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The Third Wife

The Third Wife is a movie starring Hong Chuong Nguyen, Long Le Vu, and Nu Yên-Khê Tran. In 19th century rural Vietnam, May is ready to become the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Little does she know that her hidden desires will...

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1 hours 36 minutes
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Ash Mayfair
Ash Mayfair
Maya, Long Le Vu, Nu Yên-Khê Tran, Hong Chuong Nguyen
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In 19th century rural Vietnam, fourteen-year-old May is ready to become the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Little does she know that her hidden desires will take her by surprise and force her to make a choice between living in safety and being free.

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Lori R. photo
Lori R.

During World War II, the eldest son of a wealthy family (M. Emmerich) decides to become a fighter pilot during the air raids on London. The youngest son of the wealthy family (D. Clarke) is a soldier in the British Army and is in love with the beautiful daughter of a wealthy family. In the end, both of them join the British Army and go to war. After the war, M. Emmerich is killed during a dogfight and D. Clarke goes on a wild adventure and ends up in the hands of the Nazis. After the war, he finds out that the girl is still alive. She says she was his wife, and he goes to search for her. This is the story of the secret love affair between M. Emmerich and the girl and how they both end up in the hands of the Germans. However, the girl is not the real M. Emmerich, but rather the real person he married in secret. This is a very complicated story that deals with love and betrayal, war and love, and the idea of hiding a secret from one's own lover. This is a very complicated movie, and it requires a very thick, slow and subtle story. It is a great movie for those who like to see complicated and interesting movies. I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

Anna W. photo
Anna W.

I thought this film was pretty good and it wasn't boring for a while but the last hour and a half was just a boring plot and nothing that really happened and had nothing that happened to really interest the viewer. The third wife was a good character but didn't stand out and was nothing that was important for the story to move forward. I think that this is the type of movie that has some great ideas and good actors and actresses but the director could have made a better film. In all I give this film a 7 because it wasn't boring but the movie was a big disappointment.

Juan Fox photo
Juan Fox

A man (Kris Kristofferson) has just lost his wife (Jessica Lange) and is distraught. He is in the midst of a divorce from his wife's mother (Catherine Zeta-Jones). He wants to settle down and spend more time with his family. He is offered a job in a small town and the town's small-town girl (Charlotte Rampling) is his wife's sister. She is also a former waitress at the diner where Kristofferson works. She is also a single mother. The girl's mother is the town's sheriff and she is the one who wants to evict the man. The town's sheriff is a real jerk. Kristofferson and the girl's mother decide to make a deal. The town's sheriff will let Kristofferson move in and pay the girl's mother $500 to stay. Kristofferson will not be arrested. He will pay the town $1,000 to stay and pay the girl's mother $500. The girl's mother is going to marry the man's brother. He will give her $1,000 and he will not arrest her. He will not get arrested either. This is a good movie. It has a great cast, great scenery, great music, great acting, and a good story. I recommend it to anyone who likes drama, romance, or just a good movie.

Frank H. photo
Frank H.

I think it's a very good movie. It's good for both men and women, and I think both of the guys would like it too, because it's a very realistic movie about a wife's feelings for her husband and how they affect their marriage, and for the man, it's very nice to see the wife come out of her shell and start to feel like a real woman again. I would recommend it to any woman who has ever been married and has felt that way in the past, or any woman who is thinking of getting married. It's not the typical movie where the wife is always the victim and the husband is always the hero, this movie shows you how women can change from the inside, and how they can use their feelings for the husband to their advantage. All in all, I think it's a very good movie and I recommend it to any woman. I give it a B+.

Austin S. photo
Austin S.

You know what I mean. This movie is like watching one of those reality TV shows. I mean, it's as if they had chosen to make a movie about the prostitutes and had no interest in making a movie about any other aspect of them. And since it's HBO and we all know they like their reality shows, I guess they decided to let this one be the one. If I'm not mistaken, this is what happens after the third wife leaves her husband. Basically, she leaves him with no idea why and no one has any real explanation for why she did it. So when the plot comes into play, it's a little difficult to follow since the character has been completely erased. What does happen is when the husband tries to explain to his new wife why he had to leave, he loses it completely and starts yelling at her. Because he was getting nothing out of it. The woman, though, seems to have enough information to understand why she had to leave her husband. However, it's not until the third wife finally gets to explain to her why she left, that the plot makes any sense at all. What happens is this woman, who just left her husband, gets to spend the night with her husband who is apparently a victim of his own wife. She takes him home and shows him all of the things he has done to her and he becomes enraged. She goes to work, he decides to put a ring on it and they have sex. What the movie really is is a long series of scenes where they go to a doctor, talk about their problems, and then finally make up. We don't get to see how the husband and wife deal with the problems that the doctor brings up because they have nothing to do with the plot. It's only a matter of time before the husband finds out how to kill his wife and goads his wife into killing herself. So, it's just a question of time. All in all, it's a decent movie that is all about the prostitutes and their lives and the people who are involved in their lives. You really feel bad for these women. But if you want to see a movie about the men in a prostitution ring, this isn't it.

