but not in such a stylized manner. It's very impressive how much these young women wanted to make this film, and what they accomplished. Not just with making this documentary, but also with their friendship and artistic connections. I never knew that these two people had such a strong connection. They were very close and had an incredible amount of respect for each other. It was really hard to watch some of these women struggle with their bodies. For one, they're very skinny, but they really struggled to become healthy, and lose weight. I also felt like a lot of the documentary didn't focus on what was really important to them, like the music or the money. There were some really positive moments, like the dinner scene, but they were short and not really moving. The most powerful moment for me was when they showed their new album. It was really touching. You see the connection they had with each other. It was like they were coming back from an extended break-up, and it was really moving. I don't know if it was the music or the documentary, but it was really emotional. I could really feel their emotions and heartbreak. I thought that was the most powerful thing. I felt really moved by the music and how it was really affecting their lives. I think it's very interesting to see how young artists feel the impact of a success, and the different experiences they have to go through. I think it's a documentary that I'd definitely recommend to other people.

Janet photo

An incredible documentary. The images, the music, the story, the people. It's all incredible. I can't recommend it enough. I had no idea what to expect, but this movie had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I had to see it twice, because it kept getting better. I will definitely be seeing it again. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who can appreciate a documentary that's not slick and made for the masses.

Tiffany Rodriguez photo
Tiffany Rodriguez

If you are one of the few people who have never seen the original film or heard of it, then you might find this movie more than mildly entertaining. If you have seen the original, then you might not have a clue what you're getting into. If you have never seen it, then you may be in for a treat. If you have seen it, but don't know what it is about, you might not care about it as much as you thought you would. The real stars of this film are the artists who performed the songs for the film. The only two songs I actually recognized were "Luna" and "My Friend". Other than that, I don't think I recognized any other songs, and that is what really kept me watching, as I was interested in hearing the songs performed live. I think the story of this film is pretty well-done. I think it was a good way to tell the story of the history of the Beatles. It also covers some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, but mostly the performances of the actual songs. It's also a lot of fun to see how many other people influenced the Beatles, and some of the songs that aren't even known to most people. As with most documentaries, there are some parts that are a bit off-topic for me. If you have a strong interest in the Beatles, you might not be interested in the other songs. There are some references that are really weird. For example, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is supposed to be a song by the French band Paris-Dixieland, but in the film, it's called "One of These Days". The other songs are also pretty weird, like "Everybody's Got to Learn". In the film, they also refer to some of the other songs that were done by the other band members, like "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Some of the songs are really good, like "I Want You", "Let it Be", and "Please Please Me", and some of them aren't. I also think that a few of the songs that are included in the film are kind of out of place, like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is not in the film, and "Eleanor Rigby" is in the film. If you liked the Beatles and wanted to see the history of the group, you should really see this film.

Catherine B. photo
Catherine B.

I loved this movie and felt like I could learn a lot about myself. I thought the movie was pretty good. It was kind of like a documentary about the history of the band. The band was really well done and the members were really into their music. I thought that the movie was really good. The DVD was also very nice. I think the only bad thing about the DVD is that it had a lot of out of date information on the band. However, I think that the DVD is very good because it gives you a good overview of what the band was like. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Dylan H. photo
Dylan H.

I can't believe I actually sat through this film. I'm a huge fan of the music of the early 80s and it was sad to see such a great band made the mistake of going on a long hiatus. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but it's just a shame. I'm surprised that it didn't get more publicity and I'm not sure if it's because it's just a great film or because the band were such a huge part of the 80s music scene. I don't think I'll ever listen to their music again. The film is quite entertaining, but I think it would have been better if they had gone on a longer hiatus and made a proper studio album. I think the documentary is very good, but I think it would have been better if they had gone on a long hiatus and recorded their own studio album. I think the music is better in the movie than on the radio. I would have loved to have seen a full studio album with the band. I think the band are better off without their music, and I hope they don't make a mistake like this again.

Sean P. photo
Sean P.

I must say that "Lost in Translation" was a very good documentary film, but it just could not save "The Truman Show". The second feature-length documentary film of 2013 (in fact, I've seen about five of them, and I'll say "The Truman Show" is now second), "The Truman Show" is directed by Oliver Stone, who just made a documentary film on the reality television show "Dancing with the Stars". It's a story about a television show and how the public will be drawn to it and the ratings it will bring. It was released in 2010 and it was nominated for seven Academy Awards, which included Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. The film is a little over two hours long, and it just kept me interested, and that's what I look for when I see a documentary film. The film is also full of interviews with the cast and crew, and it's just a great experience watching it. The film is narrated by Steve Carell, who plays Jim Carey, the star of the show, and he was just fantastic in the film, and I think he deserves an Oscar nomination for his performance. In addition to Carell, Stone also made an appearance at the end of the film to give the audience some awards, including Best Director, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. It was a great experience seeing "The Truman Show", but I think that it is the perfect one to watch, especially if you are a fan of the show. It's a great film, and I definitely recommend it. 8/10

Emma photo

I enjoyed this film and the story is not bad at all. I believe this is a great story about an addict who has to use his own body to get his drug. I like the film and I recommend it to anyone who likes documentary films. I don't know why people are saying this is a bad film. This is a good film. I have a good feeling about it.