Evelyn Washington photo
Evelyn Washington

With all the adulation of the Academy Award in 2010 for "Django Unchained" and "The Last Samurai," there was an expectation for a fair comparison. "The Third Wife" is a story about a divorce and the effects it has on the spouses. It tells the story of two women who are separated by 50 years and are separated by history. There are very few moments in the movie where the audience does not know exactly who the lead character is. One of the best parts of the movie is the cast. It was very hard to choose who would be cast in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant, as always, and Kate Winslet is also a very good actress. The two stars definitely deserved the Oscar for Best Actress. I was also very impressed with Michelle Williams and Robert Downey Jr. Although I haven't seen the movie, I am sure it won't be surprising to find out that they have won several awards. However, one should be warned that "The Third Wife" is a very slow moving film and should not be taken lightly. It has some very dark scenes that are hard to watch. I give "The Third Wife" a 7 out of 10.

Bobby photo

I first saw this film when it was first released, and it was a complete disappointment. I've watched it a few times since, and I can see why the film did not do so well. I thought the plot was weak, the characters were flat, and the plot was not coherent. I was not impressed by the acting, and I didn't like the direction. The direction was very amateurish. It was obvious that the director was not very familiar with the genre. I thought the film was very slow, and I thought the story was a bit predictable. I think it was a waste of time.

Judith Hicks photo
Judith Hicks

The Third Wife is a biopic about four women - two divorced and one widowed - who met and fell in love with each other. The film focuses on two of the women - Anna and Regina. Anna was the more accomplished of the two, but she was the more popular. Regina was the more subdued one. When Anna had her second child, she married, and when she had a third child, she divorced. One day, they were at a museum and they saw Regina's face, which they thought was the one of the woman who had died, but it was a fraud. This is when Anna and Regina met each other and they fell in love. Regina had a lovely family, including her children, and Anna was always ready to get involved in things and marry someone. The whole thing has a happy ending. The film is well done. The performances are also good. I liked Anna's performance, and the other four actresses did good jobs too. The movie was well made, and it was enjoyable to watch. It had a good ending, and it kept me interested. If you want a good love story, go watch this movie. It is worth watching. It is also worth reading the book, if you haven't already. I will say that the book is better, and you can read it instead of seeing the movie, but I haven't read the book.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

I feel sorry for this movie. I feel guilty for wasting my time watching it, even if it is only because it's so terribly written and the acting is awful. But it is entertaining for the most part and I can't wait for it to come out on video. When the whole thing starts, I was really excited for a show. But as the movie continues, I realize that the end of the movie was a complete let down. It seemed like the film company was trying to come up with another "twist" but they left the ending up in the air. The end could have been a lot better if they would have come up with something more original. I just don't think the ending was satisfying. I would have liked to see the two people that were sicker decide to go back to the old relationship, rather than simply be married. I can't really blame the writer and director for that because that's what they were going for but they really shouldn't have done that.

Olivia S. photo
Olivia S.

The film is about a woman who has an affair with her husband's brother, and her husband's new lover, and how they try to make a relationship work. The acting is good, the story is interesting, and the direction is good. It is worth watching.

Keith F. photo
Keith F.

A real mess. I found it hard to keep up with the story and the twists and turns. It was a lot to take in. I have to say that the acting was good, but the characters weren't really developed. I don't know if it was because they were all in character or the writing was so bad, but it wasn't as engaging as it could have been. I think it was a lot of the same jokes and the same scenes over and over again. I don't think it was really a good film. It was a mess. I don't recommend it.

Randy G. photo
Randy G.

I was quite impressed with the acting in this movie. It was a little bit cliched but it was still good. The story was very good and the acting was good. I liked the ending. The movie was about a man who has lost his wife and is trying to find her. The movie was very good. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in watching a movie about a man who is trying to find his wife.

Megan Watkins photo
Megan Watkins

I enjoyed this film but it had a lot of flaws. I don't think it is the best of its genre, it's a bit "overtime" or what you would call it. Still, this is a highly watchable movie and I'd recommend it to anyone that loves a good drama. The photography is very good. It's a little slow in places but I'd rate it as a 7 out of 10. Recommended.

Bobby W. photo
Bobby W.

This is a nice film that shows how a marriage can collapse under the pressure of the demands of the modern world. The husband is a local village vicar who has lost his way after being radicalised. As a result he's unable to function in his job and gets into a very bizarre accident which leaves him without a foot. He has a sort of flashback in which he talks about his life before the accident, and the reasons he became a bishop, and how he was able to deal with the fact that he had lost his leg. The wife comes back to live in the village with their two sons. They are old enough to live independently without the husband and his brother, and so it gives the family a bit of stability. The film is also very funny in places, although the humour isn't as exaggerated as it might have been. The ending is the only real problem in the film. It's a bit disappointing, but the film has enough other qualities to make it bearable.

Ronald Mendez photo
Ronald Mendez

It is a good movie, but a little too long, and the script is a little too thin. But I think that if you are looking for a movie to watch, you should definitely see it. It's not that it's bad, but it's not that good either. I think that it is a good movie to watch if you are a fan of the original series, and you want to see it again. It is a good movie, but it's not that good either.

Gary H. photo
Gary H.

One can definitely say that this is a very enjoyable movie. I love this movie! I think it's a little bit better than its predecessor, because it has a bigger story and also its plot is more believable. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the ending. The ending I didn't like is a bit weird and I think that it should have been more dramatic. But, overall, I think that this movie is a good movie.

Laura Johnson photo
Laura Johnson

This is a great film, but I feel that it is a bit too long. The last half hour of the film is a bit boring and doesn't really add anything. It is a good film though, and it's one of the best movies of the year. The acting is great, and the story is very interesting. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good film. It's definitely worth watching.