Janice photo

Antosha Medvedev is a great storyteller. The guy is just like a film maker. The events in this film are all real, people that have experienced that kind of love and struggle as a gay couple. The fact that this film is based on a true story makes it even more compelling. If you are a gay person or a gay filmmaker and you haven't watched this film, I suggest you check it out. If you are an anti-gay person or a documentary film maker, you have been warned.

Juan Coleman photo
Juan Coleman

After nearly five years, the legacy of the late Antonin Artaud is finally complete. The year is 1996, and Artaud is still alive, but his memory is fading. In this film, it's revealed that he was born in Paris on May 22, 1869, and grew up in the countryside of the northwest of France. He was a singer who developed an interest in classical music, and was a vocalist himself. He was the son of an art collector and the owner of a public piano. He was also a socialist who had a passion for the film industry. After the war, he traveled to New York to study at the Juilliard School. He was introduced to the painting world, and when he returned to Paris, he was able to sell a picture of himself in the National Gallery. He was also able to win a fellowship to New York for two years, where he met his wife and became a jazz pianist. He returned to Paris for several years, but was hospitalized for depression, and when he was released, he could not write music again. He was hospitalized again in 1958, and was discharged on the grounds of a laceration on his brain. The only thing he had to say about his illness was that he had nothing to live for, and he would have preferred to be dead. He died in Paris on May 23, 1958, and he was buried in a private cemetery. The majority of his music remains in his music box, and some of his personal letters are found in it. This film is a documentary about his life, and how he changed the music industry and the world through his music. He was a personal friend of mine, and we had met on the street in Paris. I remember him from that time, and was very touched by his music, which he had created in the 1930s. I wish that I had been there in the day that he had died. I would have been very moved. This film is a fine one, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the man and his legacy.

Christian G. photo
Christian G.

The theme of this documentary is "Antosha" - what it means to be an actress. The actress who played the role of Antosha in the movie "The Fonz" - it is a character who is a street punk, a street-mother, a street-gang member, an anti-racist, a anti-capitalist. However, there is also a lot of complexity - and even complexity is not sufficient. One of the main characteristics of Antosha is that she is not a victim of society, she is the product of a stable family, a stable marriage. The fact that she came from a working-class background (albeit at a very high level of education) and had a career as an actress in a male-dominated field (as a performer) is the main theme of the documentary. It is clear that this is not just a historical document that "Antosha" should have been just a documentary about "The Fonz". Nevertheless, it is an excellent film that must be seen. 8/10

Kelly photo

I first watched this film when it first came out in theatres back in '78. It was an epic film that rocked the cinema in a way that other movies were afraid to do. I have yet to see the 3rd film, which I have heard was awful, but I am not going to see it. This film is the only reason I will watch it. The other reasons are nostalgia and curiosity. A movie like this was popular for a reason. We have seen it a few times since then, but I have yet to see it again. It is a sad comment that a lot of other movies have not made it past the first 2 films. This movie is excellent. I cannot really put any other comment on it without spoiling it. The actors are all very good, as is the music. I have never had so much fun watching a film, in a cinema, and there is no comparison. I will probably watch it again when it comes out on DVD. I would recommend it to anyone. 8/10

Amy photo

This is a great documentary about an important figure in music history. The interviews and archival footage are some of the best ever. There's a lot of interesting stuff that you never see in other music documentaries. I love how the film has a lot of music, and a lot of great songs that I've never heard before. This film is a must-see for fans of the music, and the history of rock and roll.

Betty N. photo
Betty N.

I have just watched this movie and thought it was very interesting and thought provoking. I was expecting a biographical biopic but ended up not knowing who the subject was or what his life was really about. It is a shame because the movie is very well done and interesting. It gives you a very clear picture of the man, from his start to his end. The great thing is that you don't have to know anything about him, he is just a guy that happened to be born in the wrong time period. He was given the opportunity to shine and he did, and his life is basically the story of how he got the chance. His life is fascinating, and I think you will be interested in his story. It is a very well done and well made movie. If you liked The Life of Pi, you will definitely like this.

Amy photo

I really enjoyed watching this documentary, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the music scene of the 80's. The documentary is very interesting and informative, with interviews from many of the musicians who were involved in the music, and also from some of the music critics who covered the music scene. The interviews are very interesting, and in some cases are very revealing. There are some very interesting stories in the film, which I won't spoil, but I will say that one of the stories was very touching. The interviews with the artists are very informative, as they tell stories about how the music scene was in the 80's, and how they were able to take advantage of the opportunities that were offered to them. The interviews are interesting, but the one that is most interesting is the one with the music critics. It is very informative, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the music scene of the 80's.